2010.02.03 01:00 - the benefits of suffering

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Bolonath Crystal. The comments are by Bolonath Crystal.
    After having discussed about joy last wednesday, today's issue was suffering.

        Bolonath Crystal: hello cal :) namaste
        Calvino Rabeni: namaste Bolonath :)
        Bolonath Crystal: i'm having a fascinating experience since yesterday: i caught a flu
        Bolonath Crystal: my first one since more than 10 years
        Calvino Rabeni: Hmmm, congratulations? Condolences?
        Bolonath Crystal: probably because i didn't practice pranayama regularly
        Calvino Rabeni: It's been a long time for me also
        Calvino Rabeni: I was wondering what it would be like
        Bolonath Crystal: it is embarrasing *g*
        Calvino Rabeni: Like, because you think maybe you didn't take care?
        Bolonath Crystal: usually pranayama protects me very well
        Bolonath Crystal: but sometimes i need to suffer to be motivated

    'Exclude nothing from your acceptance practice'

        Calvino Rabeni: I was concerned about this last week.
        Bolonath Crystal: freedom from suffering is something for people who are able to do the right things without suffering ;) it seems, i still need suffering from time to time
        Calvino Rabeni: If one does the wrong things, eventually it builds enough suffering to cause an alert
        Bolonath Crystal: yes, that's the sense of it
        Bolonath Crystal: so i try to be grateful for the flu
        Calvino Rabeni: moment by moment as an experience, or by the logic of "this will eventually benefit me"?
        Bolonath Crystal: the latter
        Calvino Rabeni: It is interesting right now talking to you about this
        Calvino Rabeni: I think, the former way works better, at least for me
        Calvino Rabeni: It is causing my energy to change, just considering it with you
        Bolonath Crystal: hm, yes, maybe. but it is difficult to enjoy the momentary experience
        Bolonath Crystal: body attachment
        Calvino Rabeni: love your attachments, says the proverb
        Bolonath Crystal smiles
        Calvino Rabeni: Exclude nothing from your acceptance practice: train with a whole heart
        Calvino Rabeni: I've been reading a few lately :)
        Bolonath Crystal: yep. have a virus, never be alone ;)
        Calvino Rabeni: Ah yes, I contain multitudes :)
        Calvino Rabeni: Did you know, there's many more foreign cells within a human body, than ones with human DNA?
        Bolonath Crystal: wow. didn't know that
        Calvino Rabeni: You're vastly outnumbered, even within the shell of skin :)
        Calvino Rabeni: Yep, we are communities
        Bolonath Crystal: ok, i surrender *g*
        Calvino Rabeni: :)
        Bolonath Crystal: i never had the idea of taking this as an acceptance training. it seems to be a very wise thing to do
        Bolonath Crystal: now i already have a number of reasons to be grateful
        Calvino Rabeni: When I'm sick, it feels healing and easier to let go of the resentment and resistance
        Calvino Rabeni: Which saves energy, although I think, a lot of the pain of illness is energy that doesn't quite no where to go
        Bolonath Crystal: yes, that's how chinese medicine looks at it, too
        Bolonath Crystal: pain is energy which doesn't flow as it ought to
        Calvino Rabeni: I haven't had the "you must fight it!" kind of illness, so I don't know if it requires a different orientation
        Calvino Rabeni: Right, that is how it often seems
        Bolonath Crystal: illness is an effect of circumstances. to become healthy again, we must change the circumstances, not fight the illness
        Bolonath Crystal: if the cause changes, effects change as well
        Calvino Rabeni: Oftimes - maybe usually ? - the relationship of the person to the circumstances is what determines the effect
        Calvino Rabeni: Relationship as cause, in part
        Calvino Rabeni: Stress for example
        Calvino Rabeni: One could call it an inappropriate response to circumstances
        Bolonath Crystal: yes, that might be true
        Bolonath Crystal: even if there are sometimes very unhealthy conditions, that can't be changed and also can't be responded to in an appropriate way
        Bolonath Crystal: in this case the body has to simply endure it, probably
        Calvino Rabeni: Health has its limits, even though we are adaptible
        Bolonath Crystal: sure
        Bolonath Crystal: even in the best case the body is still mortal
        Calvino Rabeni: Ill health is either, bad environment, or the person's adaptibility has become inflexible

    'To deaden suffering is also to inhibit the ability to make good choices'

        Calvino Rabeni: A healing process has what seems a paradox, in that there is pain, which can induce one to become insensitive and dull, however the sensitivity is what is required to have the "discrimination" to move the energy in the direction of healing
        Calvino Rabeni: I was trying to find a better word than "discrimination"
        Bolonath Crystal: the flow of energy is only to a small amount our personal decision
        Bolonath Crystal: that's why pranayama is helpful: the amount of energy control increases
        Calvino Rabeni: It enlivens your sensitivity, enabling better "decision"
        Calvino Rabeni: If you can shift it, then it is a decision
        Bolonath Crystal: but if we don't use this control wisely, illness will be the effect. so the suffering seems to be a tool for orientation, same as joy
        Calvino Rabeni: Many things increase that ability in some degree, breath is good
        Calvino Rabeni: its the discrimination that leads to the ability to know which way to go with it
        Calvino Rabeni: Same feeling sense, whther it is suffering or joy
        Bolonath Crystal: good to have them both :)
        Calvino Rabeni: To deaden suffering is also to inhibit the ability to make good choices
        Bolonath Crystal: wow, that's gonna be my 'sentence of the day' :)
        Calvino Rabeni: Last week I was feeling some concern about lack of suffering
        Calvino Rabeni: I had the pain, tiredness, headache, and so on, but it wasn't bothering me, I felt some kind of ananda or something
        Calvino Rabeni: I noticed my usual motivation by the suffering
        Calvino Rabeni: I wondered if I was "compartmentalizing", but it didn't feel quite like that
        Calvino Rabeni: Thought I'd need to find different way to motivate actions
        Calvino Rabeni: Actions, like moving body to get good energy flow and relieve the stiffness
        Bolonath Crystal: i find such a motivation in compassion
        Bolonath Crystal: sorry, i have to leave. rl calls
        Calvino Rabeni: I know what you mean,
        Calvino Rabeni: thanks, this was a good chat, I feel better
        Calvino Rabeni: Hope you do too :)
        Bolonath Crystal: me too :) thx a lot
        Calvino Rabeni: Good, take care, get well Bolo
        Bolonath Crystal: c u nect time, cal. om shanti
        Calvino Rabeni: _/!\_

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