2013.06.30 19:00 - Actually I believe our whole body thinks

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    The guardian for this meeting was Calvino Rabeni.  Eliza posted this session from the autolistener database...

    [19:22] Calvino Rabeni: Hi Paradise :)
    [19:22] Calvino Rabeni: How are you this fine summer night?
    [19:22] Paradise Tennant: very well thanks been cleaning and cooking pretty much all day my brother and his wife are coming to stay for 21 days :)) was a marathon :)
    [19:23] Paradise Tennant: how aer you
    [19:24] Calvino Rabeni: enjoying the day .. was doing some cleaning myself, preparing for a summer trip to Oregon
    [19:25] Paradise Tennant: nice .. not seen a lot of oregon but what I have seen I have really liked
    [19:25] Calvino Rabeni: What have you seen?
    [19:25] Paradise Tennant: seattle and the surronding area
    [19:25] Paradise Tennant: but on business and rushed
    [19:26] Calvino Rabeni: Seattle looks good in the sun
    [19:26] Calvino Rabeni: feels warm though
    [19:27] Paradise Tennant: I think I was htere january so not much sun :))) saw the flying fish and drank some very good coffee
    [19:27] Paradise Tennant: you know at the market
    [19:27] Calvino Rabeni: yes I know it
    [19:28] Calvino Rabeni: it's good to ride the ferry just for the views
    [19:29] Paradise Tennant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrLE3Wr6oLs

    [19:29] Paradise Tennant: nods so many things to do .. travel is like stepping into a new world each trip
    [19:31] Paradise Tennant: made a pitcher of really excellent mango lassie just now .. playing with all my ktitchen toys today was fun
    [19:31] Paradise Tennant: hiya malinson :)
    [19:31] Malinson Resident: what cookin?
    [19:31] Malinson Resident: hey mr laggy

    [19:32] Paradise Tennant: smiles here quite a lot actualy .. a couple of cakes .. cookies .. lasagna.. pesto sauce.. and mango lassie :))
    [19:33] Malinson Resident: Had to turn my sound down because the fountain makes me want to go pee...
    [19:33] Calvino Rabeni: Hi Monseur Malinson
    [19:33] Malinson Resident: ah...a frechman huh? How is you?
    [19:34] Malinson Resident: I dont speak but one lingo....so I'm what you would call a dunce in some countryes.
    [19:34] Calvino Rabeni: I know a word or two in many languages
    [19:35] Malinson Resident: yeah well so do I so don;t test me lol
    [19:35] Calvino Rabeni: all right
    [19:35] Malinson Resident: It was a loke
    [19:35] Calvino Rabeni: It's my computer that's dumb, not me :)
    [19:36] Malinson Resident: mine knows on and off....how about yours?

    [19:36] Calvino Rabeni: Mango Lassie - that's one of the world's best drinks :)
    [19:36] Paradise Tennant: I agree .. pretty yummy
    [19:38] Paradise Tennant: reading an interesting book by mark bowden .. he speaks to our reptilian brains :)) and how to connect
    [19:38] Malinson Resident: thats an interesting dress.
    [19:38] Paradise Tennant: http://truthplane.com/home/about/mark-bowden/
    [19:39] Paradise Tennant: thank you malinson it lots of movement and comes with extra waves and a shark to ride
    [19:39] Malinson Resident: oh brother....yeah; learning how to rise above my reptillian desires was a challenge...
    [19:39] Paradise Tennant: there is so much great whimsy here
    [19:40] Paradise Tennant: I find it feels good to wear

    [19:40] Calvino Rabeni: speaking of brains ... everything nowadays seems to need to be referenced to "the brain"
    [19:40] Paradise Tennant: somettimes I come in sl and just like to walk through all the colours the flowers ..
    [19:40] Calvino Rabeni: and I'm fairly sure that COOKING is an EXCELLENT activity for "brain health"
    [19:41] Paradise Tennant: actually I believe our whole body thinks
    [19:41] Paradise Tennant: we tremember things in our muscles for example
    [19:41] Calvino Rabeni wonders if Malinson is writing this down for posterity :)
    [19:41] Malinson Resident: Yeah; way I see it is that my brain is not me...I let it do what it wants within reason....but my mind and brain are not one in the same.
    [19:41] Calvino Rabeni: movement is the bottom line of all our processes, isn't it
    [19:42] Paradise Tennant: yes .. there is interesting reserach out there .. apparently smell is related to our ability to discern quantum vibrations

    [19:43] Malinson Resident: It falls under why I dont say I am human...I just happen to be human...what humanity is or is not is not bound by me or who I am.
    [19:43] Paradise Tennant: http://www.quantumactivist.com/quantum-smell/
    [19:43] Calvino Rabeni: Me - Brain = 0, Brain - Me = Brain ... the math doesn't look too good :)
    [19:43] Paradise Tennant: hello san so nice to see you been a whiel
    [19:44] Paradise Tennant: boy cannot type tonight my apologies
    [19:44] Santoshima Resident: hello! good to see you, too!
    [19:44] Calvino Rabeni: I've been missing out on all your links lately Paradise ... SL alone sends my system to 1 degree from meltdown
    [19:44] Calvino Rabeni: Hi Santoshima :)
    [19:44] Santoshima Resident: hi Cal :)
    [19:44] Santoshima Resident: hello Malinson
    [19:44] Santoshima Resident: L)
    [19:44] Santoshima Resident: :0
    [19:44] Paradise Tennant: brb fireworks outside want to look
    [19:44] Santoshima Resident: :)
    [19:45] Malinson Resident: That's because you look at it that way...I am not my hands nor are my hands defined by me or anything...the body iis much like a tool....the same tool can be used by differant people.

    [19:45] Santoshima Resident: here :: the evening fireworks are little brown bats
    [19:46] Calvino Rabeni: how little?
    [19:46] Santoshima Resident: that's the common name
    [19:46] Calvino Rabeni: I fear if I looked at it that way, Malinson, I'd be kidnapped and put into a factory
    [19:46] Paradise Tennant: smiles
    [19:46] Calvino Rabeni: oh
    [19:47] Calvino Rabeni: they sound adorable
    [19:47] Calvino Rabeni: good name for bats
    [19:47] Santoshima Resident: they are sparks
    [19:47] Calvino Rabeni: it improves their "brand"
    [19:47] Calvino Rabeni: sparks of mmm?
    [19:47] Santoshima Resident: fast and bright moving
    [19:48] Calvino Rabeni: excuse my parochialism, is today a canada holiday on which fireworks are traditional?
    [19:49] Malinson Resident: fireworks....is there some kind of holiday comming up?
    [19:49] Santoshima Resident: C-day is July 1. fireworkds seem to feature big the night before
    [19:49] Santoshima Resident: " canada day " ... hooray!
    [19:49] Paradise Tennant: it is canada day here or at one time victoria day
    [19:50] Calvino Rabeni: :) Hooray
    [19:50] Paradise Tennant: smiles
    [19:50] Malinson Resident: Hooray.....erm....what is the Hooray for?
    [19:50] Calvino Rabeni: Coming right up on the 4th here ... called Independence Day
    [19:50] Calvino Rabeni: (just like the movie)
    [19:50] Santoshima Resident: and the song (ferron)
    [19:51] Malinson Resident: Oh....I forgot anout that....
    [19:51] Santoshima Resident: are you watching fireworks, paradise?

    [19:52] Paradise Tennant: can hear them but cannot see them without going outside
    [19:52] Calvino Rabeni: Are you missing out?
    [19:53] Paradise Tennant: no.. mr blue is not a fan of fireworks .. one advantage these day of him being hard of hearing
    [19:53] Paradise Tennant: the other is i can sneak up on him :))
    [19:53] Calvino Rabeni: no cringing
    [19:54] Paradise Tennant: so you get hte long weekend next weekend ?
    [19:54] Calvino Rabeni: THEY do
    [19:54] Calvino Rabeni: I have a series of seven-day weekends .. it's a bit lost its lustre though :)
    [19:55] Paradise Tennant: sighs in envy
    [19:55] Calvino Rabeni: I'll be able to go to the place where they launch the fireworks .. if I like .. it's been a while since I went for the full view
    [19:55] Paradise Tennant: think we should all get sabbaticals after about six years of working hard you need a year to just get back in shape .. re balance
    [19:56] Calvino Rabeni: nods .. well actually that's what I did for a lot of the time
    [19:56] Calvino Rabeni: but then it turned around the other way
    [19:58] Calvino Rabeni: you can afford to entertain well, that's a nice thing

    [19:58] Malinson Resident: Think I'm going to go.
    [19:59] Santoshima Resident: bye malinson
    [19:59] Paradise Tennant: good nite malinson nice to see you :)
    [19:59] Calvino Rabeni: be well, Mr. Bloobury
    [19:59] Malinson Resident: oh my...you can just call me bloob
    [19:59] Calvino Rabeni: ok bloob
    [19:59] Santoshima Resident: mr.
    [19:59] Paradise Tennant: I llike the name of malinson .. has a nice cadence
    [19:59] Malinson Resident: well; better than mrs.
    [19:59] Calvino Rabeni: yes there's a ring to it

    [20:02] Paradise Tennant: http://www.vancouverwildlife.com/bats/bat-facts
    [20:03] Paradise Tennant: I did not know brown bat can live for 30 years , squeeze through a hole the size of a dime or eat 3000 insects in a night they are amazing
    [20:03] Santoshima Resident: they truly are amazing
    [20:04] Paradise Tennant: wow just realized I can see the fireworks reflected in the towers .. the finale was amazing
    [20:04] Calvino Rabeni: the sun is still shining here .. it makes for some good summer evening walks
    [20:05] Calvino Rabeni: and the gardens are at their peaks
    [20:06] Paradise Tennant: I love all the seasons but I think I love the summer best ...
    [20:06] Paradise Tennant: I like dining on patios wearing sandals .. and not being bundled up
    [20:06] Calvino Rabeni: it's nice to almost forget about socks :)
    [20:06] Santoshima Resident: enjoy the evening ... bye for now
    [20:07] Paradise Tennant: nite nite san sweet dreams
    [20:07] Calvino Rabeni: bye :)

    [20:07] Calvino Rabeni: I used to have a bat-catching cat ..
    [20:07] Calvino Rabeni: i respected him the ability .. and also the bats, for their ability to survive it
    [20:08] Calvino Rabeni: they seem like little toughies
    [20:08] Paradise Tennant: ouch
    [20:08] Paradise Tennant: yes they are long lived little toughies it seems
    [20:12] Calvino Rabeni: Looks like a good time to pass from SL into the summer eve
    [20:12] Paradise Tennant: smiles :)) I have a lovely prospect of sleeping in tomorrow . having a clean home and lots of company ..feeling lucky or maybe blessed would be a word too
    [20:12] Calvino Rabeni: all good :)
    [20:13] Paradise Tennant: enjoy your walk and your dinner cal thanks for tthe company and the chat
    [20:13] Calvino Rabeni: be well, hope your marathon is sustainably enjoyed by all
    [20:13] Calvino Rabeni: bye for now

    [20:13] Paradise Tennant: yes we are near dear .. great when you like your family :))
    [20:13] Paradise Tennant: cheers

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