2010.05.03 19:00 - Reflecting

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    Pema came to this session, and quietly sat all by himself in the pavilion, for the first half hour.  Much to reflect upon, after so many inspiring exchanges with friends here in Play as Being.  The wonder of each day being a new day.  The wonder of playing as Being playing me.  The wonder of so many others playing themselves while claiming it all to be really real.  The wonder of Being playing me claiming it not to be real.  The wonder of seeing more and more how much freedom we all have to play as playing or play as if we can't possibly play, a most intriguing form of play.  Thinking of a Sufi song, Laughing at the word two :

    Only That Illumined One

    Who keeps seducing the formless into form

    Had the charm to win my heart

    Only a Perfect One

    Who is always laughing at the word Two

    Can make you know




    (The Gift - Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master, translated by Daniel Ladinsky)


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