Simple but profound discovery

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    From:  from: 2008.09.07 13:00 - Beyond 'who am I'?    

    A seemingly simple but profound discovery, beyond the self, from exploration of Being.


     Maxine Walden: have you been exploring in this area, toward higher consciousness for a while?
     Starseed Xue: not that long, a couple years
     Maxine Walden: you probably have had some significant experiences in a couple of years
     Starseed Xue: hmm, well
     Starseed Xue: my attitude and my outlook
     Starseed Xue: and my mood
     Starseed Xue: have changed significantly
     Maxine Walden: In what ways, Starseed? Sounds like a lot has happened for you
     Starseed Xue: i discovered, true happiness comes from caring for others

      Maxine Walden: that can be a huge discovery!
      Starseed Xue: life changing
      Maxine Walden: indeed, life changing. Seems like a lot has happened for you in this regard
      Starseed Xue: for a while i couldn't understand who i was
      Starseed Xue: you hear the phrase "keep it real" a lot these days
      Starseed Xue: "be yourself"
      Starseeed Xue: that can be challenging
      Maxine Walden: yes...
      Starseed Xue: so i often would ask in meditation
      Starseed Xue: who am I? what is real for me?
      Starseed Xue: then i realized --just be good, it’s so easy
      Maxine Walden: But what does that mean, just be good? mean for you?
      Starseed Xue: there are many ways to be good
      Maxine Walden: right....
      Starseed Xue: to start with random acts of kindness, little things
      Starseed Xue: and maybe some day those little things will become big ones
      Maxine Walden: and maybe the little things, yes taken care of, and the big things may take care of themselves
      Starseed Xue: i often felt my being was defined by what i said, by the words that came out of my mouth
      Starseed Xue: but i realized that's only partially true, and actions truly do speak louder than words
      Maxine Walden: they do don't they, as if actions speak from the inside of us
      Maxine Walden: from our being perhaps
      Maxine Walden: Sometimes from intense places and sometimes from quiet places

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