2011.06.15 01:00 - Looking for a Sweet One

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    Nothing recorded for this time, so I went looking for a particuar story to post. Amazingly, a pdf version of a PaB log was #3 in the search for that phrase, "Enter Zen from Here" and so I clicked it. Interesting session, hosted by me, Eliza, hah... and also leading to a different story entirely, which I decided to post here instead:


    A man sits in the center of a Middle Eastern marketplace crying his eyes out, a platter of peppers spilled out on the ground before him. Steadily and methodically, he reaches for pepper after pepper, popping them into his mouth and chewing deliberately, at the same time wailing uncontrollably.

    "What's wrong, Nasruddin?" his friends wonder, gathering around the extraordinary sight. "What's the matter with you?"

    Tears stream down Nasruddin's face as he sputters an answer. "I'm looking for a sweet one," he gasps.

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