2010.10.23 13:00 - Food Glorious Food!

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Aphrodite Macbain. The comments are by Aphrodite Macbain.


    Freud Jungsten: osiyo
    Aphrodite Macbain: Hi Freud
    Aphrodite Macbain: are you hiding?
    Aphrodite Macbain: or stuck?
    Aphrodite Macbain: Salve QT
    Qt Core: Salve Aphro
    Qt Core: hi Freud
    Aphrodite Macbain: I miss Italy
    Qt Core: :-) (salve is my favourite greeting)
    Freud Jungsten: Sounds like a good one.
    Freud Jungsten: Never been to Italy.. would love to go.
    Aphrodite Macbain: Salve sounds very Roman!
    Qt Core: yes, basically it means "be well"
    Aphrodite Macbain: Salve! Need to wear a toga
    Freud Jungsten: I am on METAbolt, so I have no idea where I actually am.
    Qt Core: even better "be safe"
    Aphrodite Macbain: yes.
    Aphrodite Macbain: What is METabolt?
    Freud Jungsten: But it says that you two are 7 and 8 meters away from me.
    Aphrodite Macbain: you are standing behind a rosebush
    Freud Jungsten: It is a text only viewer... for slow connections.
    Qt Core: outer cushion circle, south south east side of the pavillion
    Aphrodite Macbain: not that far, maybe 5
    Freud Jungsten: Funny.
    Freud Jungsten: I can't see to tell.
    Aphrodite Macbain: Did you have this trouble this morning?

    Pigs, truffles and pasta

    Aphrodite Macbain: Qt, are you originally from Milano?
    Qt Core: yes, just outside the city limits
    Aphrodite Macbain: Do you know the town of Norcia in Umbria?
    Aphrodite Macbain: Home of the black truffle!?
    Qt Core: never been there but yes, famous for truffles, pigs and boars
    Aphrodite Macbain: I went on a truffle hunt with a prize winning truffle dog. Fun!
    Aphrodite Macbain: A little English cocker spaniel
    Qt Core: it may be fun, yes
    Aphrodite Macbain: At this time of year - really lovely
    Qt Core: sometimes pigs are used too, they say they are even better than dogs for truffle hunting
    Aphrodite Macbain: According to the guy we went with, they don't use pigs much any more. They are harder to take care of and often eat the truffles!!
    Qt Core: yes, pigs search them as they like them, dogs maybe not
    Aphrodite Macbain: How are you doing Freud?
    Qt Core: Seeing the prices i'm lucky as i really dislike its taste ;-)
    Aphrodite Macbain: Oh really? I'm developing a real taste for it. I brought home a number of bottles of truffle paste to add to pasta
    Qt Core: she's writing a novel or she crashed while typing
    Aphrodite Macbain: Hope she's doing the former
    Aphrodite Macbain: hey snoopy (Paradise appears in Snoopy form)
    Qt Core: !
    Paradise Tennant: smiles hiya aph qt .. freud :)
    Qt Core: Hi
    Aphrodite Macbain: This is quite a change from your lovely dresses!

    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Paradise Tennant: one of my favourite outfits :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: How are you doing this fall saturday?
    Paradise Tennant: very well thank you ;) a bit cloudy but good walking weather have been out running errands. typical saturday :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: I love these fall days. I seem to have more energy.
    Aphrodite Macbain: Tonight I'm cooking an Italian meal for a friend
    Paradise Tennant: yes .. :) the brisk weather .. excellent ..what are you making :)
    Paradise Tennant: prepares to drool :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: a pasta with truffle sauce and pecorino cheese
    Aphrodite Macbain: with apple pie for desert!
    Paradise Tennant: wow sounds wonderful :) yum!
    Aphrodite Macbain: come up and join us!
    Paradise Tennant: smiles !
    Aphrodite Macbain: I love cooking for friends.
    Paradise Tennant: more fun isn't it :)
    Paradise Tennant: cooking for myself not as interesting ...
    Aphrodite Macbain: Yes. Such a celebration of life
    Paradise Tennant: it is the sharing ...

    Cooking (and eating) with Grandma

    Freud Jungsten: Grandma cooked me a delightfully arterially destructing lunch... was perfect.
    Paradise Tennant: what did she make freud :)
    Freud Jungsten: Steak in a cream sauce
    Freud Jungsten: Butter with a little potatoes thrown in.
    Aphrodite Macbain: I can't imagine. What kind of cream sauce?
    Freud Jungsten: A heavy cream pesto with some greenbeans in it.
    Freud Jungsten: And pecan pie with home made icecream.
    Paradise Tennant: double sigh
    Aphrodite Macbain: mmm
    Paradise Tennant: sigh
    Freud Jungsten: Garlic, blue cheese, peppercorn.
    Aphrodite Macbain: QT what's your favourite dish?
    Paradise Tennant: you sound like you have a wonderful grand mother ... the best kind :) cooks with her heart :)
    Qt Core: I have many, but let say everything rice
    Aphrodite Macbain: Really? rice is very popular in northern Italy, isn't it?
    Qt Core: yes ;-)
    Freud Jungsten: SO she took the chance to force feed me.... grins
    Freud Jungsten: I made the mistake of telling her I was ravenous.... lol.. not words that come out of this 84 lb  body very often...
    Paradise Tennant: smiles :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: 84 lbs??
    Qt Core: big yummy mistake
    Aphrodite Macbain: he he
    Paradise Tennant: hmm pecan pie with home made ice cream is never a mistake !
    Aphrodite Macbain: pecan pie is my very favourite desert
    Freud Jungsten: Grandma is very unhappy with my weight.
    Aphrodite Macbain: How tall are you? You are a little thing!
    Freud Jungsten: 4'9
    Freud Jungsten: Great things come in small packages you know.
    Aphrodite Macbain: :-)
    Freud Jungsten: Home made pecan pie... and home made icecream.. we actually made that a couple of days ago but still great.
    Qt Core: that's good it make me want to run to the fridge!
    Aphrodite Macbain grins at QT
    Paradise Tennant: nice that you get to send time with her Freud .. special .. the cooking is just a spectacular bonus :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: She's right about your weight you know!!
    Freud Jungsten: lol
    Aphrodite Macbain: All this talk of food! Makes me want to run round the block a few times
    Paradise Tennant: smiles. is getting hungry :)
    Freud Jungsten: I got down to 73 lbs a couple of years ago... that was my wakeup call.
    Freud Jungsten: Almost in hospital over that.
    Paradise Tennant: so just no appetite ?
    Paradise Tennant: sometimes if you stop eating your body gets use to it :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: that's scary Freud
    Freud Jungsten: My main issue is that I run 8 miles a day and I find eating a chore.
    Aphrodite Macbain: I would have thought you would be hungry after running so far
    Freud Jungsten: Funny everytime I go to the campus clinic I get the not- so-subtle eating disorder screening...
    Paradise Tennant: do you have a good sense of smell ?
    Freud Jungsten: Not really no... why do you ask Paradise?
    Paradise Tennant: well taste and smell are very linked
    Freud Jungsten: I ran a bit more than a half marathon this morning.
    Freud Jungsten: I know that... but you think it may effect my appitite?
    Aphrodite Macbain: and smell can trigger an appetite?
    Freud Jungsten: Something to look up.
    Paradise Tennant: so if you want to keep your weight at an optimal level for running you have to keep pots of wet food in the fridge like stews .. soups ..
    Freud Jungsten: Well I tell you while ago her (my grandmother's) cooking was driving me crazy....
    Aphrodite Macbain: It sounds like you are constantly on the go
    Freud Jungsten: Thank you.
    Paradise Tennant: well dry food will be hard to chew because you are not really tasting it
    Aphrodite Macbain: move to Italy!! That will fatten you up. :-)
    Qt Core: ;-)
    Paradise Tennant: wet food is easier to get down if you do not have much of the taste sense...
    Freud Jungsten: I have issues, and eating is just one of them... so working on things.
    Aphrodite Macbain: wish I had that problem. I seem to put on pounds just thinking about food
    Paradise Tennant: well being light works really well for running, just not too light ..
    Freud Jungsten: If I could find a tastefull way to combine steak and chocolate, I would be fine.
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Aphrodite Macbain: they have done that in Mexico - mole sauce
    Paradise Tennant: hmm yes there is a chocolate steak sauce
    Qt Core: chocolate, the dark one unsweetened and maybe some chili and you can have a great sauce for a steak
    Freud Jungsten: Will have to look for that.
    Freud Jungsten: There are only two real advantages to being really skinny... shopping in the girls department and no period.
    Freud Jungsten: Besides that, it pretty much sucks.
    Aphrodite Macbain: Bummer
    Freud Jungsten: You should see me trying to get into a bar.... lol
    Freud Jungsten: I always take my passport when I go out with the girls.
    Aphrodite Macbain: Your height wouldn't help I guess!
    Freud Jungsten: The reactions I get are pretty amusing I have to admit.
    Aphrodite Macbain: as long as they make you laugh that can't be a bad thing!
    Aphrodite Macbain: can you see where you are yet Freud?
    Freud Jungsten: It does get silly sometimes though.
    Freud Jungsten: No.
    Freud Jungsten: On a text only viewer again.. sorry.
    Freud Jungsten: Am I on top of someone again?
    Aphrodite Macbain: No. You're behind a bush so none of us can see you either
    Aphrodite Macbain: Very coy
    Aphrodite Macbain: How's your garden growing Paradise?
    Paradise Tennant: great actually ...
    Paradise Tennant: going to do some more work
    Aphrodite Macbain: I'd love to find a place to get a rug like yours- a persian carpet
    Paradise Tennant: oh one sec
    Paradise Tennant: I think that one may be copy version will dig it out
    Aphrodite Macbain: could I get a copy of a copy?
    Aphrodite Macbain: My place is looking very stark now that I removed all the flowers
    Paradise Tennant: is this the one ? (Paradise sends Aphro a beautiful Persian carpet)

    Aphrodite Macbain: Yes. Thanks!!

    Freud Jungsten: What sort of bush?
    Paradise Tennant: funny she is sitting on a cushion on my screen ..
    Aphrodite Macbain: Oh yes- there she is she is very small and very grey so I couldn't see her until you pointed her out
    Aphrodite Macbain waves at Freud
    Freud Jungsten: Very affirming... grins

    Sleeping with Astragulus and schizandra tea

    Aphrodite Macbain: Qt, you missed the debriefing of the Stuttgart retreat this morning
    Aphrodite Macbain: It was fun. Sounds like something I'd like to do - maybe in Seattle
    Qt Core: yes, have to check the log, I even had an alarm ringing but kept sleeping ;-)
    Paradise Tennant: well you must have been tired qt .. :) sleep is good too
    Aphrodite Macbain: what time was it for you?
    Qt Core: 4pm
    Aphrodite Macbain: you were sleeping at 4pm??
    Qt Core: I even heard the alarm but was unable to open my eyes ;-) (yes, a little siesta :-)

    Aphrodite Macbain: you really must have been tired! Did you run 8 miles?
    Qt Core: no, but for several reasons I don't sleep much at night so sat and sun afternoon i try to sleep a little
    Paradise Tennant: hmm
    Freud Jungsten: If you didnt run that far, you should.. smiles]
    Paradise Tennant: You should try a tea of astragulus and schizandra :) just boil the two together add a little honey if you like
    Paradise Tennant: if you have a cup before bed time you will sleep really well
    Aphrodite Macbain: where would you find such things Paradise?
    Freud Jungsten: Yes, where?

    Aphrodite Macbain: never heard of schizandra
    Paradise Tennant: chinese herbs .. longevity herbs but find they really make you sleep like a baby
    Freud Jungsten: I am have clinical insomnia and will try pretty much anything...
    Paradise Tennant: astragulus is sort of a bark .. and schizandra is a chinese berry
    Qt Core: it's not that i can't sleep, is that family don't let me go to sleep...
    Aphrodite Macbain: why wont the family let you sleep? (I have images of them dancing round your bed).
    Qt Core: ;-) long story, aphro
    Qt Core: hi storm
    Paradise Tennant: oh well this would be what I do when I am having trouble sleeping works well
    Aphrodite Macbain: I've made a note of it Paradise. Thanks!
    Paradise Tennant: can get them in any herb store or china town very common health supplements for Asians
    Paradise Tennant: I boil them up in a pot .. leave both the herbs in the mix and keep in the fridge like it cold better than hot .. but tastes vary. Drink before bed
    Storm Nordwind: Hi Qt and all
    Freud Jungsten: osiyo
    Aphrodite Macbain: Hi Storm
    Aphrodite Macbain: are you having a chance to rest after all your work on this site?
    Storm Nordwind: Yes - thank you! :)
    Paradise Tennant: hiya storm :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: is it bitter?
    Paradise Tennant: schizandra has all five tastes
    Aphrodite Macbain: Schizandra- Is that what the Chinese call it?
    Paradise Tennant: they call it the five taste fruit so it a bit of a different taste but with a little honey and cold I find it more pleasant than most juices
    Aphrodite Macbain: If I go into a chinese herbalist and ask for shizandra will they know what I'm talking about?
    Paradise Tennant: yes
    Paradise Tennant: http://hubpages.com/hub/Schizandra_I...ealth_Benefits
    Aphrodite Macbain: 5 tastes as in bitter, sweet, salty, etc?
    Aphrodite Macbain: Thanks
    Aphrodite Macbain: better than camomile huh?
    Paradise Tennant: http://www.greathomeremedies.com/her...stragalus.html
    Aphrodite Macbain: Thanks again!
    Paradise Tennant: like anything if you are on medication you might to research if there are any issues but these are staples the chinese have been using for thousands of years
    Aphrodite Macbain: yes- I'll check

    Aphrodite Macbain: What's the view from Denver today Storm?
    Storm Nordwind: /Denver has 50 miles visibility, Aphrodite. It's warm. There are lots of fall colors. There's a bright blue sky with clouds over the mountains.
    Paradise Tennant: sounds lovely :)
    Storm Nordwind: It's only lovely because of the person who's here with me :))
    Aphrodite Macbain: What a lovely thing to say Storm.
    Aphrodite Macbain: You should have been a tv weatherman!

    I must be off to begin preparations for my Italian meal
    Storm Nordwind: I did interview for that post once!
    Aphrodite Macbain: Lucky her!
    Storm Nordwind: :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: Bye
    Aphrodite Macbain: Bye! for now. See you tomorrow I hope
    Storm Nordwind waves
    Qt Core: bye aphro and bon apetit
    Aphrodite Macbain: grazie
    Qt Core: o meglio buon appetito
    Qt Core: :-)
    Paradise Tennant: smiles I think I will scoot too :)
    Paradise Tennant: thank you two for the company namaste :)
    Qt Core: ty paradise and bye
    Storm Nordwind: Me too. I just came to see what was happening to the land we sold ;)
    Paradise Tennant: ahhh :)
    Qt Core: how is going ?
    Storm Nordwind: It's all done. We're saving loooooots of money as a result. And land entrepreneurs bought the land, so it's now divided into lots of small plots - which reduces the chance of something nasty on our doorstep!
    Qt Core: good, both things
    Qt Core: hopefully we don't get a heavy metal fan near ;-)
    Storm Nordwind: Well you'd be surprised at some of the people who showed interest and made offers. Luckily they didn't win the bidding war
    Qt Core: ;)
    Storm Nordwind: Bye for now!
    Qt Core: bye storm and ty for your work
    Storm Nordwind: My pleasure

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