2010.10.21 01:00 - Purification

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    While I waited (in vain) for someone to turn up I read an article about purification using mindfulness that I found interesting, so I will quote a short section of it:

    "This passage outlines a crucial element of what "purification" means on the level of mind: it's not what you think or feel, it's your awareness of and attitude toward thoughts and feelings that counts. Anger arises, but it's only anger-in the light of awareness and a heart of loving-kindness we can feel it, know it, let it go, and not follow it. Nothing has been destructively repressed, no hurtful action has been taken, and the light of the mind is "on."

    As the consistency of awareness is strengthened by meditation, this process is illuminated more and more clearly. It is seen that the anger came out of emptiness, dissolved back into emptiness, and that any ascription of a feeling of ownership toward it was an unnecessary and false addition. The anger is no more mine than is the breeze on my skin or the sound of a dog barking across the street. It arises and ceases, it is known by awareness-and we are neither enriched nor corrupted by its passing. As it says in the verses of the Third Zen Patriarch:


    The Way is open like vast space,

    where nothing is lacking 
    and nothing is in excess."

    Amaro Bhikku

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