2011.05.31 07:00 - Google Moon

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    The guardian for this session was Riddle Sideways... 

    [07:02] Yakuzza Lethecus: hope you have a good coffee
    [07:02] Riddle Sideways: good afternoon my friend
    [07:03] Riddle Sideways: good coffee is just here. alas no milk to steam for it
    [07:03] Riddle Sideways: have been gone from this computer for a week
    [07:03] Riddle Sideways: it is starting up slowly
    [07:04] Riddle Sideways: amazing how many little programs want attention
    [07:04] Yakuzza Lethecus: sometimes i wonder if it´s even good to notice all of those
    [07:04] Riddle Sideways: they all want to be noticed
    [07:05] Yakuzza Lethecus: hey arch
    [07:05] Riddle Sideways: Hi Arch (and Koya)
    [07:05] Riddle Sideways: little kitty wants to be noticed the most
    [07:06] Archmage Atlantis: It is always good to notice....It may be good, or less good, or not so good to acknowledge
    [07:07] Riddle Sideways: a simple achnowledge for some
    [07:07] Archmage Atlantis: Yes Riddle
    [07:07] Riddle Sideways: then move on
    [07:07] Yakuzza Lethecus: talking about kittens, how is your nimbus arch ?
    [07:07] Riddle Sideways: is that your old cats name, Arch?
    [07:07] Archmage Atlantis: Koya stands in for this planet.......and ty for asking, Nim (Nimbus) is better now
    [07:07] Yakuzza Lethecus: *thinks about bruce and hopes that bruce is healty again or getting better*
    [07:08] Riddle Sideways: so sorry, but /me has not read any logs for a week
    [07:09] Yakuzza Lethecus: good afternoon xirana :9
    [07:09] Riddle Sideways adds reading to the todo/notices list
    [07:09] Riddle Sideways: then moves on
    [07:09] Riddle Sideways: Hi Xiranna
    [07:09] Archmage Atlantis: I have done my crying for both, when Nim made me aware of what was needed, I did what I had to do......Bruce has not made me aware
    [07:09] Xirana Oximoxi: hi Yaku, Riddle and Arch:)
    [07:09] Archmage Atlantis: Hiya, X
    [07:10] Archmage Atlantis: Aand Kor
    [07:10] Korel Laloix: Heya
    [07:10] Riddle Sideways: Hi Korel
    [07:10] Yakuzza Lethecus: hi korel
    [07:12] Riddle Sideways: nice fishes in fountain
    [07:12] Archmage Atlantis: Yes, Riddle
    [07:14] Archmage Atlantis: And my rescue cat arrives next Sunday, his name is Chester, so I suppose you will hear of him and Nim learning to get along, or not
    [07:14] Korel Laloix: In and out.... any particular topic today?.... or lately as I have not been here in a while.
    [07:14] Archmage Atlantis: Life, the universe and everything, Korel.....th usual
    [07:16] Riddle Sideways: was able to read the groups emails, but not being in SL for a week has left some kind of hole
    [07:16] Archmage Atlantis: 42 as Douglas Smith said
    [07:16] Riddle Sideways: Adams*
    [07:16] Riddle Sideways: :)
    [07:17] Korel Laloix: What?
    [07:17] Archmage Atlantis: Dang, u're wright
    [07:17] Riddle Sideways: hmmmm, not sure where the topic is
    [07:17] Riddle Sideways: does anybody have the topic?
    [07:18] Xirana Oximoxi: which topic are you asking?

    [07:18] Archmage Atlantis: The topic is, how did we get here, how was what we leaned on the trip, and where do we go from here

    [07:18] Korel Laloix: Where is here?.... smiles
    [07:19] Xirana Oximoxi: from SL?
    [07:19] Archmage Atlantis: Right
    [07:19] Archmage Atlantis: Life moves forward......
    [07:19] Korel Laloix: I logged on from the left.
    [07:19] Riddle Sideways: does it?
    [07:20] Archmage Atlantis: To me
    [07:20] Archmage Atlantis: It remembers the past
    [07:20] Xirana Oximoxi: well to me still going ahead..rl/sl :)
    [07:20] Riddle Sideways: ah, SL remembers the last state
    [07:20] Archmage Atlantis: Your son, Riddle, he is moving forward
    [07:21] Riddle Sideways: yes, (thanks) leaves for Kenya end of week
    [07:21] Korel Laloix: Would love to go to Kenya... or ay part of Africa really.
    [07:21] Riddle Sideways: is taking a GPS, camera and solar recharger
    [07:21] Archmage Atlantis: I only forget why I walk from one room in rl, not the data that has meaning
    [07:21] Riddle Sideways: to map the Masaii lands and pouchers
    [07:21] Riddle Sideways: Poachers*
    [07:22] Korel Laloix: That sounds interesting.
    [07:22] Korel Laloix: Can you tell us about that?
    [07:22] Riddle Sideways: we were testing the setup
    [07:22] Riddle Sideways: and went for a test walk
    [07:23] Riddle Sideways: looked at it later
    [07:23] Riddle Sideways: was really interesting how many times
    [07:23] Riddle Sideways: we stopped turned to walk in circles
    [07:24] Riddle Sideways: not many would be interesting in a google map of the walk in circles
    [07:24] Korel Laloix: In Africa aybe.
    [07:24] Korel Laloix: maybe
    [07:24] Riddle Sideways: right,
    [07:25] Riddle Sideways: tried to go Geocaching too

    [07:25] Korel Laloix: Was looking at google moon the other day... strange we can do that.

    [07:25] Riddle Sideways: the GPS keep on saying "you are there"
    [07:26] Riddle Sideways: whatever coordinates we put in
    [07:26] Korel Laloix: No matter where you go, there you are.
    [07:26] Riddle Sideways: it would say "there you are"
    [07:26] Korel Laloix grins
    [07:26] Archmage Atlantis: very metaphysical, te GPS
    [07:26] Korel Laloix: How are you getting htere?
    [07:27] Korel Laloix: What do you mean?
    [07:27] Riddle Sideways: anyway, was really exciting to go for a walk and take some pictures.
    [07:27] Riddle Sideways: plug both devices into a laptop
    [07:27] Korel Laloix: I am getting ready for a several thousand mile bike trip.
    [07:27] Riddle Sideways: and after about 3 hours playing
    [07:27] Korel Laloix: Going to try and take a lot of pictures.
    [07:27] Riddle Sideways: get a website and google earth of where we went and what we saw
    [07:28] Xirana Oximoxi: what an adventure Korel :)
    [07:28] Korel Laloix: Erin is thinking of doing something like that.
    [07:28] Korel Laloix: She is a lot better at that sort of thing than me.
    [07:28] Korel Laloix: I should be fun.
    [07:28] Riddle Sideways: oh sorry for obscure ref to "Buckaroo Bonsai"
    [07:28] Korel Laloix: What efference?
    [07:28] Riddle Sideways: "No mater where you go, there you are"
    [07:29] Korel Laloix: Is that where that is from?
    [07:29] Korel Laloix: What is Bucakroo Bonsai?
    [07:29] Riddle Sideways: a campy old movie
    [07:29] Korel Laloix: Will look it up.
    [07:31] Korel Laloix: I nthat case Erin probably has a copy of it..... lol... our movie tastes so dont line up.
    [07:31] Xirana Oximoxi: I must go now, bye to all and take care :)
    [07:32] Riddle Sideways: bye Xir
    [07:32] Korel Laloix: ciao
    [07:32] Yakuzza Lethecus: bye xirana
    [07:32] Riddle Sideways: if in the proper mood, it is a good movie
    [07:32] Riddle Sideways: rather silly
    [07:33] Korel Laloix: Texting her to see fi she knows it.
    [07:33] Korel Laloix: I like biographical movies.
    [07:33] Riddle Sideways: so many refs in it to other topics, things, etc.
    [07:33] Archmage Atlantis: zeus, poseidon, gaia, atlas, phaeton, hercules, the stag, the birds,
    [07:33] Archmage Atlantis: 8
    [07:33] Archmage Atlantis: still missing 4
    [07:35] Archmage Atlantis: harry potter?
    [07:35] Archmage Atlantis: poke
    [07:36] Riddle Sideways: ok, Arch. is that G-ds of Atlantis list?
    [07:36] Korel Laloix: lol.... Erin wrote back.... "no matter where you go, there you are"...
    [07:37] Korel Laloix: I guess she knows it....
    [07:37] Archmage Atlantis: I thought it was....but
    [07:37] Riddle Sideways: Hephaistus
    [07:37] Archmage Atlantis: Also, I am everywhere
    [07:37] Archmage Atlantis: Tell Erin that
    [07:38] Riddle Sideways: Korel, for a fun time, try to get erin to explain it
    [07:38] Archmage Atlantis: Brain hurts, gotta go.......Blessings and Namaste
    [07:38] Korel Laloix: ciao
    [07:38] Riddle Sideways: ok thanks Arch
    [07:38] Riddle Sideways: bye
    [07:38] Korel Laloix: Get her to explain the movie?
    [07:38] Korel Laloix: ok
    [07:38] Riddle Sideways: yes, the movie
    [07:38] Riddle Sideways: that should be good for an hour
    [07:39] Riddle Sideways: about the 8th dimension
    [07:39] Riddle Sideways: about grovers mill
    [07:39] Korel Laloix: I asked her to explain the movie to me.... lol
    [07:40] Riddle Sideways: is best asked at the start of a slow cooked meal
    [07:40] Riddle Sideways: with wine
    [07:41] Korel Laloix smiles.... she siad she is out of absinthe.....
    [07:41] Riddle Sideways: :) good reply
    [07:41] Korel Laloix: Ok... not I am curious enough to watch it.
    [07:42] Korel Laloix: We typically don't like the same movies so it will be a good date..... maybe.... maybe not from the sound of it.
    [07:42] Korel Laloix grins
    [07:42] Riddle Sideways: if in the proper mood, it would get very good
    [07:42] Riddle Sideways: but, it could be thought as toooo silly
    [07:42] Korel Laloix: Shetypically wants to watch sit comes of scifi stuff which I dont care for.
    [07:43] Korel Laloix: And I still can't remmber the difference between Starwars and Startreck which really really really annoys her.... grins

    [07:43] Riddle Sideways: couple of years back, had partner read "Snow Crash" before going to Hawaii
    [07:44] Riddle Sideways: we discussed it for the week
    [07:44] Korel Laloix: What that about it?
    [07:44] Riddle Sideways: over wine and fruit
    [07:44] Korel Laloix: What that about?
    [07:44] Korel Laloix: That does sound good.
    [07:44] Riddle Sideways: Snow Crash is book

    [07:44] Riddle Sideways: hmmmm, it has at least 5 major themes going on
    [07:45] Korel Laloix: Sounds cold
    [07:46] Riddle Sideways: much of it takes place in the Metaverse (some virtual world place :)
    [07:47] Korel Laloix: Sounds silly
    [07:47] Korel Laloix: Probably something she will like....
    [07:48] Riddle Sideways: the theme/material on sanscrit, languages, relgion, etc. is really interesting
    [07:48] Korel Laloix: Does sound interesting.
    [07:48] Korel Laloix: Dated a girl from India for a bit.
    [07:49] Korel Laloix: She taught me a little Hindi and Punjabi.
    [07:49] Korel Laloix: Learning about sanscrit was interesting.
    [07:49] Riddle Sideways: the concept of there being a base language behind all other languages
    [07:50] Korel Laloix: Have to get back to RL...
    [07:50] Riddle Sideways: a language we all know, but can not access
    [07:50] Korel Laloix: Take care all
    [07:50] Riddle Sideways: ok, bye and thanks
    [07:50] Korel Laloix: Thanks for teh chat
    [07:51] Riddle Sideways: Yak, do you know Snow Crash or Buckaroo?
    [07:52] Riddle Sideways: or the genre "Cyberpunk"
    [07:53] Riddle Sideways: the writing style's most interesting addition
    [07:53] Riddle Sideways: was not assuming the reader is stupid
    [07:54] Riddle Sideways: most sci-fi books contain a ... (e.g. Grandmother) character
    [07:55] Riddle Sideways: who is the vehicle to explain everything fictional/new
    [07:55] Riddle Sideways: they have to explain laser beams to granma
    [07:56] Riddle Sideways: in Cyberpunk, they just start speaking in slang and the reader is expected to get it eventually
    [07:59] Riddle Sideways: how would it be, if we just started from now/here
    [08:00] Riddle Sideways: and did not back-track continually to explain

    [08:05] Riddle Sideways: ummmmm, the region restart message cometh
    [08:06] Riddle Sideways: at least it is after the session (8:03)
    [08:06] Riddle Sideways: bye Yak
    [08:06] Riddle Sideways: and thanks
    [07:01] Yakuzza Lethecus: good morning riddle 

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