2019.01.29 07:00 - The Stone Boy

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    The Guardian for this meeting was Riddle Sideways. The comments are by Riddle Sideways.

    Adams Rubble: Good morning Riddle :)
    Riddle Sideways: Howdee, let's see how long we can stay logged in
    Adams Rubble: I'll be OK now
    Riddle Sideways: good
    Adams Rubble: I hope you are
    Riddle Sideways: backup laptop is rebooting now. this computer is acting sick
    Adams Rubble: I hope Eden made it to Cuba OK
    Adams Rubble: wow
    Riddle Sideways: what was your issue?
    Adams Rubble: I am not sure but I may have tried to tp too soon
    Adams Rubble: was not fully rezzed I guess
    Adams Rubble: WHO was impatient
    Riddle Sideways: maybe
    Riddle Sideways: ㋡

    Riddle Sideways: yes, hope air flight was ok for Eden
    Adams Rubble: have you ever read Thich's The Stone Boy?
    Riddle Sideways: no
    Riddle Sideways: /listens
    Adams Rubble: I read it last night for the first time

    Adams Rubble: It will be hard to capture. It is set in Vietnam during the war
    Adams Rubble: A little girl's father is killed in the war
    Adams Rubble: then she is blinded by Agent Orange
    Adams Rubble: she plays the flute
    Adams Rubble: the blindness makes her more aware of some things and she plays a mournful song on her flute
    Adams Rubble: a boy shows up
    Adams Rubble: he does not talk much and seems not to know how to many human things
    Adams Rubble: she takes him home for lunch
       Adams Rubble: little one just came in
       Adams Rubble: she left
    Adams Rubble: mother comes home and they eat together
       Riddle Sideways: awwww
    Adams Rubble: the little girl name To asks if he can stay the night
    Adams Rubble: he does and they become good firends
    Adams Rubble: they go to the market
    Adams Rubble: soldiers come, bombs dropped, terrible mayhem
    Adams Rubble: the mother is missing
    Adams Rubble: the little boy and girl look all over for their mother and have adventures
    Adams Rubble: the boy says it is his mother too and when they find the mother the war will stop
    Adams Rubble: they end up taken--she is put into a school for blind and he keeps getting in trouble trying to make peace, He is exiled to the North where they try to get him to say false things about the south.
    Adams Rubble: he sings and a bird (a friend of To) appears and leads him to To
    Adams Rubble: They escape and he takes her up into the mountain
    Adams Rubble: he says if she drinks the dew and rubs it on her eyes, it will cure her blindness
    Adams Rubble: they climb and climb
    Adams Rubble: finally reach the top
    Adams Rubble: he waits for the dew to appear and cups his hand and lets her drink
    Adams Rubble: rubs it on her eyes
    Adams Rubble: they fall asleep
    Adams Rubble: when she wakes up she can see but the boy is gone
    Adams Rubble: she looks up at a rock and recognizes the boy who waves and then it seems to be just rock
    Adams Rubble: she decides to stay on the mountain another day and there the story ends

    Adams Rubble: I probably left out important things
    Riddle Sideways: ahhhh, a nice bedtime story, thank you
    Riddle Sideways: /likes stories
    Adams Rubble: I read it last night and have been pondering the meaning
    Riddle Sideways: oh Yes! it probably has deep meanings
    Adams Rubble: it really shows how the interests of a few perpetuate war
    Adams Rubble: tell lies
    Riddle Sideways: and how the supposedly blind can see
    Adams Rubble: it reminded me a bit of Mother Courage
    Adams Rubble: wandering through the war seeing terrible cruelity
    Adams Rubble: people trying to take advantage
    Adams Rubble likes stories too :)

    Riddle Sideways: wartime-like situations make the seeing of those taking advantage (and those not) much clearer
    Riddle Sideways: dire situations make the senses sharper
    Adams Rubble nods
    Adams Rubble: war against nature as well as people
    Riddle Sideways: in times of ease, complacency sets in
    Riddle Sideways: or story writting happens
    Adams Rubble: when we suffer we know what it means not to suffer
    Riddle Sideways: and not the reverse
    Adams Rubble: right
    Riddle Sideways: later... after and in a time of quiet. he was able to write it down. starting with "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"
    Riddle Sideways: wrote it down for others to read
    Adams Rubble: as opposed to now :)
    Adams Rubble: it is the worst of times and the worst of weather
    Riddle Sideways: wrote it so 'possibly' we did not really have to be in it again
    Adams Rubble: yes
    Riddle Sideways: how much can sitting in the comfy chair in front of the nice fire with cocoa, reading can WE get?
    Adams Rubble: there is so much for us to read and watch that could help us understand why we should not be in it
    Adams Rubble: it keeps us out of trouble :)
    Adams Rubble: the trick is to get the others to read it

    Riddle Sideways: yes. when young (long ago), read enough to think and decide that Vietnam was not a place to visit. Even though the expenses of getting there would be paid for.
    Adams Rubble: oh my, yes
    Riddle Sideways: read enough to think that had seen it
    Riddle Sideways: sent a nice polite letter to them declining the offer

    Riddle Sideways: nice
    Riddle Sideways: is that an admiral's hat?
    Adams Rubble: lady swashbuckler hat
    Riddle Sideways: a 3 feathered schooner hat
    Riddle Sideways: ah
    Adams Rubble: it is unacceptable that our country caused so much misery in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and later in other places
    Riddle Sideways: YES!
    Riddle Sideways: remembers having stopped watching the Burns Vietnam series
    Riddle Sideways: depressing, sad, angry
    Adams Rubble nods
    Riddle Sideways: "How can you Lie, when you know"
    Adams Rubble: Ho wanted to be George Washington
    Riddle Sideways: swore to never sing that song in public, but did last week
    Adams Rubble: what song?
    Riddle Sideways: Ohio
    Riddle Sideways: Four dead in Ohio
    Adams Rubble: ohhh

    Riddle Sideways: What if they gave a War
    Riddle Sideways: and nobody came

    Riddle Sideways: or
    Riddle Sideways: W A R
    Riddle Sideways: what is it good for
    Riddle Sideways: absolutely nothing
    Riddle Sideways: say it again

    Adams Rubble: oh it's one two three four, what are we fighting for?
    Riddle Sideways: be the first one on your block, to have your boy come home in a box

    Adams Rubble: well this morning we are certainly getting at the reasons we need to develop our love and compassion
    Riddle Sideways: ha

    Riddle Sideways: ya know, standing on this soapbox, allows one to see for miles and miles

    Adams Rubble: I am going to have to go, Riddle
    Adams Rubble: thank you for our chat
    Adams Rubble: I hope you have a peaceful day full of gratutude and love :)
    Adams Rubble: gratitude
    Riddle Sideways: thank you, for the time
    Riddle Sideways: and story
    Adams Rubble: thank you for hosting :)
    Riddle Sideways: and need for gratutude, love and compassion reminders

    Adams Rubble: I have a dentist appoint at 6 on Thursday. I may be a little late to the session
    Riddle Sideways: ok
    Adams Rubble: should be here by 7:15
    Riddle Sideways: good luck
    Adams Rubble: this appt had been moved 4 times :)

    Riddle Sideways: and have good play today
    Adams Rubble: I think of Pema when i watch her play so involved
    Adams Rubble: the todler playing
    Adams Rubble: toddler
    Riddle Sideways: giggles
    Adams Rubble: that could be miscontrued :)
    Adams Rubble: Pema used to talk about laying like a child :)
    Adams Rubble: playing
    Adams Rubble slaps offending finger
    Adams Rubble: bye for now :)
    Riddle Sideways: by All
    Riddle Sideways: deep breathe

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