2010.07.30 19:00 - Friday Free Time

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     The guardian for this session was Lucinda Lavender.


    A quiet time, no one came while I was there. I hopped from pillow to pillow and walked on the pool.

    Practiced listening for a bit by myself. The phone rang and I listened there too. Then when 35 minutes had gone by I decided to go pick up chicken feed at our farm coop. Usually don't have errands that need doing at that time but every two months the feed comes in and I go pick it up at the old Rainier Brewery/ Tully's for our clutch. Smells like coffee down in the warehouse. Then people come over and pick up from us. The number of participants has grown so much that the warehouse will have open store hours soon. That way there won't be such large loads for the cars and trucks to carry. 

    All for now,

    Lucinda Lavender



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