2013.12.01 19:00 - Check Up and Check Out

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    The guardian for this meeting was Calvino Rabeni.  This session was posted from the auto-listener database...

    [19:16] Paradise Tennant: hiya cal
    [19:16] Calvino Rabeni: Hi Paradise, How's it going?
    [19:17] Paradise Tennant: good thanks pondering buying some appliances it is always so bewildering
    [19:18] Calvino Rabeni: yes it sure is .. a lot of details and imponderables are involved
    [19:18] Paradise Tennant: nods in a dazed manner :)

    [19:20] Calvino Rabeni: what manner of device are you seeking?
    [19:20] Paradise Tennant: well doing the kitchen over so - it is pretty much the lot
    [19:21] Paradise Tennant: looking at bosch
    [19:21] Calvino Rabeni: ah, big items
    [19:21] Paradise Tennant: yes they are all on sale - black friday has come to Canada :)
    [19:22] Calvino Rabeni: afraid I missed it this year
    [19:22] Paradise Tennant: this would be my first I think
    [19:22] Paradise Tennant: or I can defer it to January - seems too rushed :)

    [19:23] Paradise Tennant: how are you doing ?
    [19:25] Calvino Rabeni: at the moment I'm finding it a challenge to use the computer .. this comes and goes though
    [19:25] Paradise Tennant: over heating ?
    [19:25] Calvino Rabeni: no .. body
    [19:26] Paradise Tennant: maybe needs a work over ?
    [19:26] Calvino Rabeni: chair has malfunctioned .. also I need to see a physiotherapist .. sometimes typing gets painful
    [19:27] Calvino Rabeni: well ironically staying away from the computer might be just what the old bod needs
    [19:27] Paradise Tennant: carpal tunnel ?
    [19:27] Paradise Tennant: yes nice to take a break .. always good to mix it up
    [19:27] Calvino Rabeni: I think it is where the nerve exits the spine into the arm
    [19:27] Paradise Tennant: ouch
    [19:28] Calvino Rabeni: any part of arm could be affected
    [19:28] Paradise Tennant: pain stiffness ?
    [19:28] Calvino Rabeni: pain and tingling, yes and a dull ache
    [19:30] Paradise Tennant: does it radiate up the arm ?
    [19:31] Calvino Rabeni: it appears more or less all at once, the shoulderblad not feeling right and my whole hand tingling electrically
    [19:32] Paradise Tennant: left or right ?
    [19:32] Calvino Rabeni: right .. the mouse hand
    [19:33] Paradise Tennant: been to a doctor ?
    [19:33] Calvino Rabeni: two so far, but another lined up for this week

    [19:44] Calvino Rabeni: Today I was thinking while out walking, it would be nice to have one of those 2-wheel things you stand up on, with two ramps for the feet .. don't know what they are called
    [19:44] Calvino Rabeni: sort of like a gym walker, with wheels, and you power it
    [19:49] Paradise Tennant: how much does blood work and an ekg cost down there ?
    [19:49] Paradise Tennant: here it would be free...
    [19:50] Calvino Rabeni: Hmm ,not sure, they don't tell you in advance, just send you a big bill later.. I could see if they have that information.
    [19:50] Calvino Rabeni: The philosophy of price is no object
    [19:50] Calvino Rabeni: which leads to lots of spending

    [19:53] Paradise Tennant: saw an excellent film you would like
    [19:54] Calvino Rabeni: snap
    [19:54] Paradise Tennant: http://movies.netflix.com/...
    [19:54] Calvino Rabeni: I saw "Touch The Sound" .. liked it .. more than "Cave of Lost Dreams"
    [19:54] Calvino Rabeni: click
    [19:55] Calvino Rabeni: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb5lpTigVpQ
    [19:57] Paradise Tennant: looks good
    [19:57] Calvino Rabeni: There are some good teaching scenes, and nature images

    [19:57] Paradise Tennant: I watched 49 up this weekend
    [19:57] Paradise Tennant: a lovely series
    [19:57] Calvino Rabeni: and even personal history .. a great well rounded personal document
    [19:57] Calvino Rabeni: 49 up? What is that?
    [19:57] Calvino Rabeni: Canadian?
    [19:57] Paradise Tennant: it started with 7 up
    [19:57] Paradise Tennant: british
    [19:58] Paradise Tennant: interviews a group of children every 7 years and pays witness to their lives
    [19:58] Paradise Tennant: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/49_Up/70052594?trkid=1889703
    [19:59] Paradise Tennant: http://www.pbs.org/pov/56up/
    [20:01] Paradise Tennant: interesting to watch how their lives unfold both from their internal motivations and their external circumstances
    [20:01] Calvino Rabeni: It's gone up to 56 .. I should catch it before 63 !
    [20:02] Paradise Tennant: yes good to watch it from the beginning think they are all net flix except 56
    [20:03] Paradise Tennant: http://docgeeks.com/2012/06/15/michael-apted-if-im-still-alive-will-63-up/
    [20:06] Calvino Rabeni: thanks .. I don't have netflix, do they have a good selection?
    [20:06] Paradise Tennant: yes it can be yours for 7.99 per month and the first month is free
    [20:07] Paradise Tennant: have some very good tv doc martin's first 3 series which I am addicted to had to join acorn tv which is a british streaming service for the last 3 series ..
    [20:07] Paradise Tennant: good selection of documentaries

    [20:07] Paradise Tennant: watched vegucated last week which was an eye opener
    [20:08] Paradise Tennant: lots of movies
    [20:08] Calvino Rabeni: horticultural horrors?
    [20:08] Paradise Tennant: will prompt by your pics
    [20:09] Paradise Tennant: just facing what really happens to put those neat packages of meat on the shelves and how bad the consequences are for our health the planet's health
    [20:09] Calvino Rabeni: ah meat
    [20:09] Paradise Tennant: pigs who are smarter than dogs are boiled alive and skinned alive
    [20:09] Paradise Tennant: what they do to chickens is even worst

    [20:10] Calvino Rabeni: friends keep telling me I should eat more, but its hard to manage .. easier to be vegetarian
    [20:10] Paradise Tennant: so I have been largely vegan for the last 2 weeks :) and it has been pretty easy I have a vitamix so I just blend
    [20:11] Calvino Rabeni: raw?
    [20:11] Paradise Tennant: smiles - they have ted talks on net fllix
    [20:11] Paradise Tennant: yes raw .. been grinding up veggies for the dog and me :)) he still gets meat though
    [20:12] Paradise Tennant: actually pretty tasty

    [20:12] Paradise Tennant: went to an xmas market today
    [20:13] Calvino Rabeni: what do they have at an xmas market?
    [20:13] Paradise Tennant: did not find I had an urge to eat the worsts :)
    [20:13] Paradise Tennant: hmm everything
    [20:13] Paradise Tennant: this was in the distillery district
    [20:14] Calvino Rabeni: interesting to have a district for that
    [20:14] Paradise Tennant: https://www.google.ca/search?q=distillery+district+xmas+market
    [20:14] Calvino Rabeni: hope it is not next to driving instruction :)
    [20:15] Calvino Rabeni: nice pictures :)
    [20:15] Paradise Tennant: yes a pretty spot

    [20:15] Paradise Tennant: well my friend I should scoot I have to still walk the pup and get stuff ready for the week :)
    [20:15] Paradise Tennant: be well ..
    [20:16] Calvino Rabeni: you too Paradise :)
    [20:16] Calvino Rabeni: Perhaps some blog readers have heard of something related to this:
    [20:17] Calvino Rabeni: I have an idea for a documentary .. a team of people who travel the world playing ping pong and engaging in citizen diplomacy .. they have it in every country
    [20:17] Calvino Rabeni: For a low key indie film or doc.
    [20:17] Calvino Rabeni: Under the radar, it might be called, or "net effect"

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