2011.06.09 19:00 - : “I am a concatenation of circumstance ...”

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Paradise Tennant. The comments are by Paradise, Hokin, druth, stevenaia, Lucinda, and Roger

    Hokon Cazalet: I got Netflix and saw several doctor who serials one night last weekend =)
    druth Vlodovic: the addiction is growing
    Hokon Cazalet: lol
    Hokon Cazalet: yup
    Hokon Cazalet: hi paradise =)
    druth Vlodovic: still doing the older shows or are you up to doc #11 yet?
    Hokon Cazalet: older
    Hokon Cazalet: saw a serial from the first, second and another of the fourth
    stevenaia Michinaga: waves to Paradise
    Paradise Tennant: smiles hiya hokon, druth stev susan gtsy :)))
    druth Vlodovic: I have a hard time getting all of the episodes of the mini-serials, so I go for the modern ones myself
    Hokon Cazalet: =)
    druth Vlodovic: hi para
    Hokon Cazalet: yeah some of the very old stuff has been lost
    druth Vlodovic: I have the first one on my computer somewhere
    Hokon Cazalet: !
    druth Vlodovic: I had the choice between learning stuff and just dragging others down to my level, this is easier :)
    Paradise Tennant: smiles at druth :)
    Hokon Cazalet: hehe
    Paradise Tennant: smiles did anyone have a particular topic they would like to explore :))
    Hokon Cazalet: naw, was here to listen, i have to leave early, got work early tomorrow, 6am, ick
    Paradise Tennant: wow that is ick you have to start at 6 am?
    stevenaia Michinaga: I do that every day, just to get coffee
    stevenaia Michinaga: but first I turn off the alarm clock
    stevenaia Michinaga: once or twice
    Hokon Cazalet: hehe
    Paradise Tennant: I pad out press the coffee button at 7 am then hibernate slowly drinking it and blinking until 8 :)
    Hokon Cazalet: hehe
    Paradise Tennant: interesting our cycles affect us whether we are morning or evening people
    druth Vlodovic: I finally did a few days skipping coffee entirely, the funny thing is I didn't miss it a bit
    Hokon Cazalet: hehe
    Paradise Tennant: perks up and listens :) it was easy to give up?
    Paradise Tennant: hiya roger :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: I usually enjoy the coffee shop crowd
    druth Vlodovic: I used to get headaches and be draggy when I did it, this time it didn't affect me
    stevenaia Michinaga: hi Roger
    Roger Ormenthal: Hi all.
    druth Vlodovic: I did find out that the stuff no longer affects how awake I am
    stevenaia Michinaga: thanks for joining us
    druth Vlodovic: hi roger
    Roger Ormenthal: Hi
    druth Vlodovic: do you meet people there, or just people watch?
    Paradise Tennant: we are talking about how we start the day the dire necessity or un-necessity of coffee :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: both depending on the day, but the staff is amusing
    Roger Ormenthal: I gave up caffeine completely, and had a five day headache withdrawing.
    Paradise Tennant: ouch
    stevenaia Michinaga: I gave up sugar in my coffee in college, it helped a lot
    Hokon Cazalet: I just use creamer in my coffee
    druth Vlodovic: no sugar helped?
    Paradise Tennant: I am thinking of switching to cocoa in the morning - undutched pure cocoa dissolved in a little boiling water and then topped up with soy milk :) maybe does not sound that appetizing but very tasty :)
    Hokon Cazalet: =)
    stevenaia Michinaga: I used to put 2-3 spoons of sugar in my coffee and washed downs a few donuts, then one day something said no more sugar
    druth Vlodovic: that was the diabetes talking
    Roger Ormenthal: Stevia is a good herbal sugar substitute, if anyone is interested.
    stevenaia Michinaga: notes, the future voice, mother has that
    stevenaia Michinaga: I don’t need sugar anymore, except for ice cream, of course
    Hokon Cazalet: !
    Paradise Tennant: smiles well there are essentials in life .. would just not be the same without gelato :))
    Roger Ormenthal: Soy Delicious is a passable ice cream sub for those going off dairy.
    Paradise Tennant: puts it on her list :)
    Paradise Tennant: interesting how our bodies come up with cravings .. once read of a heart transplant recipient who suddenly had the urge to eat chicken fingers every day it turned her donor loved them and ate them allot :)
    Roger Ormenthal: What cosmic riddles shall we solve today?
    Paradise Tennant: connectedness
    Paradise Tennant: how it works
    Roger Ormenthal: Lots of stories of transplant recipients adopting habits, having cravings, of their donors, as if the tissue carries memory, or energy of the donor.
    Paradise Tennant: because when you really look it is like there are a tiny web of threads that interweave us all
    stevenaia Michinaga: light are flickering, we had a big storm blow through before, trees falling I may disappear soon
    Hokon Cazalet: !
    Paradise Tennant: yes they say your fingers learn knitting for example the information you need to access to knit is in your hands :)
    Paradise Tennant: holds on to stev :) to keep her from proofing
    Hokon Cazalet: =)
    Paradise Tennant: sometimes I think it is not just our tissues that carry our energy
    Paradise Tennant: your thoughts give a vibe out that seems to resonate in the things around you ..
    Paradise Tennant: you can walk in a room where there has been something traumatic occur and you feel it
    Roger Ormenthal: If we have higher-dimensional bodies, then the donor tissue DNA may maintain a resonant connection to that still-existing person in the higher realms.
    Paradise Tennant: ooooo
    Paradise Tennant: can you say more roger :)
    Roger Ormenthal: It may be as if that single body is expressing soul elements from more than one person.
    Hokon Cazalet: I got to head out guys, have a good night you all =)
    Roger Ormenthal: Bye
    stevenaia Michinaga: night hokon
    Paradise Tennant: good nite hokon sweet dreams ;))
    druth Vlodovic: have fun hokon
    Hokon Cazalet: Weeee! ^.^
    Hokon Cazalet waves to all
    Paradise Tennant: smiles and Weeeees ;))
    Paradise Tennant: our souls or lack of souls is such a big question :)
    Roger Ormenthal: Yes. And many who believe in a mechanistic universe are deeply offended at the concept. I would point out, that the idea that our existence as a person might have a multi-dimensional character, is entirely separate from any religious system.
    Paradise Tennant: always thought that our senses really limit what we see :) like we are looking out through just a tiny peep hole and there is so much more there that we cannot see taste touch hear or smell :)
    Paradise Tennant: smiles hiya luci :))
    Lucinda Lavender: Hiya Paradise and everyone...
    Roger Ormenthal: We know that our physical existence has reality on all known levels - subatomic, atomic, molecular, cellular, organ, body. If unified field theory in physics now speaks of eleven dimensions, maybe it is not unreasonable that there are elements of our individual existence on those levels too?
    Paradise Tennant: smiles yes ..
    Roger Ormenthal: And in consciousness, our individual existence may extend out to the stars and beyond.
    Lucinda Lavender: interesting idea
    Paradise Tennant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_field_theory
    Roger Ormenthal: great link, thanks.
    Paradise Tennant: so my consciousness is not limited to this dimension
    Paradise Tennant: but can spand maybe 11
    Roger Ormenthal: 11 dimensions are mentioned in that link, at the bottom, in relation to "M-theory". 11 dimensions are also discussed in "string theory" - another unified field theory -a theory that attempts to unify everything - from the perspective of science.
    Paradise Tennant: thinks they will need a bit more duct tape
    Paradise Tennant: does not all hang yet .. as I understand it there are still glitches
    Lucinda Lavender: :))
    Paradise Tennant: trying to make the very big play by the same rules as the very small has been surprisingly difficult
    Paradise Tennant: find it spooky that our attention can impact the form matter takes i.e. change it from a wave that can be many places at once to a particle .. a finite spot
    Paradise Tennant: wonders if we dream in different dimensions
    stevenaia Michinaga: I often wondered that as well
    Lucinda Lavender: I think perhaps I have heard of that...
    Roger Ormenthal: From wave to particle by attention, is like bringing our comprehensive attention to a point of focus. That may be more poetic, than have any scientific relevance.
    stevenaia Michinaga: like it's the moment we contact other dimensions
    Paradise Tennant: so dreams could be real
    Lucinda Lavender: or at least point to possibility
    stevenaia Michinaga: somewhere (else)
    stevenaia Michinaga: I am dozing off, night all
    Paradise Tennant: smiles making me blink don't I have figured out this dimension whew 10 more to go :)
    Lucinda Lavender: happy resting steve
    druth Vlodovic: sleep well 'naia
    Paradise Tennant: nite nite stev :))
    Paradise Tennant: sweet multidimensional dreams :))
    stevenaia Michinaga: :)
    Lucinda Lavender: well some of the dreamers I know have described moving through grids...kind of like a jungle gym:)
    Lucinda Lavender: have wondered if that would be like going to a very small/fine level...
    Roger Ormenthal: I have heard recountings, but never experienced, that while sleeping and out of body it is possible to go to higher dimensional schools, sit in "classes", etc.
    Lucinda Lavender: yes have heard this too...
    Paradise Tennant: lol will the homework never end :))
    druth Vlodovic: were the dreamers recently enrolled in a new school?
    Lucinda Lavender: guess not Paradise:)
    Paradise Tennant: what do they do in these class rooms what are the lessons about :)
    Lucinda Lavender: probably just know that teaching and learning is happening...
    Roger Ormenthal: Lucinda, in your dream work do you consider dreams a function of the physical brain, or do you think there may be higher-dimensional dynamics at play too?
    Lucinda Lavender: sometimes there is visiting to libraries and great stone buildings..
    Lucinda Lavender: there is a log answer to that one:)
    Lucinda Lavender: because in my teachers view there is something called the soul...which we return to after life...
    Lucinda Lavender: what we are being here...in these bodies is what we have contracted to deliver the gift of...did not say that so well...but being here to deliver gifts is a nice idea to me:)
    druth Vlodovic: is the gift for the physical world, or for the soul afterwards?
    Paradise Tennant: smiles likes the phrase very well luci ;))
    Lucinda Lavender: and the gifts are gifts of being...they are for this world I guess...
    Lucinda Lavender: they are not about what we do so much...but are what we are sort of tuned to be here for
    druth Vlodovic: I think I need a better lawyer for my next contract
    Lucinda Lavender: :))0
    Paradise Tennant: wonders some times if my whole function is maybe just to hold the door open for someone else on one particular day that puts them a minute ahead of their schedule and they side step by seconds some horrid disaster :)
    Paradise Tennant: lol druth :)
    Lucinda Lavender: could be...
    druth Vlodovic: you asked if a dream is the function of the brain
    druth Vlodovic: I'd think that the brain is only part of the mind
    Paradise Tennant: hmm can you say more druth :)
    Roger Ormenthal: That's my understanding Druth, that mind is largely beyond just the brain.
    druth Vlodovic: anything that affects you to think certain things, or feel certain ways could be called additional parts of your mind, even if they are external to your body
    Paradise Tennant: smiles yes always think the groups of people you attach to are very important .. you need to be with good brain trusts :)
    Lucinda Lavender: oops...power cord time:)
    Lucinda Lavender: back
    Lucinda Lavender: I feel personally like there is this screen that we have things appearing on...and there are many influences for the screen...physical body, emotional body, etc
    Lucinda Lavender: that is how I visualize sometimes
    Roger Ormenthal: Could that "screen" be three dimensional, like a hologram?
    Paradise Tennant: are we the screen ?
    Paradise Tennant: often think we are the universe's vanity mirror :) there is so much beauty .. somehow it had to be admired :)
    Lucinda Lavender: I think it could...kind of like a kaleidoscope
    Paradise Tennant: smiles hello observerm ..nice to see you ;) would you like to sit with us :)
    observerm Resident waves
    Paradise Tennant: we have been exploring multi dimensions and whether or not part of us exists in higher realms
    druth Vlodovic: and lower
    druth Vlodovic: but it's the sideways realms that confuse me
    Lucinda Lavender: what do you think about holograms?
    Lucinda Lavender: hmmmwhat about holograms?
    Paradise Tennant: smiles at druth
    druth Vlodovic: I am a concatenation of circumstance, so I suppose I partake of quite a chunk of local universe
    druth Vlodovic: I find the idea that "this world is illusory" to be disturbing as it can be used to ignore responsibility
    Lucinda Lavender: a chunk of local universe....I can see what you say druth:)
    Roger Ormenthal: Our task is to clarify the lens of wisdom and understanding through which we view the universe.
    Paradise Tennant: smiles we cannot improve without the universe being a little brighter for it : )
    Roger Ormenthal: When we grow, the universe grows too.
    Lucinda Lavender: so...this brings me to think of how our world seems to be changing with instantaneous media connection etc...
    Lucinda Lavender: clarifying the lense is happening all around us
    Lucinda Lavender: and taking responsibility is happening because of it...
    Lucinda Lavender: maybe
    Roger Ormenthal: The internet is like another level of global nervous system bringing individual minds into greater synchronicity.
    druth Vlodovic: "progress" is dependant upon where you wish to go
    druth Vlodovic: in many ways things are improving
    Paradise Tennant: yes forming connections linking :))) a conjoined awareness
    druth Vlodovic: in a few it looks like a road to universal disaster, but how many times in history has that been predicted?
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Paradise Tennant: thinks that is why surrender is so important
    Lucinda Lavender: thinking about something I read today
    Lucinda Lavender: surrender yes...
    Paradise Tennant: listens yes luci :)
    Roger Ormenthal: The fear of a universal disaster, may be a projection of fear of the unknown, in this fast-changing world. Yet disaster is possible, if we make foolish choices on a national levels (like the use of nuclear arms in future conflicts, etc., noting that many new nations will soon have them, Iran, etc..
    Lucinda Lavender: power might be changing because truth is able to be know so much more easily
    druth Vlodovic: the part of us that is Islamic seems to be absorbing the concept "human rights" and wanting it
    Roger Ormenthal: (apologies for grammar)
    Paradise Tennant: smiles no worries on grammar or spelling or typos .. wol once said typos are sl's body language :)
    Lucinda Lavender: :)
    Roger Ormenthal: The issue of Islam and it's peaceful vs. violent expressions are a vast, complex, and contentious topic! Hard to address with short text messages!
    Roger Ormenthal: its
    Lucinda Lavender: ah...thanks everyone...time to go:) have a truthful dream>>>
    druth Vlodovic: have fun luci
    druth Vlodovic: I'm off as well
    Paradise Tennant: smiles nite nite luci :) sweet dreams :)
    Lucinda Lavender: met day tomorrow...it was too hot today...
    druth Vlodovic: bye all
    Paradise Tennant: good nite druth :) thank you both :)
    Roger Ormenthal: Bye
    druth Vlodovic: and thank you for joining the circle observem
    Lucinda Lavender: bye thanks for such thoughtful communication:)
    Paradise Tennant: enjoyed the conversation
    Paradise Tennant: smiles at observerm :)

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