2011.04.01 01:00 - April Fools

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Zen Arado. The comments are by Zen Arado. Present were Alfred Kelberry, Loelia Zabaleta. Sunshine Vayander and myself

    Work and Play:

    Zen Arado: Hi again Loe :)
    Loelia Zabaleta: good morning °͜°
    Zen Arado: nice outfit
    Loelia Zabaleta: i wanted to ask you for a LM to that exhibition you told me about - do you have one ?
    Loelia Zabaleta: thank you so much
    Loelia Zabaleta: you are still grey to me atm
    Zen Arado: well I am grey
    Loelia Zabaleta: haha
    Zen Arado: grey trousers and shirt :)
    Loelia Zabaleta: not you are technicolour
    Loelia Zabaleta: well your avis i not rezzed °͜°
    Zen Arado: like John Major
    Loelia Zabaleta: so right now you allgrey
    Zen Arado: :)
    Loelia Zabaleta: lol
    Loelia Zabaleta: do you tuck your shirt into your pants ???
    Zen Arado: what exhibition?
    Zen Arado: the pab one?
    Loelia Zabaleta: the one you gave me the notecard about
    Loelia Zabaleta: yes
    Zen Arado: well you just walk north from here
    Zen Arado: it is in the big dome
    Loelia Zabaleta: okay thank you
    Zen Arado: can show you later if you like
    Loelia Zabaleta: °͜° okay that would be good
    Zen Arado: I want to look myself
    Zen Arado: the birthday celebrations start today
    Loelia Zabaleta: for PAB?
    Zen Arado: yes
    Zen Arado: 3rd birthday
    Loelia Zabaleta: thats a nice touch if was born on fools day
    Zen Arado: all weekend
    Loelia Zabaleta: a playfful day to be born
    Zen Arado: ha ha yes
    Zen Arado: it gets bogger every year
    Zen Arado: bigger
    Loelia Zabaleta: it does ?
    Loelia Zabaleta: lol
    Zen Arado: lucky I didn't say bugger
    Loelia Zabaleta: how is the play in your life ?
    Loelia Zabaleta: haha
    Zen Arado: :)
    Loelia Zabaleta: yes
    Zen Arado: in my life?
    Zen Arado: hmmmm
    Loelia Zabaleta: °͜°
    Zen Arado: not much play - all work I guess
    Loelia Zabaleta: well not meaning that as a deep question more a playful one
    Zen Arado: but some of that is olay too
    Loelia Zabaleta: so i saw a book on a linkedon contact
    Zen Arado: yeh I always deepen questions :)
    Zen Arado: linkedin?
    Loelia Zabaleta: yes do you do that ?
    Loelia Zabaleta: and twitter all that stuff
    Zen Arado: yeh
    Loelia Zabaleta: i do it for work
    Loelia Zabaleta: so i saw this today
    Zen Arado: someone invited me on to it and I acepted
    Loelia Zabaleta: a book
    Zen Arado: but don't see much use for it if I'm not working any more
    Loelia Zabaleta: called : Screw Work, Let's Play: How to Do What You Love and Get Paid for It
    Loelia Zabaleta: right
    Zen Arado: am on Twitter and Facebook too
    Zen Arado: yeh good title
    Loelia Zabaleta: that seems to fit into the PAB concept ?
    Zen Arado: work should be play
    Zen Arado: yes
    Loelia Zabaleta: or play should be work
    Loelia Zabaleta: :D
    Zen Arado: not so sure about that one :)
    Loelia Zabaleta: well i think its good to be playful in work it makes one more creative erhaps
    Loelia Zabaleta: perhaps
    Zen Arado: do you really like your work?
    Zen Arado: yes
    Loelia Zabaleta: i do sometimes love it
    Loelia Zabaleta: other times its a slog
    Zen Arado: yeh
    Loelia Zabaleta: but so is play
    Loelia Zabaleta: so is life
    Zen Arado: most ppl's experience
    Zen Arado: Pema is really lucky that way
    Loelia Zabaleta: who is pema?
    Zen Arado: he told me he loves his astrophysics
    Zen Arado: it is play to him and he also gets well paid for it
    Loelia Zabaleta: nice °͜°
    Zen Arado: Pema is the guy who started this place
    Zen Arado: Pema Pera
    Loelia Zabaleta: ahh that is cool
    Zen Arado: surprised you haven't met him
    Zen Arado: he works at princeton
    Zen Arado: and also at Kyoto university
    Loelia Zabaleta: right well i come in european times i suppose
    Loelia Zabaleta: oh !

    'The Magic of Time'

    Zen Arado: he does a session at 2 pm our time on Time
    Loelia Zabaleta: i have been thinking about japan a lot lately
    Loelia Zabaleta: oh where ?
    Zen Arado: yeh
    Loelia Zabaleta: here ?
    Loelia Zabaleta: i would like that
    Zen Arado: here
    Loelia Zabaleta: cool which day?
    Loelia Zabaleta: every day ?
    Zen Arado: he is writing a book and we comment on it each week
    Zen Arado: sec
    Zen Arado: http://wiki.playasbeing.org/PaB_Books/Magic_of_Time
    Zen Arado: no just Fridays
    Loelia Zabaleta: ahh okay i will make a note of that
    Zen Arado: he is a very smart guy
    Zen Arado: we are doing ch 11 today
    Loelia Zabaleta: ahh okay
    Zen Arado: no sorry Ch 12
    Zen Arado: http://wiki.playasbeing.org/PaB_Books/Magic_of_Time/12._Time
    Zen Arado: sections 12.3 to 12.6
    Zen Arado: I haven't read yet I admit
    Loelia Zabaleta: okay thank you i fi can make it i will
    Zen Arado: sure
    Zen Arado: it is kind of more spiritual than scientific
    Zen Arado: Hi Boxy :)
    Loelia Zabaleta: hello boxy °͜°
    Alfred Kelberry: meep!
    Zen Arado: :)
    Alfred Kelberry: hi :)

    Alf catches us with April Fool :)

    Alfred Kelberry: so, the party was postponed
    Zen Arado: it was?
    Alfred Kelberry: yea...
    Alfred Kelberry: sadly
    Zen Arado: why is that?
    Alfred Kelberry: pema said the date has bad luck
    Zen Arado: April fool?
    Alfred Kelberry: haha! :)
    Alfred Kelberry: :P
    Loelia Zabaleta: :D
    Zen Arado: nearly caught me
    Alfred Kelberry: so much fun going on on the net
    Zen Arado: don't think Pema is superstitious
    Alfred Kelberry: http://www.debian.org/
    Zen Arado: Hi Sun :)
    Alfred Kelberry: sun!
    Sunshine Vayandar: meep!
    Alfred Kelberry: have you heard the news?
    Sunshine Vayandar: hi Loe ;)
    Zen Arado: bad news
    Sunshine Vayandar: oh
    Alfred Kelberry: the party was postponed
    Zen Arado: :(
    Sunshine Vayandar: noooo
    Sunshine Vayandar: why?
    Zen Arado: it's so sad
    Alfred Kelberry: pema says the date is not good
    Zen Arado: not auspicious
    Sunshine Vayandar: hmm
    Sunshine Vayandar: so when is the party?
    Zen Arado: don't know
    Alfred Kelberry: 7 is a good number he says
    Alfred Kelberry: maybe april 7
    Zen Arado: might not have one at all
    Sunshine Vayandar: hmm
    Zen Arado: yeh 7 is more lucky
    Sunshine Vayandar: but but ...
    Sunshine Vayandar: he didn't know we are planning it for today?
    Alfred Kelberry: there are many dates in april
    Zen Arado: but the 1st is a bad one I guess
    Alfred Kelberry: yea...
    Sunshine Vayandar: what about tomorrow's events?
    Zen Arado: Hi Obs :)
    Sunshine Vayandar: wait - today is April Fool's day
    Zen Arado: ha ha
    Alfred Kelberry: ahahahaha!!!! :)
    Sunshine Vayandar: grrrrr
    Alfred Kelberry: :P
    observerm Resident: hello
    Sunshine Vayandar: come here you naughty boxy!!!
    Zen Arado: onigokko
    Sunshine Vayandar: I am gonna box you
    Alfred Kelberry: ruuuun!!!!! :)
    Zen Arado: stop
    Sunshine Vayandar: LOL
    Alfred Kelberry: :)
    Zen Arado: lol
    Alfred Kelberry: gee, so much fun :)

    Boxing and other silliness:

    Alfred Kelberry: oh, obs has a new av :)
    Zen Arado: yep
    Zen Arado: a cute tiny one
    Alfred Kelberry: yep... like me :)
    Alfred Kelberry: little teddy
    Alfred Kelberry: neat
    Zen Arado: for Japan?
    Alfred Kelberry: could be
    Sunshine Vayandar: ops sorry
    Sunshine Vayandar: where was I
    Zen Arado: what are those red things Sun?
    Sunshine Vayandar: boxing gloves
    Sunshine Vayandar: or jugs hehe
    Zen Arado: ha for boxy
    Sunshine Vayandar: hi Obs ;)
    Alfred Kelberry: :)
    Sunshine Vayandar: Obs looks different today ;)
    Alfred Kelberry: you look nice with the gloves, sun :)
    Sunshine Vayandar: almost festive ;))
    Sunshine Vayandar: ty Alf
    Sunshine Vayandar: I wish I could box you with them - but they move funny hehe
    Alfred Kelberry: :)
    Sunshine Vayandar: is Loe here?
    Sunshine Vayandar: or afk
    Zen Arado: might be afk
    Sunshine Vayandar: not auspicious - blablaaa
    Zen Arado: ha ha
    Loelia Zabaleta: sorry got caught up in a IM
    Sunshine Vayandar: hehe
    Sunshine Vayandar: np Loe ;)
    Alfred Kelberry: loe :)
    Sunshine Vayandar: wb ;)
    Zen Arado: that was a good word :)
    Loelia Zabaleta: °͜°
    Loelia Zabaleta: thanks
    Sunshine Vayandar: U missed me boxing boxy
    Loelia Zabaleta: hehe
    Zen Arado: you boxed his ears?
    Alfred Kelberry: :)
    Sunshine Vayandar: they told me there is no bday this weekend
    Zen Arado: English expression
    Loelia Zabaleta: sounds dangerous
    Alfred Kelberry: ding
    Zen Arado: that expression always sounded strange to me
    Loelia Zabaleta: lol yes
    Loelia Zabaleta: archaic i guess
    Zen Arado: yeh
    Loelia Zabaleta: so who won the boxing matching ?
    Zen Arado: you don't hear it much nowadays
    Alfred Kelberry: gloves did :)
    Zen Arado: boxy took evasive action
    Loelia Zabaleta: did anyone get a black eye or a cauliflower ear
    Alfred Kelberry: :)
    Loelia Zabaleta: °͜°
    Sunshine Vayandar: oh sorry so many phonecalls
    Zen Arado: do they have April fool's day in other cultures?
    Sunshine Vayandar: cauliflower ear?
    Zen Arado: another idiom
    Sunshine Vayandar: ;)
    Sunshine Vayandar: no his ear seems fine
    Loelia Zabaleta: me too i am coming and going °͜°
    Zen Arado: still flapping
    Sunshine Vayandar: yes flap falp
    Sunshine Vayandar: Obs is looking so great today ;)
    Zen Arado: that's another idiom
    Sunshine Vayandar: what is?
    Zen Arado: if someone's ears are flapping they are eavesdropping
    Zen Arado: ears flapping
    Zen Arado: where I live anyway
    Sunshine Vayandar: ahh really
    Sunshine Vayandar: not where I live ;p
    Sunshine Vayandar: but now I know
    Zen Arado: I can mive my ears in RL
    Sunshine Vayandar: hm?
    Sunshine Vayandar: mive?
    Zen Arado: move
    Sunshine Vayandar: ahh ;)
    Zen Arado: not flap exactly
    Sunshine Vayandar: ear dance
    Sunshine Vayandar: hehe
    Zen Arado: yep
    Sunshine Vayandar: hmm sounds fun
    Sunshine Vayandar: I never really tried
    Zen Arado: humans have lost that ability
    Sunshine Vayandar: unlike elephants
    Zen Arado: we still have the muscle to do that
    Zen Arado: or cats and dogs

    Sunshine's sounds:

    Sunshine Vayandar: can u hear the sounds I make now?
    Zen Arado: no?
    Sunshine Vayandar: i have this sound hud
    Zen Arado: we are having a music session today?
    Sunshine Vayandar: ah I try to change it
    Sunshine Vayandar: yes we will have lots of music
    Zen Arado: what time?
    Sunshine Vayandar: and onigokko of course
    Alfred Kelberry: prim workshop session :)
    Sunshine Vayandar: well I have to chat to Yaku a bit
    Zen Arado: ah yes
    Sunshine Vayandar: ah yes boxy ;)
    Zen Arado: I have to spend all Friday afternoon here
    Zen Arado: heard that
    Sunshine Vayandar: ;)) I am around
    Sunshine Vayandar: just making fireworks
    Sunshine Vayandar: and jams
    Zen Arado: elephant
    Sunshine Vayandar: yay it works
    Zen Arado: don't know that one
    Zen Arado: cricket?
    Sunshine Vayandar: no
    Zen Arado: football?
    Sunshine Vayandar: hehe
    Zen Arado: :)
    Sunshine Vayandar: frog
    Zen Arado: ah ok
    Zen Arado: yeh easy
    Sunshine Vayandar: hehe
    Zen Arado: horse
    Zen Arado: galloping
    Sunshine Vayandar: yes
    Sunshine Vayandar: secret
    Sunshine Vayandar: I won't tell you because you tricked me!
    Zen Arado: copyright
    Sunshine Vayandar: I am designing soundscapes
    Zen Arado: Sun publications
    Sunshine Vayandar: LOL
    Sunshine Vayandar: yes
    Zen Arado: and soundscapes
    Sunshine Vayandar: yes
    Zen Arado: sorry I will have to go and do my shopping
    Sunshine Vayandar: kk Zen-san ;)
    Zen Arado: I was only filling in for Wol
    Sunshine Vayandar: I will also go do that just now
    Zen Arado: and Friday is a shopping day ;)
    Sunshine Vayandar: ahh yes this was the 1am session
    Zen Arado: thanks for a fun session :)
    Sunshine Vayandar: ;))
    Sunshine Vayandar: happy shopping
    Zen Arado: byeee
    Loelia Zabaleta: thanks sorry i hve been absent
    Sunshine Vayandar: byebyeee ;)
    Loelia Zabaleta: see you later zen
    Loelia Zabaleta: °͜°
    Sunshine Vayandar: meep!
    Zen Arado: yes:)
    Sunshine Vayandar: ;)
    Loelia Zabaleta: i am off too
    Sunshine Vayandar: kk Loe ;)
    Sunshine Vayandar: take care
    Loelia Zabaleta: bye see you another time with less ditractions i hope
    Sunshine Vayandar: ;) enjoy the friday
    Sunshine Vayandar: ;)
    Loelia Zabaleta: thank you and you °͜°
    Sunshine Vayandar: ;)
    Sunshine Vayandar: I bought something that is called "soundmate"
    Sunshine Vayandar: no
    Sunshine Vayandar: it is all included
    Sunshine Vayandar: 600 sounds included
    Sunshine Vayandar: I would like to combine sounds that work together
    Sunshine Vayandar: and also particles
    Sunshine Vayandar: for the jams
    Sunshine Vayandar: 900 I think
    Sunshine Vayandar: almost 1000
    Sunshine Vayandar: ;)
    Sunshine Vayandar: hmm will be back - must go shopping also

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