2010.07.11 01:00 - Growing new plants of love

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    Qt Core: hi Star, Moon
    Stargate Tone: Good morning Qt *
    Moon Fargis: morning qt
    Qt Core: how's life treating you two these days ?\
    Moon Fargis: hmmm i suppose good :)
    Stargate Tone: ...thinking...
    Stargate Tone: life wont treat me so good, but people do :)***
    Qt Core: hi Archmage
    Stargate Tone: Hello my bro
    Qt Core: i had some very different days this week some "standard: some bad a d one good
    Moon Fargis: morning arch .)
    Moon Fargis: life is a wobbly path
    Stargate Tone: smiles *
    Moon Fargis: ehh wobbly wheel
    Stargate Tone: so; how do you take Ur week been then; good or bad ?
    Stargate Tone: hm; why silly ?
    Qt Core: all in all bad
    Stargate Tone: do you mean it with good or bad Arch ?
    Stargate Tone: ok
    Archmage Atlantis: Good, playful
    Stargate Tone: thank you
    Moon Fargis: :)
    Moon Fargis: and i just sit here, wait till i start to play. )
    Archmage Atlantis: It is midsummer, yet Moon plays with winter
    Stargate Tone: you see; when I studied in school, that word was teached to mean bad , but some ppl in SL have teached it to be good meaning *
    Stargate Tone: smiles *
    Stargate Tone: yea
    Stargate Tone: it can be day, but in SL we can play it to be night :)**
    Moon Fargis: well but its winter in the artic :)
    Stargate Tone: *giggles*
    Stargate Tone: but there's no plants :)***
    Moon Fargis: not where i would live :)
    Stargate Tone: star joykiller ?
    Moon Fargis: i would even bring a parrott there and some palms
    Stargate Tone: _/|\_
    Qt Core: and a little nuclear reactor to keep all warm ;-)
    Moon Fargis: heheyes:)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey everyone
    Archmage Atlantis: Hiy, Yaku
    Stargate Tone: hm>; I'd drill to get the warmth from the nature to them houses needed for them palm and the parrot *
    Qt Core: Hi Yaku
    Stargate Tone: Helli Yaku *
    Yakuzza Lethecus: the infinite onigokko´s of doom have stopped :D
    Moon Fargis: morning yaku
    Yakuzza Lethecus: morning :)
    Archmage Atlantis: O, let me see if I can find that in inventory and make it work
    Yakuzza Lethecus: we had the issue yesterday that somebody through onigokko´s away when they were active and left the place
    Moon Fargis: hehe
    Yakuzza Lethecus: so only storm could have stopped em
    Qt Core: from friday 1pm session onward i think
    Yakuzza Lethecus: we had 24hrs onigokko around the circle
    Yakuzza Lethecus: it was still going on at the 1 pm session yesterday :)
    Moon Fargis: party folk :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Oh , I am wearing some, but still not dancing.....humm
    Moon Fargis: onigokko
    Stargate Tone: laaaffffffffffffs
    Moon Fargis: ummz umz ummz
    Moon Fargis: stop
    Moon Fargis: wooh and that in the erly morning :)
    Archmage Atlantis: That was fun
    Archmage Atlantis: Better detach them now,, one moment
    Qt Core: i wonder why the scripter make that controllable even by non wearer
    Archmage Atlantis: Why he winter scene Moon?.......
    Moon Fargis: ah easy 20 wears them, one says the magic words and then party is loose
    Moon Fargis: becasue its hot outside :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Actually, that makes sense
    Stargate Tone: 29 C here
    Archmage Atlantis: Still to me, that is wishing for what not is, to fix what it is......and is always is
    Stargate Tone: outside and in the shadow
    Moon Fargis: yes and we europeans dont got any air conditioners
    Qt Core: i always see that in reverse, a even hotter scene may help you feel cold when turning around and feel trl (same reason i take warm/hot showers)
    Moon Fargis: hmm
    Qt Core: reminding just now the effect of saunas in this temperatures, you exit that and almost feel cold
    Stargate Tone: *yes*
    Archmage Atlantis: Never had a sauna
    Qt Core: to be hones i prefer the lower temps and higher humidity of turkish bath and/ot tepidariums
    Stargate Tone: like my RL friend builded sauna in Saudi-Arabia; ppl at first thought him to gone crazy, till they experienced that
    Archmage Atlantis: :)
    Moon Fargis: hehe
    Moon Fargis: as people have a fridge in theartic
    Archmage Atlantis: Crazy = you haven't been here yet........just wait
    Qt Core: the relax/spa area is the thing i miss most from the time i was used to go to the gym ;-)
    Stargate Tone: _/|\_
    Moon Fargis: *slurps his hot tea*
    Archmage Atlantis: I had a great day yesterday
    Archmage Atlantis: Shopped all day
    Stargate Tone: aaaahhhhhhh
    Archmage Atlantis: went to late lunch
    Moon Fargis: oho and you actually bought something ?
    Qt Core: i did that for most of the afternoon (sales season here) but i will never call it a good time ;-)
    Archmage Atlantis: Had Jamacan shrimp
    Archmage Atlantis: Ah, Moon.... am I that transparent
    Archmage Atlantis: Yes I bought things
    Archmage Atlantis: Things of my imagination, that sensible people would not approve
    Moon Fargis: well i know people who go for shopping but just for taking a lok what there is :)
    Qt Core: a terrible thing to do as you will have to go there for a second time to really buy things ;-)
    Archmage Atlantis: That is something I do...........2nd, 3rd.......and 4th times....to see the realthing I need/want
    Stargate Tone: remember so well when there came this first big store with the huge window from one could see special Santa world; could've spend hours wathcing it...was ab 4 years old ...
    Moon Fargis: :D
    Stargate Tone: since that I've wathced items just knowing that I can never buy, but has been nice to see that somebody can *
    Qt Core: i rarely go to this mall i went yesterday, so i noticed something, the previous time it wasn't sales season and most males were being pulled around by their companion, but yesterday even males were interested
    Archmage Atlantis: There is no never, sister.....only a long wait
    Stargate Tone: today my home is such that Moon said it to be full of presents (when I wonder what I could give as the present), as I have yes got also huge much presents *
    Stargate Tone: ahhh
    Stargate Tone: ah well...sure those items I would've like to have, were toys...so...never bought
    Archmage Atlantis: Sister, you give him presents, he gives you presents........you do it with much less drama than my
    Archmage Atlantis: SL love and I
    Stargate Tone: ah yes; in Germany I had huge nice shopping; nobody telling that 'come on; U dont need that', but on the contrary :)***
    Moon Fargis: ^^
    Archmage Atlantis: Hi, Bert
    Moon Fargis: morning bert
    Bertram Jacobus: good morning everybody
    Stargate Tone: Good morning Bert *
    Qt Core: hi Bert
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hi bert
    Moon Fargis: *ponders a bit
    Moon Fargis: *giggles
    Moon Fargis: how about a water environment ?
    Moon Fargis: like sitting in water ?
    Moon Fargis: why i ask? ill do it anyway :D
    Bertram Jacobus: i like the movie "water world" - with kevin costner - there you have a lot of water environement (!) ...
    Qt Core: i've seen many doing this lately ;-)
    Archmage Atlantis: I hope the hole is closed in your butt, Moon.........water can carry disease
    Moon Fargis: not in sl :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Yes, true
    Bertram Jacobus: we sat in the pool here the last days now and then ...
    Archmage Atlantis: But I see beyond SL
    Moon Fargis: :) well then lets say its purifyd water
    Archmage Atlantis: kk
    Archmage Atlantis: Monks can do that, right? ....I know priests can.
    Bertram Jacobus: also the indutrie can - i have a salve with purified water ...
    Archmage Atlantis: Ok, Bert, went past all google reference, and woke up Nimbus
    Archmage Atlantis: What r indutrie?
    Bertram Jacobus: sry - industry i meant
    Archmage Atlantis: k
    Bertram Jacobus: very well done moon - ty for the water scenario
    Bertram Jacobus: oops
    Moon Fargis: ahyes
    Moon Fargis: i see
    Moon Fargis: noone can sit then :)
    Moon Fargis: morning cal :)
    Qt Core: hi Calvino
    Archmage Atlantis: Greetings, Cal
    Bertram Jacobus: hey cal ! ...
    Stargate Tone: Hello Cal *
    Calvino Rabeni: Hello everyone :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Moving trees *g*
    Bertram Jacobus: ents ...
    Archmage Atlantis: Ah yes, the ents
    Bertram Jacobus: yes !
    Moon Fargis: ents?
    Bertram Jacobus: the living and moving trees from lord of the rings
    Moon Fargis: aaah
    Archmage Atlantis: Moon,knows of lving trees
    Archmage Atlantis: It is shared heritage
    Bertram Jacobus: that´s a nice summertree moon - with 15 birds sounds ! (?) - has it one prim ?
    Moon Fargis: ah no 3 prims cus they are flexy
    Bertram Jacobus: i see. very nice
    Moon Fargis: thx :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Blesings I be to this place, and the multi-verse in which it exists..........
    Moon Fargis: whew this sim got 5800 prims free
    Bertram Jacobus: blessings ... a mystery ? what do they mean ?
    Archmage Atlantis: I do not know,
    Archmage Atlantis: bert
    Archmage Atlantis: I do not know
    Qt Core: time to go, bye all
    Stargate Tone: have nice day Qt *
    Moon Fargis: see you :)
    Stargate Tone: I was told of such item I have, that where ever I set it onto the ground, that land shall be blessed....
    Bertram Jacobus: i said him IM good bye ... ;-)
    Archmage Atlantis: yes, I see you ,,, such a good movie line
    Bertram Jacobus: the na'vi also can see
    Stargate Tone: ...have set it onto many places which I've wished to be blessed, even I'm no religious
    Bertram Jacobus: religious means to me aiming to the trancendent - and so i am ...
    Bertram Jacobus: or being linked with it more then normal
    Stargate Tone: but when I set it with my special friend who gave me courrage to 'look around better', I saw how this item gave such wonderfull energy; so soft , almost golden energy; yet still verrry strong...that is more than love...
    Stargate Tone: to me; blessing is such...it's more than love...
    Archmage Atlantis: aware more than usual, yes
    Bertram Jacobus: yes
    Bertram Jacobus: not so apart
    Bertram Jacobus: but love to me also includes the highest
    Stargate Tone: but apart of sorrows without hope; apart of missery...apart of fears
    Bertram Jacobus: so more to me is not possible
    Stargate Tone: well...in love there's no will...love 'just' is...
    Stargate Tone: in this energy which is blessing to me; there's also compassion, mercy; forgiveness and movement to heal
    Stargate Tone: so there's much will...
    Archmage Atlantis: I hope the feelings I fell now
    Archmage Atlantis: that i can expess them to all of you
    Stargate Tone: ah yes; there's also 'thank you' to the existence which it heales; also honouring and respect...
    Stargate Tone: so; that is more than love
    Stargate Tone: but sure that all is such that only love can make human to feel such will and those motions
    Archmage Atlantis: There is somthing beyound honor
    Yakuzza Lethecus: how many prims is ur worn garden ?
    Archmage Atlantis: There omething beyoun respect
    Moon Fargis: well sincei will wear it i didnt care aboutthem so they are 162 :)
    Bertram Jacobus: what is love for you star plz ? if i may ask ...
    Bertram Jacobus: (i read you arch!) ...
    Calvino Rabeni: what is beyond honor and respect, Arch?
    Stargate Tone: but those feelings maked 'man' to bring that 'something' to others :)***
    Moon Fargis: ah darn, stupido me
    Stargate Tone: love is the essential energy for life to exist; it's everywhere...it gives the strength and peace
    Archmage Atlantis: Well, love is
    Stargate Tone: but there's no will in love itself; so...it truly 'just is'
    Archmage Atlantis: But there is something beyond love
    Bertram Jacobus: yes. and when you say, there is something, which is more - is that then one of the cases where more can be less ? :-)
    Archmage Atlantis: Somthing that just is
    Stargate Tone: *yes*...to me also; and that's this blessing...cuz neither blessing push or drad anybody or anything; it only gives, but 'holds' much will...but only good will to it's 'outsider'...
    Stargate Tone: so many people imagine/think love to me for example compassion, will to take care...even they are needs of being
    Stargate Tone: love is not being...
    Archmage Atlantis: Niceplant tornato,Mooon
    Yakuzza Lethecus: being love :)
    Stargate Tone: I'de say this item I told of, to be a being cuz it has such blessing power...
    Moon Fargis: :D
    Bertram Jacobus: transcending duality arch ?
    Stargate Tone: being loves and misses to be loved; will to take care and to be taken care of...will to be loved in return..this all is based on will and need; love has no will or needs....
    Bertram Jacobus: and to me, love is unity and all, amongst other meanings of that word ...
    Archmage Atlantis: transending multiplicity,
    Calvino Rabeni: In english the word religion has the root meaning "to bind or tie again" - interesting because it is not about freedom and liberation, or that kind of transcendance of limitations
    Stargate Tone: ah yes; like I said; it's everywhere...
    Calvino Rabeni: it is about, to sacrifice something lesser, for something greater
    Bertram Jacobus: (and i loved you comment yaku) ! :-)
    Yakuzza Lethecus smiles
    Stargate Tone: ah yes; that is TO love; but that is not love; love dont either sacrefice, but will to sacrefice rises from love...
    Calvino Rabeni: good distinction
    Bertram Jacobus: i will leave - ty for this meeting ! have a nice time and may all beings be happy please
    Moon Fargis: was good tosee you
    Archmage Atlantis: Via con
    Calvino Rabeni: Bye Bert :)
    Archmage Atlantis: sios
    Stargate Tone: love your day *
    Bertram Jacobus: ty everybody again
    Calvino Rabeni: About that will TO love - I like the Rumi quote:
    Calvino Rabeni: I would love to kiss you. The price of kissing is your life. Now my loving is running toward my life shouting, What a bargain, let's buy it.
    Stargate Tone: loves Yaku's addiction :)***
    Archmage Atlantis: It has been bought for many eons, Cal.........many have made the purchase
    Yakuzza Lethecus: sadly that´s not an addiction
    Yakuzza Lethecus: or don´t you mean love
    Stargate Tone: (to the record; Yaku's addiction is philosophy)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: ah :)
    Calvino Rabeni: Many are addicted to Love
    Stargate Tone: well...I am...
    Stargate Tone: also addicted to fell in love 'all the time'....
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i just fear the inflation of love when the term is used to often
    Calvino Rabeni: Yes, agree Yaku
    Stargate Tone: it can get inflation only when it's rejected
    Calvino Rabeni: it helps to use other words for it
    Archmage Atlantis: (to the record, only the entitity chose the offficial record
    Stargate Tone: lol
    Stargate Tone: thinks the man who told that 'you are interesting woman'....I had to ask from an other friend from USA that what that word meant
    Stargate Tone: this other friend told that it meant 'I love you'
    Calvino Rabeni: hehe
    Moon Fargis: huh
    Stargate Tone: I was surprised
    Moon Fargis: and what means i love you then ?
    Calvino Rabeni: when applied to you that is what it meant
    Calvino Rabeni: other times someone could mean - I don't like that thing :)
    Moon Fargis: yes:)
    Moon Fargis: know one who uses the term intresting for (couldve been better made or looks worse)
    Stargate Tone: well; I exprience that such way to say 'I love you' is like highlighting that he didn't want to hurt my feeligns or needs anyway; only love me and missed to get my company ...as he knows I'm very busy
    Stargate Tone: but also that he would've like to 'have' me also as the woman....as man sure needs interest to want to make love...
    Stargate Tone: but is capable to hold his need/will; leaving the choice completely to me
    Stargate Tone: so...we have not met since
    Stargate Tone: cuz I dont want to give hard time to him
    Stargate Tone: *
    Stargate Tone: hm...star's line understood ?
    Archmage Atlantis: Yes
    Calvino Rabeni: Star is understood
    Stargate Tone: blessings
    Moon Fargis: :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Rest sister
    Moon Fargis: so my friends its getting late and rl calls
    Moon Fargis: have a nice day still ^^
    Archmage Atlantis: this has not been easy
    Yakuzza Lethecus: bye moon
    Calvino Rabeni: Good day Moon :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: bye everyone
    Stargate Tone: also my RL calls me very soon, so I also go and wish verry good time to you *
    Stargate Tone: hearts
    Calvino Rabeni: hearts
    Archmage Atlantis: Hello
    Calvino Rabeni: Hello
    Archmage Atlantis: Come, I will tp you to my garden
    Calvino Rabeni: OK

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