2012.02.16 07:00 - smiles served in increments

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Storm Nordwind. The comments are by Storm Nordwind.

    A dreaming puppy.

    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey master of the magic ribbon
    Storm Nordwind starts by testing the ribbon
    Storm Nordwind hears: "red ribbon: Denver, CO: 19 F / -7 C, Partly Cloudy, Humidity: 86%, Wind: S at 6 mph / 10 kph"
    Storm Nordwind: I've only just noticed that the red ribbon also includes a visual bell
    Yakuzza Lethecus: haven´t noticed it yet
    Storm Nordwind: It seemed to brighten up for 90 seconds at the top of the hour
    Yakuzza Lethecus: how to see the ribbon´s command overview ?, i saw it yesterday, but it´s not /12 help
    Storm Nordwind: I don't know!
    Storm Nordwind: Hi Multi!
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey multi
    Multiverse1 Resident: Good day, Storm, Yaku and Boxy
    Storm Nordwind: Boxy is snoozing, so it seems
    Multiverse1 Resident: How comfy are the cushions, maybe a bit too much , eh
    Storm Nordwind: Maybe he's dreaming puppy dreams of what he'd put in the Art of Being Happiness exhibition ;-)
    Multiverse1 Resident: exhibiting happiness, hmmm
    Yakuzza Lethecus: a dreaming puppy is a is a happyness methaphor itself
    Multiverse1 Resident: went there yesterday
    Storm Nordwind: very good Yaku!
    Multiverse1 Resident: a stones throw, from here
    Storm Nordwind: What did you think of the exhibition so far?
    Multiverse1 Resident: gave me a new definition thereof
    Storm Nordwind: New exhibits are still being added daily of course at the moment
    Storm Nordwind: What was the new definition for you?
    Multiverse1 Resident: at this very instant?
    Multiverse1 Resident: haha
    Multiverse1 Resident: hiya riddle
    Riddle Sideways: kinda dropped in
    Storm Nordwind says Hi to Riddle and hands him a towel
    Multiverse1 Resident: I have afalling gesture, that is kinda like that

    From a different angle.

    Riddle Sideways: was happy looking at bleus
    Yakuzza Lethecus: morning riddle
    Riddle Sideways: Hi Storm, Yak, Boxy and Multi1
    Storm Nordwind: What touched you about Bleu's? :)
    Riddle Sideways: all the little are you happy bubble chats
    Storm Nordwind smiles
    Multiverse1 Resident: I only saw one yesterday
    Riddle Sideways: somebody gave a big clue in an email
    Storm Nordwind: Ah... you need to experiment with your camera ;)
    Multiverse1 Resident: matbe I need to look at a different angle
    Storm Nordwind: Indeed
    Multiverse1 Resident: hmm
    Riddle Sideways: often the way of things
    Multiverse1 Resident: didn't want to interupt riddle, yesterday
    Riddle Sideways: Hi Xir
    Multiverse1 Resident: sat outside, and viewed the exhibit from there
    Storm Nordwind: Actually it struck me as poignant - but the good art allows space for interpretation
    Xirana Oximoxi: hello Rid and everyone! :)
    Storm Nordwind: Hi Xirana
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey xirana
    Multiverse1 Resident: Hi Xir
    Multiverse1 Resident: Time lost soul
    Xirana Oximoxi: hehe :)

    Mountain fishing.

    Multiverse1 Resident: saw some pike fishing in Spain, the other day, was incredible
    Xirana Oximoxi: I am a mountain girl :))..I know nothing about fishing :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus noticed the ribbon, too this time
    Storm Nordwind: There are no fish in your mountain rivers?!
    Xirana Oximoxi: very small 'rivers' here... and long ago maybe you could get some crab...but farms contamination has finished with .. and also leee
    Xirana Oximoxi: less rain
    Multiverse1 Resident: guess they can't climb mountains
    Xirana Oximoxi: :)
    Xirana Oximoxi: in Pirinees rivers you can get trouts
    Multiverse1 Resident: rainbow trout here, where I live
    Multiverse1 Resident: and brook trout
    Riddle Sideways: Hi O
    Multiverse1 Resident: looks at his pet fish, wonders if she can hear me.
    Multiverse1 Resident: hi ooOoo
    Xirana Oximoxi: hello oo0oo :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hello sam
    Storm Nordwind waves to Kiki :)
    Multiverse1 Resident: think we need to plug boxy in, or something
    Storm Nordwind: Haha!
    Xirana Oximoxi: who is kiki..if I may ask?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: sam´s avatar

    The pup awakes.

    Alfred Kelberry: hi :)
    Alfred Kelberry: *pokes storm*
    Xirana Oximoxi: ahhh ok, thanks :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: good morning boxy
    Multiverse1 Resident: recharged now
    Yakuzza Lethecus: how did you sleep ?
    Storm Nordwind: The puppy awakes!
    Alfred Kelberry: good to see you all :)
    Xirana Oximoxi: hi boxy:)
    Storm Nordwind: I keep looking in the Art Dome to see if there's a Bone sculpture by you :)
    Multiverse1 Resident: probably slept here all night
    Alfred Kelberry: ah, no
    Multiverse1 Resident: what kind of bones would you use, boxy/
    Alfred Kelberry: didn't make one
    Xirana Oximoxi: hehe..:) we wait for a happyness show of a boxy dog:)
    Multiverse1 Resident: happy bones, hmm
    Riddle Sideways: there are so many things that mean happiness to a doggy
    Multiverse1 Resident: sticks and balls, too
    Alfred Kelberry: there are more than enough exhibits, xiri :)
    Riddle Sideways: like Bruce's words
    Xirana Oximoxi: kk...but yours would be special :)) as everyone's is :)
    Alfred Kelberry: btw, storm. i did the pab qoutes on demand now :)
    Storm Nordwind: Cool!
    Alfred Kelberry: there
    Multiverse1 Resident: so many ways to be happy then, even for a dog
    Alfred Kelberry: no visual obstacles
    Storm Nordwind: very considerate - thank you!
    Riddle Sideways: SL dawn breaks
    Alfred Kelberry: it's /12 topic :)
    Storm Nordwind: By the way Yaku, your answer is to touch it, not talk to it! ;)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: ah :)
    Alfred Kelberry: how's your ipod, yaku?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: still dead
    Alfred Kelberry: sent it for repair?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: don´t think so, might try it myself, might try a few other things first

    Old blogs.

    Yakuzza Lethecus: that link gave a log with ur blog storm
    Multiverse1 Resident: had to fix my mouse , yesterday. Changed the battery, a piece of plastic broke, shoved some balled up tape in it, now it works, cheap design
    Yakuzza Lethecus: what to become madman poet or saint
    oO0Oo Resident: saintly mad poet?
    Yakuzza Lethecus: :)
    Storm Nordwind: Ah... the link is wrong now.
    Storm Nordwind: At least that's a blog with nothing in it,
    Yakuzza Lethecus: it has a headline tho :)
    Storm Nordwind: The one with my PaB diary in it from 4 years ago is here: http://stormnordwind.blogspot.com/
    oO0Oo Resident: :)
    Multiverse1 Resident: found one from 4 years ago yesterday,
    Multiverse1 Resident: a mad poem that is
    Alfred Kelberry: you stopped blogging 4 years ago?
    Storm Nordwind: Yes. In fact there's no real content in that blog after September 2008
    Alfred Kelberry: why did you stop?
    oO0Oo Resident: Life became poem?
    Storm Nordwind: There was no longer any point
    Alfred Kelberry: :)
    Multiverse1 Resident: was it then a wave, rather than a point?
    Storm Nordwind: Pema encouraged it at the start of PaB
    Alfred Kelberry: what was the point before?
    Multiverse1 Resident: a condensed wave
    Storm Nordwind: To record PaB experiences
    Alfred Kelberry: ah
    Alfred Kelberry: so by sep 2008 you had them all? :)
    Riddle Sideways: :)
    Multiverse1 Resident: all, for none, and none for all!
    Storm Nordwind: Actually, by the time I'd done ESBS I knew I didn't need to blog anymore :)
    Alfred Kelberry: why?
    Multiverse1 Resident: zee
    Storm Nordwind: When you find where you belong, you have no need to seek it further
    Alfred Kelberry: ah, that's nice
    oO0Oo Resident: bb in a while
    Multiverse1 Resident: but you still do travel.
    Storm Nordwind: I do?
    Alfred Kelberry: sep 2008 - the day stormy found himself :)
    Multiverse1 Resident: well, you are here, and now
    Xirana Oximoxi: yes... that's nice ... :)
    Storm Nordwind: Actually it was August. ;)
    Alfred Kelberry: :)
    Alfred Kelberry: august shall now be celebrated with major fireworks and stuff in the pavilion :)
    Multiverse1 Resident: wonder what a blogberry, would taste like
    Storm Nordwind: hehe. Two birthdays in one month :)
    Alfred Kelberry: oh, didn't know that
    Alfred Kelberry: neat
    Storm Nordwind: Blogberry jam, on toast, with a drizzle of honey maybe...
    Alfred Kelberry: drizzle - nice word


    Multiverse1 Resident: my birthday this year, falls on day 18,993 for me.
    Multiverse1 Resident: March 4
    Alfred Kelberry: 52!
    Multiverse1 Resident: I can't wait till I hit 20,000
    Storm Nordwind: Been there done that - it's overrated ;)
    Multiverse1 Resident: brate every 1,000 days
    Alfred Kelberry: like everything when you pass it :)
    Multiverse1 Resident: I cele
    Multiverse1 Resident: hmm, 2 chat windows
    Alfred Kelberry: admit light or air
    Alfred Kelberry: :)

    Seeing colors.

    Multiverse1 Resident: todays color is red, then?
    Alfred Kelberry: i like it how notion of color has no sense on the nano scale
    Multiverse1 Resident: blurs out up close
    Alfred Kelberry: also, it's quite possible that we see colors differently
    Multiverse1 Resident: like a dog/ boxy?
    Alfred Kelberry: what is presented by the brain
    Multiverse1 Resident: or bumblebee
    Alfred Kelberry: like anyone
    Multiverse1 Resident: yep, one of the hardest things to describe
    Xirana Oximoxi: I must go now...have a nice day all!! :)
    Yakuzza Lethecus: bye xirana
    Multiverse1 Resident: ye Xirana
    Alfred Kelberry: what we know as red may not be seen the same color by everyone
    Riddle Sideways: by Xir
    Multiverse1 Resident: cones and what is the other thing?
    Riddle Sideways: and how each relates to a red differs too
    Multiverse1 Resident: receptors, both
    Alfred Kelberry: mult, no the mechanics, but perception of color
    Multiverse1 Resident: the feel, and taste then
    Multiverse1 Resident: texture
    Alfred Kelberry: yes
    Multiverse1 Resident: thus, the shades of red?
    Alfred Kelberry: er...
    Multiverse1 Resident: arf

    Hearing colors.

    Storm Nordwind: It was interesting to hear colors, as a child.
    Alfred Kelberry: hear colors?
    Multiverse1 Resident: here, are colors
    Storm Nordwind: Yes. Even today, traffic lights sing to me ;)
    oO0Oo Resident: back :)

    Calm in the storm.

    Alfred Kelberry: *ponders storm's name and violence/anger associated with the word*
    Alfred Kelberry: how's that, storm?
    Storm Nordwind: You need my full name to understand that Alfred
    Multiverse1 Resident: hiya, ooOoo,
    Alfred Kelberry: sam :)
    oO0Oo Resident: @ Multi (rods?)
    Multiverse1 Resident: that's it
    Multiverse1 Resident: perceptors
    Storm Nordwind: My name is Stormerne, where erne is old word for the eagle. The eagles of northern Europe fly unperturbed in a storm, as though it were calm.
    Multiverse1 Resident: translations from color to sound even
    Alfred Kelberry: :)
    Alfred Kelberry: you like to think of yourself as such an eagle?


    Storm Nordwind: Anyway, when I was young I was profoundly synesthesic - and still am to a small extent
    Storm Nordwind: But I just thought everyone was like that!
    Alfred Kelberry: correct :)
    Multiverse1 Resident: but each, adifferent shade of color and sound
    Storm Nordwind: And the American bald eagle is an erne :)
    Alfred Kelberry: can you tell how do you associate colors with sound?
    Multiverse1 Resident: color coding the keyboard?
    oO0Oo Resident: brb
    Riddle Sideways: the blues has a certain musical structure of 12 bars :)
    Storm Nordwind: I am not a neuroscientist. I have no credible explanation for how it worked. But at the time I didn't need one. It made for a very rich childhood!
    Multiverse1 Resident: I have often vrought this up. If when a child you are told something is blue, over and over, for years and years. Then everyone tells you No! It is red. Then what color would that be?
    Storm Nordwind: It would make no difference unless you were hung up on labels
    Multiverse1 Resident: nice answer. It is colorful, either way!
    Storm Nordwind: I go to France and I have to learn a new label with only a slightly different spelling (bleu). The experience remains the same.
    Alfred Kelberry: interesting
    Multiverse1 Resident: but the light reflects it in a different manner
    Alfred Kelberry: re: color sound

    Funny guy.

    Alfred Kelberry: you're a funny guy, storm :)
    Storm Nordwind: Alfred, I merely give myself permission to be funny. Other people can do the same to themselves, if they wish to take the risk. :)
    Alfred Kelberry: that was a compliment :)
    Storm Nordwind: I took it as such. :)
    Storm Nordwind: Thus everyone can give themselves permission to be Boxy-compliment-worthy! :))
    Riddle Sideways: well, must be going.
    Alfred Kelberry: yes
    Multiverse1 Resident: bye riddle
    Alfred Kelberry: cuteelephant!
    Storm Nordwind: Good to see you Riddle
    Alfred Kelberry: agreed


    oO0Oo Resident: :) back
    Multiverse1 Resident: forth
    Multiverse1 Resident: the pendulum swings
    Storm Nordwind: Only because it has a point of stillness
    oO0Oo Resident waves and smiles at passing Riddle :)
    Multiverse1 Resident: was reading about Foulk? pendulum the other day. It "proves" the Erth revolves
    Multiverse1 Resident: was wondering if the galaxy has a fulcrum point
    Multiverse1 Resident: here it is
    Multiverse1 Resident: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foucault_pendulum

    Blog update.

    Storm Nordwind: By the way, thank you Alfred [actually Yakuuza] for mentioning that old blog. I decided to update the profile and put in a new entry while we were speaking. Don't know why, but it seemed important. :)
    oO0Oo Resident: .

    Thursday, 16 February 2012
    Recipe for happiness
    Be kind.
    Put others before self - constantly.
    Have compassion for all - constantly.
    And when constantly is hard - as much as you can, more and more.

    ~ Lokeshvara

    I don't think the world is round.

    Multiverse1 Resident: don't want to misname someones discovery
    Storm Nordwind: Is that the pendulum we did science experiments with at school - hanging a very long one from the top of a stairwell with a pen attached to the weight?
    Storm Nordwind: Yes, looking tha article, apparently it is
    Multiverse1 Resident: have to devise one of these, for a larger scale
    Multiverse1 Resident: he also invented the 1st gyroscope
    Multiverse1 Resident: there is an exhibit, at the science cafe, or close to it
    Multiverse1 Resident: hi Korel
    oO0Oo Resident: Hi Korel !
    Yakuzza Lethecus: hey korel
    Storm Nordwind: If we put such a pendulum in Second Life, it would have to rotate on a four hour cycle
    oO0Oo Resident: OsiyosiyosiyosiyOsiyo!
    Yakuzza Lethecus: but i don´t think the 2nd life world is round
    Korel Laloix: Heya
    Yakuzza Lethecus: and neither rotates
    Multiverse1 Resident: wind light cycles?
    Storm Nordwind: Hi Korel!
    Multiverse1 Resident: how is the anatomy this day, Korel?

    Multi's poem.

    Multiverse1 Resident: Succession
    Multiverse1 Resident: Asteroids of Cosmic fear,
    Multiverse1 Resident: Among the Stars, So very near.
    Multiverse1 Resident: Storm of Seas, I aim to please
    Multiverse1 Resident: turbulance, I'm on my knees
    Multiverse1 Resident: Creator of the world you are,
    Multiverse1 Resident: Your own it seems, It's in your dreams.
    Multiverse1 Resident: Vast it is the Sea of Night
    Yakuzza Lethecus: bye everyone
    Multiverse1 Resident: Void the dark and now the light.
    Korel Laloix: Getting further tests.
    Multiverse1 Resident: etc, etc
    Korel Laloix: Sorry, was AFK.
    Multiverse1 Resident: Bye Yaku
    Multiverse1 Resident: Cycle of the few are now, Wonder when, we'll wake up? How/ Built upon the stone of old, Spark the fire, are You not cold?
    oO0Oo Resident: Bye Yaku !
    oO0Oo Resident: Nice poem Multi !
    Multiverse1 Resident: well have to eat food now
    Korel Laloix: I am always cold.
    Multiverse1 Resident: finish it another tyme
    Multiverse1 Resident: be well all.
    oO0Oo Resident wraps a warm blanket round Korel :)
    Korel Laloix: Back in a bit maybe
    Storm Nordwind: Bye!
    Korel Laloix: Two please.
    oO0Oo Resident: Bye Multi.. :) Korel.. two for sure
    Korel Laloix smiles
    Alfred Kelberry: hi :)

    Sam's poem.

    oO0Oo Resident: .

    still points
    the gyroscopic eagle centers

    warm and downy closeup
    playing host in tempest

    lightness and ease
    atmosphere of focused precision

    formational aero ..dynamic

    tenderness.. arriving
    wave upon wave
    invitation opens

    lost lines recover
    the > CRACKING < sounds
    of dignified flags

    no time to loose
    unfurling yielding

    Spring shoots emerge
    as water passing riverstones

    In places

    the rootlets seeking

    smiles served in increments
    neither this nor that

    to be happy

    Storm Nordwind: That is beautiful. Did you just write that?
    oO0Oo Resident: Yes. thanks Storm
    oO0Oo Resident: You inspired me
    Storm Nordwind: I am deeply honored and grateful for your creative presence.
    oO0Oo Resident: likewise *
    Storm Nordwind: What a space we hold together where art and wisdom both flourish!
    oO0Oo Resident: :)


    oO0Oo Resident: Well.. I need to meet someone, so will say goodbye for now. Thanks Storm, Boxy :)
    oO0Oo Resident: :)
    Alfred Kelberry: :)
    Storm Nordwind: Good to see you both!
    oO0Oo Resident: :))))

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