2012.01.18 13:00 - PaBer Disguised as an Anarchist

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    Eliza posted this session from the auto-listener...


    [13:03] Korel Laloix: I took a bath this morning I promise.
    [13:09] Alfred Kelberry: kori girl :)
    [13:09] Alfred Kelberry: wuff!
    [13:10] Korel Laloix: Osiyo
    [13:10] Korel Laloix: Thought everyone had forgot about me.
    [13:11] Korel Laloix: Heya
    [13:11] Alfred Kelberry: archy :)
    [13:12] Archmage Atlantis: My e favorite ppl
    [13:12] Alfred Kelberry: kori is hard to forget
    [13:12] Korel Laloix: I am afriad that is far too true sometimes...
    [13:12] Korel Laloix frowns
    [13:12] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [13:13] Korel Laloix: Just going throgh my PoB eamils. I do not do a good job of checking that account regularly.
    [13:13] Archmage Atlantis: on rl i am basicallly blind at the momebt
    [13:14] Korel Laloix: What is up? I managed to loose all four pairs of glasses as once and was in a bind that way.
    [13:14] Alfred Kelberry: ouch, how did this happen?
    [13:16] Korel Laloix: Bad luck mostly.
    [13:17] Korel Laloix: What is up with your vision?
    [13:18] Alfred Kelberry: still myopic
    [13:18] Alfred Kelberry: losing 4 pairs is tough...
    [13:19] Alfred Kelberry: *pats your shoulder*
    [13:19] Archmage Atlantis: ok, juat taped my last pair of lenses tmy head with electrical tape
    [13:19] Korel Laloix: And I am noramlly very good about that sort of thing.
    [13:19] Korel Laloix: That works.
    [13:19] Archmage Atlantis: now thinks are just blurry]
    [13:20] Alfred Kelberry: creative, archy :)
    [13:21] Archmage Atlantis: when I was a child I saw a twiligth episode
    [13:21] Korel Laloix: Probabaly a better option thatn duct tape at least.
    [13:21] Archmage Atlantis: the last man alive lost his glasses
    [13:21] Korel Laloix: I thought those books were just a couple years old.
    [13:22] Korel Laloix: OH... Twilight ZOne.
    [13:22] Korel Laloix: Have heard of it, never seen any of it though.

    [13:22] Korel Laloix: Heya
    [13:22] Archmage Atlantis: She was surrounded by inforamtion in liibararie
    [13:22] Archmage Atlantis: but h coud not read
    [13:23] Archmage Atlantis: because he could not see
    [13:23] Wol Euler: (hello korel, boxy, arch)
    [13:23] Alfred Kelberry: woly girl! :)
    [13:24] Archmage Atlantis: Wol, sister friend, the end approahs......and we are heae to stop
    [13:24] Wol Euler: which particular end?
    [13:24] Archmage Atlantis: it from happeng
    [13:24] Alfred Kelberry: tired, woly?
    [13:25] Archmage Atlantis: bllessings and namaste

    [13:25] Korel Laloix: SUMMARY: Henry Bemis, a bookish bank clerk, can't find enough time to read. He reads constantly, nearly every waking minute. On his lunch hour, he reads of the H-bomb while down in the vault of the bank. It goes off suddenly, leaving him as the last man on Earth. In the ruins of a sporting goods store he finds a gun and considers doing away with himself … but when he catches sight of the remains of a public library, he has a reason to stay alive.

    [13:25] Archmage Atlantis: ask The Gate of Sataars
    [13:25] Wol Euler: yeah, just got in from work
    [13:25] Wol Euler: bye arch
    [13:26] Wol Euler: sounds like an interesting story
    [13:26] Alfred Kelberry: enigmatic arch
    [13:26] Korel Laloix: That is the Twilight Episode he was talking about.
    [13:26] Korel Laloix: Never seen any of that stuff, but it does sound interesting.
    [13:26] Alfred Kelberry: woly, if you work that much, you're doing it wrong :)
    [13:26] Korel Laloix: More sounds of horror rather than Sci Fi, which I really can't do.
    [13:26] Wol Euler: :-P
    [13:27] Alfred Kelberry: in most cases it's bad time/workload management
    [13:27] Wol Euler: thanks for that encouraging insight, boxy :)
    [13:27] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [13:27] Wol Euler: I'll be sure to tell my boss that he's doing it wrong
    [13:28] Wol Euler: he will be grateful
    [13:28] Alfred Kelberry: do that
    [13:28] Alfred Kelberry: he just might
    [13:28] Korel Laloix: There is always so much good business advice.
    [13:28] Korel Laloix: Strage we are not all very very wealthy...
    [13:29] Alfred Kelberry: all can't be very wealthy. only a small portion.
    [13:31] Alfred Kelberry: it's sad facebook and twitter didn't join the sopa blackout
    [13:31] Wol Euler: sorry, boxy, I didn't mean to snap at you
    [13:32] Alfred Kelberry: huh? :)
    [13:32] Alfred Kelberry: *strokes woly's hair*
    [13:32] Wol Euler smiles.
    [13:32] Korel Laloix: I think something needs to be done, but from what I am reading, very unreasonable power grap.
    [13:32] Alfred Kelberry: at least google and wikipedia did
    [13:32] Wol Euler nods.
    [13:33] Alfred Kelberry: flickr did the best sopa blackout!
    [13:33] Wol Euler: ah, haven't seen that
    [13:33] Alfred Kelberry: as a logged in user you can "remove" any picture for 24 hours :)
    [13:33] Alfred Kelberry: sopa in action :)
    [13:34] Korel Laloix: But here is the question.......
    [13:34] Alfred Kelberry: also, this one is pretty: http://jayisgames.com/
    [13:34] Korel Laloix: What can be done to make sure that the low level artists actually get paid for the works?
    [13:35] Korel Laloix: SOPA is the wrong answer, but what is the right one?
    [13:36] Alfred Kelberry: maybe if recording studios wouldn't be so greedy they did get paid
    [13:37] Korel Laloix: This is being driven more by the big studios.
    [13:37] Korel Laloix: It iwll help them, but do little for the interesting artists. In my opinion.
    [13:37] Korel Laloix: Comlex issue i think.
    [13:37] Korel Laloix: But doing nothing is not right either.
    [13:37] Alfred Kelberry: same thing when a bank transfer fee for 100 euro is 50 euro
    [13:38] Alfred Kelberry: we have to disrupt those industries
    [13:38] Alfred Kelberry: not sewing them up with new acts
    [13:39] Korel Laloix: I don't know enough about it to really give recomendations.
    [13:40] Wol Euler: one issue at a time, I would say. SOPA is a bad idea and should be prevented from becoming law.
    [13:40] Korel Laloix: I agree with that.
    [13:40] Wol Euler: it would be nice to have a better way to pay artists, agreed!
    [13:41] Wol Euler: and perhaps bands like Radiohead (entirely internet self-distributed now) are showing the say
    [13:41] Wol Euler: *way
    [13:41] Korel Laloix: Yes.. for music.
    [13:41] Korel Laloix: But for visual artists?
    [13:41] Korel Laloix: Or small movie makers.
    [13:42] Alfred Kelberry: woly, dwolla guys are on the disruptive track that i hope will in time force the banks to change their fees model
    [13:42] Korel Laloix: Seem like each genre or medium might need its own system.
    [13:42] Alfred Kelberry: kori, in essense it's about killing the middle man or decrease his influence
    [13:43] Korel Laloix: I am not sure about that.
    [13:43] Korel Laloix: But I know what yo uare saying.
    [13:43] Wol Euler nods.

    [13:43] Wol Euler: on the other hand, most of us are middle men :)
    [13:44] Wol Euler: architects, for example, stand between clients who have money and land, and building contractors who have bricks and mortar and muscles
    [13:44] Wol Euler: I find the idea generally good, but the terms are worryingly vague IMHO
    [13:46] Wol Euler: bad example, skip it. I'm too tired for a discussion like this :)
    [13:47] Korel Laloix: lol
    [13:47] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [13:47] Korel Laloix: Understandable.
    [13:47] Alfred Kelberry: see? too much work :)
    [13:47] Korel Laloix: It is acomplex issues.
    [13:47] Alfred Kelberry: that too
    [13:47] Korel Laloix: We will see what happens.

    [13:48] Korel Laloix: From what I am reading, there is a lot of reconsideration going on in DC.
    [13:48] Korel Laloix: I hope
    [13:48] Wol Euler crosses her fingers
    [13:49] Korel Laloix: So you are a radiohead fan then?
    [13:49] Wol Euler: no, I just heard about their way of selling, as a side-note to this discussion
    [13:49] Wol Euler: don't know their music
    [13:49] Korel Laloix: OH OK.
    [13:49] Alfred Kelberry: the worst thing is that if it passes it will set a precedent for the rest
    [13:49] Korel Laloix: Me neither.
    [13:50] Alfred Kelberry: i like their ok computer album

    [13:50] Korel Laloix: Talking to a cople of our lawyers, they don't think it has a chance in court either as presently written.
    [13:51] Wol Euler: doesn't matter, the risk of court process will create censorship
    [13:51] Wol Euler: who can afford to sue SOny?
    [13:51] Wol Euler: they can keep the case from going to court for years, while you go bankrupt talking to your lawyer - even if you are totally in the right

    [13:51] Wol Euler: that is the problem
    [13:52] Wol Euler: that people will have to pre-emptively censor themselves
    [13:52] Wol Euler: and their sites

    [13:52] Korel Laloix: Yes... so we will see what happens.
    [13:52] Korel Laloix: What is we sencored the government... I like that idea... smiles
    [13:53] Wol Euler: well, that would be the delight of it. Using SOPA to shut down government websites
    [13:53] Wol Euler: post an anomymous comment with a link to pirated content, inform the content owner, govt site shuts down
    [13:53] Wol Euler: heheheh
    [13:53] Alfred Kelberry: yay!
    [13:53] Korel Laloix: It does have an apperl.
    [13:54] Wol Euler grins.
    [13:54] Wol Euler: unfortunately we can only have that by letting SOPA exist, which would instantly shut down wikipedia, flickr, google, facebook, twitter ...

    [13:54] Wol Euler: I would have to disable anonymous comments on my blogs, and check comments at least once daily
    [13:55] Alfred Kelberry: i think the big names there will cut a deal (if not already)
    [13:55] Wol Euler: I hope they don't
    [13:55] Alfred Kelberry: it's the new companies that will suffer the most
    [13:56] Korel Laloix: But again, those big names have been ignoring copyrighted contect piracy for years now and getting away with it.
    [13:56] Wol Euler: http://www.ted.com/talks/defend_our_..._bad_idea.html
    [13:56] Korel Laloix: So.... bacak to the question... what should be done.
    [13:56] Korel Laloix: How do we pay our artists if the giants wont help?
    [13:58] Korel Laloix: So at least this entire episode will force the question.
    [13:58] Wol Euler: I hope so
    [13:59] Korel Laloix: I think we all hope so, but it brings back the orgiional question.... hmm..
    [13:59] Korel Laloix: Back in a bit.

    [14:01] Alfred Kelberry: teh wolf has landed
    [14:01] Wol Euler: hello gilles
    [14:01] Gilles Kuhn: hello yes i am not laika;-)
    [14:01] Korel Laloix: osiyo
    [14:01] Wol Euler: heheh
    [14:01] Alfred Kelberry: what's your take on sopa, gilles?
    [14:02] Gilles Kuhn: i am politically speaking an anarchist anything going against freedom i oppose
    [14:03] Alfred Kelberry: good, you can join our clan :)
    [14:03] Korel Laloix: lol
    [14:03] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [14:03] Gilles Kuhn: Hoooooowls!!
    [14:04] Korel Laloix: brb
    [14:05] Wol Euler: :)

    [14:05] Wol Euler: sorry, too tired. I'm going to have to leave.
    [14:05] Wol Euler: goodnight all, take care
    [14:05] Wol Euler: I'll post the log
    [14:05] Gilles Kuhn: bye wol
    [14:07] Korel Laloix: Sorry... in and out.
    [14:34] Korel Laloix: OK.. going to be a while.
    [14:34] Korel Laloix: Take care all.
    [14:34] Korel Laloix: ciao
    [14:35] Alfred Kelberry: poof
    [14:36] Gilles Kuhn: seems so are you leaving boxy?
    [14:36] Alfred Kelberry: not yet
    [14:36] Gilles Kuhn: good!
    [14:36] Alfred Kelberry: will linger for a while
    [14:37] Alfred Kelberry: we can do the bananas
    [14:37] Gilles Kuhn: huh?
    [14:37] Gilles Kuhn: iiiick remember wolf are a protected specie!!!
    [14:37] Alfred Kelberry: pew pew :)
    [14:38] Alfred Kelberry: i'll be back
    [14:38] Alfred Kelberry: oh, you got one too? :)
    [14:38] Alfred Kelberry: watermelon!
    [14:38] Gilles Kuhn: yes but it is not working i have not your priviledge of creating objects here
    [14:39] Alfred Kelberry: ah...
    [14:39] Alfred Kelberry: can you give on to me?
    [14:39] Gilles Kuhn: sure
    [14:39] Alfred Kelberry: merci :)
    [14:39] Gilles Kuhn: avec plaisir
    [14:40] Gilles Kuhn: lol
    [14:40] Alfred Kelberry: haha
    [14:41] Alfred Kelberry: sadly, the rate of fire is low. can't fill up the sim quickly :)
    [14:41] Gilles Kuhn: lol no indeed
    [14:43] Alfred Kelberry: uzi
    [14:43] Gilles Kuhn: i see....
    [14:43] Alfred Kelberry: that one you know :)
    [14:43] Alfred Kelberry: not working though
    [14:44] Alfred Kelberry: this one against infidels
    [14:44] Gilles Kuhn: LOL

    [14:45] Gilles Kuhn: if you can give me a copy that is hillarious!
    [14:45] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [14:47] Gilles Kuhn: tks boxy!
    [15:13] Alfred Kelberry: ha, i crashed :)
    [15:13] Gilles Kuhn: wb boxy!
    [15:15] Gilles Kuhn: why do i feel the urge to salivate when i hear that bell?.....
    [15:16] Alfred Kelberry: well trained wolf :)
    [15:16] Gilles Kuhn: arf!!!
    [15:17] Alfred Kelberry: also, it means you're a born pab'er :)
    [15:17] Gilles Kuhn: lol
    [15:17] Alfred Kelberry: disguised as anarchist :)
    [15:18] Alfred Kelberry: but then, it's a good part of pab on its own

    [15:18] Gilles Kuhn: i need to make a remake with piet of our debate about phenomenology and pab
    [15:21] Alfred Kelberry: yes!!!
    [15:21] Alfred Kelberry: i'm very much for it
    [15:21] Alfred Kelberry: write him a letter
    [15:21] Alfred Kelberry: he'll be pleased, i think
    [15:22] Gilles Kuhn: well to cross intellectual sword with pema is always a pleasure ; and i hope so!
    [15:24] Alfred Kelberry: ah, well put
    [15:24] Alfred Kelberry: poetic
    [15:25] Gilles Kuhn: oh even my favourite barman call me an incurable romantic....
    [15:25] Alfred Kelberry: suddenly, i want to ask you for a date :)
    [15:25] Gilles Kuhn: well.....
    [15:25] Alfred Kelberry: :P
    [15:27] Gilles Kuhn: oh a friend of mine do a debate about sopa i will tp there

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