2018.05.09 12:00 - Dream Session: Wild Session

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    This session was hosted by Zen Arado. Eliza posted the log. :)


    [2018/05/08 12:00] Zen (zen.arado): Hi Alma, Riddle :)

    [2018/05/08 12:00] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): hi Zen

    [2018/05/08 12:00] Zen (zen.arado): oh Riddle not here yet but see him on map

    [2018/05/08 12:00] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): he's down below

    [2018/05/08 12:01] Zen (zen.arado): how are you?

    [2018/05/08 12:01] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I am fine, and you?

    [2018/05/08 12:01] Zen (zen.arado): fine too I guess

    [2018/05/08 12:01] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): hi Riddle

    [2018/05/08 12:01] Zen (zen.arado): Hi Riddle :)

    [2018/05/08 12:02] Riddle Sideways: howdee,

    [2018/05/08 12:02] Riddle Sideways: this is stilll Tuesday , huh

    [2018/05/08 12:02] Agatha Macbeth: It is

    [2018/05/08 12:02] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): as far as I know ;)

    [2018/05/08 12:02] Agatha Macbeth: All day

    [2018/05/08 12:02] Zen (zen.arado): Tues good so far

    [2018/05/08 12:02] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): hi Agatha

    [2018/05/08 12:02] Agatha Macbeth: Big turnout :P

    [2018/05/08 12:02] Zen (zen.arado): Hi Aggers

    [2018/05/08 12:03] Agatha Macbeth: /me aves to Zenny

    [2018/05/08 12:03] Agatha Macbeth: and waves too

    [2018/05/08 12:03] Riddle Sideways: hey Aggers

    [2018/05/08 12:03] Zen (zen.arado): careworkers have been coming early so hope I don't have to ;eave early

    [2018/05/08 12:03] Agatha Macbeth: Naughty people

    [2018/05/08 12:04] Zen (zen.arado): somebody off the run before me

    [2018/05/08 12:04] Riddle Sideways: lucky to know how to read typing one keys over

    [2018/05/08 12:04] Agatha Macbeth: Not on the run then

    [2018/05/08 12:04] Zen (zen.arado): :)

    [2018/05/08 12:04] Zen (zen.arado): ; for l is a habit of mine


    [2018/05/08 12:05] Agatha Macbeth: I hate cushions with lots of poses cos I'm useless at making decisions

    [2018/05/08 12:06] Zen (zen.arado): embarrassment of choices

    [2018/05/08 12:06] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I tend to chose one pose and stick with it

    [2018/05/08 12:06] Riddle Sideways: like it makes a lot of difference

    [2018/05/08 12:06] Agatha Macbeth: Very embarrasing

    [2018/05/08 12:06] Zen (zen.arado): better start I guess

    [2018/05/08 12:06] Agatha Macbeth: Oh it makes a difference to me

    [2018/05/08 12:06] Riddle Sideways: always like that Aggers goes sleeping in dream sessions

    [2018/05/08 12:06] Agatha Macbeth: I'm picky

    [2018/05/08 12:07] Riddle Sideways: picks on ya

    [2018/05/08 12:07] Zen (zen.arado): walking on the WILD side this evening

    [2018/05/08 12:07] Agatha Macbeth pokes ya

    [2018/05/08 12:07] Riddle Sideways: MOMMY SHE POKED ME

    [2018/05/08 12:07] Zen (zen.arado): or afternoon

    [2018/05/08 12:07] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): lol

    [2018/05/08 12:07] Agatha Macbeth: And the coloured girls say doo de doo...

    [2018/05/08 12:07] Zen (zen.arado): ;)

    [2018/05/08 12:08] Agatha Macbeth: etc.

    [2018/05/08 12:08] Zen (zen.arado): so ok if I post now?

    [2018/05/08 12:08] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): yes

    [2018/05/08 12:08] Agatha Macbeth: OK with moi


    [2018/05/08 12:09] Zen (zen.arado): Wake initiated lucid dreams

    [2018/05/08 12:09] Zen (zen.arado): "Wake initiated lucid dreams (WILDs) are a far more elusive and peculiar phenomena than that of the DILD. The experience, stripped down to its bare bones, is that of falling asleep consciously, directly into a dream. One minute you will be lying in your bed fully awake, the next (and generally after some rather bizarre experiences) you’ll have slipped with full awareness into the dream world. It is less likely for those without experience of lucid dreaming to spontaneously experience a WILD; on the rare occurrence they do, they often erroneously classify it as something else entirely, such as an ‘out of body experience’ or ‘astral projection’.

    [2018/05/08 12:10] Zen (zen.arado): WILDs require a certain balancing act between alert consciousness and ‘letting go’, allowing yourself to relax just enough to fall asleep...The experience is hard to describe, but it’s not unlike lying on a sandy beach, just close enough so that you can feel the sea lapping your feet, waiting for the tide to come in and draw you out into the sea (in our case, the sea of dreams).

    [2018/05/08 12:10] Zen (zen.arado): ...if you’ve attempted to induce a WILD during an early morning nap in your bedroom, there is a high probability that the dream itself will start with a reproduction of your bedroom, and with you getting out of bed (or perhaps floating out of it). This makes a good deal of sense, as expectation is a powerful creative tool in dreamland. As your consciousness has remained unbroken, your brain is likely to expect to be in the same environment in which your WILD attempt was initiated.

    [2018/05/08 12:11] Zen (zen.arado): However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, during the process of falling asleep, you will find a vivid thought thoroughly materialises into a full-blown dream, in which you are suddenly a part. In such cases, the initial scenery of the dream can be as varied as your imagination will allow.

    [2018/05/08 12:11] Zen (zen.arado): Common experiences during the early stages of WILD attempts are unusual bodily experiences, such as the feeling of electrical vibrations running through your body, extra limbs, or bizarre distortions of bodily parts. The feelings of dropping or floating are also commonly reported. You may experience temperature changes, the feeling of something or someone touching your body, strange noises, voices or people calling your name (all of which seem utterly convincing). Be prepared for all kinds of strange and possibly disturbing experiences.

    [2018/05/08 12:12] Zen (zen.arado): Should you find yourself in an incomplete dream environment, the trick is to continue interacting with the dream until it is fully formed. Please don’t worry and think that you’re stuck in a dream without vision, as this is so incredibly unlikely it’s barely worth considering. Instead, just patiently wait for the visual element to form and help it along by interacting with the dream using your other senses. You have to let your mind know that you take the experience seriously, that you are accepting the dream as the genuine world around you. The more you engage, the more rapidly the dream will form.

    [2018/05/08 12:12] Zen (zen.arado): A real benefit of a WILD is that you will always be entering a dream at its very beginning. This gives you the reassurance that you are likely to experience a relatively long period of dreaming. Also, with WILD attempts being best made after awakening in the morning, the REM phase that you will enter into will also potentially be the longest of the night. WILDs are a great way to experience long, lucid dreams with a high degree of clarity in your conscious thought. Whilst they may be slightly harder to initiate, they are certainly worth the effort."

    Love, Daniel. Are You Dreaming?: Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide. Enchanted Loom Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    [2018/05/08 12:12] Zen (zen.arado): done


    [2018/05/08 12:13] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): pretty wild :)

    [2018/05/08 12:13] Zen (zen.arado): a bit longer tonight

    [2018/05/08 12:14] Riddle Sideways: like not completly rezzing into SL

    [2018/05/08 12:14] Zen (zen.arado): but think WILDS could be scary

    [2018/05/08 12:14] Riddle Sideways: wait for the mesh

    [2018/05/08 12:14] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): something like that, I think , Riddle

    [2018/05/08 12:15] Zen (zen.arado): I have heard noises just going to sleep

    [2018/05/08 12:15] Agatha Macbeth: Moi aussi


    OBE, Astral Projection

    [2018/05/08 12:15] Riddle Sideways: on a real note: am very bothered by: "often erroneously classify it as something else entirely, such as an ‘out of body experience’ or ‘astral projection’."

    [2018/05/08 12:15] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I've had some of those weird experiences when using lucid dream supplements - feelings of being touched, or of being swept along at high speed

    [2018/05/08 12:15] Agatha Macbeth: OOBEs and NDEs

    [2018/05/08 12:15] Zen (zen.arado): it's a kind of halfway stage between awake and dreaming

    [2018/05/08 12:15] Riddle Sideways: that is something done long ago

    [2018/05/08 12:16] Riddle Sideways: and the indiction is simular

    [2018/05/08 12:16] Zen (zen.arado): wonder how you know the difference

    [2018/05/08 12:16] Riddle Sideways: the electric body and waves

    [2018/05/08 12:16] Riddle Sideways: bothered that the author blew them off


    [2018/05/08 12:17] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I used to sometimes enter a lucid dream from a place where I was lying in bed in the dark, and then was able to get up and sort of leave my body behind

    [2018/05/08 12:17] Riddle Sideways: and the rising from your body in the same room

    [2018/05/08 12:17] Zen (zen.arado): not sure he did but feels they are different?

    [2018/05/08 12:17] Riddle Sideways: yes, like that Alma

    [2018/05/08 12:18] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): after moving around a bit, the visual dimension would kick in

    [2018/05/08 12:18] Riddle Sideways: and there is much control

    [2018/05/08 12:18] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): kind of like someone turning up the lights

    [2018/05/08 12:18] Riddle Sideways: yes

    [2018/05/08 12:18] Zen (zen.arado): wouldn't astral projection last longer?

    [2018/05/08 12:18] Riddle Sideways: can last as long as you like


    [2018/05/08 12:19] Zen (zen.arado): isn't he talkng about hypnagogia?

    [2018/05/08 12:19] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): would shamanic journeying be another instance of that?

    [2018/05/08 12:19] Riddle Sideways: so not sure of the differences the author draws

    [2018/05/08 12:19] Zen (zen.arado): hmm maybe it's the same thing with different names?

    [2018/05/08 12:20] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): or maybe the same thing in different cultural contexts

    [2018/05/08 12:20] Zen (zen.arado): yes

    [2018/05/08 12:21] Riddle Sideways: if one sits straight up out of body, things stay almost exactly like RL

    [2018/05/08 12:21] Riddle Sideways: except for the flying parts

    [2018/05/08 12:21] Zen (zen.arado): he says you can start kinds dreaming you are in your bed

    [2018/05/08 12:22] Zen (zen.arado): strange

    [2018/05/08 12:22] Riddle Sideways: yes, would work that way


    [2018/05/08 12:22] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): some of my lucid dreams have felt like OOBEs, but the dream is never exactly like the "real" world

    [2018/05/08 12:23] Riddle Sideways: thought so too, Alma

    [2018/05/08 12:23] Zen (zen.arado): I never really believed in NDE's

    [2018/05/08 12:24] Riddle Sideways: why?

    [2018/05/08 12:24] Riddle Sideways: interesting

    [2018/05/08 12:24] Zen (zen.arado): but hard to explain people seeing things they couldn't know about

    [2018/05/08 12:25] Riddle Sideways: you think a sharp rap to the head could send you off into a dream

    [2018/05/08 12:25] Zen (zen.arado): we so much want to believe in things like that don't we?

    [2018/05/08 12:25] Riddle Sideways: maybe

    [2018/05/08 12:26] Riddle Sideways: either way the NDE person believes


    [2018/05/08 12:26] Agatha Macbeth: I don't particularly want to believe I'm nearly dead, no :P

    [2018/05/08 12:26] Riddle Sideways: well dear, you are getting closer all the time

    [2018/05/08 12:26] Agatha Macbeth: Ain't we all

    [2018/05/08 12:26] Zen (zen.arado): a soul leaving the body at death is very conditioned into us ian't it?

    [2018/05/08 12:27] Riddle Sideways: in this culture

    [2018/05/08 12:28] Zen (zen.arado): most NDE's people talk aabout lights and tunnels don't they?

    [2018/05/08 12:29] Riddle Sideways: is this leading into a discussion of how much the soul is dreams

    [2018/05/08 12:29] Agatha Macbeth: Dunno

    [2018/05/08 12:29] Zen (zen.arado): was just wondering at the similarities

    [2018/05/08 12:30] Zen (zen.arado): other thing I don't get is how you induce these WILDs

    [2018/05/08 12:30] Agatha Macbeth: Be a real wild child

    [2018/05/08 12:30] Zen (zen.arado): seems they just happen or not?

    [2018/05/08 12:31] Zen (zen.arado): he doesn't talk about priming or anything

    [2018/05/08 12:31] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I think it involves staying somewhat aware as you are drifting into sleep

    [2018/05/08 12:31] Riddle Sideways: seems easiest around 5am after the cats have woken ya

    [2018/05/08 12:31] Agatha Macbeth: =^.^=

    [2018/05/08 12:31] Riddle Sideways: seem to drift between awake and asleep

    [2018/05/08 12:32] Riddle Sideways: between lucid and other

    [2018/05/08 12:32] Zen (zen.arado): yes something like that Alma

    [2018/05/08 12:32] Zen (zen.arado): try to stay more aware during that period


    [2018/05/08 12:32] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): actually, I think it might be a matter of transitioning directly from the hypnogogic phase into REM sleep

    [2018/05/08 12:32] Zen (zen.arado): I mostly just switch off quickly though

    [2018/05/08 12:32] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): which can happen usually only in the later sleep cycles

    [2018/05/08 12:33] Riddle Sideways: OOBE usually goes more through a meditation prep steps

    [2018/05/08 12:33] Zen (zen.arado): hard to control all this

    [2018/05/08 12:34] Zen (zen.arado): have you tried it Riddle?

    [2018/05/08 12:34] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I tend to fall asleep very quickly (when I fall asleep at all). I've been trying to slow the process down so I can be more aware of what happens in the transition, but without much success so far

    [2018/05/08 12:34] Riddle Sideways: getting in sync with the 100-150hz waves in your body

    [2018/05/08 12:34] Agatha Macbeth: Yeh it's all or nothing

    [2018/05/08 12:35] Zen (zen.arado): so meditation might help

    [2018/05/08 12:35] Zen (zen.arado): ?

    [2018/05/08 12:35] Agatha Macbeth: Hm maybe

    [2018/05/08 12:35] Riddle Sideways: yes, it is

    [2018/05/08 12:36] Riddle Sideways: guiding yourself

    [2018/05/08 12:36] Riddle Sideways: usually while laying down

    Hour of the Wolf

    [2018/05/08 12:36] Zen (zen.arado): since I have to go to bed early these days I notice I am getting into 'Hour of the Wolf' type sleeping

    [2018/05/08 12:37] Agatha Macbeth: Full moon?

    [2018/05/08 12:37] Riddle Sideways: what is that?

    [2018/05/08 12:37] Zen (zen.arado): I wake around 3.30 am and can't get back to sleep for an hour or more

    [2018/05/08 12:37] Agatha Macbeth: That's annoying

    [2018/05/08 12:37] Zen (zen.arado): oh like the sleep patterns before modern times

    [2018/05/08 12:37] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): that happens to me sometimes

    [2018/05/08 12:38] Riddle Sideways: yes, happens often

    [2018/05/08 12:38] Zen (zen.arado): people went to bed early and woke in middle of night and often got up to do things before going back to bed for second sleep

    [2018/05/08 12:38] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): that is what is recommended for lucid dreaming

    [2018/05/08 12:39] Zen (zen.arado): only in modern industrial age we sleep just one 8 hour period

    [2018/05/08 12:39] Agatha Macbeth: Still don't get where the wolf comes in

    [2018/05/08 12:39] Riddle Sideways: know where the cat comes in

    [2018/05/08 12:39] Zen (zen.arado): :)

    [2018/05/08 12:39] Agatha Macbeth: :3

    [2018/05/08 12:39] Riddle Sideways: there are people and cats that sleep like those old here

    [2018/05/08 12:39] Zen (zen.arado): read an article on it one time and that's what he called it

    [2018/05/08 12:40] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): when I had a cat, I had to keep her out of the bedroom, or she would keep me up all night long

    [2018/05/08 12:40] Riddle Sideways: trying to keep them out is worse

    [2018/05/08 12:40] Agatha Macbeth: 'I AM sleeping on your bed'

    [2018/05/08 12:41] Zen (zen.arado): https://www.urbandictionary.com/defi...f%20the%20Wolf

    [2018/05/08 12:41] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I AM going to jump up and down on your bed every 15 minutes

    [2018/05/08 12:41] Agatha Macbeth: Meow

    [2018/05/08 12:42] Riddle Sideways: so, interesting the closeness of WILD and OOBE

    [2018/05/08 12:42] Zen (zen.arado): can't find a good definition just movie refs

    [2018/05/08 12:42] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala) reads the definition and shivers

    [2018/05/08 12:43] Riddle Sideways: remember Bergman movies gives shivers

    [2018/05/08 12:43] Zen (zen.arado): actually article was ba a Buddhist teacher

    [2018/05/08 12:43] Riddle Sideways: there is always a Death figure

    [2018/05/08 12:43] Agatha Macbeth: They get in everywhere

    [2018/05/08 12:43] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): pesky death figures

    [2018/05/08 12:44] Zen (zen.arado): he said it was our more natural pattern

    [2018/05/08 12:44] Agatha Macbeth: Or near death figures


    [2018/05/08 12:44] Zen (zen.arado): anybody have an interesting dream?

    [2018/05/08 12:45] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I'm in kind of a slump with my dream practice right now. it's all I can do just to remember and record part of a single dream each night

    [2018/05/08 12:45] Zen (zen.arado): my best dreams seem when waking at around 3.30am

    [2018/05/08 12:45] Zen (zen.arado): yes I am getting small fragments

    [2018/05/08 12:46] Agatha Macbeth: I'm sure I had a dream about Storm the other night

    [2018/05/08 12:46] Zen (zen.arado): but make myself record them anyway

    [2018/05/08 12:46] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I did have one long, rambling dream a couple of nights ago

    [2018/05/08 12:46] Zen (zen.arado): yes?

    [2018/05/08 12:47] Riddle Sideways: you always dream of Stormy

    [2018/05/08 12:47] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I won't relate the whole thing ... it just kind of wandered from one thing to another, with a common theme about some books that had been donated to a group I was in

    [2018/05/08 12:47] Agatha Macbeth: No I don't

    [2018/05/08 12:47] Zen (zen.arado): listens

    [2018/05/08 12:49] Zen (zen.arado): nothing more Alma?

    [2018/05/08 12:50] Riddle Sideways: if done? had a quick thing to throw in.

    [2018/05/08 12:50] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): oh, no I don't want to share the whole thing. it was just funny how it seemed to ramble along, and I kept recalling more details as I was recording it afterwards. it ended up with me walking through a foreign city and into a sort of court house where a case was about to be heard

    [2018/05/08 12:50] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): done

    [2018/05/08 12:51] Riddle Sideways: ok, also details removed


    Riddle Sideways: New Word used, was not 'enunciation', it was more like (Song/Sing)-a-nunsion.

    tried 2 more times, then started looking that word up on smartphones

    Got in an argument with self over use of digital dictionary in a dream

    ==Might have been lucid, OR had 2 selves both sides of threshold arguing.


    [2018/05/08 12:51] Agatha Macbeth: Song sung blues

    [2018/05/08 12:51] Riddle Sideways: no no no not Neal

    [2018/05/08 12:52] Agatha Macbeth: Bless him

    [2018/05/08 12:52] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): interesting!

    [2018/05/08 12:52] Zen (zen.arado): yes

    [2018/05/08 12:52] Agatha Macbeth: I'll have to listen to that now

    [2018/05/08 12:52] Zen (zen.arado): hard to fit dreams into words

    [2018/05/08 12:52] Riddle Sideways: yes



    [2018/05/08 12:52] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): are digital dictionaries not allowed in dreams? ;)

    [2018/05/08 12:53] Riddle Sideways: appearly they are, but not used during group practice

    [2018/05/08 12:53] Zen (zen.arado): wonder if we change them to fit words

    [2018/05/08 12:54] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): Zen, I often feel that I must distort or misrepresent the dream in some way in order to fit it into the words of waking language

    [2018/05/08 12:54] Zen (zen.arado): yes a kind of automatic editing


    [2018/05/08 12:55] Zen (zen.arado): I had a dream where I was in place I used to go for mindfulness meditation

    [2018/05/08 12:55] Riddle Sideways: and always worried that the rewording has changed it into some meaning not meant

    [2018/05/08 12:55] Zen (zen.arado): yes Riddle

    [2018/05/08 12:55] Zen (zen.arado): place called Drumalis

    [2018/05/08 12:56] Agatha Macbeth: To be sure

    [2018/05/08 12:56] Zen (zen.arado): beautiful old house owned by a wealth factory owner at turn of century but now run by nuns

    [2018/05/08 12:56] Agatha Macbeth: Gone up in the world then

    [2018/05/08 12:56] Zen (zen.arado): I was dressed in a kind of bright orange suit

    [2018/05/08 12:56] Agatha Macbeth: 0.0

    [2018/05/08 12:56] Zen (zen.arado): like a clown

    [2018/05/08 12:56] Agatha Macbeth: Was there radiation?

    [2018/05/08 12:56] Agatha Macbeth: Oh

    [2018/05/08 12:57] Agatha Macbeth: Thought you meant a hazmat thingy

    [2018/05/08 12:57] Zen (zen.arado): I thought I better change that then looked down and this time it was bright yellow !

    [2018/05/08 12:57] Agatha Macbeth: Warning colours

    [2018/05/08 12:57] Zen (zen.arado): seems I'm doomed to be a clown

    [2018/05/08 12:57] Zen (zen.arado): hmm done

    [2018/05/08 12:58] Agatha Macbeth: Tears of a clown

    [2018/05/08 12:58] Riddle Sideways: hmmm, you had a HUD

    [2018/05/08 12:58] Riddle Sideways: for your suit

    [2018/05/08 12:58] Zen (zen.arado): never go there now

    [2018/05/08 12:59] Zen (zen.arado): but miss it a bit

    [2018/05/08 12:59] Zen (zen.arado): big old tress all around

    [2018/05/08 12:59] Zen (zen.arado): wind in the leaves when you were meditating

    [2018/05/08 12:59] Zen (zen.arado): trees

    [2018/05/08 12:59] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): sounds delightful

    [2018/05/08 13:00] Riddle Sideways: nice

    [2018/05/08 13:00] Zen (zen.arado): red would be more of a warning?


    Singing Bowls?

    [2018/05/08 13:00] Riddle Sideways: BTW - for something completely different... where could one go to buy a singing bowl of good quality - suggestions

    [2018/05/08 13:01] Zen (zen.arado): I bought mine in a Tibetan temple in Scotland

    [2018/05/08 13:01] Riddle Sideways: ok, booking air fare

    [2018/05/08 13:01] Zen (zen.arado): they have a shop but expenxive to ship to US maybe

    [2018/05/08 13:01] Zen (zen.arado): we went around the shop dinging the bowls :)

    [2018/05/08 13:02] Zen (zen.arado): to find one we liked

    [2018/05/08 13:02] Agatha Macbeth: Ding!

    [2018/05/08 13:02] Zen (zen.arado): Samye Ling is the name

    [2018/05/08 13:02] Agatha Macbeth: Nice name :)

    [2018/05/08 13:03] Zen (zen.arado): http://www.samyeling.org/

    [2018/05/08 13:03] Riddle Sideways: hard to ding test the bowls on Amazon

    [2018/05/08 13:03] Riddle Sideways: thanks

    [2018/05/08 13:03] Agatha Macbeth: True dat

    [2018/05/08 13:03] Zen (zen.arado): Chogyam Trungpa was there in the 60's

    [2018/05/08 13:03] Zen (zen.arado): yeh that's the problem

    [2018/05/08 13:04] Zen (zen.arado): so that's about it this week

    [2018/05/08 13:04] Zen (zen.arado): can ding this bowl :)

    [2018/05/08 13:04] Riddle Sideways: nice ding

    [2018/05/08 13:05] Zen (zen.arado): worth visiting Aggers

    [2018/05/08 13:05] Agatha Macbeth smiles

    [2018/05/08 13:05] Zen (zen.arado): not that far from you in Dumfries

    [2018/05/08 13:05] Zen (zen.arado): near Lockerbie

    [2018/05/08 13:05] Agatha Macbeth: Oh no, I could walk it :P

    [2018/05/08 13:06] Riddle Sideways: wat... there is a town named after dumb french fries


    [2018/05/08 13:06] Zen (zen.arado): we watched a group doing a Tibetan chant one afternoon

    [2018/05/08 13:06] Zen (zen.arado): it lasted about 2 hours

    [2018/05/08 13:06] Zen (zen.arado): really beautiful with lots of instruments too

    [2018/05/08 13:07] Zen (zen.arado): Zen chants not very melodious like that

    [2018/05/08 13:07] Zen (zen.arado): there was a big plane crash near Lockerbie

    [2018/05/08 13:07] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): I have some CDs of Tibetan chanting. some of the monks can sing two notes at once

    [2018/05/08 13:08] Zen (zen.arado): ah yes

    [2018/05/08 13:08] Zen (zen.arado): throat singing

    [2018/05/08 13:08] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): yes

    [2018/05/08 13:08] Agatha Macbeth nods

    [2018/05/08 13:09] Zen (zen.arado): the temple is so ornate

    [2018/05/08 13:10] Zen (zen.arado): all red and gold

    [2018/05/08 13:10] Zen (zen.arado): I used to buy incense from their shop

    [2018/05/08 13:10] Zen (zen.arado): just to support them


    [2018/05/08 13:10] Riddle Sideways: oh! our town has a whole week of tibetan events coming next week https://www.sunsetcenter.org/e-the-m...heater-429.htm

    [2018/05/08 13:11] Zen (zen.arado): looks great Riddle !

    [2018/05/08 13:11] Zen (zen.arado): would love to see that

    [2018/05/08 13:12] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): that looks wonderful

    [2018/05/08 13:12] Riddle Sideways: not sure how long watching the sand mandala construction could stand

    [2018/05/08 13:12] Zen (zen.arado): there's a Tibetan temple in Ireland but it's way down south

    [2018/05/08 13:13] Zen (zen.arado): such a shame when they just destroy it again too

    [2018/05/08 13:13] Zen (zen.arado): :)

    [2018/05/08 13:14] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): impermanence

    [2018/05/08 13:14] Zen (zen.arado): yep

    [2018/05/08 13:14] Riddle Sideways: a lesson there

    [2018/05/08 13:14] Agatha Macbeth: Ephemeral


    [2018/05/08 13:15] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): like a sand castle

    [2018/05/08 13:15] Zen (zen.arado): love letters in the sand

    [2018/05/08 13:15] Riddle Sideways: which our town has a sand castle context each year also

    [2018/05/08 13:15] Riddle Sideways: contest

    [2018/05/08 13:16] Riddle Sideways: who sang that song, Zen?

    [2018/05/08 13:16] Zen (zen.arado): Pat Boone

    [2018/05/08 13:16] Zen (zen.arado): :)

    [2018/05/08 13:16] Zen (zen.arado): how you laughed as I cried

    [2018/05/08 13:16] Zen (zen.arado): each time I watched the tide

    [2018/05/08 13:17] Riddle Sideways: Patsy Cline

    [2018/05/08 13:17] Zen (zen.arado): wash our love letters in the sand

    [2018/05/08 13:17] Zen (zen.arado): yeh lots of covers I'm sure

    [2018/05/08 13:19] Zen (zen.arado): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ENzT9k1LRs

    [2018/05/08 13:19] Riddle Sideways: oh no

    [2018/05/08 13:19] Zen (zen.arado): ha ha

    [2018/05/08 13:19] Agatha Macbeth: Oh yes

    [2018/05/08 13:19] Riddle Sideways: don't want that stuck

    [2018/05/08 13:19] Zen (zen.arado): too late

    [2018/05/08 13:20] Zen (zen.arado): from 1957


    [2018/05/08 13:20] Riddle Sideways: one dream this week was about practicing a certain song and seemed important

    [2018/05/08 13:20] Riddle Sideways: however, the next dream had a different song

    [2018/05/08 13:20] Zen (zen.arado): yes?

    [2018/05/08 13:20] Riddle Sideways: and it chased the first one out

    [2018/05/08 13:21] Zen (zen.arado): wish I could compose songs in my dreams

    [2018/05/08 13:21] Riddle Sideways: and then not recall them

    [2018/05/08 13:22] Zen (zen.arado): Keith Richards dreamed the riff for 'Satisfaction'

    [2018/05/08 13:22] Agatha Macbeth: He would

    [2018/05/08 13:22] Zen (zen.arado): as in cain't get no

    [2018/05/08 13:22] Zen (zen.arado): maybe he was on drugs

    [2018/05/08 13:22] Agatha Macbeth: Never!

    [2018/05/08 13:23] Riddle Sideways: and George H. got sued for only maybe dreaming up My Sweet Lord

    [2018/05/08 13:23] Agatha Macbeth: Our Keith?

    [2018/05/08 13:23] Agatha Macbeth: Far out man

    [2018/05/08 13:24] Zen (zen.arado): here comes the sun

    [2018/05/08 13:24] Zen (zen.arado): wasn't it from another song?

    [2018/05/08 13:24] Riddle Sideways: ok, maybe

    [2018/05/08 13:24] Riddle Sideways: facts are just sooooo hard to do

    [2018/05/08 13:24] Zen (zen.arado): or was claimed

    [2018/05/08 13:24] Zen (zen.arado): as is waking up :)

    [2018/05/08 13:25] Agatha Macbeth: I dunno how people keep writing songs different from all the ones gone before

    [2018/05/08 13:25] Zen (zen.arado): or breaking up

    [2018/05/08 13:25] Agatha Macbeth: That's hard to do


    [2018/05/08 13:25] Riddle Sideways: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Sweet_Lord

    [2018/05/08 13:26] Agatha Macbeth wonders where Zenny's care workers have got to

    [2018/05/08 13:26] Agatha Macbeth: Did they forget?

    [2018/05/08 13:26] Zen (zen.arado): I know ..weird

    [2018/05/08 13:26] Agatha Macbeth: Maybe stopped off in the pub

    [2018/05/08 13:27] Zen (zen.arado): maybe woman who was in hospital got out and they are fixing her

    [2018/05/08 13:27] Zen (zen.arado): settling her in again

    [2018/05/08 13:27] Agatha Macbeth nods

    [2018/05/08 13:27] Zen (zen.arado): they were an hour earlier last night

    [2018/05/08 13:28] Riddle Sideways: averages out

    [2018/05/08 13:28] Riddle Sideways: ok, we be taken care of zen tonight


    [2018/05/08 13:28] Zen (zen.arado): yeh but I was watching a concert in SL other night and had to leave early

    [2018/05/08 13:28] Agatha Macbeth: Aww

    [2018/05/08 13:29] Zen (zen.arado): big tough girls with tattoos

    [2018/05/08 13:29] Zen (zen.arado): big strong arms

    [2018/05/08 13:29] Agatha Macbeth: Did you say a concert or a wrestling match?

    [2018/05/08 13:29] Riddle Sideways: ok, that running on empty feeling means lunch got skipped,

    [2018/05/08 13:29] Zen (zen.arado): anyway better go anyway

    [2018/05/08 13:29] Riddle Sideways: see ya all next time

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Agatha Macbeth: TC Rid

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Zen (zen.arado): thanks everyone

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Agatha Macbeth: and Zenny

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Alma di Masala (almadi.masala): thanks for leading our wild session, Zen :)

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Agatha Macbeth: and Alma

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Riddle Sideways: is that a chip on your shoulder?

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Agatha Macbeth: Yeh...wild

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Zen (zen.arado): :)

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Agatha Macbeth: No a boyd

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Zen (zen.arado): whispers: byee

    [2018/05/08 13:30] Riddle Sideways: by

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    Word of the Day from @RobGMacfarlane : “sjushamillabakka” - ‘between the sea & the shore’, i.e. in the shifting space between high & low tide, neither quite water nor quite land.
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