2010.04.29 19:00 - Starting at the End

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Paradise Tennant. The comments are by Pema, Eliza, Steve, and Lucinda.

        Pema Pera: hi Paradise!
        Paradise Tennant: hiya pema :) how are you :)
        Pema Pera: Fine! And you?
        Paradise Tennant: very well Thanks
        Pema Pera: it's nice to be back home again for a change
        Paradise Tennant: how long are you home for :)
        Pema Pera: a week or so
        Pema Pera: hi Steve!
        Paradise Tennant: hiya steve ...
        Pema Pera: between San Francisco and before going to Japan again
        stevenaia Michinaga: hello, , unfortunatly I just got a call and
        must run, be back soon
        Paradise Tennant: ok
        Pema Pera: fine!
        Paradise Tennant: pema how was the retreat :)
        Pema Pera: how to summarize . . . .
        Pema Pera: I really enjoyed the "urban" aspect of it
        Pema Pera: talking in our hotel room, a comfortably large meeting
        room, during the mornings and early evenings
        Pema Pera: while enjoying parks and shopping and further talks, as the case might be, in the afternoons and later evenings
        Pema Pera: including restaurants, bars, outdoor concerts (saw two of
        Paradise Tennant: wow
        Pema Pera: in short, enormous variety
        Pema Pera: and what I most liked of it all is that it invites
        Pema Pera: as opposed to blissing out in a remote place, then returning home with a likely disconnect leading to the experience residing as a happy memory as from a remote land
        Pema Pera: hi Lucinda!
        Paradise Tennant: smiles
        Paradise Tennant: hiya lucinda
        Paradise Tennant: integration is good..
        Pema Pera: but of course, remote places are still fun too -- nice to have both
        Pema Pera: urban retreats and far-away retreats
        Pema Pera: (but probably not suburban retreats, hehehe)
        Lucinda Lavender: I cannot stay. long..
        Pema Pera: np, Lucinda!
        Pema Pera: that's one of the nice aspects of having meetings four
        times a day
        Pema Pera: we can always drop in and out, no matter how short & often
        Pema Pera: like a cafe (in the European sense)
        Lucinda Lavender: very nice
        Pema Pera still wondering what such a place is called in the US
        Lucinda Lavender: same...
        Pema Pera: oh, but in the US a cafe is for having dinner, not just a
        cup of coffee
        Lucinda Lavender: I would call the cafe a place I drop in and out of...
        Lucinda Lavender: for me it is just coffee every morning...
        Pema Pera: most "cafes" in New York have white table cloths and an atmosphere that is definitely not inviting to just have a drink . . . .
        Lucinda Lavender: must go now...dinner awaits...
        Pema Pera: bye Lucinda!
        Pema Pera wondering whether Lucinda was logged in from a US "cafe" :-)
        Paradise Tennant: not sure
        Pema Pera: (just kidding)
        Pema Pera: how is it in Canada, Paradise, do you have places where everybody is welcome, young and old, to drink coffee or beer or wine and free to eat or not eat?
        Pema Pera: as in a European cafe?
        Paradise Tennant: we do indeed
        Paradise Tennant: starbucks :)
        Paradise Tennant: tim horton's
        Pema Pera: no wine though!
        Pema Pera: for Starbucks
        Paradise Tennant: hmm no wine though
        Pema Pera: and no "real" food
        Paradise Tennant: well snack or lunch type food
        Pema Pera: and no "bar" where you can sit at
        Pema Pera: the nice thing about a European cafe is that it combines all those functions
        Paradise Tennant: yes
        Pema Pera: (I'm reminiscing perhaps because I will become a US citizen next week !)
        Paradise Tennant: and a place to people watch .. catch up on your emails :)
        Paradise Tennant: wow congradulations pema :)
        Pema Pera: yes, that too
        Paradise Tennant: a long time coming
        Pema Pera: 29 years . . .
        Paradise Tennant: lol you were not in a rush
        Pema Pera: no, only after 9/11 did it become increasingly
        uncomfortable to live in the US without being a citizen
        Pema Pera: the discrimination against me got worse each year . . .
        Pema Pera: if you can't beat them join them . . . .
        Pema Pera: and I was never opposed to becoming a citizen, just never got around to it, didn't see a need
        Pema Pera: until border agents started asking nasty questions, like  "why do you travel so much" . . . as in "what are you hiding"
        Paradise Tennant: blinks
        Paradise Tennant: there is paranoia
        Pema Pera: "why does an astrophysicist have to travel"
        Pema Pera: always had to bit my tongue not to make jokes . . .
        Pema Pera: *bit
        Pema Pera: *bite
        Paradise Tennant: no worries Pema they harrassed my dog at the border too ..his papers where not in order .. he just barked at them !
        Pema Pera: hehehehe next time I'll bark first -- then show my US passport :)
        Paradise Tennant: nods might be a good idea .. they just waved us through ..
        Pema Pera: coming back to your question about the retreat:
        Pema Pera: the main thing for me was a really fresh look at what it means to "play as Being"
        Pema Pera: as opposed to playing as Pema or Piet or whatever role society has given me
        Pema Pera: hi again Steve!
        stevenaia Michinaga: travels complete
        Pema Pera: wow, that sounds definitive!
        Pema Pera: for today, I presume?
        Paradise Tennant: what did being free of those roles feel like pema
        stevenaia Michinaga: well, my son know has possession of my car, so no place to go, or no way to get there
        Pema Pera: :)
        Pema Pera: that stage in life . . . .
        Pema Pera: I won't claim to be free of those roles in any way, but I'm learning to be a bit freer, or at least see that as an option,Paradise
        Pema Pera: and equally important to see the freedom that others have too
        Pema Pera: viewing everything and everybody as directly given in/as  Being
        Pema Pera: hi Eliza!
        stevenaia Michinaga: hello Eliza
        Eliza Madrigal: Hi Pema! Hi Paradise! Hi Steve! :)
        Paradise Tennant: hiya eliza
        Pema Pera: Eliza, I was just talking about our retreat, and the fresh angles we got on what it means to play as Being
        Eliza Madrigal: (for some reason, hearing about technical problems in SL always makes me want to sign on and see for myself - hah- but don't let me interrupt)
        Eliza Madrigal: Ah, wonderful Pema :)
        Pema Pera: (that was last night, mostly)
        Pema Pera: how would you phrase that, Eliza?
        Pema Pera: (putting you right on the spot, sorry!)
        Eliza Madrigal: Hm, phrase what it means to me, to play as being?
        Pema Pera: yes, and how it evolved perhaps, during last week's retreat
        Eliza Madrigal: :) ah, wow...
        Pema Pera: (in less than three pages :-)
        Eliza Madrigal: hahaha
        Eliza Madrigal: Well I think we started off, talking about it in rather lofty terms....
        Eliza Madrigal: well, I did at least...
        Eliza Madrigal: thinking of the whole picture of the last year or so and what 'this practice/place' has meant to my life, etcc
        Paradise Tennant: smiles at eliza
        Eliza Madrigal: then I think we took a wonderful turn, in focusing on each session, each conversation, each person, each pause....
        Eliza Madrigal: and starting at the end, moment-to-moment
        Eliza Madrigal: fresh
        Eliza Madrigal: Quite inspiring :) I feel energized about it all
        Pema Pera: yes, me too
        Pema Pera: it may have been Eos who first applied "starting at the end" to meeting people
        Pema Pera: considering them not as we judge them to be, but as they are most fully, in Being
        Eliza Madrigal: So maybe the actual day-to-day practice of how... of making sure not to be multi-tasking if possible... really honoring the space
        Pema Pera: in their full potential
        Eliza Madrigal: yes
        Paradise Tennant: what a wonderful thought
        Eliza Madrigal: already complete... what we are rather than
        have/do... basic idea of the pauses, but 'opened up' in a way
        Eliza Madrigal: Today, in thinking about this, I realized that
        starting at the end, and going back to the beginning... are kind of
        the same thing
        Paradise Tennant: really very simple ideas but so fundamental to our
        development of our true nature :)
        Pema Pera: yes
        Eliza Madrigal smiles
        Pema Pera: letting our true nature shine, and that of others too of course, of everything
        Eliza Madrigal: Being shone :)
        Pema Pera: :-)
        Pema Pera: starting at the end means allowing yourself to dwell in the beginning, with no rush to run out of the starting blocks
        stevenaia Michinaga: sometimes it is the quietness that brings the biggest smile
        Eliza Madrigal: :)
        Pema Pera: ( ^ -- ^ )
        Pema Pera: ( ^ \___/ ^ )
        Eliza Madrigal giggles
        stevenaia Michinaga: a coffeecup with 2 handles, Pema?
        Pema Pera: hahaha
        Pema Pera: o\__/o
        Eliza Madrigal: Hm, Steve that was another thing ... that we show up, is itself a gesture and communication of appreciation of our community here.... even sitting in silence ....
        Eliza Madrigal: Being shown... Being shone.... hm, must be getting
        sleepy :)
        Paradise Tennant: likes sitting in silence .. sometimes
        communication is through presence not words or gestures :)
        Eliza Madrigal: :)
        stevenaia Michinaga: Eliza, the sleepy part is discovery of that after 6 minutes
        stevenaia Michinaga: but what you said about appreciation of the community is so true,
        stevenaia Michinaga: so different than obligation of any kine
        stevenaia Michinaga: kind
        Pema Pera: !!!
        Eliza Madrigal: yes :))))
        Pema Pera: unconditional community
        stevenaia Michinaga: thinking it's that simple and that easy
        Eliza Madrigal: that's a lovely pillow to sleep on, thanks Steve,
        Pema, Paradise (((( ))))
        Pema Pera: sleep well, Eliza!
        Paradise Tennant: sweet dreams eliza :)
        stevenaia Michinaga: night Eliza
        Eliza Madrigal: Night :) Thanks :::waving::::
        Pema Pera: and yes, then it turns out to be that simple & easy :-)
        stevenaia Michinaga: for some
        Pema Pera: for the guardians here it seems that way . . .
        Pema Pera: here as "in PaB"
        stevenaia Michinaga: :) nods
        Pema Pera: in fact, that may be the only criterion for being a guardian, or at least the main one
        Pema Pera: the "simple" and the "ease"
        stevenaia Michinaga: good to know it;s not such a rare quality
        Pema Pera: as opposed to "cutting things down to size", "with effort"
        Pema Pera: yes indeed, very encouraging!
        Pema Pera: well, it's almot 11 pm here, I think I'll catch some
        sleep too
        stevenaia Michinaga: night Pema
        Paradise Tennant: nite pema :)
        Pema Pera: good nicht, Paradise and Steve
        stevenaia Michinaga: hello Lucinda
        Pema Pera: and welcome back, Lucinda!
        Paradise Tennant: wb lucinda
        Pema Pera: I hope you had a nice dinner!
        Lucinda Lavender: hi!
        Lucinda Lavender: yes very tasty
        Pema Pera: you can take my place :-)
        Pema Pera: bfn
        Lucinda Lavender: byn
        Lucinda Lavender: bfn...
        Paradise Tennant: smiles I think I will scoot too . thank you both
        .. :) big wave
        stevenaia Michinaga: night paradise
        stevenaia Michinaga: what is the torch you ahve there?
        Lucinda Lavender: must go for now...
        stevenaia Michinaga: bye

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