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    [13:43] Rosatta Resident: Do you mind if I ask - how do you, personally, interpret the phrase 'Play as Being' for yourself?
    [13:44] Wol Euler: well, where to start :)
    [13:44] Wol Euler: Being is the everythingness of everything
    [13:44] Wol Euler: including all of us and our thoughts and fears etc
    [13:46] Wol Euler: in particular it is connection, connectedness
    [13:46] Wol Euler: not-separateness
    [13:48] Wol Euler: an enlightend being (small B) would have achieved that, would have "seen through" or overcome or stepped sideways from the belief in separateness and uniqueness and personal importance
    [13:48] Wol Euler: and would not just be part of Being, but know him/herself to be that
    [13:48] Wol Euler: clearly we aren't there, and may not get there :)
    [13:48] Wol Euler: so we play at that
    [13:48] Wol Euler: on the idea that you become what you pretend to be
    [13:48] Rosatta Resident: Like children playing 'house' with toy dishes and things?
    [13:49] Wol Euler: or what you actually do forms who you are, as Socrates put it
    [13:49] Wol Euler: hmmm
    [13:49] Wol Euler: play as in "not too serious", perhaps
    [13:49] Wol Euler: play as in "treat it gently"
    [13:49] Wol Euler: not playing a game but being playful in spirit

    [13:49] Rosatta Resident: No hitting each other with wooden building blocks lol

    [13:50] Wol Euler: examining, considering, testing, exploring

    [13:50] Rosatta Resident: I am enjoying your definition very much. Ty

    [13:50] Wol Euler: we consider what it might be like to be enlightened, by playing at being in Being
    [13:50] Wol Euler smiles.
    [13:50] Wol Euler: that's the short version :)
    [13:50] Rosatta Resident: That is enough for me to think about, ty
    [13:51] Rosatta Resident: The long version I would probably miss most of what is to be understood or known
    [13:51] Wol Euler chuckles.
    [13:51] Wol Euler: it was a joke, there probably isn't a longer version, and I would be just as hardpressed to udnerstand if there were
    [13:51] Rosatta Resident: lol ok
    [13:52] Wol Euler: that idea, playing at being Being, connects to another central one, of starting at the end
    [13:52] Wol Euler: "what if we were enlightened?"
    [13:52] Wol Euler: one thing that would happen is that the enlightened person would live in a state of mindfulness, all the time
    [13:52] Wol Euler: like they were meditating every second of hte day
    [13:53] Wol Euler: it would be something they lived, rather than somethimg they did
    [13:53] Wol Euler: they could meditate anywhere, any time, in any clothing or environment
    [13:53] Wol Euler: during any activity
    [13:54] Wol Euler: so we play (in that sense of experiment) at being enlightened by doing nine-second long meditations :)
    [13:54] Wol Euler: just drop what you are doing/thinking/feeling/upset about/enjoying
    [13:55] Wol Euler: and stop for nine seconds to pause and take in where you really are
    [13:55] Wol Euler: in many senses of "where", social/spiritual/mental/emotional
    [13:55] Wol Euler: it turns meditation from a special event, needing clothing and a cushion and a timer and a bell and maybe even incense,
    [13:56] Wol Euler: into a tool, something available to you anywhere any time
    [13:56] Wol Euler: meditate while potting begonias? sure, go ahead
    [13:57] Rosatta Resident listening
    [13:57] Wol Euler: the end thought of this idea of the fully enlightened person being in Being, is that "anything is meditation if done mindfully"
    [13:57] Wol Euler: perhaps even "everything that is done mindfully is meditation"
    (2013.05.12 13:00 - How do you, personally, interpret the phrase "Play as Being" for yourself?)

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