2012.02.10 19:00 - Better than Frank's Place

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    [19:03] Alfred Kelberry: syl! :)
    [19:04] Alfred Kelberry: haven't seen you for ages! :)
    [19:04] Sylectra Darwin: hi friend!
    [19:04] Sylectra Darwin: What are you wearing?
    [19:04] Alfred Kelberry: cute ruffles and plait :)
    [19:04] Alfred Kelberry: antlers
    [19:04] Sylectra Darwin: awww
    [19:05] Sylectra Darwin: very nice

    [19:05] Sylectra Darwin: And you're all aglow with holiday cheer
    [19:05] Alfred Kelberry: yep :)
    [19:05] Alfred Kelberry: spreading some around
    [19:05] ContreCourant Resident: Good evening!
    [19:05] Sylectra Darwin: Good evening!
    [19:06] Sylectra Darwin: join us?
    [19:06] ContreCourant Resident: I'd love to if you dont mind
    [19:06] Alfred Kelberry: contre :)
    [19:06] Alfred Kelberry: lovely gown
    [19:06] ContreCourant Resident: Hi Boxy
    [19:06] ContreCourant Resident: Thank you. Paradise told me where to find it
    [19:06] Alfred Kelberry: had a fancy night out? :)
    [19:06] Sylectra Darwin: Yes it is a lovely gown

    [19:07] ContreCourant Resident: well, I was trying to but there were so many people that I froze
    [19:07] Alfred Kelberry: yes, para knows places :)
    [19:07] ContreCourant Resident: and found myself sitting on the dance floor
    [19:07] ContreCourant Resident: very embarrassing
    [19:07] Alfred Kelberry: ouch
    [19:07] ContreCourant Resident: smiles
    [19:08] Alfred Kelberry: kind of cute
    [19:08] Alfred Kelberry: they sure did notice you :)

    [19:08] ContreCourant Resident: I just felt clumsy
    [19:08] ContreCourant Resident: They probably thought it was too much champagne
    [19:08] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:09] Alfred Kelberry: sounds like a fun party
    [19:09] ContreCourant Resident: This is a peaceful evening.
    [19:09] Sylectra Darwin: Boxy is that a bone?
    [19:09] ContreCourant Resident: much calmer than Frank's Place
    [19:09] Alfred Kelberry: yep
    [19:09] Sylectra Darwin: hehe
    [19:09] Alfred Kelberry: in my right paw
    [19:09] Sylectra Darwin: this place is always calm, that I know of
    [19:09] ContreCourant Resident reaches for a sandwich
    [19:10] Sylectra Darwin: Maybe in the morning it's perkier

    [19:10] Alfred Kelberry: syl, you've never been to crazy friday sessions? :)
    [19:10] ContreCourant Resident: sometimes it can be wild- like Fridays at 1PM
    [19:10] ContreCourant Resident: we all dance the onigokko
    [19:10] Alfred Kelberry: stev :)
    [19:10] ContreCourant Resident: Hello Stevenaia
    [19:11] Sylectra Darwin: Hi Stevie!
    [19:11] stevenaia Michinaga: hello Sylecrtra, Boxy, Contre

    [19:11] Sylectra Darwin: Boxy has a floaty bone that is kind of like a scooter.
    [19:11] Alfred Kelberry: syl :)
    [19:11] ContreCourant Resident: He's going round and round and making me dizzy'
    [19:11] stevenaia Michinaga: (there is a rat on your shoulder)
    [19:11] ContreCourant Resident: whose?
    [19:11] stevenaia Michinaga: I love his red ring
    [19:11] Sylectra Darwin: haha
    [19:12] stevenaia Michinaga: Sylectra's

    [19:12] Sylectra Darwin: it's a chipmunk
    [19:12] Sylectra Darwin: I also have a drunk mad cat that hiccups and curses you out

    [19:12] stevenaia Michinaga: hmmm
    [19:12] ContreCourant Resident takes a closer look
    [19:12] ContreCourant Resident: aww
    [19:12] Sylectra Darwin: grin
    [19:12] Alfred Kelberry: you think it's dizzy?
    [19:12] stevenaia Michinaga: in RL?
    [19:12] Alfred Kelberry: *grins and holds a pause*
    [19:13] ContreCourant Resident: Hey - a whole new view of things
    [19:13] Alfred Kelberry: onigokko
    [19:13] Sylectra Darwin: haha!
    [19:13] Alfred Kelberry: weee!!! :)
    [19:13] ContreCourant Resident: yikes
    [19:13] Sylectra Darwin: cute. Boxy is giving you a twirl.
    [19:13] Alfred Kelberry: stop
    [19:14] stevenaia Michinaga: impressed
    [19:14] ContreCourant Resident throws up
    [19:14] Alfred Kelberry: sadly, no one is wearing their oni tail
    [19:14] stevenaia Michinaga: I am... its inside
    [19:14] ContreCourant Resident looks around to see if she has one
    [19:14] Alfred Kelberry: oh
    [19:14] Alfred Kelberry: but you didn't dance
    [19:14] Sylectra Darwin: Stev, do you always wear it?
    [19:14] ContreCourant Resident: b/c she is on the merry go round
    [19:14] Alfred Kelberry: odd
    [19:15] Alfred Kelberry: ah
    [19:15] ContreCourant Resident: maybe

    [19:16] Sylectra Darwin: I put on the tail and it knocked off my tutu!
    [19:16] Sylectra Darwin: (oops - sorry)
    [19:16] Sylectra Darwin gets extra detention tonight
    [19:16] stevenaia Michinaga: Hi Lucinda
    [19:17] ContreCourant Resident: I dont have an onigokko in my Inventory.
    [19:17] stevenaia Michinaga: I just handed you one
    [19:17] ContreCourant Resident: Hi Lucinda
    [19:17] Sylectra Darwin: Good evening Luc!
    [19:17] Lucinda Lavender: HISteve, Slylectra, Contre
    [19:17] Alfred Kelberry: luci the singer :)
    [19:17] ContreCourant Resident: Thank you Stevenaia
    [19:17] Lucinda Lavender: and boxy ...did not see you...

    [19:18] Sylectra Darwin: wow. What a dress, Luci
    [19:18] Alfred Kelberry: i'm hidden in stev's furs :)
    [19:18] Sylectra Darwin: It's like fire.
    [19:18] ContreCourant Resident: onigokko
    [19:18] Alfred Kelberry: haha
    [19:18] Lucinda Lavender: called a fire dress:)
    [19:18] ContreCourant Resident: hahah
    [19:18] stevenaia Michinaga: hehe
    [19:18] Alfred Kelberry: weee!!!
    [19:18] ContreCourant Resident: now what?
    [19:19] Alfred Kelberry: stev! you're following me! :)
    [19:19] Alfred Kelberry: hahaha

    [19:19] ContreCourant Resident: In hot pursuit
    [19:19] stevenaia Michinaga: stop
    [19:19] Alfred Kelberry: extra speedy oni :)
    [19:19] Sylectra Darwin: how do you make it go?
    [19:19] stevenaia Michinaga: just like it never happened
    [19:19] Sylectra Darwin: I couldn't do it
    [19:19] ContreCourant Resident: whew!
    [19:19] Alfred Kelberry: wait, what was it? :)
    [19:19] Sylectra Darwin: Maybe because I had an AO on at the time?

    [19:19] ContreCourant Resident: That was fun. Better than Frank's Place
    [19:20] Sylectra Darwin: hehe, is that the theme for tonight, Contre
    [19:20] Sylectra Darwin: ?
    [19:20] stevenaia Michinaga: Frank's Place?
    [19:20] ContreCourant Resident: what is the theme?
    [19:20] Sylectra Darwin: Better than Frank's Place.
    [19:21] Sylectra Darwin: Contre, what's Frank's Place?
    [19:21] ContreCourant Resident: It's the place I was before here- a jazz club with dancing.
    [19:21] Alfred Kelberry: btw, froggs and jaycatt perfoming live in sl: http://TheStreamteam2.serverroom.us:8876
    [19:21] ContreCourant Resident: But it was so full I froze on the dance floor
    [19:21] Alfred Kelberry: they're very good
    [19:22] ContreCourant Resident: Yes, I have heard of them
    [19:22] ContreCourant Resident: If I click on that would I be able to TP there?
    [19:22] Alfred Kelberry: no, it's a media url
    [19:22] Sylectra Darwin: I saw that, too , Boxy
    [19:23] ContreCourant Resident: (nopt that I am going to right now)
    [19:23] Alfred Kelberry: you'll hear the stream

    [19:23] ContreCourant Resident: That's an amazing dress Luci- I feel warm just sitting next to you
    [19:23] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:23] Lucinda Lavender: :))
    [19:23] Lucinda Lavender: cool...
    [19:23] ContreCourant Resident: no, hot!
    [19:23] Alfred Kelberry: luci is a warm girl :)
    [19:23] Lucinda Lavender: :))
    [19:24] Lucinda Lavender: warm and cool:)
    [19:24] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:24] Sylectra Darwin: I think maybe I've been there - a few times.
    [19:24] ContreCourant Resident: Happiness is a warm Luci
    [19:24] Sylectra Darwin: I love evening wear - when it's in Second Life.
    [19:25] Lucinda Lavender: me too:)
    [19:25] ContreCourant Resident: Yes- It's much more comfortable

    [19:25] Lucinda Lavender: I have been shopping and trying things that I would never have in RL
    [19:25] ContreCourant Resident: and I never trip over my skirt
    [19:25] Alfred Kelberry: hehe
    [19:25] Alfred Kelberry: you did in rl? :)
    [19:25] ContreCourant Resident: except on the dance floor at Frank's
    [19:26] Lucinda Lavender: I have a dress that I have not tried on yet...waiting...for the opportunity
    [19:26] ContreCourant Resident: yes boxy
    [19:26] Alfred Kelberry: *giggles* cute :)
    [19:26] ContreCourant Resident: I'm not used to long skirts, they get in the way
    [19:26] Lucinda Lavender: but they are warm
    [19:26] ContreCourant Resident: and high heels are also a pain
    [19:26] Lucinda Lavender: in cold weather
    [19:27] ContreCourant Resident: Hmm I suppse you're right Luci. I've only worn long skirts in the summer
    [19:27] Alfred Kelberry: contre, but all that looks so pretyyyyy :)
    [19:27] Lucinda Lavender: ah...
    [19:27] Sylectra Darwin: don't you love how in SL your skirt drifts right through the floor?
    [19:27] ContreCourant Resident: yes- we suffer for our prettiness!
    [19:27] Alfred Kelberry: and thank you for that! :)
    [19:27] Sylectra Darwin: haha!
    [19:27] Lucinda Lavender: long skirts of linen in RL summer
    [19:27] ContreCourant Resident: grins, yes they are magic, easily disposable
    [19:28] Alfred Kelberry: it is greatly appreciated :)
    [19:28] stevenaia Michinaga: where else do you cam, sylectra?
    [19:28] ContreCourant Resident: cam?
    [19:28] stevenaia Michinaga: moving your camera
    [19:28] Lucinda Lavender: use camera...
    [19:28] ContreCourant Resident: oh

    [19:29] Lucinda Lavender: I have a question...
    [19:29] Alfred Kelberry: yes?
    [19:29] stevenaia Michinaga: ...listens
    [19:29] ContreCourant Resident: I uspays attention
    [19:30] Alfred Kelberry: suspense
    [19:30] Lucinda Lavender: where could I practice making something I bought(tipi) present itself
    [19:30] ContreCourant Resident: ??
    [19:30] Lucinda Lavender: it looks now like a folder that I cannot open here
    [19:30] Lucinda Lavender: not sure if there is anything in it either
    [19:31] ContreCourant Resident: oh. There are many sites where you can rezz stuff
    [19:31] Lucinda Lavender: ok:) thanks
    [19:31] Alfred Kelberry: luci, your plot would be a good place
    [19:31] Sylectra Darwin: I think you can rez here but might need to put on your PaB nametag first.
    [19:31] ContreCourant Resident: sandboxes
    [19:31] Lucinda Lavender: Luci forgets how to put the name on
    [19:32] Alfred Kelberry: pick the pab group
    [19:32] Sylectra Darwin: One tricky way is to "wear" something on your hand out of your inventory, then right-click and edit it, and go into the contents tab, copy and paste out of there into your inventory.
    [19:32] Sylectra Darwin: But it's easier just to put on your nametag so you can rez stuff to the ground.
    [19:33] Alfred Kelberry: syl, much easier :)
    [19:33] Lucinda Lavender: I think it is picked boxy
    [19:33] Alfred Kelberry: ok, try to rez something
    [19:33] Lucinda Lavender: unser the heading picks?
    [19:33] Lucinda Lavender: slow here
    [19:33] Sylectra Darwin sings, Onigokko shippo....
    [19:34] Alfred Kelberry: there, i just did
    [19:34] ContreCourant Resident: Yes. That is the best way. I always have to try and remember how to do that!
    [19:34] Sylectra Darwin: That's a big thing.
    [19:34] Sylectra Darwin: It's wider than the PaB fountain.
    [19:34] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:34] Alfred Kelberry: 6x4 meters

    [19:34] ContreCourant Resident: what is this colourful object?
    [19:34] Sylectra Darwin: (:
    [19:35] stevenaia Michinaga: a flag
    [19:35] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:35] ContreCourant Resident: By MOndrian or Vasarelly or Morini
    [19:35] Alfred Kelberry: rainbow flag
    [19:35] ContreCourant Resident: or others
    [19:35] Sylectra Darwin: How come it's not wavy, Boxy?
    [19:35] ContreCourant Resident: wavy?
    [19:36] stevenaia Michinaga: cruel Sylectra
    [19:36] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:36] stevenaia Michinaga: like the wind blowing

    [19:36] ContreCourant Resident: ah. hmmm. You would need a script for that!
    [19:36] Alfred Kelberry: it was a quick hack. didn't do the wave thing.
    [19:36] stevenaia Michinaga: boxy is usually packing scripts of all types
    [19:36] Sylectra Darwin: aww, I am sorry.
    [19:37] Alfred Kelberry: hehe
    [19:38] Sylectra Darwin: Now there is a wavy flag!
    [19:38] ContreCourant Resident: what kinds of scripts are in your pack, Boxy?
    [19:38] stevenaia Michinaga: wow
    [19:38] ContreCourant Resident: a fan!
    [19:38] Alfred Kelberry: various kind
    [19:38] ContreCourant Resident: How did u do that?
    [19:39] ContreCourant Resident: scripts for movements?
    [19:39] Alfred Kelberry: there, try the egobox :)
    [19:39] ContreCourant Resident: where?
    [19:39] Sylectra Darwin: wb, Luci :)
    [19:39] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:39] ContreCourant Resident: Oh!
    [19:39] ContreCourant Resident: What a nice box!
    [19:39] Alfred Kelberry: hehe
    [19:40] Lucinda Lavender: thanks for your help

    [19:40] ContreCourant Resident: I feel flattered it knows my name! :-)
    [19:40] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:40] ContreCourant Resident: AND thinks I'm smart
    [19:40] ContreCourant Resident: smart box

    [19:41] ContreCourant Resident: Where's Lucy?
    [19:41] Alfred Kelberry: that's the pabbox
    [19:41] ContreCourant Resident: OH :-D
    [19:41] ContreCourant Resident: Cool
    [19:41] Alfred Kelberry: picks random quotes from pab chat logs
    [19:42] Sylectra Darwin leans forward to hear
    [19:42] ContreCourant Resident: Mine talks about the shoulder pet invasion

    [19:42] Alfred Kelberry: if you click, it'll give you the link to the session this quote is from
    [19:43] Sylectra Darwin: What would body snatchers be like in Second Life?
    [19:43] ContreCourant Resident: lol
    [19:43] Alfred Kelberry: not too harmful, i guess :)
    [19:43] Sylectra Darwin: pod people

    [19:43] Sylectra Darwin: I knew someone once that could create a duplicate of your avatar.
    [19:43] ContreCourant Resident: my body gets snatched often when I crash
    [19:44] Alfred Kelberry: syl, illegal activity :)
    [19:44] ContreCourant Resident: wonder what that would be like- an avi doppelganger
    [19:44] ContreCourant Resident: very confusing-for me as well as everyone else
    [19:46] Sylectra Darwin: Nostrum is reminding me - it was a security hole that copied the contents of your avatar
    [19:46] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:46] Sylectra Darwin: It was a script created to prove a point.
    [19:47] ContreCourant Resident: how strange. What point?
    [19:47] Sylectra Darwin: I would guess to prove that content protection is pointless.
    [19:47] ContreCourant Resident: (I love the way my dress flies sideways)
    [19:47] Alfred Kelberry: *sees contre's tail* :)
    [19:48] Sylectra Darwin: hehe
    [19:48] Sylectra Darwin: Luci went away again?
    [19:48] ContreCourant Resident: /
    [19:48] Alfred Kelberry: onigokko
    [19:48] Alfred Kelberry: hehe
    [19:48] Alfred Kelberry: stop

    [19:48] ContreCourant Resident: somehow I feel manipulated
    [19:48] ContreCourant Resident: meany
    [19:48] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:49] ContreCourant Resident: humff
    [19:50] Sylectra Darwin: grin
    [19:50] Sylectra Darwin: It's the mad hatter's tea party.
    [19:50] ContreCourant Resident: Cant sit on the rainbow.
    [19:50] ContreCourant Resident: Too bad
    [19:50] Sylectra Darwin: And tonight I feel like the doormouse.
    [19:51] Sylectra Darwin: Yea, I tried to sit there too. Ah well.
    [19:51] ContreCourant Resident: lol
    [19:51] ContreCourant Resident: you dont look like a dormouse
    [19:52] ContreCourant Resident: RL calls me and I must answer
    [19:52] Sylectra Darwin: understood
    [19:52] Alfred Kelberry: be good, syl :)
    [19:52] Sylectra Darwin: night
    [19:52] Sylectra Darwin: okay I guess
    [19:52] Sylectra Darwin: hehe

    [19:52] ContreCourant Resident: Thank you all for an enjoyable but slightly crazy hour
    [19:52] Sylectra Darwin: annnytime ,
    [19:54] stevenaia Michinaga: hmmm, i nodded for a moment and everyone left
    [19:54] stevenaia Michinaga: cept you
    [19:54] Sylectra Darwin: I am here and boxy
    [19:54] stevenaia Michinaga: nods
    [19:54] Sylectra Darwin: I'm nodding
    [19:54] stevenaia Michinaga: glad

    [19:55] Sylectra Darwin: like my barbed wire dress?
    [19:55] stevenaia Michinaga: was wondering what that was
    [19:55] Sylectra Darwin: I've started exploring the places that are promoted on the sign in screen.
    [19:55] Sylectra Darwin: IT was free or cheap!
    [19:58] Sylectra Darwin: well, I am nodding again so I must go to bed.
    [19:58] Alfred Kelberry: :)
    [19:58] Sylectra Darwin: So good to see you guys!
    [19:58] Alfred Kelberry: sleep well, syl
    [19:58] Sylectra Darwin: thanks, you too
    [19:58] Alfred Kelberry: stop by more often :)
    [19:58] Sylectra Darwin: kay
    [19:58] stevenaia Michinaga: night Sylectra
    [19:59] stevenaia Michinaga: quite the skirt when you walk
    [19:59] Alfred Kelberry: agreed :)
    [19:59] stevenaia Michinaga: hi Burt
    [20:00] stevenaia Michinaga: hmm, thought I saw him here
    [20:00] Alfred Kelberry: yes, nearby
    [20:03] stevenaia Michinaga: night boxy, hope to see you tomorrow
    [20:03] Alfred Kelberry: night :)


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