2010.12.19 19:00 - Field Effects

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Calvino Rabeni. The comments are by Calvino Rabeni.

    Present at various times were Calvino, oO0Oo, Rhiannon, Bryce Galbraith, Stevenaia, Mitzi, Lucinda, Paradise ... if my famously inaccurate memory serves.

    By request, this was an "off the record" session with the chat recorder turned off, so I've written a summary in place of the usual chat log.

    The conversation, filtered through my famously inaccurate memory and perspectives, included:

    • The contrast between the "external" - geopolitical / energy type topics of Bryce's group (Ideas of Things to Come) and the more "internal" - phenomenal / mental / philosophical / conceptual conversation style of PlayAsBeing.
    • The recent Kira presentation on "Avatar as Portrait".  A discussion of the portrait analogy and its affordances, and the changing nature of identity as socially situated and constructed; thinking about its changes through medieval, modern, postmodern, post-postmodern times.
    • The idea that our actions and presentation - or presencing - of self takes place in a variety of subtle "fields" that influence what can / will / is likely to happen.  Mention of overlapping social contexts and the analogy of the "morphogenetic field" that is an invisible influence biasing the form and flow of what happens.
    • The meaning of the concept of "authenticity" and its appearance or presentation, as Image (getting back to the "portrait" analogy) and as Sound or "Voice".
    • Questioning the common notion that "language is so limiting" ... as a way to do what, exactly, and with what alternatives?


    It seems reasonable that the session itself had a different "field effect" by virtue of the chat recorder being turned off... but we didn't discuss how that may have been experienced.

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