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    Play as Being is a group of people exploring reality by using our own life as a laboratory. A thought experiment to see what is left if we put down what we have. Can we make conjectures, hypotheses about what Being could be, and play with those in our day-to-day life? What happens when we do? The best way to find out is to just give it a try.

    You can also consult the FAQ page. Or read snippets from some of our daily discussion excerpts, and glimpse some examples of how the practice has changed our real life.  For an overview and three-day summaries of sessions, see our scribes pages.  Play as Being was initially sponsored by the Kira Institute.


    There are meetings throughout the week, convenient for every timezone, in the virtual world called Second Life. Anyone can attend, by following the SLURL: Bieup/84/33/103. Please see the calendar below for hosted session times. Here is a list of suggested topics for discussion; other topics are of course welcome.



    Snapshots from Play as Being activities in Second Life.

    Here are some tips on getting started with this wiki:

    • Browse meeting log excerpts
    • Set up your RSS reader to quickly and easily see what was changed/added and who did it.
    • Use Tools->Watched Pages to easily follow those which interest you the most.





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