2010.10.21 19:00 - Songs of Umbria - Memes of New Orleans

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Paradise Tennant. The comments are by Paradise, Aphrodite, Lucinda, Druth, Stevenaia, Kiki, Hana and Parrot

    Aphrodite Macbain: Hello Luci
    Aphrodite Macbain: cute dress
    Lucinda Lavender: thanks...Halloween?
    Lucinda Lavender: sort of
    Lucinda Lavender: yes...
    Aphrodite Macbain: right
    Lucinda Lavender: I just took the ballon ride:)
    Aphrodite Macbain: I found a jack-o-lantern in my library obects -9nder garden furniture!
    Aphrodite Macbain: objects-under
    Lucinda Lavender: nice!
    Aphrodite Macbain: to decorate my garden
    Lucinda Lavender: was wondering if I should look for mine...
    Aphrodite Macbain: Yes, I took the ride this morning. great view!
    Lucinda Lavender: did you like your trip?
    Aphrodite Macbain: to Italy?
    Lucinda Lavender: the RL one...
    Aphrodite Macbain: yes. It was wonderful. thanks
    Lucinda Lavender: sunny?
    Aphrodite Macbain: I'm a little jet lagged . mostly sunny
    Lucinda Lavender: sure has been sunny here in Seattle
    Aphrodite Macbain: hot in Rome. cooler when I went up into the hills in Umbria
    Lucinda Lavender: unbria sounds romantic
    Lucinda Lavender: Umbria
    Aphrodite Macbain: doesn't it?
    Lucinda Lavender: did you claim this session?
    Aphrodite Macbain: It's what your images are- soft rolling hills, ruins, los of tres
    Aphrodite Macbain: no
    Lucinda Lavender: ah
    Lucinda Lavender: maybe one of us should
    Aphrodite Macbain: this is nsot my session - mine is Saturday.
    Lucinda Lavender: Eliza just said that Paradise might need someome to
    Lucinda Lavender: I can
    Aphrodite Macbain: But I will if necessary tho I may not stay until 8
    Lucinda Lavender: well as long as it gets posted...I guess
    Aphrodite Macbain: OK I'll claim it.
    Lucinda Lavender: ok:)
    Aphrodite Macbain: There
    Lucinda Lavender: umbria makes me think of burnt umber the crayon
    Aphrodite Macbain: yes!
    Aphrodite Macbain: like burnt Siena
    Lucinda Lavender: and burnt sienna?
    Lucinda Lavender: :))
    Aphrodite Macbain: snap!
    Lucinda Lavender: yours was not burn tho..I hope
    Aphrodite Macbain: I wen on some lovely hikes in the lower Appenines
    Aphrodite Macbain: no sign of fire anywhere
    Lucinda Lavender: lovely!
    Lucinda Lavender: any favorite meals?
    Aphrodite Macbain: what ade these hikes special is that they were peppered with Roma and truscan and mdeieval ruins
    Aphrodite Macbain: Etruscan
    Lucinda Lavender: wonderful...
    Aphrodite Macbain: it was also a cooking holiday
    Lucinda Lavender: never have been there. Have you been there before as well
    Aphrodite Macbain: I learned to make some antipasti, pasta, and desserts
    Lucinda Lavender: nice
    Aphrodite Macbain: No. I've been to Tuscany but not Umbria
    Aphrodite Macbain: Fewer toruists
    Aphrodite Macbain: in Umbria
    Aphrodite Macbain: Where have you been?
    Aphrodite Macbain: Hi druth
    Lucinda Lavender: only Great Britain and Paris
    druth Vlodovic: hi aphrodite, lucinda
    Aphrodite Macbain: Hi druth Hi Kiki
    Lucinda Lavender: hi druth:)
    Lucinda Lavender: hi kiki
    Aphrodite Macbain: Your hair has grown in finally Luci
    Aphrodite Macbain: for a while you looked bald
    Lucinda Lavender: ah...
    Lucinda Lavender: oops
    Aphrodite Macbain: How is the choir going with a new choirmaster?
    Lucinda Lavender: well I was able to see it but i don not understand the nuances of rezzing...
    Lucinda Lavender: going ok:) thanks
    Aphrodite Macbain: there are some things best left as mysteries
    Lucinda Lavender: had a concert while you were gone and it was very powerful
    Aphrodite Macbain: wonderful how so?
    Lucinda Lavender: we sang with intensity...
    Aphrodite Macbain: remind me what you were signing
    Aphrodite Macbain: singing
    Lucinda Lavender: Handel's Dettingen Te Deum
    Aphrodite Macbain: that would be powerful
    Aphrodite Macbain: I listened to a concert in Rome - baroque music in a baroque church - amazing
    Aphrodite Macbain: phone brb
    Aphrodite Macbain: back
    Aphrodite Macbain: those churches were designed to listen to music. all those surfaces against which the ounds bounced
    Aphrodite Macbain: sounds
    Aphrodite Macbain: oops somehting happened to Luci
    Aphrodite Macbain: How are you doing Kiki and druth?
    druth Vlodovic: it's wandering crash day
    Aphrodite Macbain: :-)
    Aphrodite Macbain: did you wander and crash?
    druth Vlodovic: once so far
    Aphrodite Macbain: Have either of you had a chance to take the balloon ride yet?
    Aphrodite Macbain: It flies over Bieup
    druth Vlodovic: I did once
    druth Vlodovic: from Kira
    Aphrodite Macbain: oh. this is now in a new place - near the museum of sacred art. I wonder if it has the same route
    druth Vlodovic: have they closed the old kira site yet?
    Aphrodite Macbain: yes. it is now on the ground, a little ssmaller but very nice
    druth Vlodovic: whereabouts?
    Aphrodite Macbain: let me send you the address
    druth Vlodovic: thx
    Aphrodite Macbain: Kiki - woyuld you like it too?
    druth Vlodovic: I was looking at bergson's in your profile, tempted to go have a look
    Aphrodite Macbain is away right now and has not broken her neck
    Aphrodite Macbain: she must be afk
    druth Vlodovic: battling IMs lol
    Aphrodite Macbain: that's funnny!
    Aphrodite Macbain: I haven't had a chance to go to those lectures for a while. I should go again
    druth Vlodovic: what are they like?
    Aphrodite Macbain: I've been focussing recently on the Kira stuff
    Kiki Walpanheim: sorry was battling im's
    Aphrodite Macbain: information on philosophy
    Kiki Walpanheim: hi parrot
    Aphrodite Macbain: :-) did you win?
    Aphrodite Macbain: Parrot?
    druth Vlodovic: peaceful, intellectual, hot-blooded, what type of philosophy?
    Parrot Ferrer: Hello all
    Aphrodite Macbain: Oh Hello Parrot. Didn't see you
    Parrot Ferrer: Aphrodite?
    druth Vlodovic: oh hello
    Parrot Ferrer: Druth!
    Parrot Ferrer: Kiki!
    Kiki Walpanheim: was reading chat....oh yes please, the address
    Kiki Walpanheim: aphrodite
    Aphrodite Macbain: I can see you now
    Aphrodite Macbain: OK but we ss/b silent for a bit
    Kiki Walpanheim: thank you
    Aphrodite Macbain: Glad you're back Luci. Did you crash?
    Lucinda Lavender: yes
    Lucinda Lavender: and lost internet too
    Lucinda Lavender: but I made tea and all is back
    Lucinda Lavender: Hi Hana
    druth Vlodovic: you brought everyone with you
    Lucinda Lavender: I guess!
    Hana Furlough: Hey everyone
    Lucinda Lavender: Hi Stevenaia
    stevenaia Michinaga: hello
    Aphrodite Macbain: Hi Hana and Steve
    Lucinda Lavender: Parrot have you been here before?
    Aphrodite Macbain: I have already asked him LUci
    Aphrodite Macbain: Good to see you again steve
    Parrot Ferrer: no i have not been here before
    Parrot Ferrer: it is okay to record me
    stevenaia Michinaga: gtsy as well
    Aphrodite Macbain: Welcome Parrot
    Aphrodite Macbain: how are things in architecture?
    stevenaia Michinaga: sory to be so late
    Aphrodite Macbain: np
    Aphrodite Macbain: Hio Paradise
    stevenaia Michinaga: things are keeping me busy, thenk you
    stevenaia Michinaga: hello PAradise
    Hana Furlough: Hi Para
    Lucinda Lavender: Hi Paradise:)
    Aphrodite Macbain: what would people like to talk about? any burning issues?
    Paradise Tennant: smiles hiya parrot kiki steve aph lucinda .druth and hana
    Kiki Walpanheim: hi paradise
    Paradise Tennant: my apologies for being late I was at a business function which ran a bit long :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: smiles
    Aphrodite Macbain: think you got us all Paradise
    druth Vlodovic: <gasp!> lol paradise
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Aphrodite Macbain: Paradise, I had claimed the session but I happily hand it over to you
    Paradise Tennant: smiles thanks so much aph very kind of you ..i am happy to post :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: I am still jet lagged and may fade into the night very soon!
    Paradise Tennant: you were in italy aph I was reading in the logs .. good trip ?
    Aphrodite Macbain: Lucinda had been talking about her concert. Yes it was a marvellous trip, thanks
    Aphrodite Macbain: A good balance of city and country, eating and hiking
    Paradise Tennant: sorry to interrupt lucinda .. listens
    Hana Furlough: sounds nice
    Aphrodite Macbain: I went on a truffle hunt! I was in the country of the black truffle!
    Paradise Tennant: wow
    Lucinda Lavender: Aphrodite was talking about umbria...
    Aphrodite Macbain: with one very sweet cocker spaniel
    Lucinda Lavender: want to go there now...
    Hana Furlough: me too
    Paradise Tennant: puts her hand up too
    Lucinda Lavender: or invite her to my house to cook :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: it's very beautiful. :-)
    Aphrodite Macbain: I can now gcook really good pasta!
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Lucinda Lavender: we could have cooking lessons here..
    Aphrodite Macbain: but I've put on 5 lbs
    Hana Furlough: lol yeah
    stevenaia Michinaga: a very happy 5 pounds
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Hana Furlough: ha
    Aphrodite Macbain: yes. thank god for the hiking
    Lucinda Lavender: and interesting ruins...
    Lucinda Lavender: that one must go see
    Aphrodite Macbain: the worst part was flying back and forth. 13 hrs each way
    Paradise Tennant: ouch
    Aphrodite Macbain: Perhaps we can all rent a villa in Umbria and do our own cooking
    Paradise Tennant: puts her hand up again
    Lucinda Lavender: mine too
    Aphrodite Macbain: I'll see if I can find a cocker spaniel
    Paradise Tennant: but there is a retreat next year in asissi :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: Play as Cooking
    Paradise Tennant: also a lovely part of italy
    Aphrodite Macbain: NO!! in Assisi? really?
    Paradise Tennant: yes
    Paradise Tennant: nods
    Paradise Tennant: penciled it in
    Paradise Tennant: check the retreat page on pab wiki
    Hana Furlough: wow cool
    Aphrodite Macbain: I spent a day there looking at the frescos by Giotto and all the Sienes painers
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Aphrodite Macbain: painters
    Lucinda Lavender: ll loves the term...penciled it in...
    Aphrodite Macbain: the term? painers?
    Paradise Tennant: yes just the right amout of organization and flexibility
    Lucinda Lavender: "penciled it in"
    Aphrodite Macbain: The church is huge - St Francis is buried in the crypt, and then there are two basilicas on top of eachother each solidly covered with frescos
    Paradise Tennant: something about italy almost impossible to be unhappy it is just a place which is bursting with life
    Aphrodite Macbain: It's nice sitting here in the dark
    Lucinda Lavender: and what is a basilica?
    Aphrodite Macbain: a basilical is a church that just has a nave, no transept
    Aphrodite Macbain: One long hall,
    stevenaia Michinaga: v
    stevenaia Michinaga: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basilica
    Aphrodite Macbain: later churches were shaped like a cross, with a transept
    Aphrodite Macbain: thanks steve
    Aphrodite Macbain: am I right?
    Aphrodite Macbain: This was built in the 13th century
    Aphrodite Macbain: only 20-30 years after St Francis died
    Lucinda Lavender: wht happens in the basilica now I wonder
    Aphrodite Macbain: they still hold services there
    Aphrodite Macbain: It is a very active place- mainly for pilgrims who come to venerate St Francis
    Aphrodite Macbain: tourists are told "Silenzio!!"
    Aphrodite Macbain: we are encourged to speak softl;y and dress conservatively
    Aphrodite Macbain: no bare shoulders
    stevenaia Michinaga: how id it make you feel inside there
    stevenaia Michinaga: did
    Aphrodite Macbain: quite over powered steve
    stevenaia Michinaga: smiles
    Aphrodite Macbain: It's a very big building and it is humbling to see how much ework was put into the praising of god
    Hana Furlough: i need to dash, but welcome back, aphrodite!
    Hana Furlough: good night all
    Aphrodite Macbain: Thousands of hours of work
    Lucinda Lavender: good night Hana
    Paradise Tennant: smiles have a wonderful day hana :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: Thanks Hana. Good to see you
    stevenaia Michinaga: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basilic...cesco_d'Assisi
    Aphrodite Macbain things that she must be doing well - she's not asleep yet and it's almost 8pm
    Aphrodite Macbain thinks
    Aphrodite Macbain: sometimes
    Lucinda Lavender: so great to see where you were and hear how it felt
    Aphrodite Macbain: When is the conference happening in Assisi?
    Paradise Tennant: yes it is like a mini break :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: I can talk for hours about Italy - so be careful!
    Paradise Tennant: smiles and perks up :)
    Lucinda Lavender: curious if there was a lot of resonace in sound and if there was a smell
    Aphrodite Macbain: What time of the year is the retreat happening in Assisi. I was planning to go to Seattle
    Aphrodite Macbain: A smell?
    Lucinda Lavender: incense...damp...dust etc
    Aphrodite Macbain: Yes, it was a bit echoey but I don't recall a smell
    Lucinda Lavender: ah...thanks ...
    Aphrodite Macbain: So many people. I do rememebr smells in basements of other places though -those less visited
    Paradise Tennant: April 17 - 23, 2011 (arrive Sunday 17th, then 5 full days Monday thru Friday, and leave Saturday morning)
    Aphrodite Macbain: In an old Abbey for isntance
    Lucinda Lavender: nodding
    Paradise Tennant: seattle sounds wonderful too .. as does new orleans :)
    Paradise Tennant: they are all rather wonderful come to think of it
    Aphrodite Macbain: Oh - assisi in the spring? or seattle?
    Lucinda Lavender: I think Seattle is in October
    Paradise Tennant: assisi is in april
    Parrot Ferrer: I was in New Orleans last weekend
    Aphrodite Macbain: How is New Orleans now? Is it recovering?
    Paradise Tennant: September 25 - October 1, 2011
    Aphrodite Macbain: what's that paradise?
    Paradise Tennant: seatille is in sept and new orleans is in january
    Aphrodite Macbain: Seattle?
    Parrot Ferrer: It is recovering....but the culture has had to be restarted
    Paradise Tennant: yes
    Aphrodite Macbain: how do you mean restarted?
    Aphrodite Macbain: and what do you mean by culture? the music?
    Parrot Ferrer: well with a disaster that deep alot of the "cultural resonance and memes" became disjointed.
    Kiki Walpanheim: wb druth
    Kiki Walpanheim: oh...not yet....
    Aphrodite Macbain: what? Kiki?
    Lucinda Lavender: can you say more about the memes.?
    Aphrodite Macbain: yes. I didn't understand you Parrot
    Parrot Ferrer: memes...threads of human memories thoughts and conciousness that helps solidify our values and ties them personally and to groups
    Aphrodite Macbain: nicely and clearly put. Thank you Parrot!
    Parrot Ferrer: in New Orleans when many people left or were displaced....the culture had to "recover itself".
    Lucinda Lavender: yes...
    Aphrodite Macbain: makesa lot of sense
    Parrot Ferrer: To me New Orleans is a "softer" place to be right now culturally
    Lucinda Lavender: does the music seem softer?
    Lucinda Lavender: more tentative?
    Paradise Tennant: destruction while hard to contemplate does make space for recreation :) for change :) for renewal
    Parrot Ferrer: well I went to the blues festival there.....and New Orleans has always been superb musically.
    Parrot Ferrer: New Orleans culture was so defined that it will never be totally disolved
    Parrot Ferrer: just return to itself...posibly more defined or not as "stuck in the past" as it was.
    Aphrodite Macbain: with new songs, new stories
    Aphrodite Macbain: maybe new music
    Parrot Ferrer: new partterns of cultural growth
    Aphrodite Macbain: I wonder how that can be observed or measured
    stevenaia Michinaga: yawn, I must go to bed, night all
    Parrot Ferrer: the weave of the city's fabric has changed....the tapestry will look different but one will always be able to see it is New Orleans.
    Aphrodite Macbain: nite steve sleep tight
    Lucinda Lavender: good night Steve...
    Paradise Tennant: good nite steve :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: there must be a deep seated anger that will have to come out in music or theatre, no?
    Parrot Ferrer: anger?
    Parrot Ferrer: why?
    Aphrodite Macbain: because of how the American govt took so long to help
    Parrot Ferrer: Some people beleiev it is govts resonsibility to solve their problems for them
    Aphrodite Macbain: or to help out a bit
    Parrot Ferrer: and those folks ...some....were angry.
    Aphrodite Macbain: I've watched documentaries where there was aalot of anger
    Parrot Ferrer: People were angry at federal govt.....and should have been angry with local govt.
    Aphrodite Macbain: oh? but the feds have mor resources, no?
    Aphrodite Macbain: Must go to bed now. jet lag has caught up! nite!
    Parrot Ferrer: the feds for 20 years before katrina supplied federal monies to become locally prepared for such an occurance....the local govt squandered the money
    Lucinda Lavender: see you aphr...:)
    Paradise Tennant: good nite aph thanks for sharing your travels :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: oh - very interesting didn't know that
    Aphrodite Macbain: thanks Parrot. Paradise Kiki Luci
    Parrot Ferrer: YW
    Lucinda Lavender: sweet dreams
    Aphrodite Macbain: zzzzzzzz
    Lucinda Lavender: :)
    Lucinda Lavender: when you go there...do your dreams change Parrot?
    Parrot Ferrer: New Orleans?
    Lucinda Lavender: yes....
    Lucinda Lavender: doe the dreams reflect the cultural softening?
    Parrot Ferrer: of course....dreams are ever changing.
    Parrot Ferrer: my dream changes?.......no i don't think so.
    Paradise Tennant: smiles I think I will scoot to walk the pup and get some sleep I have an early morning ..thank you lucinda kiki parrot :) enjoyed it
    Lucinda Lavender: yes...was nice to see you Para
    Parrot Ferrer: ni ni paradise
    Paradise Tennant: namaste ::))
    Lucinda Lavender: I think I should go too soon...
    Parrot Ferrer: and i likewise
    Lucinda Lavender: nice night to all:0
    Kiki Walpanheim: night
    Lucinda Lavender: :)

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