2010.07.07 01:00 - Swami Muktananda and thoughts about time

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Bolonath Crystal. The comments are by Bolonath Crystal.

    Bolonath Crystal: hello Oona


    Oona Ra: Hi Bolo


    Bolonath Crystal: did we meet before?


    Oona Ra: no


    Bolonath Crystal: your first pab session?


    Oona Ra: yes


    Bolonath Crystal: oh, welcome then :)


    Oona Ra: thank you :)


    Bolonath Crystal: i have to inform you, that our talks are recorded and published on our wiki page. Is that ok with you?


    Oona Ra: sure


    Bolonath Crystal: fine. ty


    Oona Ra: where shall we start


    Bolonath Crystal: we have a 90 sec break every 15 minutes to perform some mental exercises. You will hear a bell in about 7 minutes


    Oona Ra: ok


    Bolonath Crystal: until then please tell me a little about yourself. what brought you here?


    Oona Ra: someone mentioned it


    Oona Ra: so i thought i would attend


    Bolonath Crystal: great. i'll give you a notecard with some basic infos. just a moment please


    Oona Ra: At the moment i am pondering the state of being timeless


    Bolonath Crystal: time is a fascinating concept :)


    Oona Ra: yes


    Oona Ra: two forms of time psychological and cronological


    Oona Ra: timeless is of course in the psychological being


    Bolonath Crystal: our mind basically consists of two things: awareness and memory. some memories are projected into what we call past and some into the future


    Oona Ra: so thats what is facinating me at the moment


    Bolonath Crystal: but all of that happens only "now"


    Oona Ra: I think the mind contains many events




    Bolonath Crystal: i don't know if something like a chronological time actually exists


    Oona Ra: past, present and future all in the moment and each moment eases into the next.


    Bolonath Crystal: i'm not even sure, what "present" is...


    Oona Ra: we could debate that but why bother


    Bolonath Crystal: it is an interesting phenomenon


    Oona Ra: you cant pin down the present its moving


    Bolonath Crystal: the past is tremendously long, but doesn't really exist. the future is the same. only present exists, but present is pretty short, isn't it?


    Bolonath Crystal: does present have a chonological dimension?


    Oona Ra: time is just another man made invention really


    Bolonath Crystal: yes. a very confusing one


    Oona Ra: like any other form of measurement


    Oona Ra: experiencing a timeless state has a degree of freedom


    Bolonath Crystal: if time doesn't really exist, is then somthing like reincarnation possible?


    Oona Ra: something else that interests me is freedom


    Bolonath Crystal: freedom from what?


    Oona Ra: the self


    Bolonath Crystal: freedom from self? who will be free then?


    Oona Ra: have to find out what the self is first


    Bolonath Crystal nods


    Bolonath Crystal: that's what i'm trying since quite a while


    Oona Ra: its a long journey


    Bolonath Crystal: it is easier to find out what self is NOT


    Oona Ra: thats another approach


    Bolonath Crystal: in yoga we call this method "neti neti", which means "not this, not that"


    Oona Ra: oh yes


    Bolonath Crystal: a fascinating meditation


    Oona Ra: i am familar with yoga


    Bolonath Crystal: oh, great


    Oona Ra: thats where my journey began


    Bolonath Crystal: any special tradition?


    Oona Ra: with Siddha yoga


    Bolonath Crystal: siddha yoga? is that about the siddhis?


    Oona Ra: I studies with Swami Muktananda


    Oona Ra: meditation yoga


    Bolonath Crystal: i'm following the sivananda tradition. very interesting to learn from other schools :)


    Oona Ra: I liked Muktananda because he looked like a jazz musician


    Bolonath Crystal: muktananda - joy of liberation. a very promising name :)




    Oona Ra: that was a long time ago


    Bolonath Crystal: this one: http://www.spiritual-happiness.com/baba1.jpg ?


    Oona Ra: when i was still influenced by appearance


    Oona Ra: thats him a great guy


    Bolonath Crystal: he looks like he likes reggae music ;)


    Bolonath Crystal: did you study the yoga sutras of patanjali with him?


    Oona Ra: when he wore shades he looked so cool


    Oona Ra: no just direct dialogue


    Oona Ra: his whole message to me was see each other in each other


    Oona Ra: when i got it i left


    Bolonath Crystal: does this mean, we are all incarnations of each other? many people, one self?


    Oona Ra: I think we are refections of each other


    Oona Ra: we are individual organisms


    Bolonath Crystal: how can we be reflections and individuals at the same time?


    Oona Ra: wrong word individual perhaps


    Oona Ra: a person who thinks they are individual is mostly wrong


    Oona Ra: thats part of our conditioning


    Oona Ra: who is undivided within


    Bolonath Crystal: i see, you are an advaita vedantin


    Oona Ra: dualistic path isnt my interest


    Oona Ra: i am interested in a wholistic way of being


    Bolonath Crystal: we have a lot of things in common - even our self :)


    Oona Ra: and that means being an outsider in manyways


    Bolonath Crystal: not here


    Oona Ra: I am comfortable with that


    Oona Ra: perhaps not here


    Bolonath Crystal: i am an advaita vedantin, too


    Oona Ra: i dont know what that is or means


    Bolonath Crystal: so at the moment we are holding 100 % *ggg*


    Bolonath Crystal: a-dvaita = un-divided


    Bolonath Crystal: vedanta = knowledge


    Oona Ra: I see


    Bolonath Crystal: an indian philosophy we says exactly that


    Bolonath Crystal: we = which*


    Oona Ra: right


    Bolonath Crystal: i also was an advata vedantin, before i knew about it *g*


    Oona Ra: is there any thing you wish to dialogue




    Bolonath Crystal: ehmmmm... i already do. or did i get your question wrong somehow? (i'm not a native english speaker)


    Oona Ra: is there anything you would like to focus on


    Bolonath Crystal: i'm open to anything


    Oona Ra: so am I


    Bolonath Crystal: did muktananda teach some special meditation techniques?


    Oona Ra: he used a mantra


    Bolonath Crystal: ah, great


    Oona Ra: now I just watch the mind


    Bolonath Crystal: i used mantra meditation for myself, but other methods seem to work better with me


    Bolonath Crystal: yes, watching mind is a good method for me. in buddhism it is called "vipassana"


    Oona Ra: I have heard of vipassana


    Bolonath Crystal: i found my way to advaita vedanta through buddhism, so i use many buddhist exercises


    Bolonath Crystal: many of them are the same as in raja yoga, but the names are different


    Oona Ra: a friend of mine was immursed in vipassana


    Oona Ra: I have been influenced by Jiddu Krishnamurti as well


    Bolonath Crystal: my personal favourite meditation is samatha meditation, that is bringing mind to perfect silence


    Oona Ra: thats what happens when you watch it


    Oona Ra: the mind doesnt like to be the focus of attention


    Bolonath Crystal: i've heared krishnamurtis name before, but i don't know much about him


    Oona Ra: some good things on youtube about him


    Bolonath Crystal: i'll take a look


    Oona Ra: dvds


    Oona Ra: i use youtube a lot


    Oona Ra: find out things and information


    Oona Ra: how to do things


    Bolonath Crystal: my teacher published a lot on youtube


    Bolonath Crystal: but i don't spend to much time on that page


    Bolonath Crystal: too*


    Oona Ra: yes such a good resource


    Bolonath Crystal: maybe i should take a closer look


    Oona Ra: i think you and I would slip easily into meditation if we were together in RL


    Bolonath Crystal: i hope we'll get that chance. we have rl retreats


    Oona Ra: In Australia?


    Bolonath Crystal: the location is always changing


    Bolonath Crystal: there is some stuff about it on our wiki page


    Oona Ra: will have a look


    Bolonath Crystal: :)




    Bolonath Crystal: i have to go back to work now


    Bolonath Crystal: it was very nice meeting you, oona


    Bolonath Crystal: hope to see you next time :)


    Oona Ra: ok see you another time Bolo Likewise


    Bolonath Crystal: om shanti :)

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