2015.01.17 13:00 - Checkin' In With Kori

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Bruce Mowbray. The comments are by Bruce Mowbray.

    Korel Laloix: Heya
    Bruce Mowbray: Hi, Kori.
    Bruce Mowbray: You caught me in the middle of filling out my income taxes.
    Bruce Mowbray: and I'm finished,
    Bruce Mowbray: just needing to copy everything on the forms I'll send in.
    Korel Laloix: In the middle and finished at the same time?.. nice
    Korel Laloix: This will be my first post student return... not looking forward to it at all.
    Bruce Mowbray: In the middle - in the sense that I'm not finished copying to the final forms - that I'll need to send in (file).
    Bruce Mowbray: I had to take a LOT of money out of my IRA this year... and not that's coming back to haunt me.
    Bruce Mowbray: 85% of my Social Security income will also be taxed this year - for the first time.
    Bruce Mowbray: OUCH.
    Korel Laloix: Not sure how that all works.
    Bruce Mowbray: Well, it does take some getting used to.
    Bruce Mowbray: You won't need to concern yourself with Social Security for many years, though.
    Korel Laloix: There is a lady at the tribe that does taxes for free... she is a CPA so it is a nice service.
    Bruce Mowbray: If you have an income over a certain amount, they tax your Social Security.
    Korel Laloix: That sort of does not makes sense to me.
    Bruce Mowbray: I've never had Social Security income taxed before, so this is my first year (and last year) for having to do that.
    Korel Laloix: Since you were already taxed on the income that you put into it.
    Bruce Mowbray: They figure if you have an income over a certain amount,
    Bruce Mowbray: you don't NEED Soc. Sec., so they take it back.
    Bruce Mowbray: you got it!
    Bruce Mowbray: Yeppers,
    Bruce Mowbray: Double dipping tax.
    Bruce Mowbray: So now I have to take even more money out of my IRA in order to pay taxes on what I took out in 2014.
    Bruce Mowbray: If I felt I were getting my money's worth,
    Korel Laloix: Sounds silly... and bizarre.
    Bruce Mowbray: I wouldn't complain,
    Bruce Mowbray: but I DO NOT FEEL THAT.
    Bruce Mowbray: I "explain" it to myself by thinking that only persons UNDER a certain income actually NEED Social Security,
    Bruce Mowbray: and I guess that's how the government views it, too.
    Bruce Mowbray: I also rationalize it by thinking that I don't have rent or mortgage payments.
    Bruce Mowbray: so I live rent and mortgage free...
    Korel Laloix: I guess it is all a bit complicated.
    Korel Laloix: I have the same arrangement, for now.
    Bruce Mowbray: (I always misspell that word.)
    Korel Laloix: Just helping Sama set her life up here.... very complicated with all the things that go into owning a place.
    Bruce Mowbray: Yes, it is a good "arrangement," although I live alone.
    Bruce Mowbray: have lived here for 43 years.
    Bruce Mowbray: going on 44.
    Korel Laloix: Living with grandma has been a blessing most of the time.
    Korel Laloix: wow
    Bruce Mowbray: Wonderful!
    Korel Laloix: Grandma was born in this house.
    Bruce Mowbray: and I am sure you're a blessing to her, also.
    Bruce Mowbray: wow.
    Bruce Mowbray: Please say more!
    Korel Laloix: So must be strange to think of living her entire life here.
    Bruce Mowbray: Yes, that would seem strange,
    Korel Laloix: But when she was born the house was half the size.. several ad ons.
    Bruce Mowbray: but it probably would feel strange to her to have moved from house to house, or town to town, or country to country.
    Bruce Mowbray: expanding house!
    Bruce Mowbray: My typist built his own house and has lived in it for 12 years.
    Bruce Mowbray: going on 13 years.
    Korel Laloix: wow... would love to have that experience.
    Bruce Mowbray: (roof still leaks at the far end...)
    Korel Laloix: I am pretty handy with a lot of things, but not putting it all together.


    Bruce Mowbray: It was a GRAND experience, actually.)
    Korel Laloix: I helped with turning the garage here into my room.
    Bruce Mowbray: Great!
    Korel Laloix: And when we found all the dry rot, pulling that out and rebuilding.
    Korel Laloix: But not build anything from the bottom.
    Bruce Mowbray: a BIG job.
    Korel Laloix: And nothing is simple in this place either...
    Bruce Mowbray: I did all the framing, all the siding, all the roofing, all the windows and doors, all the electricity..
    Korel Laloix: Hand built, no standards.
    Bruce Mowbray: BUT NOT the plumbing.
    Korel Laloix: That sounds painful.
    Bruce Mowbray: We don't have "standard regs" out here in the boonies, either.
    Korel Laloix: Watched them put in the bath room in here. was very complicated.
    Bruce Mowbray: yeppers.
    Bruce Mowbray: I installed my bathroom - - toilet, and all, but NOT the plumbing!
    Korel Laloix: Was nice though... at least in my room the walls and ceiling are insulated.
    Bruce Mowbray: I DID, however, do all of the outside plumbing (from the well.)
    Korel Laloix: That sounds interesting, but not fun... smiles
    Bruce Mowbray: Wonderful!
    Bruce Mowbray: Good to have it insulated during a winter like this one, huh?
    Korel Laloix: It is a nice place.. but the sort of lack of windows took a while to get used to as my old room here was the back porch.
    Korel Laloix: And that was all windows practically.
    Bruce Mowbray: I learned a LOT --- Have never once had any pipes freeze...
    Bruce Mowbray: In my old house (on this same property) the pipes froze several times every winter.
    Bruce Mowbray: So, when I built this new place, that was my first priority.
    Korel Laloix: That could be an issue.
    Korel Laloix: Never had that problem here that I know of.
    Bruce Mowbray: I installed a stop-valve, so all the water coming from the well falls back into the well, leaving empty pipes, therefore no freezing pipes!
    Korel Laloix: But the well is under the house so at least the crawlspace keeps it warm enough.
    Bruce Mowbray: In my old house, the pipes froze indoor once and flooded the house (emptied the well into the house.)
    Korel Laloix: ON nice.. but not as cold here I don't think.
    Bruce Mowbray: Right.
    Korel Laloix: That is not good at all... so moving sounds like it was a great idea.
    Bruce Mowbray: We usually get chill factors well below zero here a few times every winter.
    Bruce Mowbray: When it gets that cold, I usually light up the wood stove.
    Bruce Mowbray: (saving on fuel).
    Bruce Mowbray: It was over 50 degrees here today - still is, actually.
    Korel Laloix: There is a stove in the main part of the house but we rarely use it any more.
    Bruce Mowbray: So, I hear you're going back to Germany!
    Korel Laloix: My intent, unless something goes different.
    Bruce Mowbray: (my wood stove is in the living room, but it heats the entire house.)
    Korel Laloix: Is to head there this summer.
    Bruce Mowbray: GREAT!
    Bruce Mowbray: I hope you can return.
    Bruce Mowbray: I was last in Germany in 1966.
    Bruce Mowbray: Last in Europe in 2016.
    Korel Laloix: But.... with Sama sort of back in my life now, not sure what will happen.
    Bruce Mowbray: 2006, sorry.
    Bruce Mowbray: Sama is your grandmother?
    Korel Laloix: No.. my Russian ex, she just moved here to take a job.
    Bruce Mowbray: Ahhhh!
    Korel Laloix: So my live might be a little more complicated... smiles
    Bruce Mowbray: Hope you'll be able to help her with things Americano.
    Bruce Mowbray: Yes, I've found that friends and relationships usually complicate things.
    Bruce Mowbray: [pretty much of a loner, myself.]
    Korel Laloix: She is very Americanized.... been in the US most of her life now.
    Bruce Mowbray: Kori, would you mind if I cut out at the halfway point? Unless you have something you'd care to discuss...
    Korel Laloix: But was born to Russia, moved to Cuba then Tampa.
    Bruce Mowbray: Then I have guardians meeting at the top of the hour.
    Korel Laloix: I am doing the same.
    Bruce Mowbray listens.
    Korel Laloix: I have get going here soon.. darn RL>
    Bruce Mowbray: kk, np.
    Bruce Mowbray: See you at the guardians' mtg, then.
    Bruce Mowbray: bye for now.
    Korel Laloix: Will miss the meeting as well.
    Korel Laloix: take care.
    Bruce Mowbray: kk, no problem.
    Korel Laloix: ciao bello

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