2012.02.22 13:00 - Happy as a Verb, Transitions, Sleep

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    [13:04] Raffila Millgrove: hello Fefonz
    [13:04] Fefonz Quan: hello Rafilla
    [13:04] Raffila Millgrove: just Raffi is fine, thanks.
    [13:05] Raffila Millgrove: Hello Samuo.
    [13:05] oO0Oo Resident: Hi Raff ! Hi Fef :)
    [13:05] Fefonz Quan: Hello o000o
    [13:06] Fefonz Quan: Raffi, i should ask whether yu've been here before
    [13:06] Raffila Millgrove: yes.
    [13:06] Fefonz Quan: thanks!
    [13:08] Raffila Millgrove: brb
    [13:10] Raffila Millgrove: ok back. sorry. guess i didn't miss much. lol
    [13:10] oO0Oo Resident: wb

    [13:11] Raffila Millgrove: did you guys see the happiness exhibit?
    [13:11] Fefonz Quan: wb
    [13:12] Fefonz Quan: no, I didn't
    [13:12] oO0Oo Resident: I peeked in the other day yes :)
    [13:12] Fefonz Quan: is it still on?
    [13:12] oO0Oo Resident: Yes .. still on Fef :)
    [13:12] Raffila Millgrove: yes. they haven't had the "opening" yet. i think maybe that is Sunday.
    [13:12] oO0Oo Resident: In the dome.
    [13:13] oO0Oo Resident: I felt deeply touched by the exhibits.
    [13:13] Fefonz Quan: so what are your impressions/
    [13:13] Fefonz Quan: ?*
    [13:13] oO0Oo Resident: What took your fancy Raff?

    [13:14] Raffila Millgrove: i think.. the choice--to have only one texture.. it simplified...
    [13:14] Zon Kwan: heya
    [13:14] Raffila Millgrove: no particles or scripts.. these tight rules.. focus more on single concept... so it was.. interesting to me. from that standpoint.
    [13:14] oO0Oo Resident: Heya Zon :)
    [13:14] Fefonz Quan: Hi Zon
    [13:15] oO0Oo Resident nods at Raff.. yes .. limited pallete in a sense..
    [13:15] Raffila Millgrove: parameters of the exhibit rules--force--focus.

    [13:15] oO0Oo Resident: (((bell)))

    [13:17] Raffila Millgrove: we are talking about the happiness exhibit Zon.
    [13:17] Zon Kwan: ah..whats that
    [13:17] Raffila Millgrove: in the dome.
    [13:17] oO0Oo Resident: ART of BEING : Happiness.. one of Bleu's initiatives
    [13:17] Raffila Millgrove: Fef and you.. have not seen yet. Sam and i.. were talking about our impressions.
    [13:18] Raffila Millgrove: HI Korel.
    [13:18] Korel Laloix: Bozho
    [13:18] Zon Kwan: korel
    [13:19] oO0Oo Resident: Some people with more technical skill, have played with the limitations (1 texture) by using workarounds to make things that appear to have more.

    [13:19] Fefonz Quan: bozho korel :)
    [13:19] oO0Oo Resident: Osiyo/Bozho Korel ;)
    [13:19] Zon Kwan: what langueage is that ?
    [13:19] Zon Kwan: japanese ?
    [13:19] oO0Oo Resident: Osiyo=Tsalagi? and
    [13:20] oO0Oo Resident: Bozho=?
    [13:20] Korel Laloix: Bozho is Bode'wadmimwen
    [13:20] Korel Laloix: or Potawatomi.
    [13:20] oO0Oo Resident: ty Korel
    [13:20] oO0Oo Resident: me imagines Bode'wadmimwen would be intersting to hear spoken.
    [13:21] Raffila Millgrove: uh oh. we lost Zon.

    [13:21] oO0Oo Resident: The notecards associated .. that is.. part of the artworks are nice to read too.
    [13:22] oO0Oo Resident: Brought tears to my eyes from the get-go
    [13:22] Korel Laloix: Very different lilt than Tsalagi for sure.
    [13:22] Raffila Millgrove: some were very touching.

    [13:23] oO0Oo Resident: Is there a word for "happy" in Tsalagi or Potawatomi Korel?
    [13:23] Korel Laloix: Yes, there are several depending on the context.
    [13:24] Raffila Millgrove: how do you happen to know these languages Korel?
    [13:26] oO0Oo Resident smiles
    [13:26] oO0Oo Resident: me pokes Korel :)
    [13:27] Korel Laloix: Sorry, was AFK.
    [13:27] oO0Oo Resident: no worries mate
    [13:27] oO0Oo Resident: question from Raff above for you

    [13:28] Korel Laloix: I grew up speaking Tsalagi in the house... that is what my mom speak around the house.... and when she did not want us to understand something when talking to her sisters, they switched to Bode
    [13:30] Raffila Millgrove spent the time reading about the.. tribes...who originally lived around Michigan/Wisconsin..
    [13:32] Korel Laloix: First american languages are more centered on the verbs... so happy is more be happy as a verb than an adjective.
    [13:32] Raffila Millgrove: my family were later immigrants to the US and were horrified by the reservations.. that such a thing could have happened.. and they were always sewing or knitting clothes for babies/childen on reservations.

    [13:32] Korel Laloix: Still are.
    [13:32] Korel Laloix: Reservations are the poorest places in the US still.

    [13:33] oO0Oo Resident: That makes sense Korel.. contextual ways of saying (happy)
    [13:34] oO0Oo Resident: So .. you are first generation born in USA Raff? That can be a challenge, as well as a benefit
    [13:34] Raffila Millgrove: no i am second.. but i grew up in my grand parents house.
    [13:35] oO0Oo Resident: Ah.. OK :)
    [13:35] Korel Laloix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJdp8J3HN1E
    [13:35] Raffila Millgrove: they were already here a long time.. since their youth.. so they were very Americanized in most respects. and spoke perfect English etc.

    [13:36] Raffila Millgrove: when they came.. times were different and it was very important to their generation to be Americans as fast as possible.
    [13:37] oO0Oo Resident nods at Raff while watching Korel's video
    [13:37] Korel Laloix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BjZm...eature=related
    [13:38] Korel Laloix: This is what happens when you give everyone what they need.... nothing has value.
    [13:38] Korel Laloix: Socialism is what white people do to us to keep us cervile and it works perfectly.
    [13:39] oO0Oo Resident: almost finished with the first one....
    [13:41] Raffila Millgrove: whew that second one... not a great time to eat lunch... while viewing.

    [13:41] Korel Laloix: Those are worse locations than what I grew up with in some ways.
    [13:42] Raffila Millgrove: were you on a reservation Korel?
    [13:42] Korel Laloix: But the abuse, drug abuse, dependance, helplesness and despair is fairly widespread.
    [13:42] Korel Laloix: No, my mom's house is not on tribal lands.
    [13:42] Korel Laloix: But I spent a lot of time.
    [13:43] oO0Oo Resident: Have you been to Pine Ridge Korel?
    [13:44] Korel Laloix: No, but a have danced with a couple of girls from up there.
    [13:44] Korel Laloix: Very different.
    [13:44] Korel Laloix: Looking for any way to escape really.
    [13:45] oO0Oo Resident nods

    [13:45] Korel Laloix: Fortunate to be in OK.

    [13:48] oO0Oo Resident: Fef.. How is being a parent.. how is the little one?
    [13:48] oO0Oo Resident: [Fef is away]
    [13:49] Korel Laloix: I just get so sad when I visit some of my cousins.
    [13:49] Fefonz Quan: well, it is pleasant and challenging :)

    [13:49] Korel Laloix: How locked into the cycle they are.
    [13:49] Korel Laloix: And how thankful I am that I managed to get out of it.

    [13:49] Fefonz Quan: (to o0 question)
    [13:50] Korel Laloix: OK.. back to work.. thanks for the reflection and chat.
    [13:50] oO0Oo Resident nods at Korel.. glad you did too!
    [13:50] oO0Oo Resident: TY
    [13:50] Raffila Millgrove: Bye Korel. take care.
    [13:50] oO0Oo Resident: wado!
    [13:51] Korel Laloix: do na da go hv i
    [13:51] Fefonz Quan: by korel, thanks for the conversation
    [13:51] oO0Oo Resident: "pleasant and challenging" :) Fef
    [13:51] Fefonz Quan: bye*

    [13:51] Raffila Millgrove: I should go too... nice to meet you Fef. take care Samuo.
    [13:52] oO0Oo Resident: Take care Raff :)
    [13:52] oO0Oo Resident: gtsy
    [13:52] Fefonz Quan: nice to meet you too Raff
    [13:53] oO0Oo Resident: fef.. I seem to remember you were going on a trip to... was it China?
    [13:53] oO0Oo Resident: For your work?
    [13:54] Fefonz Quan: yes, got back a month ago
    [13:54] oO0Oo Resident: Was it an interesting experience?
    [13:55] Fefonz Quan: it was, though most of the time i worked, and it was freezing 9-13 at morning)
    [13:55] Fefonz Quan: (-13*
    [13:56] oO0Oo Resident: 9-13 degrees Fahrenheit?
    [13:56] Fefonz Quan: I did enjoy the food a lot :)
    [13:56] Fefonz Quan: minus 13 Celsius
    [13:56] oO0Oo Resident: oh! .. cold!
    [13:56] oO0Oo Resident: Food was nice.. work focus.. :)
    [13:57] oO0Oo Resident: Was the city/region a nice one?

    [13:57] Fefonz Quan: It is in the edge of Beijing
    [13:58] Fefonz Quan: so in a previous visit I got to see a lot of baijing, which is fascinating
    [13:58] oO0Oo Resident smiles.. must be fascinating.. much to see and do.. when not working
    [13:59] Fefonz Quan: In the winter, it wasn't so inviting to travel...
    [14:00] Fefonz Quan: Though when I have private time some day, I would like to travel the more rural areas of China
    [14:02] oO0Oo Resident smiles... ponders "private time"... Some people enjoy travelling for work.. Not for everybody though.. and different at different times of life.

    [14:04] Fefonz Quan: I like traveling, but nowdays when it means being away from the family, it is less fun than before
    [14:04] oO0Oo Resident: Oh my.. that is so understandable..
    [14:06] Fefonz Quan: just as an anecdote - the night of the flight, where I slept 7 hours on the plane, was probably the longest sleep I had for months :)

    [14:07] oO0Oo Resident: That suggests your work, perhaps in combination with your family life... are so full, you do not get much sleep. That sounds stressful.
    [14:08] oO0Oo Resident: Do you feel sleep deprived?
    [14:09] Fefonz Quan: a little, but the main point is - I meant continuous sleep.
    [14:10] oO0Oo Resident: I see.. ty.. clear.. Always think it is a bonus if I can sleep on the plane. Makes the journey seem quicker. :)
    [14:11] Fefonz Quan: yes, I am blessed with the ability to sleep on planes easily

    [14:13] oO0Oo Resident: Well.. I need to transition.. but always nice to see you Fef. ty for guardianing and see you again I hope. :)
    [14:13] oO0Oo Resident: All the best to your family :)
    [14:13] oO0Oo Resident: bfn
    [14:13] Fefonz Quan: good night oOOOo
    [14:14] oO0Oo Resident: night :)
    [14:14] Fefonz Quan: _/!\_
    [14:14] oO0Oo Resident: aw _/\_

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