2010.10.14 13:00 - uh uh uh AH AH AH

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Lia Rikugun. The comments are by Lia Rikugun.

    This was a session which happened during the retreat, I had a very bad internet connection there, and a lag that left like 10 minutes... Archmage remarks that the word "(failure)" is written behind my SL name, makes me think... :)

    Lia Rikugun: hello archmage
    Archmage Atlantis: hello also to u, Lia
    Lia Rikugun: hello archmage
    Lia Rikugun: very bad internet connection....
    Archmage Atlantis: Why, may I ask, is there a word in parenthesis behind your SL name?
    Lia Rikugun: no :)
    Lia Rikugun: AHH finally something i wrote appeared
    Lia Rikugun: argh
    Lia Rikugun: only half of what i write appears
    Lia Rikugun: ?
    Archmage Atlantis: Perhaps only 1/2 of you is here
    Lia Rikugun: is there a word?
    Archmage Atlantis: Yes
    Lia Rikugun: maybe
    Archmage Atlantis: (failure)
    Lia Rikugun: connection is *very* bad
    Lia Rikugun: how are you?
    Archmage Atlantis: Some connections are made without electronics


    Archmage is feeling sad. Life and its bad moments.

    Archmage Atlantis: sad
    Archmage Atlantis: that is how I am
    Lia Rikugun: it is a satelite connection
    Lia Rikugun: apparently
    Archmage Atlantis: I made friends with someone and alienated them within only a week
    Lia Rikugun: oh
    Archmage Atlantis: Usually it takes longer
    Lia Rikugun: how did this happen?
    Archmage Atlantis: I think of my father.....one of the strongest and most peaceful men
    Archmage Atlantis: One day I saw him cry
    Lia Rikugun: :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Only that 1 day
    Lia Rikugun: oh
    Archmage Atlantis: And I no longer felt protected
    Lia Rikugun: i can understand
    Lia Rikugun: this happened to me when i saw my mother really sick
    Archmage Atlantis: Yes, my mother cared for my father at his death in a way I was unable to care for her at hers
    Lia Rikugun: weird, i didnt say this now
    Lia Rikugun: i am sorry
    Archmage Atlantis: One of my parokeets died a week ago....."little 'bird" was the name fiven
    Archmage Atlantis: And "little blue bird" the other has been alone all week
    Lia Rikugun: how is the other doing?
    Archmage Atlantis: Seems ok, more vocal, seeking more attention
    Archmage Atlantis: Parrokeets live in colonies, I think I shall have to
    Archmage Atlantis: obtain a friend for him
    Archmage Atlantis: it is difficult to socialize them
    Archmage Atlantis: to each other
    Zon Quar: hi
    Lia Rikugun: hello zon
    Archmage Atlantis: Have to hang a cage outside so they will meet before they can be together
    Lia Rikugun: you will get a new one?
    Archmage Atlantis: Isn't it time for the bell to ring
    Lia Rikugun: hello bruce
    Archmage Atlantis: Yes, I will
    Bruce Mowbray: Hello, folks. . . sorry to barge in ike that but this is where I crashed this morning, so this is where I entered. . .
    Lia Rikugun: (i have a very bad connection)
    Zon Quar: hi bruce
    Bruce Mowbray: yes, Lia -- me too, apparently.
    Archmage Atlantis: None should be alone in this life......at least that is in my cosmology
    Bruce Mowbray: Hi, Zon, Hi Arch, Hi, Lia.
    Lia Rikugun: laggy...
    Bruce Mowbray: Oh, Arch! You got a new parakeet???
    Archmage Atlantis: My sister, here in SL, not in RL...is dying also
    Archmage Atlantis: Not yet Bruce
    Archmage Atlantis: soon
    Bruce Mowbray: You have an SL sister?
    Archmage Atlantis: Well dying in RL, sister in SL
    Archmage Atlantis: Yes
    Bruce Mowbray: OK -- now I understand. Gosh. Rough times.
    Zon Quar: ah that must feel ...
    Lia Rikugun: i am sorry
    Archmage Atlantis: It is a time that comes
    Archmage Atlantis: I put little blue bird on the patio a while this morning so he could hear the other birds in the woods around us
    Archmage Atlantis: At least it is the cool season now
    Bruce Mowbray: a kind thing to do, Arch.
    Archmage Atlantis: Sometimes, I turn off the music for the 90 sec, but this time no
    Archmage Atlantis: "I send an SOS to the world" - message in a bottle
    Archmage Atlantis: seemed appropriate
    Bruce Mowbray: I almost never play the streaming music -- take up too much of my allotted monthly gigabyte quota.
    Bruce Mowbray: takes*
    Archmage Atlantis: Smiles......it is the satillite....the channel comes in a different way for music
    Archmage Atlantis: The Inet is DSL by landline
    Bruce Mowbray: That might explain why I turned on streaming music about five minutes ago and still cannot hear it.
    Archmage Atlantis: :)
    Bruce Mowbray: ;-)


    Yaku joins us and sits on my shoulder. He was using a text-based SL client :)

    Bruce Mowbray: Hey, Yaku!
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey eveyone
    Lia Rikugun: hello yaku
    Zon Quar: hi yaku
    Archmage Atlantis: Hi Yaku......new look?
    Lia Rikugun: flying away
    Yakuzza Lethecus: nice to see you unstuck bruce
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i don´t seemyself actually
    Bruce Mowbray: Thanks, Yaku -- and thanks to everyone who supported the "FREE BRUCE AND BLUB" movement.
    Lia Rikugun: we are using the same bad intenet connection.. yaku and i :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: but i still had a rough time loggin in actually
    Bruce Mowbray: It seems to be going around, Yaku.
    Archmage Atlantis: :) = Blub was always free......Bruce just needed to think about I.......just guessing......my non-human friends generally know before I do
    Archmage Atlantis: But they are more polite than I am able to be *g*
    Bruce Mowbray: yeppers, Arch, you are right. Blub continued to make bubbles - - an ever constant companion . . . and patient, too.
    Archmage Atlantis: :)
    Archmage Atlantis: So tomorrow, pet store......find a parrokeet that wants a home
    Bruce Mowbray: Yayyyy! Good idea, Arch!
    Archmage Atlantis: Funny how it is obvious which one wants to be the one
    Archmage Atlantis: Tho, this time it may be two
    Yakuzza Lethecus: do i sit on an unused pillow ?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: and not in the water ?
    Lia Rikugun: you sit on my shoulder yaku
    Archmage Atlantis: Actually, Yaku
    Archmage Atlantis: Lia's shoulders in my viewer
    Lia Rikugun: :)
    Lia Rikugun: heavy
    Archmage Atlantis: All the pillows to my other side are open
    Lia Rikugun: hahaha
    Lia Rikugun: now is good yaku
    Archmage Atlantis: Ok, so it is SL that is having sunspot reactions, not just me
    Bruce Mowbray: Seems like many are experiencing SL's "play" today.
    Lia Rikugun: hello storm
    Bruce Mowbray: Hello, Storm.
    Storm Nordwind: Hi everyone
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey storm
    Bruce Mowbray: Hello, Alfred.
    Alfred Kelberry: storm! unusual hour for you :)
    Zon Quar: storm. alf
    Archmage Atlantis: Like that old saw.....which came first, the solar flare, or the insanity
    Storm Nordwind looks at PC clock... 2:33 PM ... hmm...
    Lia Rikugun: oh hello alfred, hello storm
    Alfred Kelberry: oi :)
    Alfred Kelberry: i don't see you often at 1pm session, stormy
    Alfred Kelberry: nice hat, yaku :)
    Storm Nordwind: This used to be my regular one - a long time ago
    Alfred Kelberry: oh
    Alfred Kelberry: well, good to see you :)
    Storm Nordwind smiles


    Storm placed the buildings in different positions and redesigned

    Storm Nordwind: But I'm experimenting with building placement
    Alfred Kelberry: how's packing of kira building coming along?
    Storm Nordwind: That's done, and a copy installed nearby to see what it's like
    Storm Nordwind: Together with a copy of the village hall
    Lia Rikugun: hello alfred
    Alfred Kelberry: ah, that's what it was that i saw :)
    Archmage Atlantis: May I ask why the building is being packed? Funding?
    Alfred Kelberry: oi, lia :)
    Storm Nordwind: To save $2400 a year Arch :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Understand
    Alfred Kelberry: i don't think kira activities will be affected by this change
    Bruce Mowbray: I hope not. . .
    Archmage Atlantis: Funding is difficult always, now more than ever
    Alfred Kelberry: apart from new location
    Bruce Mowbray is grateful to Storm for doing all that work.
    Storm Nordwind: Thank you Bruce :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Yes, ty for telling Storm ty
    Alfred Kelberry: at least kira doesn't have to run away to opensim :)
    Storm Nordwind: not yet at least :)
    Alfred Kelberry: hehe
    Archmage Atlantis: ThreeDee already did over a year ago
    Archmage Atlantis: Institutions are falling, imo
    Alfred Kelberry: well, vic and i are involved in opensim transition discussion, so when time comes we'll be ready :)
    Lia Rikugun: (laggy)


    monkey retreat...

    Alfred Kelberry: yaku, how's the retreat going?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: well, it´s nearly finished
    Alfred Kelberry: yes, you look a bit tired :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hordes of monkey are all around :)
    Alfred Kelberry: hmm
    Storm Nordwind: I would like to invite everyone (who wishes to) to take a look at the placing of the Cafe and the hall immediately after this session. And perhaps tell me what they think :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: but only in my mind :) *smiles*
    Alfred Kelberry: i'd love to :)
    Alfred Kelberry: yaku, what monkeys?
    Bruce Mowbray: There is a Ways of Knowing session at 2 p.m. slt (right after this session) . . . Will the Cafe be ready for that?
    Alfred Kelberry: i remember it was wol's idea
    Storm Nordwind: The original Cafe is still in place
    Bruce Mowbray: Monkey minds?
    Bruce Mowbray: OK -- Thanks, Storm.
    Alfred Kelberry: the new cafe is underneath it. right, stormy?
    Storm Nordwind: I have created another portable one with only 1/3 the prims
    Yakuzza Lethecus: exactly bruce :)
    Alfred Kelberry: what is a monkey mind, bruce?
    Storm Nordwind: The first of those is underneath, yes. There is a copy in a possible new location just a few yards from right here
    Bruce Mowbray: ;-) A pretty good description of my own mind, actually.
    Alfred Kelberry: hmm...
    Lia Rikugun: uh uh uh AH AH AH!
    Alfred Kelberry: must be some idiom that i don't understand
    Storm Nordwind giggles at Lia
    Lia Rikugun: :)
    Storm Nordwind: It's also a business idiom as well as a spiritual one
    Alfred Kelberry: btw, storm mentioned that cafe may be on ground level. i gave it a thought and rather like it :)
    Alfred Kelberry: oi, mick
    Mickorod Renard: Hi everyone
    Alfred Kelberry: ah, "unsettled mind"
    Alfred Kelberry: i like this term better :)
    Archmage Atlantis: It is what we all use to survive *g* ---- our monkey minds :)....and hiya, Mick.....
    Bruce Mowbray: Definition: Describes a mind that jumps from thought to thought like a monkey jumps from tree to tree. The monkey mind is not content with exisiting in the present moment, but rather engages in the thoughts that pass through.
    Mickorod Renard: :)
    Bruce Mowbray: Hello, Mick.
    Alfred Kelberry: thank you, bruce :)
    Mickorod Renard: Hi
    Lia Rikugun: hi mick
    Mickorod Renard: what was the original word that u have defined?
    Zon Quar: mick
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey mick
    Storm Nordwind: excuse me - brb
    Mickorod Renard: Hi Lia,,are u at the retreat?
    Bruce Mowbray: "Monkey mind"
    Mickorod Renard: ahh i see
    Bruce Mowbray: Al had not heard it before now.
    Mickorod Renard: I have a bit of both I think
    Bruce Mowbray: I like Arch's idea that our survival depends on minds that can leap from branch to branch, though.
    Mickorod Renard: yes, thats likely
    Bruce Mowbray: Hello, ara.
    Mickorod Renard: Hi Ara
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey ara
    arabella Ella: Hiya!
    Lia Rikugun: hey ara
    Archmage Atlantis: Grecians to you, Ara dear *g*
    arabella Ella: hey two retreaters here tonight wow cool!
    Alfred Kelberry: yaku, i thought retreat is supposed to calm those monkeys
    Liza Deischer: hi everyone :)
    Bruce Mowbray: Hello, Liza.
    Alfred Kelberry: oi, liza :)
    Liza Deischer: hey Storm


    meeting people in RL at the retreat

    Archmage Atlantis: I have a question of those who are retreaters, tho it may get me in trouble.......does meetin someone in RL change the relationship in SL? and if so, for good or bad?
    arabella Ella: Hiya Liza Hiya Storm!
    Storm Nordwind: Hi Liza
    Liza Deischer: .
    Storm Nordwind: Hi ara
    Alfred Kelberry: storm, you sat on my foot :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey liz
    Lia Rikugun: hi liza
    Zon Quar: liza
    Lia Rikugun: i think it changes it for good
    Zon Quar: ara
    arabella Ella agrees with Lia!
    Alfred Kelberry: *passes mick* nice tail, mick :)
    Lia Rikugun: it is somehow still different to meet the person in real
    Lia Rikugun: for me at least
    Archmage Atlantis: Chuckles, the choice to be boxy can create confusion among the non-boxy :)
    Mickorod Renard: its grown on me
    Yakuzza Lethecus: yes, it provides more kind of a real sense for the ppl and increases the trust level i guess
    Alfred Kelberry: retreat is an awesome idea
    Bruce Mowbray still wonders if all of these avis have RL biological avatars. . .
    Alfred Kelberry: i hope to attend it one day
    Alfred Kelberry: bruce :)
    arabella Ella: would be lovely if you could Alfie
    arabella Ella: maybe Malta in january 2012?
    Alfred Kelberry: thank you, ara :)
    arabella Ella: :)
    Alfred Kelberry: i hope 2011 :)
    Bruce Mowbray: or New Orleans in January of 2011.
    Bruce Mowbray: of Halifax, Nova Scotia in the summer of 2011.
    Alfred Kelberry: i thought it's at least 2 times a year, no?
    Alfred Kelberry: ah, right
    Mickorod Renard: dont forget Florence in easter
    Alfred Kelberry: halifax sounds lovely
    Bruce Mowbray: Oooopsss -- sry -- hit the cap lock by mistake.
    Liza Deischer: yes four times in total
    arabella Ella: yes four times a year
    arabella Ella: so we are all spoilt for choice
    Bruce Mowbray: I shall be moving along now -- May all be well and happy.
    arabella Ella: oh bye Bruce be happy too!
    Alfred Kelberry: bye, bruce. don't get frozen :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Oy, last time I was in New Orleans, I woke up outside Commander's Palace on the street.....tg I was younger then
    Lia Rikugun: bye bruce
    Liza Deischer: bye Bruce
    Mickorod Renard: bye Bruce
    Archmage Atlantis: bye
    Alfred Kelberry: archy, you want to try it again? :)
    Archmage Atlantis: I'm taking the 5th on that Alfie
    arabella Ella: ah Arch you would have to explain the implications to those of us who have no ideas about New Orleans
    Lia Rikugun: (will leave soon too, very tired and laggy :( )
    Mickorod Renard: owwww,,lovely to see you again though Lia
    Alfred Kelberry: *hugs lia* :)
    Archmage Atlantis: Oh, think of it as the biggest frat party ever created, combined with good food, and happy people, Ara
    Lia Rikugun: (getting only half the chat log...)
    Archmage Atlantis: It is time to go
    Yakuzza Lethecus: nacht lia
    Archmage Atlantis: Hugs to yawl
    Lia Rikugun: see you all bye
    Zon Quar: bye all
    Liza Deischer: bye Lia :)
    Liza Deischer: bye Arch, zon
    Yakuzza Lethecus: where will the wok session be?
    Alfred Kelberry: i guess it's a new kira cafe tour time now :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: bye aqrch
    Storm Nordwind: If anyone would like to comment on the new placement of the Kira Cafe I'm walking there now
    Mickorod Renard: bye Arch
    Alfred Kelberry: yaku, same place
    Mickorod Renard: Hi Storm
    Liza Deischer: okay coming along :)
    Alfred Kelberry: let's go! :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: i don´t see cal or gaya in radar range
    Storm Nordwind: The old Cafe is still in use!
    Yakuzza Lethecus: is the cafe further away now?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hmm

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