2012.11.04 13:00 - A Much Larger Perspective

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    Eliza posted this session from the auto-listener database...

    [13:06] Pema Pera: hi Bertrum!
    [13:06] Pema Pera: Quiet afternoon here.
    [13:07] Bertrum Resident: Yes. Good to see you. It's been awhile.
    [13:09] Pema Pera: how are you doing?
    [13:10] Bertrum Resident: Doing fine. Thank you. And you? I read you are in NYC. Are things getting back to normal where you are in the city?
    [13:10] Pema Pera: not quite, but getting there.
    [13:10] Pema Pera: It was an amazing storm
    [13:10] Pema Pera: parts of Manhattan were without electricity
    [13:11] Pema Pera: we were lucky, near Central Park, where the lights stayed on
    [13:12] Bertrum Resident: You are a bit north of the major flooding then.
    [13:12] Pema Pera: yes

    [13:12] Pema Pera: and my workplace in Princeton was without electricity for almost a week
    [13:13] Pema Pera: because the storm had damaged the power lines
    [13:13] Pema Pera: so I could not go to Princeton during the whole last week
    [13:13] Pema Pera: Monday will be the first "normal" day, in ten days
    [13:13] Bertrum Resident: Were there lots of trees down in Central Park?
    [13:14] Pema Pera: I haven't been in yet
    [13:14] Pema Pera: I prefer to wait, since it may still be risky
    [13:14] Pema Pera: one can be killed by a single heavy branch falling from high
    [13:14] Bertrum Resident: Yes, that's true. The New Jersey
    [13:15] Bertrum Resident: shore took the full force of the storm.

    [13:17] Bertrum Resident: Are the roads all clear now to Princeton?
    [13:18] Pema Pera: the trains are running
    [13:18] Pema Pera: so I'll see for myself tomorrow

    [13:19] Bertrum Resident: A storm like that helps put things in a much larger perspective.
    [13:19] Pema Pera: by the way, I have to take off, have a lot of preparing to do still for tomorrow
    [13:19] Pema Pera: yes, it does!
    [13:20] Bertrum Resident: Good to talk with you.
    [13:20] Bertrum Resident: Have a good day tomorrow.
    [13:20] Pema Pera: same here, take care!

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