Vocabulary of Play As Being

    Commonly Used Phrases and Terms


    Appreciate the Presence of Appearance as a Presentation by Being  (APAPB)

    Appreciate the Presence of Appearance  (APA)

    You Seeing, Being Seeing  (YSBS)

    Drop (what you have), to see (what you are)

    Stop and Drop (or is it Drop and Stop?)

    Wearing (roles) lightly

    Start at the end

    What else is true?


    Ideas Behind The Ideas


    • Allowing

    • Appreciating

    • Bracketing

    • Context

    • Dropping

    • Epoché

    • Non-Judgmental

    • Offering

    • Permission

    • Suspension

    • Unpacking

    • Wu Wei





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    Thinking it could be useful to round these out with some descriptions/succinct commentaries. Possibly make the term the main entry followed by the acronym? and then explanatory aspects after with a standard formatting? Sources? Maybe asking or interviewing Pema, Eos, Eliza, others? Could also be drawn say from special sessions that go over these terms? Maybe it's all in the wiki. Thoughts?
    Posted 18:39, 19 Nov 2011
    A good idea... would be happy to work with you to find definitions or examples/what-have-you, 0.
    Posted 23:32, 19 Nov 2011
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