2012.11.03 19:00 - A Decidedly Beneficial Experience in Itself

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    Eliza posted this session from the auto-listener database...

    [19:00] druth Vlodovic: hey
    [19:00] Santoshima Resident: hey!
    [19:04] druth Vlodovic: hi xs
    [19:04] Xs Andree: `ao off
    [19:04] druth Vlodovic: been doing some rp?
    [19:04] Xs Andree: hi
    [19:04] Xs Andree: ao off
    [19:04] Santoshima Resident: greetings
    [19:04] Xs Andree: messing with outfits
    [19:05] Santoshima Resident: spikey
    [19:06] Santoshima Resident: how're you both
    [19:06] Xs Andree: kk try now druth
    [19:06] druth Vlodovic: interesting times :)

    [19:06] Xs Andree: all my keys have different permssion lists, you are on some of them, but not all of them, can't keep up
    [19:07] druth Vlodovic: all I can do is wind you up
    [19:07] druth Vlodovic: had a fellow let me play with his collar once
    [19:07] Xs Andree: lol that is all it does
    [19:07] druth Vlodovic: I ended up denying him access to his inventory and IMs
    [19:08] Xs Andree: rlv, lol
    [19:08] druth Vlodovic: had a moment of panic while I tried to figure out how to reverse it lol
    [19:08] Xs Andree: i don't mess with RLV at all.
    [19:08] druth Vlodovic: scary stuff

    [19:08] Xs Andree: Sakito!
    [19:09] druth Vlodovic: hi saki
    [19:09] Santoshima Resident: hello Sakito
    [19:09] Xs Andree: you are missing some stuff, hon.
    [19:09] Xs Andree: :P
    [19:10] Xs Andree: like..your tummy, entirely
    [19:10] Sakito Nakamichi: x.x
    [19:10] Xs Andree: an your pants
    [19:10] Xs Andree giggles
    [19:10] Santoshima Resident: chilly
    [19:10] Sakito Nakamichi: :o
    [19:10] Sakito Nakamichi: I'm hiding inn a bush, gimme a minute

    [19:10] Santoshima Resident: we met yesterday at Eido's store
    [19:10] Santoshima Resident: she had pants then
    [19:11] Sakito Nakamichi: No she didn't :o~ She was a statue!
    [19:11] Xs Andree: umm..yeah, I took his pants off.
    [19:11] Santoshima Resident: she was?
    [19:11] Santoshima Resident: ah
    [19:11] Sakito Nakamichi: Oh mine? o.o
    [19:11] Sakito Nakamichi: Yus.
    [19:11] Santoshima Resident: yes, hun
    [19:11] Sakito Nakamichi: They were. xD
    [19:13] Santoshima Resident: have you been here before Sakito?
    [19:13] Sakito Nakamichi: Hai ^.^ So naturally, I had to come back.

    [19:13] Santoshima Resident: we post the chats from these meetings online in a public wiki, Sakito
    [19:14] Santoshima Resident: do we have your permission to use your name and post your words?
    [19:14] Sakito Nakamichi: Hai. I agree to those terms.
    [19:14] Santoshima Resident: ty!
    [19:14] Santoshima Resident: i'll send you a Notecard

    [19:14] Sakito Nakamichi: Much welcome. Kinda makes me happy to think maybe on one o' these I'd be helping someone else on their journey.
    [19:14] Sakito Nakamichi: Also kind of mind boggling that I'd actually manage that, but hey. xD

    [19:17] Xs Andree: i think I finally found something to wear these horns with
    [19:18] Sakito Nakamichi likes it! "They fit wonderfully with that outfit."
    [19:18] Xs Andree: Thank you, i think so too, i've had trouble finding something to wear with them for awhile now
    [19:19] Santoshima Resident: the horns would look good with anything
    [19:19] Santoshima Resident: formalwear especially, i think
    [19:19] Santoshima Resident: that looks good
    [19:19] Santoshima Resident: what you have on

    [19:19] Xs Andree: do you like them, San?
    [19:19] Santoshima Resident: zooming
    [19:20] Santoshima Resident: well, i think contrast would go well with those
    [19:20] Santoshima Resident: overall: spikey effect
    [19:20] Santoshima Resident: clothers preference = very subjective
    [19:20] Santoshima Resident: in answer : yes
    [19:20] Sakito Nakamichi: Pointy point~

    [19:21] Xs Andree: I need to get rid of the Zombie popcorn landmarks
    [19:21] Hana Furlough: Hi all!
    [19:21] Xs Andree: it is no longer there
    [19:22] Santoshima Resident: are you editing inventory?
    [19:22] druth Vlodovic: hi hana
    [19:22] Santoshima Resident: hi Hana :)
    [19:22] Xs Andree: nah, not going to bother until after meeting, just noticed i still had old landmarks in my merch folders
    [19:22] Santoshima Resident: how are you Hana?

    [19:23] druth Vlodovic: cleaning inventory is a bit like cleaning your room as a child
    [19:23] druth Vlodovic: you no sooner start then get distracted and start playing with your toys

    [19:23] Hana Furlough: I'm well, thanks. And you, San?
    [19:23] Xs Andree: lol
    [19:23] Xs Andree: too true
    [19:23] Sakito Nakamichi: *giggles and nods*
    [19:23] Santoshima Resident: pretty well ~ quiet lovely day
    [19:24] Hana Furlough: : ) here, too
    [19:28] Santoshima Resident: wb Sakito
    [19:29] Sakito Nakamichi: Thank youi!
    [19:29] Xs Andree: very quiet session

    [19:30] Sakito Nakamichi: I'm still a little tired from my consumist whoring earlier, and then lugging it all in with me. *ol*
    [19:32] druth Vlodovic: speaking of desire... :)
    [19:32] Xs Andree: :P

    [19:37] Sakito Nakamichi: I'm still a bit nervous about the behavioral change it would be for me to do the nine seconds, daily. More because I'm terribly consistent in my inconsistency. >.> But I think just being around the sort of ideas here, just having been exposed to them a little, has been a decidedly beneficial experience in itself.

    [19:37] Santoshima Resident: 90 might be easier
    [19:37] Xs Andree: i thought the same thing too, about the nine seconds...but I found after i did it a few times, i just do it whenever now.
    [19:38] Santoshima Resident: 90
    [19:38] Santoshima Resident: minute and a half
    [19:38] Santoshima Resident: not so very long

    [19:38] druth Vlodovic: that's only here, the practice is a randomly chosen 9 seconds
    [19:39] druth Vlodovic: I've done it for a few hours at a stretch,gives an interesting perspective
    [19:39] Santoshima Resident: ah, sorry didn't know you were talking about different
    [19:39] Xs Andree nods nods to Druth.
    [19:40] druth Vlodovic: oh,the idea is a "1% time tax" you spend doing sorts of meditations for a few hours each day,
    [19:40] druth Vlodovic: pulling 9 seconds each 15 minutes
    [19:40] Xs Andree: I like to draw and do that.
    [19:40] Xs Andree: just let my pen go
    [19:40] druth Vlodovic: what sort of things do you end up drawing?
    [19:41] Xs Andree: Things i can't describe.
    [19:41] Xs Andree: mostly

    [19:41] Xs Andree: i drew an angel with a wide brimmed hat, sharp features, very old looking, with writing all over him and a staff
    [19:42] Xs Andree: I can describe that, but...it was mostly I started with a face i knew, then just...doodled around it without thinking, and it came up out of the page
    [19:42] Xs Andree: i set it aside, didn't see it for a few days, then it was on my bed when i walked in the room and i saw it.
    [19:42] Xs Andree: cause i was across the room
    [19:44] Xs Andree: i think my head messes me up, when i'm not thinking, i do my best stuff

    [19:46] Santoshima Resident: g'night
    [19:46] druth Vlodovic: 'night san
    [19:46] Xs Andree: goodnight, San
    [19:47] Xs Andree: Boxy thought i was you, Druth.
    [19:47] Hana Furlough: goodnight, san
    [19:47] druth Vlodovic: lol
    [19:47] druth Vlodovic: did he consider that a bad thing?
    [19:47] Xs Andree: it didn't seem like it, but I just accepted it and didn't ask.
    [19:48] druth Vlodovic: I've never played the halloween guessing game in SL

    [19:48] Xs Andree: Me either. i have only this alt, ever here.
    [19:48] druth Vlodovic: but I have been accused of being all sorts of different people :)
    [19:49] Hana Furlough: nice chatting with you all, have a good evening :)
    [19:49] druth Vlodovic: 'night hana
    [19:50] druth Vlodovic: I guess we never got going
    [19:50] druth Vlodovic: but it is nice to have quiet sessions now and then

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