2011.01.27 01:00 - Selfishness and Gratefulness

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Zen Arado. The comments are by Zen Arado. Present were Calvino Rabeni, Nio Artful, oo0oo Resident and myself

    Australia recollections:

    oO0Oo Resident: Hi Zen
    Zen Arado: Hi Sam
    Zen Arado: I'm still eating my breakfast
    Zen Arado: a man called me on Skype
    Zen Arado: and I didn't have time to eat it
    oO0Oo Resident: np
    oO0Oo Resident: I have no pressing needs of any kind
    Zen Arado: a guy who lives in Melbourne
    Zen Arado: I shared a flat with him and another guy in Sydney in 1961
    oO0Oo Resident: your gestures Zen
    oO0Oo Resident: like you were forming a ball in front of you
    Zen Arado: yeah it's a new AO
    oO0Oo Resident: Melbourne Sydney... beaut cities mate
    Zen Arado: you should see the gestures my alt does :)
    oO0Oo Resident: hehe
    oO0Oo Resident rolls eyes
    Zen Arado: yes - wonder why I came back to this cold place sometimes
    oO0Oo Resident: Sydney in 1961 would have been gorgeous I imagine
    Zen Arado: think it is better now
    oO0Oo Resident: perhaps more multicultural now
    Zen Arado: but you need a lot of money to get a nice place
    oO0Oo Resident: mmm
    Zen Arado: yes
    Zen Arado: though there were lots of immigrants then too
    Zen Arado: you ever been there?
    oO0Oo Resident: yes I have
    oO0Oo Resident: lovely continent
    Zen Arado: tell me where you went to
    oO0Oo Resident: the birds and plants stand out for me
    oO0Oo Resident: well, I went right around
    oO0Oo Resident: not every place, but got around a fair bit
    oO0Oo Resident: Was in Melbourne briefly
    oO0Oo Resident: Queen Annes Market? Is that it?
    oO0Oo Resident: The public transport was very good
    Zen Arado: I was only in Melbourne for two short visits
    Zen Arado: remember the trams
    oO0Oo Resident: yes the trams
    Zen Arado: I went to Australia by boat
    Zen Arado: and we stopped en route
    Zen Arado: I have a friend from Melbourne lives in Belfast
    Zen Arado: seems to like it here
    Zen Arado: I spent 7 years in Sydney
    Zen Arado: and a year in Brisbane
    oO0Oo Resident: I'd take Sydney over Brisbane
    Zen Arado: me too
    oO0Oo Resident: Not to offend any Queenslanders out there
    Zen Arado: Brisbane is very hot and muggy in summer
    oO0Oo Resident: mmm, yes
    Zen Arado: Hi Cal :)
    Calvino Rabeni: Good evening / day
    oO0Oo Resident: lovely sun shower rain at times and plants grow well
    oO0Oo Resident: hi Cal, Nio
    Zen Arado: wish I had gone back to see Sydney again when I was fitter
    Zen Arado: Hi Nio
    Zen Arado: the travelling would be too much for me now
    nio Artful: i was born to sidney
    nio Artful: my wife too
    nio Artful: but i am living in greece
    Zen Arado: yes?
    oO0Oo Resident: Sydney Australia Nio?
    Zen Arado: you are Australian then?
    nio Artful: yes,
    Zen Arado: but you don't live there now Nio?
    Zen Arado: ah I see
    nio Artful: i live in athens
    Zen Arado: did your parents emigrate to Australia like me?
    nio Artful: yes,
    nio Artful: but they had a bad luck
    Zen Arado: but they returned to Greece?
    nio Artful: they made a property
    Zen Arado: oh?
    nio Artful: and that part of land
    nio Artful: after a change of the city schedules
    nio Artful: had to be rased
    nio Artful: so they sold it cheap
    Zen Arado: bad luck
    Zen Arado: I was going to buy a piece of property
    nio Artful: and came back to greece ..and hopefully bought a good piece of field in a nice area north of athens
    Zen Arado: but I came back to Ireland for a holiday and never got around to going back
    Zen Arado: they wouldn't let me live there now
    nio Artful: thanks oOOo
    nio Artful: oh?
    oO0Oo Resident: your very welcome. hope it is helpful
    oO0Oo Resident: you're*
    nio Artful: i have bad greek spelling so it will not work
    nio Artful giggles
    oO0Oo Resident: np
    oO0Oo Resident: hahahahahha!!!!
    Zen Arado: :)
    oO0Oo Resident: hi observerM
    Zen Arado: Hi Observerm
    observerm Resident: hello
    Calvino Rabeni: I need to go friends, take care, have a good session
    oO0Oo Resident: ty Cal
    Zen Arado: bye Cal
    oO0Oo Resident: nice to see you
    Calvino Rabeni: _/!\_
    nio Artful: i had too much to think and solve in my life so i had not enough gbites of my brain memory to use for spelling ...that was luxury for my lol....
    nio Artful: my=me
    Zen Arado: you must have left Australia when very young?
    nio Artful: indeed
    Zen Arado: or English would be your first language
    Zen Arado: you could go and live there any time if you wanted?
    nio Artful: no greek is
    nio Artful: *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*YESSSSSS!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
    nio Artful: i have the fair
    oO0Oo Resident: hehehhehe
    Zen Arado: since you wre born there
    nio Artful: indeed
    nio Artful: my wife too
    nio Artful: but i need 2 years of staying there to have legal wrights
    Zen Arado: but you like Greece better ?
    nio Artful: legal
    Zen Arado: ah ok
    nio Artful: now greece has big problem
    nio Artful: crisis

    We shift to talking about finance and selfish behaviour:

    Zen Arado: ah financial problems like Ireland
    nio Artful: yes..
    nio Artful: we have a proverb in greece it says....
    Zen Arado: Australia seems unaffected by that
    nio Artful: the lier and the thief the first year they are hapy
    nio Artful: so there was alot of this bad cultyure around here
    nio Artful: and it had to colapse one day
    nio Artful: culture
    oO0Oo Resident: yes, sometimes things have to fall apart before renewal
    Zen Arado: yes - a kind of selfishness
    nio Artful: mmm
    Zen Arado: a culture of greed
    nio Artful: indeed
    oO0Oo Resident: then it is what is potentially lost that captures the hearts of those who might reinvest
    nio Artful: that was hard for me to understand
    Zen Arado: money is based on trust
    Zen Arado: its value doesn't exist really
    Zen Arado: it's only what we think it is
    Zen Arado: if we believe in it
    oO0Oo Resident: a place is imbued with the spirit of those that care about it. Then if greed is strong, the money and energy and chi, they flow away
    Zen Arado: yo think so?
    nio Artful: yes...the funny it that money is based also in the no trust......lol....contradictory but both happens in my subjective vew
    Zen Arado: scoundrels always seem to prosper
    oO0Oo Resident: hearts will always win
    Zen Arado: I hope you are right Sam
    Zen Arado: but inequality is always in societies
    oO0Oo Resident: it's just our lives are short
    oO0Oo Resident: so greed becomes appealing
    Zen Arado: 'the rich get richer and the poor get poorer '
    nio Artful: i believe that money and comercial are to the opposite side of unselfish empathy and love
    oO0Oo Resident: agree
    oO0Oo Resident: mostly
    oO0Oo Resident: not necessarily perhaps
    Zen Arado: 'the love of money is the root of all evil'
    Zen Arado: not the money but loving it too much
    Zen Arado: watched a TV documentary last night about how most of the top politicians in Britain were educated in public schools
    Zen Arado: that means expensive schools in Britain
    nio Artful: a short sighted understanding of our need to others................is like i need you in short term i do not trust you that you care for me so i want back now the exchanging symbol of the service i did to you in order to have it back in an sure way
    Zen Arado: if we give like that is not really giving Nio
    nio Artful: yes...
    Zen Arado: we should give and not expect anything back
    nio Artful: ~',','Oh..kay..kay..kay',','~
    nio Artful: why?
    Zen Arado: it is because we feel separate from others we think like that I think
    Zen Arado: and we have so much fear and insecurity
    nio Artful: indeed ...but is it bad to expect from others?
    Zen Arado: and we think money is the answer to that
    Zen Arado: it is if you depend on it
    nio Artful: do we feel comfortable when others appreciate us as VALUABLE?
    Zen Arado: but sometimes you have to....
    nio Artful: do we have to appreciate others too and make them feel so?
    nio Artful: would that have any meaning if there was not an expectation of them a realisation that we need them?
    Zen Arado: because I am disabled I sometimes need help from others
    Zen Arado: we do need others
    nio Artful: or the problem is that we do understand that we need them but only in a short shithed way? and that in the birth of selfish love?
    Zen Arado: we are all dependent on them ...more than we think
    nio Artful: yes,,,
    nio Artful: if we realise how much we need them for ever we will respect them and will never count how much we give to them ....
    Zen Arado: we are interdependent beings though we think we can be independent
    nio Artful: in order to take it back soon
    nio Artful: we will be taking of them for ever

    Learning how to be grateful:

    Zen Arado: others work hard to provide us with so many things we take for granted
    nio Artful: indeed
    Zen Arado: electricity, water
    nio Artful: and others are unfortunately numb little more as we are also are
    Zen Arado: we lost our water supply for a while here this winter
    Zen Arado: how bad that is
    nio Artful: ok...
    nio Artful: mmm
    Zen Arado: and we never even think how precious that is
    oO0Oo Resident listening to Nio, Zen
    Zen Arado: I used to work in power stations and we had to work during Christmas
    Zen Arado: but no one is grateful for that...
    Zen Arado: or even thinks about it
    Zen Arado: maybe we all aren't grateful enough....
    nio Artful: we say a proverb in my country.....keep on knocking as much you like to the stone deaf mans door....he would not listen you
    Zen Arado: understand Nio
    oO0Oo Resident: mmm
    nio Artful: ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥
    nio Artful: ok...
    nio Artful: sorry
    nio Artful: so thats the drama......
    oO0Oo Resident breathes out and relaxes
    nio Artful: we are defending by numbing our conciousness so we feel less pain and the side effect is we feel less our self ,others and god
    oO0Oo Resident: mmmm
    nio Artful: less ability for empathy to
    nio Artful: less awe
    nio Artful: of being alife
    Zen Arado: yes Nio - fear drives us into ourselves
    nio Artful: mmm
    Zen Arado: so what we need to do is....what?
    nio Artful: nice quetion .....this is my life question too
    nio Artful: lol....
    nio Artful: question
    Zen Arado: we need to try to be more open to others maybe
    nio Artful: i onlyk now that i do not exist i want to exist
    nio Artful: and i remember how i were when i was existing
    Zen Arado: do you know the lojong slogans?
    nio Artful: no..
    Zen Arado: Sam?
    oO0Oo Resident: yes Zen... Lojong is wonderful
    nio Artful: i have tried some affairs but did not work lol..
    oO0Oo Resident: lol
    Zen Arado: this chat reminded me of the one 'Be grateful to everyone'
    Zen Arado: http://lojongmindtraining.com/Commen...r=3&proverb=13
    nio Artful: may i also learn that?
    nio Artful: oh nice i will open it
    Zen Arado: sure
    oO0Oo Resident: if you remember LIFE Nio, then it is still in you, and can be again
    Zen Arado: there are 59 of them I think ?
    oO0Oo Resident: caring for/about others is a good path to life
    Zen Arado: yes - and it opens us to their problems
    nio Artful: i know the way but there is a canyon i have to cross and there are not enough skills and tools to bridge it up to now
    Zen Arado: we realize we all have them
    oO0Oo Resident: yes
    Zen Arado: we have to work at it I think
    nio Artful: i have bipolar disorder 2 and this is making my efforts double difficult
    Zen Arado: selfishness seems to come more naturally to us I think :)
    oO0Oo Resident: you don't seem selfish to me Nio
    Zen Arado: me either
    nio Artful: ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥
    Zen Arado: bipolar is difficult

    Nio's sound effects:

    oO0Oo Resident loves the cute sound effects
    Zen Arado: :)
    nio Artful: every winter i have my resarection lol..
    nio Artful: i have 2 folders collection of such voices i can share them with you if you want
    Zen Arado: I don't even use the ones I have
    Zen Arado: Hey!
    oO0Oo Resident: i just enjoy how others express themselves nio. ty very much
    oO0Oo Resident: hehe
    nio Artful: ok..
    nio Artful: yayyyyyyy!!!
    oO0Oo Resident: reminds me of bertram
    Zen Arado: Hey!
    oO0Oo Resident: hahahahahhaa!!!!!!
    oO0Oo Resident: they shift the energy. Do you notice?
    nio Artful: yw
    nio Artful: yes...\
    oO0Oo Resident: make things light and fun
    oO0Oo Resident: cheerful
    oO0Oo Resident: it's nice
    oO0Oo Resident: for me
    Zen Arado: I have a French friend uses them a lot
    nio Artful: i put dots after short words because usually these are triggers of such gestures and when i am in serious talk they distract me
    Zen Arado: can you get them into the gestures menu?
    Zen Arado: I seem to have lost some of mine
    nio Artful: these are extra of the standard gestures sl gives
    nio Artful: people making them and share them
    nio Artful: i also made a lot music dance gestures
    nio Artful: im amateur musician
    nio Artful: but do not use them here pl
    Zen Arado: ty Nio
    nio Artful: *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*You're Welcome!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
    nio Artful: ΠΑΡΑΚΑΛΩ
    Zen Arado: will try them later
    oO0Oo Resident: thoughtful and polite, as well as not selfish Nio
    oO0Oo Resident: also generous

    Lojong slogans:

    Zen Arado: I am practicing with these slogans again
    Zen Arado: I choose one every morning and think of it during the day
    nio Artful: in the ones in the link?
    Zen Arado: yes
    Zen Arado: also called 'The Seven Steps of Mind Training'
    oO0Oo Resident: I find the commentaries at this site useful: http://lojongmindtraining.com/default.aspx
    Zen Arado: that site I gave you the link to is useful because it has 7 commentaries on each slogan
    nio Artful: nice i bookmark both of them
    Zen Arado: it's the same one Sam :)
    Zen Arado: but your's is the opening page
    oO0Oo Resident: Also an ongoing series at Tricycle by Judy Lief: http://www.tricycle.com/complete-lojong-slogans
    Zen Arado: yes
    oO0Oo Resident: 1 each week
    Zen Arado: I read them too
    Zen Arado: might need a subscription for those?
    oO0Oo Resident: no
    oO0Oo Resident: shouldn't need
    Zen Arado: oh good
    Zen Arado: I have one anyway
    Zen Arado: so many articles to read
    Zen Arado: too many maybe
    Zen Arado: can get me confused
    Zen Arado: but you take what you wnat or need from them maybe
    oO0Oo Resident: there's no problem
    oO0Oo Resident: it percolates
    nio Artful: nice
    Zen Arado: I was reading authors recently nearly put me off meditation
    Zen Arado: but I prefer to have my ideas challenged
    Zen Arado: better than barinwashing yourself by reading narrowly things that you believe already
    Zen Arado: I think anyway
    Zen Arado: so long as you don't get too confused
    Zen Arado: and the good stuff percolates and gets distilled out as you say Sam
    nio Artful: what is brainwashing?
    Zen Arado: kind of like reading things you want to believe over and over again
    Zen Arado: convincing yourself
    oO0Oo Resident: excuse me, I must go. A pleasure to have your good company Nio, and Zen
    oO0Oo Resident: see you again
    nio Artful: /
    Zen Arado: think the term comes from a technique the Russians used to make prisoners believe things they didn't to start with?
    Zen Arado: bye Sam
    nio Artful: bye...
    Zen Arado: I better go too Nio
    Zen Arado: nice to talk again
    nio Artful: nice to talk to you too
    nio Artful: bye...
    Zen Arado: bye

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