2011.06.11 07:00 - Just Show Up and Play

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    Eliza posted this session...


    [07:25] Frenchie Riverstone: hi :)
    [07:26] Frenchie Riverstone: the meeting is now?
    [07:27] Frenchie Riverstone: is no talk at meeting?
    [07:33] iwandertoo Resident: hi sorry
    [07:33] iwandertoo Resident: have you been here before?
    [07:33] Frenchie Riverstone: yes
    [07:33] iwandertoo Resident: i was getting some coffere
    [07:33] iwandertoo Resident: *coffee
    [07:34] Frenchie Riverstone: is good?
    [07:34] iwandertoo Resident: yes :)
    [07:34] iwandertoo Resident: how are you?
    [07:34] Frenchie Riverstone: hi Dash!
    [07:35] iwandertoo Resident: hi Dash :)
    [07:35] Frenchie Riverstone: i look for you here Dash
    [07:37] Dash Earthboy: what's happening here?
    [07:37] Dash Earthboy: i type and it soesn't show
    [07:37] Dash Earthboy: can't move
    [07:37] iwandertoo Resident: ?
    [07:37] Frenchie Riverstone: i have no trouble here
    [07:38] iwandertoo Resident: i've been slow this morning....just letting the coffee in
    [07:38] Dash Earthboy: hmmm
    [07:38] Dash Earthboy: now it's getting better
    [07:39] iwandertoo Resident: :)
    [07:39] Frenchie Riverstone: you travel now Dash?
    [07:39] Dash Earthboy: not yet...hope to soon
    [07:40] Dash Earthboy: what's happening with you?
    [07:40] Frenchie Riverstone: no news
    [07:41] iwandertoo Resident: restful weekend alone for me
    [07:41] Frenchie Riverstone: still working and all that
    [07:41] iwandertoo Resident: :)
    [07:41] Dash Earthboy: sounds good Susan :)
    [07:41] iwandertoo Resident: well...not alone as I'm with friends here...just RL alone
    [07:41] Frenchie Riverstone: yes :)
    [07:41] iwandertoo Resident: do you need solitude?
    [07:42] Frenchie Riverstone: no i like be with friends
    [07:42] Dash Earthboy: i have plenty of solitude
    [07:42] iwandertoo Resident: i think i would be a hermit of sorts if money were not an issue
    [07:42] Dash Earthboy: but mine is invaded by neighors
    [07:43] Dash Earthboy: ah, you and Bruce huh Susan?
    [07:43] Dash Earthboy: should be neighbors :)
    [07:43] iwandertoo Resident: haha
    [07:43] Frenchie Riverstone: :)
    [07:43] iwandertoo Resident: :)
    [07:44] Frenchie Riverstone: good to see you
    [07:44] Frenchie Riverstone: i must go
    [07:44] iwandertoo Resident: waves
    [07:44] Dash Earthboy: aww, okay Frenchie gtsy
    [07:45] Frenchie Riverstone: u2
    [07:45] Frenchie Riverstone: :)
    [07:46] Dash Earthboy: it's actually quieter here at PaB than my home in RL now
    [07:46] iwandertoo Resident: what's happening in RL?
    [07:46] Dash Earthboy: really good to see Frenchie again
    [07:46] Dash Earthboy: she hasn't been on much lately
    [07:47] Dash Earthboy: not while I've been inworld anyway...
    [07:47] iwandertoo Resident: I'm not sure I have met Frenchie prior
    [07:47] Dash Earthboy: i'm prepping for relocation
    [07:47] iwandertoo Resident: oh wow
    [07:47] Dash Earthboy: haven't met her?
    [07:47] iwandertoo Resident: lots of work
    [07:48] Dash Earthboy: coffee spill?
    [07:48] iwandertoo Resident: pardon?
    [07:49] Dash Earthboy: i'm getting lots of chat lag
    [07:49] Dash Earthboy: dang the hour is almost gone
    [07:49] iwandertoo Resident: yes
    [07:50] Dash Earthboy: what was "oh wow"?
    [07:50] iwandertoo Resident: it was about moving - "relocation"
    [07:50] Dash Earthboy: oh yah
    [07:50] Dash Earthboy: long overdue for me
    [07:51] Dash Earthboy: just sold my instruction guitar to lighten my load for the road
    [07:51] iwandertoo Resident: what do you like most about the new place?
    [07:51] iwandertoo Resident: for the road?
    [07:51] Dash Earthboy: i search for a new community where my music and social values will be nurtured and needed both
    [07:51] iwandertoo Resident: are you in the states?
    [07:51] Dash Earthboy: i have no set destination yet
    [07:52] iwandertoo Resident: :)
    [07:52] Dash Earthboy: yes I'm in the states
    [07:52] iwandertoo Resident: that's fantastic, Dash
    [07:52] Dash Earthboy: a little frightening
    [07:52] iwandertoo Resident: yes, imagine so
    [07:53] Dash Earthboy: i've done it before
    [07:53] iwandertoo Resident: have you friends scattered about?
    [07:53] Dash Earthboy: but never by abandoning a home and other possessions
    [07:53] Dash Earthboy: the friends around this country have not encouraged me to try their areas again
    [07:54] iwandertoo Resident: ah
    [07:54] Dash Earthboy: for instance Nashville...they still claim not enough work for me because I don't have degree to go with my aging experience
    [07:54] iwandertoo Resident: i'm not sure whta you're looking for but california probably has it
    [07:54] Dash Earthboy: i've thought it best to head west yes
    [07:54] iwandertoo Resident: you're looking to play music?
    [07:54] Dash Earthboy: definitely
    [07:55] Dash Earthboy: i want to play music with others
    [07:55] Dash Earthboy: i don't enjoy being a solo act
    [07:55] iwandertoo Resident: ah
    [07:55] Dash Earthboy: i want to be part of a team and part of a community
    [07:55] Dash Earthboy: i'm neither here
    [07:56] iwandertoo Resident: i think it's admirable you are doing this
    [07:56] iwandertoo Resident: living by your values
    [07:57] iwandertoo Resident: ...things find a way of working out
    [07:57] Dash Earthboy: at the PaB session here yesterday I spoke of feeling soiled by the racism and other denegration I had dumped on me yesterday at a barbershop
    [07:57] iwandertoo Resident: racism...?
    [07:57] iwandertoo Resident: sorry to hear this
    [07:58] Dash Earthboy: yes redneck ignorance manifested as social norm here
    [07:58] Dash Earthboy: contempt for anybody with intelligence who isn't racist like them
    [07:59] Dash Earthboy: it's even in the government and churches
    [07:59] iwandertoo Resident: sorry to hear this, Dash
    [07:59] Dash Earthboy: along with the "poor talk" and other fraud
    [07:59] Dash Earthboy: yeah, in the 21st century US, it's ridiculous
    [08:01] Dash Earthboy: how's your coffee?
    [08:01] iwandertoo Resident: needs to be refilled :)
    [08:01] iwandertoo Resident: coffee...rocks
    [08:02] Dash Earthboy: i've had my 4 cups for this morning
    [08:02] iwandertoo Resident: :)
    [08:02] Dash Earthboy: chock full o nuts arabica
    [08:02] iwandertoo Resident: not sure what beans we have...lots of small roasters around here
    [08:03] Dash Earthboy: ah
    [08:03] iwandertoo Resident: some good, some not so much
    [08:03] Dash Earthboy: that's cool
    [08:03] iwandertoo Resident: it kind of is
    [08:03] iwandertoo Resident: mystery coffee
    [08:03] Dash Earthboy: i sometimes buy whole bean and grind at home
    [08:03] iwandertoo Resident: that's the only thing allowed here
    [08:03] iwandertoo Resident: lol
    [08:03] Dash Earthboy: heheh
    [08:04] Dash Earthboy: well i even drink instant here :)
    [08:04] iwandertoo Resident: i will drink most any type of coffee
    [08:04] iwandertoo Resident: do not have a discerning pallet
    [08:04] Dash Earthboy: me too
    [08:04] iwandertoo Resident: maybe i just really like the word, "coffee"
    [08:04] iwandertoo Resident: :)
    [08:04] Dash Earthboy: i discern but have wide taste range
    [08:05] iwandertoo Resident: i like that better
    [08:05] iwandertoo Resident: well said
    [08:05] Dash Earthboy: hardly any common US food I don't like now
    [08:05] iwandertoo Resident: same
    [08:06] iwandertoo Resident: i like most foods
    [08:06] Dash Earthboy: i'm currently working on gallon bag of organic mushrooms I got for $1.49 a couple weeks ago
    [08:06] iwandertoo Resident: brb...going to grab another cup of coffee.
    [08:06] Dash Earthboy: all with 2 inch or bigger caps
    [08:06] iwandertoo Resident: that is inexcpensive
    [08:06] iwandertoo Resident: *inexpensive
    [08:06] Dash Earthboy: very
    [08:06] iwandertoo Resident: wow...
    [08:06] Dash Earthboy: i find those kind of deals
    [08:07] Dash Earthboy: get your coffee refill
    [08:07] iwandertoo Resident: dry them, spice them, take them on the road with you
    [08:08] Dash Earthboy: i've been having them in salads, on baked potatos, in omelets (extra large organic free range brown eggs for 79 cents / doz)
    [08:08] Dash Earthboy: in rice, in sandwiches
    [08:09] iwandertoo Resident: that's awesome
    [08:09] Dash Earthboy: idaho potatoes $2/10 lbs
    [08:09] iwandertoo Resident: where do you live-ish?
    [08:09] Dash Earthboy: near Atlanta
    [08:09] iwandertoo Resident: CA prices are a lot different
    [08:09] Dash Earthboy: i have two awesome stores i like
    [08:10] Dash Earthboy: prices here are not all like my two stores
    [08:10] Dash Earthboy: and one of my stores only has those deals on Wed mornings
    [08:10] Dash Earthboy: like the eggs, mushrooms, etc...this past Wed gal of 2% milk for $1.49
    [08:11] Dash Earthboy: honey nut cheerios for $1.25
    [08:11] Dash Earthboy: 15 large bananas for $1.49
    [08:11] iwandertoo Resident: pretty amazing
    [08:12] Dash Earthboy: so w/milk, cereal and bananas I got myself 12 wholesome breakfasts for less than $4.25!
    [08:12] iwandertoo Resident: :)
    [08:12] Dash Earthboy: and bananas to spare for banana splits or on PB sandwiches
    [08:12] Dash Earthboy: yah
    [08:13] Dash Earthboy: well, my first year of college, out in Salt Lake City, I started a food coop to help me save money and get more choice of local food
    [08:14] iwandertoo Resident: how did it go?
    [08:14] Dash Earthboy: i'm good with money, food, etc. but you'd never know it from my condition here
    [08:14] iwandertoo Resident: sorry?
    [08:14] Dash Earthboy: the food coop thrived
    [08:14] Dash Earthboy: not sure if it's still going or not...it's been awhile
    [08:16] iwandertoo Resident: where will you travel to first?
    [08:18] Dash Earthboy: i'm trying to decide whether to head directly west through B'ham or veer down toward New Orleans near Frenchie...i'd like to actually meet her
    [08:18] iwandertoo Resident: New Orleans...great city
    [08:18] iwandertoo Resident: but also...hard
    [08:18] Dash Earthboy: i've had some others in SL invite me to meet too
    [08:19] Dash Earthboy: tell me about New Orleans?

    [08:19] iwandertoo Resident: i've only been once recently - not so recent actually
    [08:19] iwandertoo Resident: but what i know through others who have lived there - they loved it
    [08:20] iwandertoo Resident: the economy isnt great, but music wise you can usually find something
    [08:20] iwandertoo Resident: there's a lot of survival work...
    [08:20] iwandertoo Resident: meaning, you can find ad hoc jobs to get you through
    [08:20] iwandertoo Resident: (I have a friend in SF who has artsy friends)
    [08:20] Dash Earthboy: cool
    [08:21] iwandertoo Resident: the history is amazing, the architecture, the food...lots to see and do
    [08:21] Dash Earthboy: i have a pretty fair music background
    [08:21] Dash Earthboy: including having a summer long concert series sponsored by Brooklyn Art & Culture Assoc long ago
    [08:22] iwandertoo Resident: i have a friend in NY right now, when she gets back I can ask her for her friends email and forward it along to you
    [08:22] iwandertoo Resident: she travels around a lot but her homebase is New Orleans (I think)
    [08:22] iwandertoo Resident: at least she could give you some insight
    [08:23] Dash Earthboy: but here, when I approached this little county's art assoc, they said if I didn't have recent CD to promote, no performance on the little square
    [08:23] Dash Earthboy: yes I would like to contact your friend!
    [08:23] iwandertoo Resident: this seems odd

    [08:24] iwandertoo Resident: San Francisco has this area down by the seaside where people just show-up and play drums
    [08:24] iwandertoo Resident: I havent been there for a bit - but still believe it is happening
    [08:24] Dash Earthboy: those places are so neat!

    [08:25] iwandertoo Resident: bay area has a lot of small groups that aggregate together - random people show-up places and just play music. i was eating out the other night, and there was a guy with a banjo, another with a guitar - actually two. just playing on the corner

    [08:25] Dash Earthboy: it's nice when one can do that

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