2012.01.30 19:00 - Universe in Harmony (wu-wei continued)

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    [19:19] Lawrence Vyceratops: hello
    [19:19] Paradise Tennant: hello lawrence how are you :)
    [19:19] Paradise Tennant: are you hosting tonight ?
    [19:19] Lawrence Vyceratops: fine. yourself?
    [19:19] Paradise Tennant: very well thanks
    [19:19] Lawrence Vyceratops: 'm not a host
    [19:19] Paradise Tennant: ahh ok :)
    [19:20] Paradise Tennant: what would you like to talk about
    [19:21] Lawrence Vyceratops: hold non
    [19:22] Lawrence Vyceratops: haha naked baby peed on the bed :P
    [19:22] Paradise Tennant: lol ouch
    [19:23] Paradise Tennant: may want to attend to that :)
    [19:31] Lawrence Vyceratops: 7411]]]]]]]]]]]9iioojy8888888oooooooooooooiiiiiiiiii89i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i9i9iutgjutj9hiujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujuj96999999999999999999999999uuuuev4erg5hy55uu4444444444\4\
    [19:31] Paradise Tennant: smiles baby typing ? :)
    [19:31] Lawrence Vyceratops: he's on the move tonght :)
    [19:32] Paradise Tennant: smiles how old ?
    [19:32] Lawrence Vyceratops: almost 8 mos
    [19:32] Paradise Tennant: a little bundle from heaven :)
    [19:32] Paradise Tennant: your first child ?
    [19:33] Lawrence Vyceratops: yes :)
    [19:33] Paradise Tennant: very exciting I bet to watch him grow day to day
    [19:33] Lawrence Vyceratops: he's growing fast :)

    [19:34] Aphrodite Macbain: Hi Paradise, Hi Lawrence
    [19:34] Lawrence Vyceratops: hi Aphrodite
    [19:34] Paradise Tennant: hiya aph we are just talking fo lawrence's new 8 month old baby :))
    [19:34] Paradise Tennant: he is on the move tonight :)
    [19:35] Aphrodite Macbain: aww. what's his name and why is he on the move?
    [19:35] Lawrence Vyceratops: his name is Henry. he's just trying to get into everything :)
    [19:36] Lawrence Vyceratops: he's fighting sleep
    [19:38] Aphrodite Macbain: tickles him under the chin
    [19:38] Aphrodite Macbain: Does he keep you awake at night?

    [19:38] Paradise Tennant: always like watching them fall asleep I wonder what babies dream about
    [19:39] Aphrodite Macbain: :-) food
    [19:39] Lawrence Vyceratops: sometimes he does. he also does seem to dream about suckling :)
    [19:39] Aphrodite Macbain: exactly
    [19:39] Aphrodite Macbain: :-)
    [19:40] Aphrodite Macbain: plus maybe lots of strange images and colours and sounds
    [19:41] Paradise Tennant: do you ever hear music in your dreams ?
    [19:42] Aphrodite Macbain: I talk in my dreams so I know there must be talking sounds but I dont know if I hear music, do you?
    [19:42] Lawrence Vyceratops: i'm not sure, but sometimes i wake with a song in my head.
    [19:42] Aphrodite Macbain: that's nice!
    [19:42] Aphrodite Macbain: I guess
    [19:43] Aphrodite Macbain: Well, I'm off. I just wanted to check in and say HI
    [19:43] Paradise Tennant: I dream with smells sometimes usually of food and I wake up hungry
    [19:43] Paradise Tennant: nite nite aph :)
    [19:43] Lawrence Vyceratops: bye Aphrodite
    [19:43] Aphrodite Macbain: Bye
    [19:43] Aphrodite Macbain: Bye! Para and Lawrence

    [19:47] Lawrence Vyceratops: The topic lately seems to be a concept? called "wu wei"? are you familiar with it?
    [19:47] Paradise Tennant: yes
    [19:48] Paradise Tennant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_wei
    [19:48] Lawrence Vyceratops: it was mentioned that it is a recurring theme. i am not familiar with this term, but from what i have gathered about it, i would somewhat agree that the concept is often mentioned in one way or another
    [19:51] Paradise Tennant: Wu wei (Chinese: 無爲; a variant and derivatives: traditional Chinese: 無為; simplified Chinese: 无为; pinyin: wú wéi; Japanese: 無為; Korean: 무위; Vietnamese: Vô vi) is an important concept of Taoism (Daoism), that involves knowing when to act and when not to act
    [19:51] Paradise Tennant: Wu may be translated as not have or without; Wei may be translated as do, act, serve as, govern or effort. The literal meaning of Wu Wei is "without action", "without effort", or "without control", and is often included in the paradox wei wu wei: "action without action" or "effortless doing".
    [19:52] Lawrence Vyceratops: yes, i've read that

    [19:53] Paradise Tennant: Really about recognizing the universe is in harmony and making sure your non action or action is fluid with that harmony
    [19:54] Lawrence Vyceratops: that has been said, but what does that mean?
    [19:54] Paradise Tennant: I think slowing down till you feel the flow of your day to day life your day to day thoughts ..actions
    [19:54] Lawrence Vyceratops: is wu wei something you agree with, don't, are impartial to?
    [19:55] Paradise Tennant: I believe it is an important feature of reality to recognize .. :) that we live already in a harmony :)

    [19:56] Lawrence Vyceratops: what is meant by harmony?
    [19:56] Lawrence Vyceratops: that thngs are meant to be as they are?
    [19:57] Paradise Tennant: no change is the constant but there is a harmony to the motion of it
    [19:57] Paradise Tennant: always think when you slow down a bit you can feel a kind of flow to your life and the world around you
    [19:58] Lawrence Vyceratops: i'm not sure i know what you mean
    [19:59] Paradise Tennant: well have you ever had a day that seem to just be unusual in that there was an obvious synchronicity to it
    [19:59] Lawrence Vyceratops: i'm not sure what you mean.
    [20:00] Paradise Tennant: a day when everything went right :)
    [20:00] Paradise Tennant: but really the same applies to a day where everything goes wrong
    [20:02] Lawrence Vyceratops: hmmm.. i don't know
    [20:02] Paradise Tennant: smiles well worth thinking about
    [20:02] Paradise Tennant: I am going to have to say good night .. late here and I have a little dog to walk
    [20:02] Lawrence Vyceratops: ok
    [20:03] Paradise Tennant: namaste Lawence :) I hope baby sleeps well :))
    [20:03] Lawrence Vyceratops: thanks :) goodnight

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