"Wear" Your Worrying Lightly

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    from: 2008.08.06 19:00 - Who Knows?  

    Sky Szimmer: we are very tight financially and I am worried about it
    Pema Pera: I would be too! As a human being, in the role I am playing in this world, I would definitely be worried in such a situation

    And I (Pema) mean that. It would be counterproductive to deny a human reaction like that, or to wish that reaction wouldn't be there. Only by accepting such a very reasonable reaction is it then possible to look through it, and to see Being in the heart of the problems that beings have.

    Sky Szimmer: but then, someone like yourself would not be worried
    Pema Pera: No Sky, I would be worried, as I said above -- as a human being I would be . . . . the question is whether worrying would lead to panic . . . .
    Pema Pera: or to putting all your energy in looking around and searching for solutions and/or exit strategies
    Sky Szimmer: not panic but fear anxiety, unhappiness

    Prosper Telling: Sounds like the first two rules of learning Ancient Greek apply here as well: 1. Remember to breathe 2. Suppress panic
    Pema Pera: first thing is acceptance of a given situation, and yes, as Prosper said, breathe in that situation, then see whether you can avoid total identification
    Adelene Dawner: Life involves some unhappiness. Removing that isn't any part of the goal. Nice side-effect, sometimes, but not the goal.
    Prosper Telling: I think those are the things practices can deal with.
    Pema Pera:  identification can be smothering, does not leave you room to breathe
    Prosper Telling: If you can fix a problem, no worrying is required, if you can't fix no worrying will help.

    So true! And when we find ourselves worrying nonetheless, we can keep that in mind, in a gentle attempt to accept our worrying and to see it in a wider light.

    Pema Pera: if you can "wear" your worrying lightly, like a shirt, not a skin, that will help -- you can even "wear" anxiety lightly
    Pema Pera: trying to jump right into the absolute may be a bit too extreme in your situation . . . . .
    Threedee Shepherd: Another saying captures part of the paradox: "Good decisions come from wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience. Experience comes from bad decisions."
    Sky Szimmer: yes. i see that. that is what i was referring to earlier about using being as a resource. putting all energy into figuring out a solution
    Pema Pera: Being can help you to wear lightly,  will puff up your clothes a bit :)
    Adelene Dawner: 'wear lightly' helps you relax while Being brings the solution to you, mostly. ^.^

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