2012.11.29 19:00 - The Past Understood with a Mind of the Present

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    Eliza posted this *wonderful* session from the auto-listener database, and yes Stevie, it was :P ...

    [19:08] Paradise Tennant: hiya stev :) nice to see you :)
    [19:08] Paradise Tennant: hiya hana :))
    [19:08] stevenaia Michinaga: Hi Hana, Para
    [19:08] Paradise Tennant: so nice to see you too been a while :)
    [19:09] stevenaia Michinaga: how are you?
    [19:09] Hana Furlough: Hi Steve and Para!
    [19:09] Hana Furlough: Nice to see you both!
    [19:10] Paradise Tennant: smiles :))

    [19:11] Paradise Tennant: do we have a topic :)) or shall we meander :)
    [19:11] stevenaia Michinaga: other than Hindsight (topic of the week), no
    [19:11] stevenaia Michinaga: hi Aubergine
    [19:11] Aubergine Mint: hi
    [19:12] Hana Furlough: Hi Aubergine

    [19:12] Hana Furlough: hindsight...wow

    [19:12] stevenaia Michinaga: have a seat
    [19:12] stevenaia Michinaga: :)
    [19:12] Paradise Tennant: hiya aubergine :))
    [19:12] Aubergine Mint: hi :)
    [19:13] stevenaia Michinaga: have you been here before, Aubergine
    [19:13] Aubergine Mint: I have, but not for a while
    [19:13] stevenaia Michinaga: :), welcome back
    [19:13] Aubergine Mint: thank you :)

    [19:14] Paradise Tennant: smiles always nice to see someone come back :)
    [19:14] stevenaia Michinaga: what brought you back this evening?
    [19:14] Aubergine Mint: I don't think I remember you, have you been here long?
    [19:14] Aubergine Mint: looking up my old LM's :)
    [19:15] Aubergine Mint: so many things gone

    [19:15] stevenaia Michinaga: ....looks at watch... about 4 years

    [19:16] stevenaia Michinaga: hi San
    [19:16] Hana Furlough: haha nice
    [19:16] Hana Furlough: Hi San
    [19:18] Paradise Tennant: smiles hiya san
    [19:19] Paradise Tennant: four years goes quick
    [19:19] Santoshima Resident: verry laggy
    [19:19] Santoshima Resident: hello
    [19:19] Aubergine Mint: hello san
    [19:19] Santoshima Resident: hello, gtmy

    [19:19] stevenaia Michinaga: we were talking about the lessons learned from hindsight yesterday, a nice tool for reflection
    [19:20] Hana Furlough: yes?
    [19:20] stevenaia Michinaga: not a way to change the past, but to let the past affect the future
    [19:21] Paradise Tennant: smiles sort of a meshing .. of understanding then and now ?

    [19:21] stevenaia Michinaga: hindsight is a time machine

    [19:21] Aubergine Mint: if we knew then what we know now?
    [19:21] stevenaia Michinaga: Hindsight is now, gathering the past to restructure the future
    [19:22] stevenaia Michinaga: yes
    [19:23] Paradise Tennant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindsight_bias
    [19:23] stevenaia Michinaga: nods, that;s seems to be soemthing different
    [19:23] stevenaia Michinaga: or.. something else
    [19:24] Paradise Tennant: yes ..
    [19:24] stevenaia Michinaga: I was suprised there wasn;t a wikipage on just hindsight, perhaps it;s nothing more than a critical look at your past
    [19:25] stevenaia Michinaga: or it;s alternatives
    [19:25] Santoshima Resident: *

    [19:25] Santoshima Resident: hindsight |ˈhīn(d)ˌsīt| noun understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed : with hindsight, I should never have gone.

    [19:26] Hana Furlough: it seems like hindsight and its bias often tends to view the past as having to be the potential to be somehow different

    [19:27] stevenaia Michinaga: I like that, the past's potential
    [19:27] Santoshima Resident: a word that accounts for a shift in understanding based on experiences
    [19:27] Hana Furlough: some kind of should
    [19:27] Hana Furlough: "in hindsight, i should have..."
    [19:28] stevenaia Michinaga: yes, a critical assessment of your own past judgement, presumibly for the better

    [19:28] Aubergine Mint: the past understood with a mind in the present
    [19:28] Hana Furlough: right

    [19:28] Paradise Tennant: http://www.notable-quotes.com/h/hindsight_quotes.html
    [19:28] Paradise Tennant: The most fertile source of insight is hindsight. MORRIS KLINE, Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty
    [19:29] Hana Furlough: i feel like that doesn't quite capture it for me
    [19:31] Paradise Tennant: how does it feel or seem to you hana when you experience hindsight ?

    [19:31] Hana Furlough: i feel like insight comes from a settled place, with some distance, and that it can be very messy to get there
    [19:32] Hana Furlough: but it needs to be messy
    [19:32] Hana Furlough: and without the should's that i fear often accompany hindsight
    [19:33] Santoshima Resident: the "shoulds" are from the default dictionary on this computer
    [19:33] Hana Furlough: maybe not necessarily messy, but very present and very real, accepting

    [19:33] Aubergine Mint: is hindsight always a negative?
    [19:33] Hana Furlough: a good question
    [19:33] Santoshima Resident: why fear hindsight?
    [19:34] Hana Furlough: not fear, but it can be a trap
    [19:34] Santoshima Resident: implies a memory
    [19:34] Hana Furlough: a move to control
    [19:34] Hana Furlough: to domesticate the past

    [19:34] Paradise Tennant: like that term very well .. " to domesticate the past "
    [19:34] Hana Furlough: thanks : )
    [19:35] Paradise Tennant: funny you know I often thiink we are as unclear on what happened as on what is happening and what may happen :) our memory does fog

    [19:36] Hana Furlough: oh yeah, it completely changes things
    [19:36] Paradise Tennant: we always remember from a subjective just one subjective point
    [19:36] Paradise Tennant: our own
    [19:36] Santoshima Resident: of course

    [19:36] stevenaia Michinaga: they can send you the link as soon as they claim it so you have it if they leave
    [19:36] stevenaia Michinaga: oops, wrong window
    [19:36] stevenaia Michinaga: :)
    [19:37] Hana Furlough: : )

    [19:37] Paradise Tennant: would it not be lovely to have an opportunity where you get to understand how everyone is seeing and experiencing an event ...
    [19:37] Santoshima Resident: that would be overwhelming
    [19:37] Aubergine Mint: totally
    [19:37] stevenaia Michinaga: yes
    [19:37] Hana Furlough: there's a good opportunity for insight!

    [19:37] Paradise Tennant: hmm think it would be kind of thrillling too

    [19:38] stevenaia Michinaga: I have enough trouble understanding my perspective sometimes
    [19:38] Santoshima Resident: ditto
    [19:38] Hana Furlough: can you say more about that?
    [19:38] stevenaia Michinaga: hi Luci
    [19:38] Santoshima Resident: no
    [19:38] Santoshima Resident: :)
    [19:38] Santoshima Resident: hi Luci
    [19:38] Lucinda Lavender: hi all
    [19:38] Hana Furlough: Hi Luci!
    [19:38] Aubergine Mint: hi Lucinda

    [19:38] Lucinda Lavender: here thru the iPad
    [19:38] Lucinda Lavender: so, limited
    [19:39] Aubergine Mint: wow didn't know you could do that
    [19:39] Santoshima Resident: text only, Luci?
    [19:39] Lucinda Lavender: yes
    [19:39] Lucinda Lavender: text only for me to see....you can place me on a pillow if that works.
    [19:40] Paradise Tennant: you are on one luci :)) kind of a floaty red cloud :)
    [19:40] Santoshima Resident: i only see you hair, Luci
    [19:40] Lucinda Lavender: do not want to interrupt the hindsight discussion
    [19:40] Santoshima Resident: it looks good btw

    [19:40] stevenaia Michinaga: rarely is hindsight used to to say, If I only did things another way it would have been a disaster
    [19:40] Hana Furlough: you're levitating
    [19:41] Hana Furlough: how true, steve!
    [19:41] Lucinda Lavender: so truemsteve
    [19:41] Santoshima Resident: oh, yes, Stevenaia ~ have appreciated in hindsight some events that I thought were completely wrong at the time
    [19:41] Lucinda Lavender: thanks,San:)
    [19:41] Hana Furlough: for sure
    [19:41] stevenaia Michinaga: seems more of a correction of a "bad play"
    [19:41] Santoshima Resident: hmm
    [19:42] Lucinda Lavender: when looking at the scene of the past with eyes of compassion
    [19:42] stevenaia Michinaga: or regret
    [19:42] Hana Furlough: yeah
    [19:43] Lucinda Lavender: saying to self....so sorry for the pain of that moment...

    [19:43] Hana Furlough: i wonder if we can imagine now with hindsight, if that's useful
    [19:43] Hana Furlough: nice, luci : )
    [19:44] stevenaia Michinaga: let's try it for the next 90 second bell
    [19:44] stevenaia Michinaga: pick a moment
    [19:46] Hana Furlough: that was good. i feel like i have things in perspective
    [19:47] stevenaia Michinaga: hmm, had a strange event this morning.. looking back I couldn;t have handled it any better... says hindsight
    [19:47] stevenaia Michinaga: :)
    [19:47] Paradise Tennant: smiles
    [19:48] Santoshima Resident: *
    [19:48] Hana Furlough: : )
    [19:49] Lucinda Lavender: nodding...
    [19:49] Paradise Tennant: listens

    [19:49] stevenaia Michinaga: I lost my car keys in a bag I gave to someone, when they arrived at their destination 10 miles away, the keys appeared to have been on the floor, no knowing who;s tnhey were, they left them there, returned to find me asking if they have seem my keys... yes, they are in the next town 10 miles away
    [19:50] Lucinda Lavender: interesting
    [19:50] stevenaia Michinaga: so we got in her car and picked them up, no blame, just amusing conversation
    [19:50] stevenaia Michinaga: no idea when I even went

    [19:50] Aubergine Mint: not so bad in hindsight then?
    [19:51] stevenaia Michinaga: not at all, I picked the wrong event, I suppose
    [19:51] Hana Furlough: (sneaks out to get back to work -- thanks all!)
    [19:51] stevenaia Michinaga: but we could have blown up with accusations
    [19:51] stevenaia Michinaga: :)
    [19:51] Santoshima Resident: bye Hana
    [19:51] Lucinda Lavender: thanks to you Hana
    [19:51] stevenaia Michinaga: seems like the thing to do
    [19:51] Paradise Tennant: take care hana enjoy your day :)
    [19:51] Aubergine Mint: bye
    [19:52] Santoshima Resident: bye Aubergine
    [19:52] Paradise Tennant: smiles take care aubergine
    [19:52] Lucinda Lavender: will go too.. good night... I will be here as the morning comes:)
    [19:52] stevenaia Michinaga: night Luci
    [19:53] Santoshima Resident: g'night Luci
    [19:53] Lucinda Lavender: night and sweet,dreams,all
    [19:53] Santoshima Resident: and me, thanks Stevenaia and Paradise ~
    [19:53] stevenaia Michinaga: not at allnight San
    [19:53] Paradise Tennant: nite nite
    [19:53] Paradise Tennant: luci san
    [19:53] stevenaia Michinaga: night
    [19:53] Santoshima Resident: :)
    [19:54] Paradise Tennant: smiles
    [19:54] Paradise Tennant: happy your keys came home :)

    [19:54] Paradise Tennant: how is fubu?
    [19:55] stevenaia Michinaga: in my arms between me and the computer
    [19:55] stevenaia Michinaga: paw and head on left arm tonight
    [19:55] stevenaia Michinaga: so I can type
    [19:55] Paradise Tennant: ahh nice
    [19:59] Paradise Tennant: hindsight was a more interesting topic than I realized

    [19:59] stevenaia Michinaga: I wasn;t sure what Eliza was saying in her email today, RE hindsight, let me look
    [20:01] stevenaia Michinaga: Topics. "Filling up" was quite fruitful with such interesting topics and sessions, while hindsight, in hindsight (har har), maybe not so much.
    [20:02] stevenaia Michinaga: perhaps just a bad play on words
    [20:02] Paradise Tennant: smiles

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