2010.10.08 19:00 - Waiting for Lucinda

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    Hmmm. Wonder where she is...probably out there in RL distracted in some way.

    Paying attention to other things..she was. Thinking of the lost pie plate...looking for it in the dark of the stage at the junior high school. And it was not to be found...everything that had arranged itself for a wednesday rehearsal was now tidily set for the students. And sitting in darkness. 

    Suddenly the phone rings(cell phones do that at interesting moments)...and Cal asks if I have a moment to talk. Well yes..I am at a school... maybe I can call back when I get to the car?  Yes.

    Turns out I am three blocks away from his location...In All Seattle! So we meet up in the bank parking lot to discuss our dreams. We  dreamed of each other, he that very day...and I a few days before.

    In my dream I am pondering the importance of a discussion with him ...one that had not yet happened. 

    And  part of Cal's dream is at Safeway...which we are quite close to in this neighborhood. A lovely discussion ensues... Flying high in this conversation...and reaching some other plane...  I leave in wonderment that comes with noticing congruence. 

    As can happen with the cell phones...several calls  insert themselves about an evening invitation. The call will lead to a dinner...and  to celebration. And so I am there, in celebration of the moment.

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    /me grinning at such a fun 'report' from the missing Lucinda
    Posted 06:51, 19 Oct 2010
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