2012.01.06 19:00 - Each its Own Beauty

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    Eliza posted this session from the auto-listener database...


    Ewan Bonham: Hi Folks...:)

    Tess Aristocrat: Hello :)

    Sylectra Darwin: evening

    Sylectra Darwin: How are things with you tonight?

    : Tess Aristocrat: How are you Sylectra?

    : Sylectra Darwin: I'm well, thanks

    : Sylectra Darwin: In a very quiet mood

    : Sylectra Darwin: And you?

    : Tess Aristocrat: same...haha

    : Tess Aristocrat: contemplative

    : Sylectra Darwin: smiles

    : Sylectra Darwin: a lovely peaceful night outside, full of stars and a hazy moon

    : Ewan Bonham: Sylectra, where are you located?

    : Tess Aristocrat: full moon in a couple of days to come...

    : Sylectra Darwin: I'm in New Jersey, within  minutes drive of New York City.

    : Sylectra Darwin: I wondered whether full moon had already come and I didn't notice.

    : Tess Aristocrat: smiles..

    : Ewan Bonham: I have been to that area many times..:)

    : Sylectra Darwin: It's often hard to see the sky here

    : Sylectra Darwin: The lights, the trees...

    : Sylectra Darwin: But I am always glad to see the stars when I can.

    : Ewan Bonham: Can you see them better when you travel south?

    : Tess Aristocrat: There has been some talk of re-doing this area

    : Tess Aristocrat: Were you asking to Sylectra?

    : Ewan Bonham: Oh, I was commenting that if you go away from the city, you can see the stars better..

    : Tess Aristocrat: nods

    : Sylectra Darwin: New mexico and Arizona have the biggest brightest night skies

    : Ewan Bonham: Tess, what area are you from?

    : Sylectra Darwin: but there are places in Texas where you can get away from the lights

    : Tess Aristocrat: I live out in the country where it is quite dark

    : Tess Aristocrat: in East Texas

    : Ewan Bonham: I am on the coast of Fla.

    : Tess Aristocrat: nice

    : Ewan Bonham: And yes, beautiful stary nights..

    : Sylectra Darwin: Nice for both of you

    : Tess Aristocrat: inner or outer coust?

    : Tess Aristocrat: coast*

    : Ewan Bonham: West coast..

    : Sylectra Darwin: I've never been to that side of Florida, Ewan.

    : Tess Aristocrat: I have a brother that lives in Palm Coast

    : Ewan Bonham: Less crowded than the Atlantic..

    : Tess Aristocrat: beautiful

    : Tess Aristocrat: you have some pine trees there that are like the ones we have here

    : Tess Aristocrat: Where I am is in the nat'l forest area

    : Ewan Bonham: pines? Ours tend to be thin and fragile compared to those up north..:)

    : Tess Aristocrat: How far down the coast are you?

    : Ewan Bonham: I am a bit north of naples...Fort Myers..

    : Tess Aristocrat: I think there was some sort of Fort close to where my brother lives..San Augustine or something?

    : Ewan Bonham: Hmm...we are close to the Everglades..


    : Tess Aristocrat: I bet that is beautiful

    : Tess Aristocrat: It would be neat to go down there and explore

    : Ewan Bonham: Yes, especially in the winter..

    : Ewan Bonham: Fewer bugs...and perfect weather..

    : Sylectra Darwin: agreed

    : Sylectra Darwin: Winter in Florida is the best

    : Ewan Bonham: Often we will need to wear a jacket..:)

    : Tess Aristocrat: I went down to Jamaica once in January..that was really nice


    : Tess Aristocrat: Had to overcome the idea in my mind that it was too cold to swim, because it wasn't!

    : Ewan Bonham: Yes, you can swim down here...just a bit cool..

    : Tess Aristocrat: nods :)

    : Sylectra Darwin: Ewan do you swim at the beach in January?

    : Ewan Bonham: Yes, i do..

    : Ewan Bonham: It is shallow, and it is the Gulf side..

    : Sylectra Darwin: Is it chilly?

    : Ewan Bonham: So, it is a bit warmer..


    : Sylectra Darwin: I visited my grandmother a lot during the Christmas holidays when she was alive but don't recall if I swam at those times

    : Tess Aristocrat: We share the same Gulf :)

    : Tess Aristocrat: it's about a two and a half hour drive from here, though :)

    : Ewan Bonham: Tess, are you in one of the other Gulf states?

    : Tess Aristocrat: Texas

    : Tess Aristocrat: I'm about  / hours drive from Galveston

    : Ewan Bonham: So the climate is not unlike ours here..

    : Sylectra Darwin: you two are so lucky

    : Tess Aristocrat: It's pretty warm here :)

    : Tess Aristocrat: Today it was in the 's

    : Ewan Bonham: Similar to us...smile

    : Tess Aristocrat: *gets her guest room ready for Sylectra :)

    : Sylectra Darwin: yey!

    : Sylectra Darwin: It was in the s here but that is not too bad

    : Sylectra Darwin: We are lucky too for New Jersey.

    : Sylectra Darwin: We've only had one snowstorm and it was before Halloween

    : Sylectra Darwin: We'd had several bad snowstorms by this time last year.


    : Tess Aristocrat: Jersey has its attractions as well :)

    : Sylectra Darwin: But I won't be swimming in my ocean, thank you :)

    : Tess Aristocrat: In fact, every place has its own beauty :)

    : Ewan Bonham: And that has a lot to do with our minds as well..

    : Tess Aristocrat: Well, I will bid you all goodnight :)

    : Sylectra Darwin: So right

    : Sylectra Darwin: Good night to you, tess!

    : Tess Aristocrat: Sweet dreams

    : Sylectra Darwin: Good night, Ewan.

    : Ewan Bonham: Good nite, Selectra...and thanks for the conversation...:)

    : Sylectra Darwin: thank you

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