2013.03.24 19:00 - Stories and Pictures

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Calvino Rabeni. The lack of comments is by Calvino Rabeni.

    Aphrodite Macbain: Hi Luci
    Lucinda Lavender: Hi Aph...
    Lucinda Lavender: So sorry i missed the festivities at noon!
    Aphrodite Macbain: me too. You must have been doing something important!
    Lucinda Lavender: yes
    Lucinda Lavender: impromtu visit to a botanical garden
    Aphrodite Macbain: I've ben in the garden for a while- cold but nice
    Aphrodite Macbain: oh?
    Lucinda Lavender: yes
    Aphrodite Macbain: which one?
    Lucinda Lavender: Kruckeberg Garden
    Lucinda Lavender: in Shoreline Wa
    Aphrodite Macbain: Nice? foweres blooming?
    Lucinda Lavender: a few Rhodies
    Aphrodite Macbain: flowers
    Lucinda Lavender: and azaleas
    Aphrodite Macbain: plum trees?
    Lucinda Lavender: yes i think ...indian plums
    Lucinda Lavender: you can buy the plants they grow there
    Aphrodite Macbain: nice
    Lucinda Lavender: if you come down sometime i can take you
    Aphrodite Macbain: did you buy any?
    Lucinda Lavender: no
    Aphrodite Macbain: hi Cal
    Lucinda Lavender: HI Cal
    Lucinda Lavender: long time not here(me)
    Aphrodite Macbain: Stil in Oz?
    Aphrodite Macbain: I hear someone
    Aphrodite Macbain: Cal is stil rezzing I guess
    Lucinda Lavender: perhaps it is hard for Cal to move
    Lucinda Lavender: or say anything
    Aphrodite Macbain: It takes a while for it to rez for him
    Lucinda Lavender: so far away...
    Aphrodite Macbain: welcome Cal
    Calvino Rabeni: ...rez ...
    Lucinda Lavender: I am about to eat so will be quiet for a while
    Aphrodite Macbain: Im eating too
    Aphrodite Macbain: Here's Paradise doggy
    Lucinda Lavender: chile Rellenos here
    Aphrodite Macbain: chicken here
    Calvino Rabeni: miso ... soup ... here ....
    Aphrodite Macbain: Hello puppy - dog food there?
    Lucinda Lavender: Para...i greet you...and will be quiet while eating:)
    Paradise Tennant: hiya luic aph cal :))
    Aphrodite Macbain: You all missed a lovely opening
    Paradise Tennant: sigh chile rellenos :) wow
    Lucinda Lavender: so sorry about that!!
    Paradise Tennant: http://www.google.ca/...
    Lucinda Lavender: Should you ever come to this neck of the woods i can make some for you
    Aphrodite Macbain: there were 14 of us sitting high above the exhibit. Storm had moved the cushions up aboe
    Aphrodite Macbain: I am plananing to
    Paradise Tennant: hmm will take you up on that sometime luci it looks complilcated to make
    Aphrodite Macbain: The theme for the next 2 weeks is our stories about PAB.
    Aphrodite Macbain: what was your experience.
    Lucinda Lavender: ...we made the sauce with home ground spices
    Calvino Rabeni: OK listner master
    Lucinda Lavender: since it looks like Cal cannot claim...maybe we should
    Aphrodite Macbain: there
    Calvino Rabeni: snap
    Aphrodite Macbain: oh you can! good
    Calvino Rabeni: hard with a small screen, the menu touch is not visible
    Calvino Rabeni: without some funny biz
    Calvino Rabeni: so ty, I have it now
    Aphrodite Macbain: so you are still in a shared house in Oz?
    Calvino Rabeni: Yes .. funny fall weather ... very hot with afternoon thunderstorm, then clear
    Aphrodite Macbain: I love thundersorms
    Paradise Tennant: me too
    Calvino Rabeni: this time I have a few pics to share
    Paradise Tennant: blue not so much :)
    Paradise Tennant: oooo
    Lucinda Lavender: awww
    Aphrodite Macbain: yayy
    Lucinda Lavender: tell us about the pics Cal...
    Calvino Rabeni: Free range eggs from the outback
    Calvino Rabeni: https://picasaweb.google.com...

    Calvino Rabeni: bigger than ducks'
    Paradise Tennant: very big
    Lucinda Lavender: Nice!
    Aphrodite Macbain: lol what were you doing with a ballpoint pen?
    Calvino Rabeni: scribbling
    Calvino Rabeni: egg pix was for Lucinda
    Calvino Rabeni: and here is one for Para
    Paradise Tennant: smiles at luci :)
    Calvino Rabeni: https://picasaweb.google.com/...
    Lucinda Lavender: Thanks Cal!
    Aphrodite Macbain: That's beautiful - what is it?
    Calvino Rabeni: A tree called the Scribbly Elm
    Aphrodite Macbain: aptly named
    Calvino Rabeni: This one for Aph, but it makes me jumpy
    Paradise Tennant: cool
    Calvino Rabeni: https://picasaweb.google.com/...
    Calvino Rabeni: And why DID it cross the road ?
    Aphrodite Macbain: hahaha
    Aphrodite Macbain: roo crossing?
    Paradise Tennant: hiya stev we are looking at cal's outback pics :))
    Lucinda Lavender: haha...snap we just said the same here
    stevenaia Michinaga: :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: great minds...
    Calvino Rabeni: Here is one that was requested by druth
    Calvino Rabeni: https://picasaweb.google.com/...
    stevenaia Michinaga: nice
    Lucinda Lavender: wow really?
    Aphrodite Macbain: I love it. Would you like me to give it to her?
    Aphrodite Macbain: oh - you can just IM her
    Calvino Rabeni: And one last .. for stev ... it is related to architecture
    Calvino Rabeni: https://picasaweb.google.com/...
    Calvino Rabeni: anyone want to guess?
    Aphrodite Macbain: I imagine you would have to wait an awfully long time for a koala to cross the road
    Calvino Rabeni: the highway has some special bridges and tunnels for them in places
    stevenaia Michinaga: some sort of bottle cap plant?
    Paradise Tennant: ? an animal made it ?
    Aphrodite Macbain: n- mixing conversations
    Calvino Rabeni: Bower Bird ... it collects blue things, then builds a little love shack called a bower
    Calvino Rabeni: surrounded by that color
    Aphrodite Macbain: and it hangs from the tree, tight?
    Calvino Rabeni: found objects arranged in a special way
    Lucinda Lavender: wow had never heard of that tho husband has
    Paradise Tennant: oh wow I love that
    Lucinda Lavender: me too
    Paradise Tennant: it likes blue things :)
    Calvino Rabeni: its not a nest, it's a meeting place, a little like a teahouse
    Calvino Rabeni: yes, only blue and that color
    Aphrodite Macbain: lots of chatter?
    Paradise Tennant: huge smile here
    Aphrodite Macbain: do you have a pic of the bower?
    Lucinda Lavender: really amazing
    Calvino Rabeni: it is the circle of grass in the center with two sides
    Aphrodite Macbain: oh!!
    Calvino Rabeni: just room inside enough for two
    Aphrodite Macbain: on the ground!
    Lucinda Lavender: sounds magical
    Paradise Tennant: romantic
    Aphrodite Macbain: sems like the birds made the most impact on you!
    Calvino Rabeni: birds are a highlight, yes
    Aphrodite Macbain: and their sounds..
    Calvino Rabeni: nods
    Aphrodite Macbain: are you flying tomorrow?
    Aphrodite Macbain: will you be at OF?
    Aphrodite Macbain: I'm mixed up with the times
    Calvino Rabeni: I will be ther e tomorrow :)

    Aphrodite Macbain: great
    Aphrodite Macbain: Cal - the theme of the sessions for the next 2 weeks will be stories from PAB
    Aphrodite Macbain: and each of us has been talking about our first weeeks with PAB
    Aphrodite Macbain: we haven't heard from you or Cinda and did you say something today Steve?
    stevenaia Michinaga: yes at the end of the 1:00 session... i think
    Aphrodite Macbain: what did you say? I haven't posted the notes yet
    stevenaia Michinaga: my first session with Pema and Stim in May of 2008
    stevenaia Michinaga: Pema invited me affter meeting him at a mutual friend's house in Sl
    Aphrodite Macbain: do you remember what you talked about?
    stevenaia Michinaga: I mainly listened as I understood little of what they were saying, yet I was interested in learning more... he says 5 years later
    Lucinda Lavender: :)
    stevenaia Michinaga: I seem to remember Pema asking me after what I had thought, not sure I had much to offer at that point other than to comeback and learn more
    Aphrodite Macbain: smiles
    stevenaia Michinaga: I think I'm good with that...
    Lucinda Lavender: I am afraid I do not remember very well...i could look it up tho.
    Paradise Tennant: my first session was with pila and stev quite by accident they made me feel so welcome :))) and it was such an engaging gentle meandering conversation
    Paradise Tennant: ;))
    Calvino Rabeni: by accident .. lucky happenstance
    Aphrodite Macbain: something happens to people when they sit down at this fountain
    Aphrodite Macbain: YES
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Aphrodite Macbain: everyone sort of smoothes out
    stevenaia Michinaga: may find us by accident, through some sort of attraction
    Aphrodite Macbain: Bruce brought me

    Aphrodite Macbain: yes but it is owned by PAB
    Calvino Rabeni: ah .. from another SL group ... friends meeting?
    Aphrodite Macbain: Cal when did you come to PAB?
    Aphrodite Macbain: You were hear near the beginning, no?
    Aphrodite Macbain: here
    Aphrodite Macbain: I think it's u and me Stevenaia
    stevenaia Michinaga: :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: and maybe PAradise
    Aphrodite Macbain: have you seen the Dome yet?
    Calvino Rabeni: It was the fall of 2009, not the beginning
    stevenaia Michinaga: yes, lots of 5's
    Aphrodite Macbain: :-) yayy. Cal's back
    Calvino Rabeni: I'd been in SL a couple years before that but just to check it out
    Calvino Rabeni: :)
    Calvino Rabeni: So I found out about it in RL
    Aphrodite Macbain: I think we were all nomads in SL for a while
    Aphrodite Macbain: from whom?
    Calvino Rabeni: an associate of Stims who is a friend of mine .. a TSK and buddhism teacher
    Aphrodite Macbain: so it really is founded in Buddhist thought, isn't it?
    Calvino Rabeni: we were just chatting on a weekly chat we'd do on and off
    Aphrodite Macbain: on the Internet
    Aphrodite Macbain: ?
    Calvino Rabeni: and he mentioned the IAS host site and Pema as a person who was interested in the bridge between science and philosophy or spirituality
    Calvino Rabeni: yes a skype chat
    Calvino Rabeni: maybe we were talking about Play ... probably not buddhism :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: nods
    Lucinda Lavender: I think I started coming here in the spring of 2010
    Calvino Rabeni: we used to live in Boulder ... which is a kind of gravitational center
    Calvino Rabeni: for alternative worldviews
    Aphrodite Macbain: I wonder whether we all share certain values or beliefs
    Paradise Tennant: a curiousity for sure
    Calvino Rabeni: and we'd go on play dates, sampling different workshops and classes
    Aphrodite Macbain: in SL?
    Calvino Rabeni: it was about 1992 I think .. no, in Colorado
    Aphrodite Macbain: early!
    Calvino Rabeni: movement and dance, for instance .. continuum and 5-rhythms, peer counseling and men's movement
    Aphrodite Macbain: what were the workshops?
    Aphrodite Macbain: ah answered
    Calvino Rabeni: (see previous list )
    Calvino Rabeni: yes :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: yes
    Aphrodite Macbain: :-)
    Aphrodite Macbain: what a ninteresting mix of arts dace thought philosopy
    Aphrodite Macbain: an interesting dance
    Aphrodite Macbain: sigh
    Calvino Rabeni: a different mix of play and being :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: you still participate in dance workshops, dont you?
    Calvino Rabeni: sometimes yes when I get the chance
    Calvino Rabeni: especially in Oregon
    Aphrodite Macbain: which requires a certain amount of trust in others
    Calvino Rabeni: another one I did more recently was holistic voice
    Aphrodite Macbain: what's that?

    Calvino Rabeni: as much trust as you can :)
    Aphrodite Macbain: :-)
    Paradise Tennant: ?
    Aphrodite Macbain: dancing
    Aphrodite Macbain: whispers, I must go
    Paradise Tennant: nite nite aph sweet dreams :))
    stevenaia Michinaga: Night Aph
    Aphrodite Macbain: thanks everyone
    Aphrodite Macbain: hope blue gets better
    Aphrodite Macbain: hope your last week goes well cal
    Calvino Rabeni: http://www.heatherhutton.com/unified-voice-works
    Aphrodite Macbain: night
    Aphrodite Macbain: /day
    Calvino Rabeni: answering APhs question
    Calvino Rabeni: bye :)
    Calvino Rabeni: Thanks Aphro :)
    Lucinda Lavender: Luci clicks
    Lucinda Lavender: Bye Aph!
    Aphrodite Macbain: Thanks Cal - I'll look at it :-)
    Aphrodite Macbain: cu tomorrow
    Calvino Rabeni: dream well
    Lucinda Lavender: body as instrument
    stevenaia Michinaga: I must go, long drive tomorrow
    Paradise Tennant: yes !!!!
    stevenaia Michinaga: night my friends
    Calvino Rabeni: By holistic, I meant, its not FOR anything else specifically, its FOR the voice and body being and the other purposes are fringe benefits I suppose
    Paradise Tennant: okies stev chag pesach sameach!
    Calvino Rabeni: Niht, stev.
    stevenaia Michinaga: smiles, thank you Para, good luck on your Bialy quest
    Paradise Tennant: smiles
    Calvino Rabeni: that's a worthwhile quest
    Lucinda Lavender: night Steve
    Calvino Rabeni: :)
    Calvino Rabeni: It's part of the earlier story .. maybe I told you, Cinda
    Lucinda Lavender: sure...do say more
    Calvino Rabeni: the man who introduced me to PaB is a freelance buddhist teacher of some regard ..
    Calvino Rabeni: he took this other singing workshop
    Calvino Rabeni: called "Self Realization through Rock and Roll"
    Lucinda Lavender: Ah
    Calvino Rabeni: (I think that was the title)
    Calvino Rabeni: High marks for it ..
    Calvino Rabeni: depending on the teacher, there really are many different activities that could be dharma gates
    Lucinda Lavender: nods
    Paradise Tennant: hmm like the term dharma gates
    Calvino Rabeni: in non-traditional sangha situations, or on the periphery of them
    Calvino Rabeni: Seattle has the guitar circle .. been to any of their concerts?
    Lucinda Lavender: once yes...at Thrid Place Books
    Calvino Rabeni: Nine guitars
    Calvino Rabeni: some covers and some original music
    Calvino Rabeni: that concert series was an original art that was a form of practice undertaken for other motivations than to be a musician in a band or make money
    Lucinda Lavender: interesting...
    Calvino Rabeni: or for enjoyment of music alone
    Lucinda Lavender: more of a spiritual community?
    Paradise Tennant: to find your wholeness and connection
    Lucinda Lavender: ah...
    Calvino Rabeni: yes
    Paradise Tennant: well folks I am going to be up a 3 am walking the put so I think I will say good night getting sleepy like this little dog avatar can wag my tail and look sleepy
    Calvino Rabeni: oy ... good night :) dream well
    Lucinda Lavender: rest well Paradise and love to you and blue
    Paradise Tennant: just cannot wave ! .. night night my friends namaste :)) safe travels cal :))

    Calvino Rabeni: ty night :)
    Lucinda Lavender: Cat has comein from the cold...chooses lap to warm up
    Lucinda Lavender: mainly has cold feet i think
    Lucinda Lavender: so i hope your travel has been interesting...it sure looks like it
    Calvino Rabeni: I enjoyed it yes
    Calvino Rabeni: I'm running out of charge on the old laptop
    Lucinda Lavender: best time to go:)
    Lucinda Lavender: dream well...
    Calvino Rabeni: better bid you goodnight
    Calvino Rabeni: good seeing you, catch you later
    Calvino Rabeni: bye for now :)
    Lucinda Lavender: yes:)
    Lucinda Lavender: bye for now:)



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