2010.02.27 01:00 - Nada Yoga / Sounds are fun!

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Scathach Rhiadra. The comments are by Scathach Rhiadra.

    Scathach Rhiadra: Hello bertrum, Aztlan
    Aztlan Foss: hi Scathach, bertrum
    Bertrum Quan: Hi Scath, Aztlan
    Aztlan Foss: so what's up?
    Scathach Rhiadra: so how are you both today?
    Bertrum Quan: Fine, thanks. How are you this morning?
    Aztlan Foss: i'm well too
    Scathach Rhiadra: fine ty:)
    Aztlan Foss: i've been learning how to make music
    Scathach Rhiadra: oh?
    Aztlan Foss: and when something starts to sound well it almost feels like I didn't make it
    Aztlan Foss: because if you know the rules you pick what's been established that goes together
    Aztlan Foss: I think it's also because I'm not totally sure what's going on
    Scathach Rhiadra: how do you mean, like how the music is created?
    Aztlan Foss: yeah, I do it on the computer and I get sounds and I put them together then the computer plays it. As it's coming together, since i don't quite know what 'm doing, it just works.
    Aztlan Foss: OH! think o it this way, like your computer is broken and you start clickon on stuff and suddenly it works again.
    Bolonath Crystal: namaste :)
    Aztlan Foss: you fixed it but youdon't know what you did
    Aztlan Foss: hey Bolonath
    Bertrum Quan: Hi Bolonath
    Scathach Rhiadra: Hello bolonath
    Scathach Rhiadra: so like randomly creative?:)
    Aztlan Foss: hehe that's a nice way of lookng at it
    Scathach Rhiadra: Bolonath, Atzlan is telling us about learning to make music on computer
    Bolonath Crystal listens
    Aztlan Foss: i imagine if I was to be painting I wouldn't be able to do it this way. It would be like picking colors based on color theory, arranging them and not knowing what's going to come out till I look at the painting.
    Aztlan Foss: so I'm wondering how it works in the minds of real musicians
    Aztlan Foss: intresting thing about music is that it's visual in your head but you can't direcly look at it.
    Bertrum Quan: You might like the Theremin...
    Bolonath Crystal: yes, that's a fascinating instrument
    Aztlan Foss: oh the antena?
    Aztlan Foss: I saw Mike Patton play that live once
    Aztlan Foss: that guy's not afraid to mess with sounds
    Bertrum Quan: You never touch the instruument.
    Aztlan Foss: yeah you wave your hands around it
    Aztlan Foss: and pretend like you're going to hit it and it can go SWOOOSHWOOOSHSWOOOSH
    Bertrum Quan: The empty air is not empty after all.
    Aztlan Foss: yeah it's interesting. I was watching a Feynmen clip where he was explaining how the feeling of the force of two magnets pushing against each other is the same as when your fingers touch a solid object
    Aztlan Foss: just that in the case of objects you don't feel it til you get realy realy realy close
    Aztlan Foss: and magnets they work from far away because there's more force
    Bertrum Quan: Scath, when you were flying, did you have a sense of all the force that is not visible?
    Scathach Rhiadra: yes, when you 'pull g' it is very noticable, you feel it very strongly
    Scathach Rhiadra: strngly though negative gravity doesn't feel the same, not the same sense of a force so to speak, can be nauseous
    Bertrum Quan: In a way, these other experienes, really give a hint that we are sheltered from the forces--the reality--that is our world.
    Scathach Rhiadra nods
    Aztlan Foss: where did you fly?
    Scathach Rhiadra: oh, in Europe, a long time ago
    Scathach Rhiadra: if you try to walk in a very strong wind, gives some indication how strong the air can be, it can take your breath away
    Bertrum Quan: Or your breath itself can be quite a force (as we try to be aware of it)
    Scathach Rhiadra: yes:)
    Bertrum Quan: To me music can be like that as well. We went to a Bach concert this evening. It was transendent--the singers, the musicians. It was a force on many levels.
    Scathach Rhiadra: :)
    Aztlan Foss: a music instructor back in college was telling me mozart and some of the other classical and romantic period composers worked to get the size of the orchestra bigger to get it SUPER loud
    Aztlan Foss: he said it was pretty hard core stuff back then
    Bertrum Quan: The volume is one kind of power but certainly not the only kind!
    Bolonath Crystal: yes, even very gentle sounds can be very forceful
    Scathach Rhiadra nods
    Bolonath Crystal: i think that is because of resonance
    Scathach Rhiadra: when you se a really good musician playing, it can seem so effortless, they seem to be living the music, so it is easy to forget the effort that must have gone into the practicing
    Aztlan Foss: imagine the freedom they feel in it
    Aztlan Foss: if you practice something enough it just becomes an extension of you
    Aztlan Foss: you're no longer thinking of how to do something you just do it, kinda like speaking
    Aztlan Foss: very cool stuff
    Bolonath Crystal: that sometimes happens to me when i am playing didgeridoo
    Aztlan Foss: I think people who can do that have a very nice zone to visit to feel happy
    Aztlan Foss: didgeridoo?
    Bolonath Crystal: didgeridoo is an australien instrument, kind of tube
    Bolonath Crystal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lIXdK_6eas&feature=related
    Aztlan Foss: wow that sounds awesome
    Bolonath Crystal: while i am playing i somehow 'becaome' the sound
    Bolonath Crystal: -o*
    Scathach Rhiadra: :)
    Aztlan Foss: haha this guy's way cool
    Bolonath Crystal: :)
    Aztlan Foss: i'd get dizzy
    Aztlan Foss: very trancy stuff, that deep sound shakes your insides I bet
    Bolonath Crystal: it resonances with the soul :)
    Bolonath Crystal: like a mantra
    Aztlan Foss: it massages your internal organs :-P
    Bolonath Crystal: yes. it is also used for therapy
    Bolonath Crystal: sound massage
    Bolonath Crystal: just like singing bowls
    Scathach Rhiadra: :)
    Scathach Rhiadra: you use singing bowls Bertrum/
    Bertrum Quan: Yes.
    Bertrum Quan: I think they are amazing.
    Scathach Rhiadra nods
    Bolonath Crystal nods
    Aztlan Foss: is it like a bell?
    Bolonath Crystal: like a mixture between a bell and a gong
    Aztlan Foss: you guys play big sounding instruments
    Bolonath Crystal: sounds are fun :)
    Bertrum Quan: You can also rub your malley along the lip and make the bowl "sing" a very differnt sound than the gong.
    Bertrum Quan: mallet
    Bolonath Crystal: yeah, that's awesome
    Bolonath Crystal: it makes the bowl sound like a violin
    Bertram Jacobus: hello all ... :-)
    Aztlan Foss: OMG it's a Nav'vi!
    Bolonath Crystal: namaste bertram :)
    Bertrum Quan: Hi Bertram
    Scathach Rhiadra: Hello Bertram
    Bertram Jacobus: no fear please aztlan ... in contrary : kaltxi and eywa ngahu ... ;-)
    Scathach Rhiadra: there was a concert of singing bowls here in SL a while ago
    Bertrum Quan: What was it like?
    Bertram Jacobus: they do it once every week if i don´t err bolo ...
    Bertram Jacobus: hello steve ... :-)
    Bertrum Quan: Hi Steve
    stevenaia Michinaga: hello
    Scathach Rhiadra: it was wonderful, broadcast into SL, not played on objects here
    Bolonath Crystal: namaste steve
    Scathach Rhiadra: Hello Stevenaia
    stevenaia Michinaga: smiles
    Bolonath Crystal: scath, it reminds me of a nice gong jam session i had in malaysia
    Bertrum Quan: How did you find out about it? I'd like to tune in to that if it is re-broadcast.
    Aztlan Foss: why were you in Malaysia
    Scathach Rhiadra: the Buddha Centre organised it, are you a member of that group?
    Bertrum Quan: Yes.
    Bolonath Crystal: i worked there in rainforest research, aztlan
    Aztlan Foss: sweet, what do you do?
    Bolonath Crystal: i collected sounds :)
    Scathach Rhiadra: there may be some info on their website
    Aztlan Foss: rainforest sounds?
    Bolonath Crystal: yes. i had to indentify the animal sounds there
    Bolonath Crystal: so you can monitor a forest without catching animals
    Bertram Jacobus: nice idea (!) ...
    Aztlan Foss: like figuring out where they are and how many and where they go?
    Bolonath Crystal: that was an amazing job, all those nights in the forest
    Bolonath Crystal: first thing is WHO they are, aztlan :)
    Aztlan Foss: hehehe
    Aztlan Foss: did you have any scares while you were there at night?
    Bolonath Crystal: yes, there was an occasion
    Bolonath Crystal: i spent the night in the forest along a little river
    Bolonath Crystal: when i heard something which sounded way like a wounded tiger
    Bolonath Crystal: and it came closer
    Bolonath Crystal: many animals are using the same paths in the forest, so i expected that animal to show up at my place sooner or later
    Bolonath Crystal: so i rushed to make s record of the sound and than draw back
    Bolonath Crystal: later i identified that sound
    Bolonath Crystal: it was a dwarf deer, about as big ans a cat :)
    Bolonath Crystal: as*
    Bertram Jacobus: at the moment, i bring some sounds into sl ... ;-)
    Scathach Rhiadra: :)
    Bertrum Quan: It's all music.
    Aztlan Foss: hehehe
    Bolonath Crystal: 'nada brahma' - the world is sound :)
    Bolonath Crystal: there is even a form of yoga - nada yoga - which uses sounds as a tool for spiritual improval
    Bertram Jacobus: ommmmmmm ..... :-))
    Bolonath Crystal: :)
    Scathach Rhiadra: :)
    Bertrum Quan: Bolonath, have your read the book Nada Brahma?
    Bolonath Crystal: yep
    Bertrum Quan: Can youn tells us about it?
    Bolonath Crystal: i also have it on cd
    Bolonath Crystal: oh , thats a lot of stuff *g*
    Bertrum Quan: How about a review? Is it worth buying?
    Scathach Rhiadra listens:)
    Bertram Jacobus: perhaps start with telling us the essence ? ;-)
    Bolonath Crystal: well, originally it was a radio broadcast. in the book you'll miss all the music with it. so i think the cd would be the better choice
    Bolonath Crystal: the essence - it says that all matter has also wave characteristics, and sounds, resonances, harmony and disharmony can be used to give a complete description of the world
    Bertram Jacobus: wonderful ! ty bolo ! :-)
    Bolonath Crystal: yw :)
    Scathach Rhiadra nods
    Bertrum Quan: The CD... how is the music incorporated?
    Bertram Jacobus: i took some views into the book too many years ago but didn´t remind much ... hm -
    Scathach Rhiadra sees it is available from iTunes
    Bolonath Crystal: the music is organized in blocks after each chapter
    Bolonath Crystal: the whole stuff is looked at from the view of musicians. not so much spiritual or scientific. but certainly philosophic :)
    Bertrum Quan: The concept is intriguing... a complete description of the world in sounds...
    Bertram Jacobus: (oops sry)
    Bolonath Crystal: physicists try the same at cern's lhc
    Bolonath Crystal: well, they don't call it sounds
    Bolonath Crystal: but waves
    Aztlan Foss: strings! :-P
    Aztlan Foss: well I should head to bed, it's 2am here
    Aztlan Foss: good niht everyone
    Aztlan Foss: night*
    Bolonath Crystal: nize aztlan, om shanti
    Bolonath Crystal: mite*
    Scathach Rhiadra: good night Atzlan, sleep well
    Bertram Jacobus: good nite aztlan ...
    Bolonath Crystal: nite*
    Bolonath Crystal: so
    Bertrum Quan: nght Aztlan
    Bolonath Crystal: typing can be difficult *g*
    Scathach Rhiadra: :))
    Bertram Jacobus: lol yes. and so many forms ! ;o)
    Bertrum Quan: Suggests "ultra-sound" imaging...
    Bolonath Crystal: like bats?
    Bertrum Quan: Or like a TEEP.
    Bolonath Crystal: what is a teep?
    Bertrum Quan: Trans esophageal echo cardiogram of the heart TEE (not P)
    Bolonath Crystal: ah thanks
    Bolonath Crystal: funny thing is, if we would switch the optic and accoustic nerve, so that the eye's signals would reach the auditory sense areas in the brain, the sun wouldn't be bright but loud
    Bertram Jacobus: ty, have a nice time . and may all beings be happy please (!) ...
    Bolonath Crystal: om shanti, bertram
    Bertrum Quan: Bye Betram
    Scathach Rhiadra: have a good day Bertram
    Bolonath Crystal: i like this na'vi avatar :)
    Bertram Jacobus: namasté and kiyevame ... ;-)
    Bertram Jacobus: ty ... :-)
    Bertrum Quan: I should log off too. Thanks everyone.
    stevenaia Michinaga: night Bert
    Scathach Rhiadra: have a good night Bertrum
    Bertrum Quan: Have a great day everyone!
    Bolonath Crystal: nite bertrum, om shanti :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: this is the begining of my day (waking up)
    Scathach Rhiadra: I must go too
    stevenaia Michinaga: night
    Scathach Rhiadra: Namasté
    Bolonath Crystal: bye scath
    Bolonath Crystal: ok, let's switch of the lights :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: be well
    Bolonath Crystal: cu next time, steve :)

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