2010.10.21 13:00 - recipe to the nature of reality

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Lia Rikugun. The comments are by Lia Rikugun.

    What costumes for Halloween? :)

    Lia Rikugun: hello joshposh and freud
    Freud Jungsten: O si yo
    Lia Rikugun: oh we have huge pumkins!
    Lia Rikugun: wow havent seen then before
    Freud Jungsten: Jack o lanterns are just Freaky.
    Freud Jungsten: Trying to puttogethe an Ok cotume for this year... having a bit of dificlty though.
    Lia Rikugun: what is an ok costume?
    Lia Rikugun: a costume for halloween that is ok? :)
    Freud Jungsten: Yes.
    Freud Jungsten: Sorry, my typing is not that good today.
    Lia Rikugun: aha! :) so what are the possibilities?
    Freud Jungsten: Not sure... I am not that creative.
    Lia Rikugun: ohh a witch, i went as a witch once
    Freud Jungsten: Last year I did the school girl outfit.... bad mistake.. got all sorts of the wrong sort of attention.
    Lia Rikugun: with a long black hat
    Eliza Madrigal: Hi Freud, Lia, Josh
    Lia Rikugun: oh i understand
    Lia Rikugun: hi eliza!
    Freud Jungsten: Folks would beleive it on me though... lol
    Eliza Madrigal: Nice to see you in a session Josh
    Eliza Madrigal: :)


    relaxed time after the retreat

    Eliza Madrigal: How are you doing Lia? Still blissful?
    Lia Rikugun: :) to freud
    Lia Rikugun: blissful, i have to look that up
    Eliza Madrigal: full of happiness
    Eliza Madrigal: joy :)
    Eliza Madrigal: Hi Yaku :)
    Lia Rikugun: ah
    Lia Rikugun: yes and no
    Lia Rikugun: i think i am much more relaxed now than before the retreat
    Lia Rikugun: but the whole feeling slowly slips away
    Lia Rikugun: what i started doing though
    Lia Rikugun: is meditating before sleeping
    Lia Rikugun: and this way i could continue to meditate in my dreams! :)
    Eliza Madrigal: Ah, wonderful! I recently began the same :)))
    Lia Rikugun: hehe!
    Eliza Madrigal: Has it 'worked'?
    Lia Rikugun: maybe i got the idea telepathically
    Lia Rikugun: yes
    Lia Rikugun: but i only remember an idea of meditation
    Lia Rikugun: i knew i did it but i dont remember the whole
    Eliza Madrigal: but the sense of meditation continued into dreams?
    Lia Rikugun: yes
    Eliza Madrigal: wonderful :)
    Lia Rikugun: yes i found it pretty exciting too
    Lia Rikugun: i had read a book about lucid dreams and there the author mentioned a dream yoga
    Eliza Madrigal: during and after retreat seems a very good time to begin that kind of practice
    Lia Rikugun: which might be something similar i have to read more
    Lia Rikugun: the retreat was great
    Lia Rikugun: but completely different to what i experienced in malta
    Eliza Madrigal: I recently read Stephen Leberge.... very good book on Lucid Dreaming... definitely helped
    Eliza Madrigal: From what I've gathered, you all really expolored with abandon and comfort :)
    Lia Rikugun: ah ok, i think robert walgoner the author mentioned stephen laberge


    the retreat to go and search inside, what is "I"?

    Lia Rikugun: for me it was more a search inside
    Lia Rikugun: deep
    Eliza Madrigal: mmm, am intrigued...
    Eliza Madrigal: curious :)
    Lia Rikugun: :)
    Lia Rikugun: should i tell you a little more?
    Eliza Madrigal: yes please if you would! if you don't mind....
    Lia Rikugun: but how can i start
    Eliza Madrigal: :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: just let the baby´s laugh :)
    Lia Rikugun: well i think eos started it
    Lia Rikugun: so i start there
    Lia Rikugun: i have been thinking about the 'I' for a long time
    Lia Rikugun: who is this 'I'
    Lia Rikugun: what this really is
    Lia Rikugun: are these all the aspects of my personaly
    Wol Euler: hello everyone
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hi wol
    Lia Rikugun: or the little things that make me the person I am
    Eliza Madrigal: Hi Wol :)) Look how pretty you look all in royal purple :)
    Wol Euler beams
    Lia Rikugun: hello wol
    Wol Euler: it's left over from yesterday
    Eliza Madrigal: Ah, yes my daughters were plums all day too...
    Wol Euler smiles.
    Lia Rikugun: so somehow this was the idea i had of the 'I', as a collection of millions of experiences which are all influenced by others and different circumstances
    Wol Euler: glad to hear it.
    Eliza Madrigal: How interesting Lia, listening...
    Zon Kwan: hi all
    Eliza Madrigal: Hi Zon :)
    Wol Euler: hello zon
    Lia Rikugun: but eos said and this was in the context of discussing the monkey minds
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hello zon
    joshposh99 Biscuit: hi
    Lia Rikugun: that maybe the 'I' is behind the monkey minds
    Lia Rikugun: so not all these aspects of my life are who I am, but what lies behind all that
    Lia Rikugun: so to speak the essence of me
    Wol Euler listens
    Lia Rikugun: (even though I cannot grasp it)
    Zon Kwan: is i memory ?
    Lia Rikugun: the question is Who am I?
    Lia Rikugun: or who is I?
    Eliza Madrigal: ah, "I am" rather than I am such n such or this n that?
    Wol Euler: hello eos
    Zon Kwan: or what is i
    Eliza Madrigal: Hi Eos! Wow... nearly the whole retreat here.. a peek toward tomorrow...
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hi eos :)
    Eos Amaterasu: Hi assorted I's
    Zon Kwan: who means he is a person
    Lia Rikugun: i am not sure if I say it correctly
    Lia Rikugun: so in a sense what is more essential to myself than all those little aspects that happened to form my ego
    Lia Rikugun: this is what I was looking for
    Zon Kwan: an aware space ?
    Lia Rikugun: after eos said that all these aspects could be the monkeys and maybe the 'I' is what lies behind
    Eliza Madrigal: Hi Mick :)


    going deep inside myself

    Lia Rikugun: I did a little exploration
    Lia Rikugun: hello mick
    Zon Kwan: MIck
    Mickorod Renard: hello all,,how are you?
    Lia Rikugun: going deep into myself, leraving all these aspects behind
    Lia Rikugun: to see if I can find a more essential I
    Mickorod Renard: nice
    Lia Rikugun: :)
    Lia Rikugun: long there was nothing
    Zon Kwan: but perhaps there is no i
    Lia Rikugun: darkness
    Lia Rikugun: and then
    Lia Rikugun: ...
    Zon Kwan: perhaps i is an illusion
    Wol Euler: I remember, you were talking about this on the last afternoon
    Lia Rikugun: :)
    Lia Rikugun: tension
    Lia Rikugun: drums
    Eliza Madrigal: hehe
    Lia Rikugun: i am teasing you
    Lia Rikugun: i saw a laughing baby
    Eos Amaterasu listens with baited breath
    Lia Rikugun: so this was funny!
    Eos Amaterasu: :-)
    Lia Rikugun: the wise laughing baby
    Lia Rikugun: who knew
    Wol Euler nods.
    Eliza Madrigal: A knowing baby?
    Lia Rikugun: it was crazy
    Lia Rikugun: yes
    Lia Rikugun: I still have to laugh about this image
    Eliza Madrigal smiles widely
    Eos Amaterasu: this is who / what you found ?
    Eliza Madrigal: fantastic image
    Lia Rikugun: yes
    Eos Amaterasu: it has your smile!
    Lia Rikugun: haha
    Eliza Madrigal: a sense of innocence? or openness? or....?
    Lia Rikugun: just the baby knew
    Lia Rikugun: whateveer
    Lia Rikugun: but pure knowledge
    Eliza Madrigal: :)
    Wol Euler smiles.
    Eliza Madrigal: always wondered what insight looked like....
    Mickorod Renard: perhaps the baby is clean,,because it hasnt acted incorrectly by this stage?
    Eliza Madrigal: that's beautiful Lia, thank you for sharing that :)
    Lia Rikugun: i dont know who this baby is or what it represents
    Lia Rikugun: maybe it doesnt mean anything
    Mickorod Renard: sometimes knowledge comes along with a darkness
    Lia Rikugun: maybe it does
    Wol Euler: have you been back to talk to it?
    Lia Rikugun: no


    he, she, it : the baby

    Wol Euler: (btw, babies are neutral genderless in german, "it" doesn't sound nearly as odd in german as in english :)
    Eliza Madrigal: hehe
    Eliza Madrigal: thank you for the clarification Wol
    Lia Rikugun: Oh what sounds weird?
    Lia Rikugun: what it represents?
    Lia Rikugun: thats what sounds weird?
    Wol Euler: well, not wierd, no; but in English you'd naturally try to say he or she
    Wol Euler: nur dass du "es" sagtest = it
    Eos Amaterasu: Heracitus: "The Aeon is a child at play with colored balls"
    Lia Rikugun: ah ok, i didnt know
    Lia Rikugun: but no she or he, I wouldnt be able to say
    Wol Euler nods.
    Mickorod Renard: yes, I felt rather rude just then refering to the baby as it
    Lia Rikugun: sorry!
    Wol Euler: it's natural in German but odd in English
    joshposh99 Biscuit: hi
    Mickorod Renard: its me that needs to say sorry,,
    Wol Euler: hello josh, has anyone given you an introduction yet?
    joshposh99 Biscuit: no
    Lia Rikugun: sorry my fault
    Wol Euler: ok, let's do that. I'll IM you so we don't disturb the rest of the group.
    Lia Rikugun: oh ok thanks wol
    Eliza Madrigal: Josh came to the guardian session on Sunday and then had a nice talk with Bruce I think...?
    Eliza Madrigal: Was glad to see you found a session Josh :)
    joshposh99 Biscuit: yeah
    Wol Euler: oh, so yuo have been here before?
    joshposh99 Biscuit: yes
    Wol Euler: ok, good :)
    Eos Amaterasu thinks of the baby at the end of 2001 movie, after that white room just like the Stuttgart room
    joshposh99 Biscuit: were do you live
    Lia Rikugun: :)
    joshposh99 Biscuit: i live in cambrifge
    Lia Rikugun: germany josh
    joshposh99 Biscuit: cambridge
    Eos Amaterasu: I take it this wasn't a baby monkey?
    Eliza Madrigal: :)
    Lia Rikugun: hm maybe, i dont know
    Lia Rikugun: i dont know what is a monkey and what not
    joshposh99 Biscuit: yeah
    Lia Rikugun: ;) haha REALLY onfused people
    Lia Rikugun: of course i can see what a monkey is :) but not in my head
    Eliza Madrigal: This is an interesting exercize Lia... similar to one that I participated in with a group in august of 'looking for the self'...
    Lia Rikugun: yes?
    Eliza Madrigal: but your way of framing and exploring is so accesible
    joshposh99 Biscuit: how do i join the group
    Eliza Madrigal: and interesting
    Wol Euler: just turn up and be here, Josh.
    Eliza Madrigal: fresh and spontaneous... so much more room in some ways ... thank you :)


    a different exploration

    Lia Rikugun: maybe i can suggest a different exploration
    Lia Rikugun: if it appeals to you can can try it out
    Lia Rikugun: this is something we did as well during the retreat
    Eliza Madrigal listens...
    Lia Rikugun: and this came to mind when thinking of the essence of myself
    Lia Rikugun: i thought of a tiny tiny spot inside my body
    Lia Rikugun: somehow like a source
    Lia Rikugun: from where the essence spreads in
    Eliza Madrigal pictures...
    Lia Rikugun: and water fills the whole body
    Mickorod Renard: mmmmmm
    Lia Rikugun: or a liquid
    Lia Rikugun: which represents this essence
    Mickorod Renard: I am happy with water
    Eliza Madrigal: :)
    Lia Rikugun: we did this in the group
    Mickorod Renard: I like that idea,,I think I do something similar myself sometimes
    Lia Rikugun: :)
    Lia Rikugun: oh
    Lia Rikugun: and i forgot
    Mickorod Renard: I have long felt that water is a living inhabitant of the body
    Eliza Madrigal: interesting practice... I suppose the substance could be light, too...


    the nature of reality in 60 seconds

    Lia Rikugun: i went to the bathroom for one minute, and after I came back Pema had explained all, the nature of reality, I missed it!!
    Eliza Madrigal: hahahahha
    Mickorod Renard: well thats typical of Pema :)
    Eliza Madrigal: and no one took notes?
    Eos Amaterasu: we were speechless
    Lia Rikugun: no one wanted to give me the explanation
    Eliza Madrigal: that's what notes are for
    Eliza Madrigal: did you ask the baby then?
    Lia Rikugun: maybe we can ask eos wol and yaku
    Lia Rikugun: they were there
    Mickorod Renard: yes, come on Eos,,tell all
    Eliza Madrigal listens for eos wol and yaku to give me the explanation of reality....
    Yakuzza Lethecus: well my memory is bad i relied on wol tweeting everything, but somehow she missed to explain the nature of reality in 140 letters


    the recipe to nature of reality, take your notes...

    Wol Euler: lia knows the recipe :)
    Eos Amaterasu: yes
    Eos Amaterasu: how does that song go?
    Lia Rikugun: haha
    Lia Rikugun: thats true
    Mickorod Renard: is it from mary poppins?
    Lia Rikugun: ok do you want me to give you the recipe?
    Wol Euler grins.
    Lia Rikugun: are you ready for it?
    Wol Euler: take notes!
    Mickorod Renard: yes
    Wol Euler: this is important!
    Mickorod Renard: ok
    Lia Rikugun: i mean, are you really ready for it?
    Eos Amaterasu readies pen
    joshposh99 Biscuit: ok
    Lia Rikugun: REALLY?
    Eliza Madrigal scrambles for camera and recorder and pen....
    Lia Rikugun: ok
    Mickorod Renard: I am always ready for IT
    Mickorod Renard: :)
    Eliza Madrigal: :)
    Lia Rikugun: so you take one cup of sugar
    Lia Rikugun: you got that?
    Mickorod Renard: yes
    Eos Amaterasu: one cup of sugar...
    Lia Rikugun: mix it with mustard
    Eos Amaterasu: mix with mustard...
    Eliza Madrigal: mustard seeds?
    Lia Rikugun: put something of this on your left little toe
    Mickorod Renard: french?
    Eos Amaterasu: hmm, left little toe with mustard/sugar
    Lia Rikugun: stand on your head at the full moon at midnight and sing 3 times guantanamera
    Lia Rikugun: the I will drop off and you will feel timeless time!!!
    Lia Rikugun: TADAAAA
    Eos Amaterasu thinks it's around full moon right now
    Lia Rikugun: we figured it all out!!
    Yakuzza Lethecus: :)
    Eos Amaterasu: clap clap!
    Mickorod Renard: mmm,,checks cupboards in kitchen for mustard
    Lia Rikugun: tell me if it worked tomorrow
    Eliza Madrigal: Hm... maybe we shouldn't post this session for future retreaters who will think that is what pab does when it gets together in RL
    Mickorod Renard: :)
    Wol Euler: heheheheh
    Lia Rikugun: HAHA
    Eliza Madrigal giggles
    Mickorod Renard: yes,,anyway,,it should be secret info just for us
    Wol Euler speaks into the camera. "We did some serious stuff too, y'know."
    Lia Rikugun: pshhhht


    guantanamera song

    Eos Amaterasu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm1anurhbeg
    Eliza Madrigal: you took video?
    Eos Amaterasu is doing the bump with Being
    Lia Rikugun: cannot see in germany... :(
    Yakuzza Lethecus: not availible in germany :(
    Wol Euler: :(
    Eliza Madrigal: this is required guitar learning...
    Eos Amaterasu: Guantanamera - The Sandpipers
    Wol Euler: ah :)
    Mickorod Renard: its scary when one remembers when this was in the charts
    Wol Euler: heheheh
    Lia Rikugun: hm
    Eliza Madrigal: :)
    Eliza Madrigal: yes, I mean who would think that with today's popular music sophistication... hehe
    Mickorod Renard: I actually went and bought the beatles rubber soul album/cd the other week
    Wol Euler is listening to a song from ca. 1550
    Eliza Madrigal: Nice, both :))
    Mickorod Renard: 1550? I am not that old
    Wol Euler: nice, mick.
    Lia Rikugun: :)
    Eliza Madrigal: Hi XXXX :)
    Mickorod Renard: some older music takes me back to times when I was less corrupted
    Wol Euler: hello XXXX, have you been here before?
    Lia Rikugun: hi XXXX
    Mickorod Renard: Hi XXXX
    Eliza Madrigal: corrupted Mick?
    Mickorod Renard: I guess so
    Wol Euler: it's funny now strongly musical memories are associated with the times when we heard them, with how we felt
    Eliza Madrigal: absolutely
    XXXX: Prosper and be well comrads
    Wol Euler smiles.
    Mickorod Renard: bye XXXX
    Eliza Madrigal: Prosper and Be well XXXX
    Lia Rikugun: byebye XXXX
    XXXX: I just came - If you are not too distirbed by my presence here - I would like to stay a little longer
    Eliza Madrigal: the first song I remember falling in love with, that wasn't a church song or little rhyme, was Paul McCarney singing "Silly Love Songs"... highly reputed to be a terrible song but I still hear it with young ears
    Wol Euler: sure


    "trust the laughter"

    Eos Amaterasu thinks of laughing baby, remembers, 'trust the laughter'
    Eliza Madrigal: Oh, not at all XXXX
    Wol Euler: have you been here before, XXXX?
    Lia Rikugun: yes sure
    Mickorod Renard: please stay,,we enjoy company
    Eliza Madrigal: please feel free to stay, though you had said goodbye
    Lia Rikugun: can you say more about that eos
    XXXX: no - I think this is the firs time i am heere
    Wol Euler: ok, I'll give you an introduction in IM so we don't distrub the others.
    Eos Amaterasu: it's sometimes how we do double takes on ourselves, and have little bursts of laughter,
    Mickorod Renard: yes, I have to admit that the odd old song has stirred such old mamories that i have shed a tear
    Eos Amaterasu: in the parachute-less space between who we think we are
    Mickorod Renard: Memories,,sorry
    Mickorod Renard: the mamories are still ok
    Eos Amaterasu: :-)
    Eliza Madrigal: tears and laughter
    Lia Rikugun: aha
    Eliza Madrigal laugh @ Mick
    Eos Amaterasu: both of them
    Lia Rikugun: there are different kinds of laughter
    Lia Rikugun: so just wanted to be sure
    Mickorod Renard: :)
    Eos Amaterasu: we trust ourselves jumping into space when we laugh
    Lia Rikugun: and in what sense tears?
    Mickorod Renard: I shed tears both ways,,sometimes its ambaracing
    Mickorod Renard: oops,,spelling bad
    joshposh99 Biscuit: i have to go to bed now
    Mickorod Renard: yes,,reflecting on past events,,it could be about anything
    Lia Rikugun: ok josh nice to see you
    Mickorod Renard: nite nite josh
    Yakuzza Lethecus: good night josh
    joshposh99 Biscuit: bye
    Lia Rikugun: good night!
    Wol Euler: 'night Josh, take care
    joshposh99 Biscuit: thanks
    joshposh99 Biscuit: bye
    Eliza Madrigal: Thank you everyone.. off to Wok :)
    Eos Amaterasu can see clearly now
    Mickorod Renard: I burst into sad tears only a week ago thinking of my old teddy
    Wol Euler: oh, I'll go too.
    Lia Rikugun: bye eliza
    Wol Euler: thanks for the reminder
    Eos Amaterasu: all wok and no play, Eliza!
    Mickorod Renard: bye all them going
    Eliza Madrigal grins and hears laughter somewhere
    Yakuzza Lethecus: trust the laughter
    Yakuzza Lethecus dies from laughing....
    Eos Amaterasu: :-)
    Mickorod Renard: :)
    Eliza Madrigal: now I have to remember how to get there...
    Yakuzza Lethecus: good night or cya at the cafe
    Lia Rikugun: byebye
    Mickorod Renard: wok on bye
    Mickorod Renard: ok,,i might av a go at wok
    Lia Rikugun: ok, i think I will soon go to bed as well
    Mickorod Renard: ok Lia,,well sleep well,,or rather,,sleep like a baby
    Lia Rikugun: hehe :) thanks
    Wol Euler: 'night lia, take care
    Lia Rikugun: night wol
    Mickorod Renard: wow,,is that a first?
    Wol Euler: stop
    Wol Euler: bye for now
    Freud Jungsten: do na da go hv i
    Lia Rikugun: sorry XXXX and freud
    Lia Rikugun: I will leave you too
    Lia Rikugun: you can stay as long as you want
    Freud Jungsten: No worries... just listening off and on.. Thanks.
    Freud Jungsten: Not going to kick us out?... smiles
    Lia Rikugun: usually the sessions last around an hour
    Lia Rikugun: sometimes lonmger
    Lia Rikugun: but now there is another session at the kira cafe
    Freud Jungsten: I have been to several now.
    Lia Rikugun: "ways of knowing"
    Freud Jungsten: OK.. thanks.
    Lia Rikugun: if you are interested you can check this out too
    Lia Rikugun: i will be offline and go to bed
    Lia Rikugun: take care and good night
    Lia Rikugun: nice to meet you XXXX

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