2011.06.04 07:00 - You Should Dress Alike, to Enhance the Confusion

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    Eliza posted this session...

    [07:10] Bertram Jacobus: hey hello bertrum ! :-)
    [07:10] Bertrum Resident: Good morning.
    [07:11] Bertram Jacobus: here (germany) it´s afternoon ... ;-)
    [07:12] Bertrum Resident: Time is an illusion for all of us.
    [07:13] Bertram Jacobus: illusion ? may be, may be not - or - "for all of us" ? may be for some more, for others less -
    [07:14] Bertrum Resident: Yes.
    [07:15] Bertram Jacobus: we had a bertrum already since a long time here - but you´r avatar is quite new - are you that one from before or are you new to sl and pab ? :-)
    [07:15] Bertram Jacobus: oops - sry ...
    [07:17] Bertrum Resident: Yes. I am the same as before. And only in SL can one grow younger!
    [07:17] Bertram Jacobus: hehe. who knows ... ;-)
    [07:17] Bertram Jacobus: why did you do that change of your account ? if i may ask ...
    [07:20] Bertrum Resident: I cancelled the account because I was unable to attend SL for quite a while. Now I am able to attend again from time to time.
    [07:20] Bertram Jacobus: i see. so you changed your mind ? ... ;-)
    [07:21] Bertram Jacobus: and however : nice to have you back here !
    [07:21] Bertram Jacobus: you were here before me ...
    [07:21] Bertram Jacobus: and when i came, my name often was mixed up with your´s for a while by many others here ... ;-)
    [07:23] Bertrum Resident: Good to know I helped eliminate that confusion!
    [07:23] Bertram Jacobus: hehe *smile*
    [07:23] Bertram Jacobus: people now are used to us i think ... ;-)
    [07:25] Bertrum Resident: Unfortunately, I am unable to attend regularly. But I do read the e-mails.
    [07:25] Bertram Jacobus: ah. oh. i see :-)
    [07:25] Bertram Jacobus: and what do you like most with pab ? again : if i may ask
    [07:27] Bertrum Resident: The ideas discussed and the international flavor. And what draws you to PaB?
    [07:29] Bertram Jacobus: hm. communication. interest in things which are related to conciousness, the so called "absolute" and such ...
    [07:29] Bertram Jacobus: and i like also that the people are very friendly in this group ...
    [07:31] Bertrum Resident: Yes, that is a draw for me as well.
    [07:33] Bertram Jacobus: do you already know "perfect paradise", another place in sl ?
    [07:34] Bertrum Resident: Eliza invited me to attend one of their sessions. Do you attend?
    [07:34] milakel Resident: hi :)
    [07:34] Bertram Jacobus: hi mila
    [07:34] milakel Resident: two berts? :)
    [07:34] Bertrum Resident: Hi Mila
    [07:34] Bertram Jacobus: hehe. only in a way ;-)
    [07:34] milakel Resident: hehe
    [07:34] Bertram Jacobus: the one is bertrum, the other bertram ;-)
    [07:35] milakel Resident: close :)
    [07:35] Bertram Jacobus: were you here before mila or is it your first time ?
    [07:35] milakel Resident: i sure was
    [07:35] milakel Resident: i'm boxy's sister :)
    [07:35] Bertram Jacobus: sorry - i was not that much here the last time so i was not sure ...
    [07:35] Bertram Jacobus: uh - great ! :-)
    [07:36] milakel Resident: *giggles*
    [07:36] milakel Resident: good to see you
    [07:36] Bertram Jacobus: ty :-)
    [07:36] milakel Resident: quiet here this session
    [07:37] Bertram Jacobus: yes. i don´t mind that. in contrary ! sometimes it´s too busy in a way for me ... ;-)
    [07:37] milakel Resident: ah, good then :)
    [07:37] Bertram Jacobus: and sry bertrum : i was not at the sessions with eliza before ...
    [07:37] milakel Resident: stev! :)
    [07:37] Bertram Jacobus: hoi stevie :-)
    [07:38] Bertrum Resident: Hi Steve
    [07:38] stevenaia Michinaga: hiya
    [07:39] stevenaia Michinaga: nice sneakers Mila
    [07:39] milakel Resident: thank you :)
    [07:39] Bertram Jacobus: i thought that either ... ;-)
    [07:39] milakel Resident: should probably sit down and not waving them in the air :)
    [07:40] stevenaia Michinaga: :)
    [07:40] Bertram Jacobus: hehe. but hovering is wide spread here ... ;-)
    [07:40] milakel Resident: i imagine one day it will be possible in rl
    [07:41] milakel Resident: when we finally understand "the force" :)
    [07:41] stevenaia Michinaga: for now, only in the movies
    [07:41] Bertram Jacobus: i try to sit a bit more ... "in the middle" (?) - linkin (?) - something like that. ... ;-)
    [07:41] milakel Resident: yes, stev. sadly, not in our lifetime.
    [07:41] Bertram Jacobus: symmetric ! :o)
    [07:42] milakel Resident: ha! true, berty :)
    [07:42] stevenaia Michinaga: middle of what?
    [07:42] Bertram Jacobus: although i had loved to stay seated besides mila (!) ...
    [07:42] milakel Resident: :)
    [07:42] Bertram Jacobus: middle of us. letting bertrum not alone and such ... ;-)
    [07:42] stevenaia Michinaga: aww, balance in the circle
    [07:42] Bertram Jacobus: yess
    [07:43] stevenaia Michinaga: how do you work two avatars at the same time?
    [07:43] Bertram Jacobus: ehm - we are not the same avatar (!)
    [07:43] Bertram Jacobus: we are totally different : betrum is in the us and i´m in germany (!) ;-)
    [07:43] stevenaia Michinaga: scratches head, ok
    [07:43] milakel Resident: "working an av" - sounds like a job :)
    [07:44] Bertrum Resident: I'm in the USA.
    [07:44] stevenaia Michinaga: puppet master
    [07:44] stevenaia Michinaga: sorry, easilly confused
    [07:44] Bertram Jacobus: *smile* - ghost in the shell ? :-)
    [07:44] milakel Resident: you two could easily pass for brothers :)
    [07:46] Bertram Jacobus: hehe. and i just before stated that the confusion about our very similar names had been finished since months, even years here ... baeh ... ;o) - seems to be totally wrong ... ;-)
    [07:47] Bertrum Resident: Perhaps confusion is a good thing!
    [07:48] milakel Resident: i think maybe it's because you don't come here too often :)
    [07:48] stevenaia Michinaga: must be that I haven;t seen you at the same place at the same time
    [07:48] Bertram Jacobus: i don´t think so : a black magician once told the same (about confusion), but a buddhist teacher taught the contrary : always be clear and don´t cause confusion (!) ...
    [07:49] milakel Resident: yes, stev. that is rare to see them both.
    [07:49] stevenaia Michinaga: like a comet or the alignemnt of planets
    [07:50] Bertrum Resident: A special moment then? Right here, right now!
    [07:51] stevenaia Michinaga: smiles
    [07:51] stevenaia Michinaga: you should dress alike... to enhance the confusion
    [07:52] milakel Resident: this is where confusion turns into a practical joke :)
    [07:52] Bertrum Resident: Or an impractical joke?
    [07:52] milakel Resident: :)
    [07:53] Bertram Jacobus: yes : we only meet each other now and then here ... bertrum and i ... ehm and steven : no ? didn´t you read, what i think ? : i think pureness and clearness is way better ! may be it´s sometimes not so comfortable and even may appear boaring on the first glance - but it´s much deeper and joyful, helping and simply - nice ... (as i guess at least) sry for the long, serious text, party pooping and all that ...
    [07:54] milakel Resident: berty, you're cute :)
    [07:54] Bertram Jacobus: i find myself terrible ... :-/
    [07:54] milakel Resident: i agree on clarity
    [07:54] Bertram Jacobus: sometimes at least ;-)
    [07:54] stevenaia Michinaga: well there's serious confusion (deception) and light confusion I suppose
    [07:55] Bertrum Resident: Or no confusion at all.
    [07:55] Bertram Jacobus: THAT would be great i think
    [07:55] stevenaia Michinaga: ofcourse, clearity
    [07:56] Bertram Jacobus: another state of being, feeling ...
    [07:57] Bertram Jacobus: dear friends - i feel a bit tired - and "like to" leave ... ty for the nice talks ! have a nice time pls ! and may all beings be happy pls ...
    [07:57] milakel Resident: rest well, berty
    [07:58] Bertrum Resident: Bye, Bertram.
    [07:58] stevenaia Michinaga: sweet dreams
    [07:58] Bertram Jacobus: ty all again ! :-) and i hope, you don´t mind my controverse words steven ? ...
    [07:58] stevenaia Michinaga: not at all
    [07:58] Bertram Jacobus: i always fear such a bit ...
    [07:58] stevenaia Michinaga: you should see what I say sometimes
    [07:58] Bertram Jacobus: pheww - tyvm :-)
    [07:59] milakel Resident: :)
    [07:59] stevenaia Michinaga: *hear
    [07:59] stevenaia Michinaga: *see
    [07:59] Bertram Jacobus: *smile happily* :-)
    [07:59] stevenaia Michinaga: nevermind
    [07:59] stevenaia Michinaga: I should be going too, busy afternoon ahead
    [07:59] stevenaia Michinaga: nice to be with you
    [07:59] Bertrum Resident: Bye Steve.
    [07:59] milakel Resident: thanks for coming, stev :)
    [08:00] milakel Resident: i'm off as well
    [08:00] stevenaia Michinaga: say hi to boxy
    [08:00] milakel Resident: i will :)

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