2019.02.19 11:30 - Dream Session: Being Seeing You Seeing ~ Who, or What, Arrives?

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    Attending were Riddle, Agatha, Alma, Tura, Zen, and Eliza who posted this log and apologizes for the time stamps. 



    [ 11:16]  Riddle Sideways: hi and thanks for LM
    [ 11:16]  Eliza Madrigal: Hi there :)
    [ 11:17]  Eliza Madrigal: How did the party go?
    [ 11:17]  Eliza Madrigal: (and you're welcome)
    [ 11:17]  Eliza Madrigal: Everyone dance and socialize well?
    [ 11:18]  Riddle Sideways: party?
    [ 11:18]  Riddle Sideways: missed a party?
    [ 11:18]  Eliza Madrigal: wasn't there an invitation for bots?
    [ 11:19]  Riddle Sideways: oh yes, that.   so forgetful
    [ 11:19]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 11:19]  Riddle Sideways: only a few bots there
    [ 11:19]  Riddle Sideways: most standing around wondering why not asked to dance
    [ 11:20]  Eliza Madrigal: oh no
    [ 11:20]  Eliza Madrigal: like a jr high dance?
    [ 11:20]  Riddle Sideways: yep
    [ 11:20]  Riddle Sideways: robotics is in the early stages
    [ 11:21]  Eliza Madrigal imagines a ball room filled with robots in swirling dresses and/or top hats
    [ 11:21]  Riddle Sideways: think the DJ wanted that
    [ 11:22]  Eliza Madrigal: sounds fun anyway... socialization
    [ 11:23]  Riddle Sideways: well 4-6 of them all had the same AIML brain files
    [ 11:23]  Riddle Sideways: so chatted the same lines
    [ 11:23]  Eliza Madrigal: does that mean they can't leave their level?
    [ 11:23]  Riddle Sideways: almost all based on Eliza
    [ 11:23]  Eliza Madrigal: Or will they improve one another?
    [ 11:24]  Riddle Sideways: mine don't yet
    [ 11:24]  Riddle Sideways: the knowledge does not persist over sessions
    [ 11:25]  Eliza Madrigal: Oh, I see
    [ 11:25]  Riddle Sideways: darn software bug
    [ 11:25]  Eliza Madrigal: :/
    [ 11:25]  Eliza Madrigal: I'd like to leave my brain to chat with a much smarter brain overnight while I sleep, wake up, vocab expanded, finances sorted
    [ 11:25]  Eliza Madrigal: Hi Zen!
    [ 11:25]  Riddle Sideways: yes, would like that too
    [ 11:25]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 11:25]  Riddle Sideways: Hey Zen
    [ 11:26]  Zen (Zen Arado): Hi Eliza, Riddle :)
    [ 11:26]  Eliza Madrigal: How's it going?
    [ 11:26]  Zen (Zen Arado): ok thanks
    [ 11:27]  Eliza Madrigal: ghosts on the ceiling?
    [ 11:27]  Zen (Zen Arado): you?
    [ 11:28]  Eliza Madrigal: (avie keeps looking up)
    [ 11:28]  Riddle Sideways: see no ghosts
    [ 11:28]  Riddle Sideways: but do see part of a molecule
    [ 11:28]  Agatha Macbeth: Evening all
    [ 11:28]  Eliza Madrigal: Oh, so so and fine and it will all be okay... ad infinitum
    [ 11:28]  Eliza Madrigal: Hi Agatha :)
    [ 11:28]  Riddle Sideways: when that get there?
    [ 11:28]  Eliza Madrigal: Is there a molecule again? Aph was asking about that
    [ 11:29]  Zen (Zen Arado): Hi Aggers
    [ 11:29]  Eliza Madrigal: Hi Alma :) So colorful today :)
    [ 11:29]  Agatha Macbeth: Yay
    [ 11:29]  Zen (Zen Arado): we haven't gotten very far in this book just realizing
    [ 11:29]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): hi Eliza, Agatha, Riddle, and Zen
    [ 11:29]  Eliza Madrigal: Haven't we? Is it long?
    [ 11:29]  Riddle Sideways: edit nor inspect show any owner
    [ 11:30]  Zen (Zen Arado): aabout p.37 in book of 357 pps
    [ 11:30]  Eliza Madrigal: @@
    [ 11:30]  Eliza Madrigal: Hi Tura :)
    [ 11:30]  Agatha Macbeth: Yo Tu
    [ 11:30]  Second Life: Zen Arado gave you Screenshot  of Ch.1 Dream Tending.
    [ 11:30]  Riddle Sideways: cam back,  Hi All
    [ 11:30]  Tura Brezoianu: hi all
    [ 11:31]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): hi Tura
    [ 11:31]  Agatha Macbeth: Oh my
    [ 11:31]  Zen (Zen Arado): just Ch. 1
    [ 11:31]  Eliza Madrigal: wow, you're right
    [ 11:31]  Eliza Madrigal: that's sort of encouraging in a weird way
    [ 11:31]  Riddle Sideways: is this a book club?  that is supposed to finish?
    [ 11:32]  Zen (Zen Arado): nah but just warning
    [ 11:32]  Zen (Zen Arado): long way to go :)
    [ 11:32]  Agatha Macbeth: That's Thursday Rid :p
    [ 11:32]  Zen (Zen Arado): will we make it ?
    [ 11:32]  Zen (Zen Arado): :)
    [ 11:33]  Agatha Macbeth: Will we make it...can we take it...
    [ 11:33]  Riddle Sideways: made it to page 4,  recall a dream
    [ 11:33]  Eliza Madrigal giggles
    [ 11:33]  Zen (Zen Arado): :)
    [ 11:33]  Tura Brezoianu: I've been reading ahead in the book, and the exercises in Chapter 1 are the foundation for all the rest, so I think it's worth concentrating on these exercises for a while.
    [ 11:33]  Zen (Zen Arado): it's a deep book
    [ 11:34]  Zen (Zen Arado): great Tura
    [ 11:34]  Zen (Zen Arado): I'm also reading an intro to Jung
    [ 11:34]  Zen (Zen Arado): fascinating
    [ 11:35]  Eliza Madrigal: So interesting to me that you hadn't before, with all you've studied. What's most fascinating so far?
    [ 11:35]  Zen (Zen Arado): very short intro that is
    [ 11:35]  Agatha Macbeth: Not 15 minute intro
    [ 11:36]  Zen (Zen Arado): just finished a MOOC intro to psychology as well
    [ 11:36]  Zen (Zen Arado): no have studied little psychology
    [ 11:36]  Zen (Zen Arado): collective unconscious idea
    [ 11:37]  Agatha Macbeth nods
    [ 11:37]  Zen (Zen Arado): though haven'y studied it yet
    [ 11:37]  Zen (Zen Arado): seems like shamanism
    [ 11:37]  Agatha Macbeth: That's good :P
    [ 11:38]  Eliza Madrigal nods... was thinking about this too... that there are so many notions of this, ie akashic field/records, storehouse consciousness, etc.... even karma idea itself
    [ 11:38]  Zen (Zen Arado): I have someting to post if you want anytime
    [ 11:38]  Eliza Madrigal: and each culture with its many representative figures of those aspects
    [ 11:38]  Zen (Zen Arado): or not
    [ 11:38]  Eliza Madrigal: Oh, sure
    [ 11:39]  Tura Brezoianu: Please do
    [ 11:39]  Zen (Zen Arado): unless any reports or dreams?
    [ 11:39]  Eliza Madrigal: Riddle, did you want to share your dream?
    [ 11:39]  Zen (Zen Arado): I missed Riddle's dream last week
    [ 11:40]  Riddle Sideways: which dream?
    [ 11:40]  Eliza Madrigal: (Unless joking that you got to page #4)
    [ 11:40]  Riddle Sideways: yes, that was joke
    [ 11:40]  Eliza Madrigal: ^.^
    [ 11:40]  Zen (Zen Arado): at the end last week
    [ 11:40]  Riddle Sideways: but nobody laughed
    [ 11:40]  Agatha Macbeth: Are we reading from the same page? ;-)
    [ 11:40]  Barbie Alchemi: is offline.
    [ 11:41]  Eliza Madrigal: Okay Zen :) listening
    [ 11:41]  Zen (Zen Arado): oh searches ...
    [ 11:41]  Agatha Macbeth: Love 'em
    [ 11:42]  Riddle Sideways: been waiting for an Agatha dream
    [ 11:42]  Agatha Macbeth: Me too
    [ 11:42]  Zen (Zen Arado): Using Language to Vivify Dream Images 
     To complete our basic skill set, we must make a few changes in the language we use to talk about dreams. There are four simple verbal changes that will help us to allow dream images to achieve their full expression and vitality...Most of us have encountered forms of language that have a deadening effect on experience. Much of our language today is devoid of beauty, grace, and style...When we describe our dreams however, we are naturally drawn to using vivid and stimulating language…
    [ 11:42]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 11:42]  Zen (Zen Arado): First and foremost is to talk about a dream in the present tense...they come alive and the images animate quickly…
     Second, it is helpful to talk about dreams using verbs ending in “-ing.” So, for example, we would change “A bear chases me” to “A bear is chasing me.” These “-ing” verbs bring the action of the dream even more into immediate experience…
    [ 11:43]  Zen (Zen Arado): Third, we can remove all articles (meaning “a,” “an,” and “the”) from the telling of a dream. Articles tend to reduce the image from a specific character with an independent identity to a generic class of beings. For example, in the dream image just mentioned, we take out “a” and “the” so it reads simply, “Bear is chasing me through forest.” Notice how this no longer indicates just a class of animals called bears, and instead now indicates a discrete, individual bear. The forest, too, has been linguistically transformed into a unique entity…
     The last change is to write the names of the dream characters using capital letters to give them the status of proper nouns. For example, we change the noun “bear” to the name “Bear.” This completes the transformation of the living image to an individual character with its own life, experience, and most impor-tantly, name. In the example the description becomes “Bear is chasing me through Forest.”
    [ 11:43]  Zen (Zen Arado): These four linguistic moves bring energy and individuality to our expression of dreams. We started with a dead report of a past occurrence—“A bear chased me through a forest”—and ended up with something much more alive—“Bear is chasing me through Forest.”
    [ 11:44]  Agatha Macbeth: Grrrrr
    [ 11:44]  Zen (Zen Arado): EXCERCISE This exercise is short and easy. Take the dream you’ve been working with so far and write or tell it again, making these four changes: 1) use the present tense, 2) change the verbs to use the “-ing” ending, 3) take out all the articles (“a,” “an,” and “the”), and 4) write the names of the primary dream characters using capital letters. These four techniques will bring the dream into the room in present time and the image will further animate. Notice that as the dream image comes alive into the room with you, your own body opens up in new ways and with a new awareness. Also notice that as the living image wakes up, it reveals more of itself. Observe, get interested, and take note.
     Aizenstat, Stephen. Dream Tending: Awakening to the Healing Power of Dreams Spring Journal, Inc.. Kindle Edition.
    [ 11:44]  Zen (Zen Arado): done
    [ 11:44]  Eliza Madrigal: thank you, like this guidance a lot
    [ 11:44]  Agatha Macbeth: Interesting
    [ 11:45]  Zen (Zen Arado): just noticed again you can use same dream for different exercise
    [ 11:46]  Eliza Madrigal: there are some dreams that never seem exhausted
    [ 11:46]  Agatha Macbeth: Maybe that's the archetypal ones
    [ 11:46]  Zen (Zen Arado): gets TRump out of car again
    [ 11:46]  Eliza Madrigal: good point Agatha
    [ 11:46]  Zen (Zen Arado): yes
    [ 11:46]  Agatha Macbeth: Outta my car Don!
    [ 11:47]  Zen (Zen Arado): boss archetype
    [ 11:47]  Agatha Macbeth: Catch a bus or something
    [ 11:47]  Riddle Sideways: maybe should pick a diff dream
    [ 11:47]  Eliza Madrigal: can't you just put him back in the car and drive him somewhere.... island with a pretend kingdom to manage
    [ 11:47]  Agatha Macbeth: Like the ocean
    [ 11:47]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 11:47]  Zen (Zen Arado): well could get deeper that way
    [ 11:47]  Zen (Zen Arado): :)
    [ 11:47]  Agatha Macbeth: Deep as possible please
    [ 11:47]  Agatha Macbeth: Like marianas Trench deep
    [ 11:48]  Zen (Zen Arado): see he can represent all the bosses in my life
    [ 11:48]  Zen (Zen Arado): that I didn't like
    [ 11:48]  Agatha Macbeth: Had a few of those
    [ 11:48]  Eliza Madrigal: true :)
    [ 11:48]  Eliza Madrigal: but it can be any dream that keeps your curiosity a bit... or one part of a dream that has some life in it
    [ 11:49]  Agatha Macbeth ponders a dead dream
    [ 11:49]  Eliza Madrigal: I had an interesting dream bit this week...
    [ 11:49]  Zen (Zen Arado): listens
    [ 11:50]  Eliza Madrigal: A window from another place, all white, opens. Small blue creature peeks out into my room/place. Sees me see. Goes away but throws blue glitter. :)
    [ 11:51]  Eliza Madrigal: (done)
    [ 11:51]  Riddle Sideways: awww
    [ 11:51]  Agatha Macbeth: Good lord
    [ 11:51]  Eliza Madrigal: edited that a little as instructed right now :)
    [ 11:51]  Eliza Madrigal: fun and vivid feeling
    [ 11:51]  Agatha Macbeth: Blue is the colour
    [ 11:51]  Tura Brezoianu: Cuteness manifesting :)
    [ 11:52]  Eliza Madrigal: :))
    [ 11:52]  Agatha Macbeth: Sounds like a smurf
    [ 11:52]  Riddle Sideways: a Blue Meany
    [ 11:52]  Eliza Madrigal: I could have described better... was almost like a stick figure, very thin
    [ 11:52]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): fairy dust?
    [ 11:52]  Zen (Zen Arado): how did you relate to creature Eliza?
    [ 11:52]  Agatha Macbeth: Oh
    [ 11:53]  Eliza Madrigal: I thought of it like... eyes of a child
    [ 11:53]  Eliza Madrigal: yes, some sense of fairy dust and delight
    [ 11:53]  Agatha Macbeth: Wasn't a UFO was it?
    [ 11:53]  Eliza Madrigal: not sure :)
    [ 11:53]  Eliza Madrigal grins
    [ 11:53]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala) notices Eliza wearing blue today :)
    [ 11:53]  Agatha Macbeth: Hm
    [ 11:54]  Eliza Madrigal: maybe my people are finally hearing me call them to get me
    [ 11:54]  Eliza Madrigal laughs
    [ 11:54]  Agatha Macbeth: Blue Tuesday
    [ 11:54]  Riddle Sideways: Eliza phone home
    [ 11:54]  Eliza Madrigal: anyway, fun...sense of wonder :) need that a lot lately.. energizing
    [ 11:54]  Zen (Zen Arado): funny but was reading of how author related to a wold Koala in Aussie outback today
    [ 11:54]  Agatha Macbeth: Bzzzt
    [ 11:55]  Zen (Zen Arado): wild
    [ 11:55]  Agatha Macbeth: Woild
    [ 11:55]  Eliza Madrigal wonders how different they are in the wild
    [ 11:55]  Zen (Zen Arado): Aizenstat
    [ 11:55]  Zen (Zen Arado): looked into each other's eyes
    [ 11:55]  Eliza Madrigal: "I see you"
    [ 11:56]  Agatha Macbeth: Whispered sweet nothings?
    [ 11:56]  Riddle Sideways: YSBS
    [ 11:56]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 11:56]  Zen (Zen Arado): opening to other creatures
    [ 11:56]  Agatha Macbeth: 'Their eyes met across a crowded bush'
    [ 11:56]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): eyes are windows to the soul
    [ 11:57]  Agatha Macbeth: Ar
    [ 11:57]  Zen (Zen Arado): yes it was a profound experience for him
    [ 11:57]  Eliza Madrigal: seeing into the really real world
    [ 11:57]  Eliza Madrigal: Other dreams? (hope so!)
    [ 11:58]  Agatha Macbeth: Strewth mate it's the Dreamtime
    [ 11:58]  Agatha Macbeth plays a dijeridoo
    [ 11:58]  Eliza Madrigal smiles
    [ 11:58]  Agatha Macbeth: Can you guess what it is yet
    [ 11:59]  Agatha Macbeth: What was your dream then Rid?
    [ 11:59]  Eliza Madrigal: ha ha
    [ 11:59]  Riddle Sideways: ha
    [ 11:59]  Zen (Zen Arado): A few years ago I took a journey to Australia, the land of the aboriginal dreamtime. As I explored the outback, I encountered what were, for me, many out-of-the-ordinary creatures.
    One day while walking with my son through a rainforest, I found myself face to face with a koala bear curled around the branch of a eucalyptus tree only a few feet away. I looked at this remarkable creature for a long time, much longer than I had looked at a wild animal before.
    As I continued to watch him, the way I was seeing started to change.
    First, I was surprised to be in the presence of such an unfamiliar, yet delightful being. He was certainly as appealing as any of those cuddly stuffed toy koalas that I grew up with. As time passed however, something more interesting began to unfold.
    As I felt more comfortable, I became more receptive and patient, and my way of looking at Koala deepened.
     Aizenstat, Stephen. Dream Tending: Awakening to the Healing Power of Dreams (pp. 46-47). Spring Journal, Inc.. Kindle Edition.
    [ 12:00]  Zen (Zen Arado): just a bit of the experience
    [ 12:00]  Eliza Madrigal: sounds very much like 'dropping' and appreciating the sheer appearance
    [ 12:00]  Zen (Zen Arado): yes
    [ 12:01]  Agatha Macbeth: AAK
    [ 12:01]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:01]  Riddle Sideways: Being Seeing You Seeing
    [ 12:01]  Zen (Zen Arado): ever do that with a pet?
    [ 12:01]  Eliza Madrigal: without labels of 'me' and 'other'
    [ 12:01]  Eliza Madrigal: yes
    [ 12:01]  Eliza Madrigal: I dog gaze
    [ 12:01]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:01]  Agatha Macbeth: Woof
    [ 12:01]  Zen (Zen Arado): dog or cat? really become aware of it past preconceptions?
    [ 12:01]  Riddle Sideways: what is George thinking
    [ 12:02]  Agatha Macbeth: Bones!
    [ 12:02]  Eliza Madrigal: just connecting without having to say anything about it
    [ 12:02]  Agatha Macbeth: Or dogettes maybe
    [ 12:02]  Zen (Zen Arado): maybe they try to tell us things but we aren't listening
    [ 12:02]  Eliza Madrigal: Do you remember the fall in love studies... if people gaze into one another's eyes
    [ 12:03]  Riddle Sideways: always scary how a cat is seeing something nobody else can see
    [ 12:03]  Agatha Macbeth: ^.^
    [ 12:03]  Riddle Sideways: o remembering that
    [ 12:03]  Eliza Madrigal: that's true... you can almost see the different world a cat is looking at
    [ 12:03]  Zen (Zen Arado): ha yes Riddle
    [ 12:03]  Agatha Macbeth: Or a mantis shrimp
    [ 12:03]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): I think they do that just to unnerve us
    [ 12:03]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:03]  Zen (Zen Arado): :)
    [ 12:03]  Riddle Sideways: it works
    [ 12:03]  Agatha Macbeth: :3
    [ 12:04]  Eliza Madrigal: so hard to really look at another human for a long time, or oneself in a mirror
    [ 12:04]  Zen (Zen Arado): yes
    [ 12:04]  Zen (Zen Arado): deep listening
    [ 12:04]  Agatha Macbeth: And not break it
    [ 12:04]  Eliza Madrigal: yes
    [ 12:05]  Zen (Zen Arado): we frame them with usual concepts
    [ 12:05]  Eliza Madrigal: also weird how one can feel like they are doing that through an avatar in some moments
    [ 12:05]  Eliza Madrigal nods Zen... constructions give way
    [ 12:07]  Zen (Zen Arado): blue creature like a fairy?
    [ 12:07]  Agatha Macbeth pokes Eliza's feet
    [ 12:07]  Eliza Madrigal squirms
    [ 12:08]  Zen (Zen Arado): window important too?
    [ 12:08]  Eliza Madrigal: yes, just thoughtful with everyone :) wonders if others can recall whimsical dreams
    [ 12:08]  Eliza Madrigal: felt that way because it felt so different...
    [ 12:08]  Zen (Zen Arado): new vistas
    [ 12:08]  Eliza Madrigal: really is probably the closest thing to an 'alien' feeling dream I've had
    [ 12:08]  Riddle Sideways: lots of whimsical dreams
    [ 12:09]  Eliza Madrigal: which come to mind, Riddle?
    [ 12:09]  Riddle Sideways: 2 things
    [ 12:09]  Agatha Macbeth: And you didn't get abducted
    [ 12:09]  Riddle Sideways: 1. your window opening
    [ 12:09]  Riddle Sideways: is more like the way 4d objects intersect with 3d worlds
    [ 12:10]  Riddle Sideways: several vids and explanations on Internet
    [ 12:10]  Tura Brezoianu: A portal to another world?
    [ 12:10]  Riddle Sideways: another dimension crossing yours
    [ 12:10]  Zen (Zen Arado): nods
    [ 12:10]  Agatha Macbeth: Magic theatre
    [ 12:10]  Eliza Madrigal: ! I'll look for one of those videos
    [ 12:11]  Zen (Zen Arado): 2. Riddle?
    [ 12:11]  Riddle Sideways: oh ya
    [ 12:11]  Eliza Madrigal listens :))
    [ 12:11]  Agatha Macbeth: Or not 2 Riddle
    [ 12:11]  Eliza Madrigal grins
    [ 12:11]  Riddle Sideways: 2. many whimical dreams in Other worlds
    [ 12:12]  Riddle Sideways: cartoonie characters, landscapes
    [ 12:12]  Zen (Zen Arado): nods
    [ 12:12]  Riddle Sideways: many of those
    [ 12:12]  Eliza Madrigal: wonderful.. cartoonie characters that you did not make?
    [ 12:12]  Riddle Sideways: not seeing self (usually)
    [ 12:13]  Eliza Madrigal: ah :))
    [ 12:13]  Agatha Macbeth: Ah
    [ 12:13]  Riddle Sideways: don't analyze them as to why it is presented like that
    [ 12:13]  Riddle Sideways: just accept
    [ 12:13]  Riddle Sideways: the artist just drew them that way
    [ 12:13]  Zen (Zen Arado): am working on intuition
    [ 12:14]  Eliza Madrigal: going along/being shown
    [ 12:14]  Eliza Madrigal: how so, Zen?
    [ 12:14]  Zen (Zen Arado): rationality hard to overcome
    [ 12:15]  Zen (Zen Arado): I am far too rational
    [ 12:15]  Riddle Sideways: looking through journal.  there was a long or 4 dream segments all in Yellow Submarine motiff
    [ 12:15]  Agatha Macbeth: Yeh it's a pain
    [ 12:15]  Eliza Madrigal: just need to practice setting it aside momentarily, not ridding entirely ^.^
    [ 12:15]  Zen (Zen Arado): yes
    [ 12:15]  Agatha Macbeth: Blue meanies!
    [ 12:15]  Eliza Madrigal: OMG that's so cool
    [ 12:15]  Zen (Zen Arado): not letting it dominate
    [ 12:15]  Riddle Sideways: it did have Blue Candies
    [ 12:15]  Agatha Macbeth: Or Blue meaning
    [ 12:16]  Eliza Madrigal smiles
    [ 12:16]  Riddle Sideways: oh Rational is not something worried about
    [ 12:16]  Zen (Zen Arado): velvet?
    [ 12:16]  Agatha Macbeth: Ha
    [ 12:16]  Agatha Macbeth: Mr Lynch
    [ 12:16]  Zen (Zen Arado): it can turn me into Spock
    [ 12:16]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:16]  Agatha Macbeth: Good heavens
    [ 12:17]  Zen (Zen Arado): 'not logical' Cap'n
    [ 12:17]  Tura Brezoianu: Isn't Rational Velvet a film? :)
    [ 12:17]  Agatha Macbeth: Illogical Captain
    [ 12:17]  Riddle Sideways: yes
    [ 12:17]  Zen (Zen Arado): :)
    [ 12:17]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala) looks at Zen's ears
    [ 12:17]  Riddle Sideways: or should be a movie
    [ 12:17]  Zen (Zen Arado): :)
    [ 12:17]  Eliza Madrigal: is it... lol
    [ 12:17]  Eliza Madrigal: maybe my dream was just Bleu, checking in to see if I was working on my project
    [ 12:17]  Zen (Zen Arado): must ave a chat wit de little people
    [ 12:17]  Agatha Macbeth: XD
    [ 12:18]  Zen (Zen Arado): :)
    [ 12:18]  Agatha Macbeth: Not sure how she'd react to being a stick fugure
    [ 12:18]  Zen (Zen Arado): anybody see 'Arrival' on Netflix?
    [ 12:18]  Agatha Macbeth: But with Bleu anything's possible :p
    [ 12:19]  Eliza Madrigal: :))
    [ 12:19]  Riddle Sideways: think maybe Bleu has a stick figure av
    [ 12:19]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): sacre bleu
    [ 12:19]  Eliza Madrigal: Oh, is it? Love Arrival
    [ 12:19]  Tura Brezoianu: No, but I've read the story.
    [ 12:19]  Zen (Zen Arado): interesting movie
    [ 12:20]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): who or what arrives?
    [ 12:20]  Zen (Zen Arado): difficulties of communicating with aliens
    [ 12:20]  Agatha Macbeth: 1st episode of the Prisoner was called Arrival
    [ 12:20]  Eliza Madrigal: outcome is elegant
    [ 12:20]  Zen (Zen Arado): not at all human-like for a chamge
    [ 12:20]  Riddle Sideways: right, Aggers
    [ 12:21]  Eliza Madrigal: trying to remember the film that came out last year.... started with an A too...
    [ 12:21]  Agatha Macbeth: Aradvark?
    [ 12:21]  Eliza Madrigal: Annihilation
    [ 12:22]  Agatha Macbeth: (Sp)
    [ 12:22]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): I had a funny dream last year about encountering aliens
    [ 12:22]  Zen (Zen Arado): listens
    [ 12:22]  Eliza Madrigal listens happily
    [ 12:22]  Riddle Sideways: listens to hear if they wre blue
    [ 12:22]  Agatha Macbeth listens happily with Liz
    [ 12:22]  Eliza Madrigal: :)
    [ 12:22]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): it's kind of long ...
    [ 12:23]  Zen (Zen Arado): great
    [12:23]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): A science fiction type story/movie about people exploring an alien planet in another star system close to earth. This is the first time humans have explored a planet outside the solar system. 
    There are creatures on the planet sort of like dinosaurs, so it is very dangerous. As they drive along in a vehicle, there are some organisms crawling across the path. They look like hump-back snakes. Some are small, but others are very large.
    One of the big ones begins to communicate telepathically with the humans, who hear it like a disembodied voice. This being seems able to sense the state of mind of the humans. It says that it senses something that seems suspicious coming from the humans. The humans had not realized before that there was any intelligence among these aliens.
    The alien detects something in the humans' minds about a game or puzzle that is played on earth, and recognizes it as related to something among its own kind. It is amazed to realize that life on earth is related to its own in some way. The alien seems to conclude that the humans originated in the southern part of the earth. It says to the humans, "You are from Spain!"
    [ 12:23]  Agatha Macbeth: They all say that dear
    [ 12:23]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): [end]
    [ 12:24]  Eliza Madrigal: what a great dream
    [ 12:24]  Agatha Macbeth: La gente esta muy loca
    [ 12:24]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): claro que si
    [ 12:24]  Eliza Madrigal: I especially like the notion of telepathy heard as disembodied voice
    [ 12:25]  Eliza Madrigal: and there's a bridge of understanding :)
    [ 12:25]  Agatha Macbeth: We need one of those down here
    [ 12:25]  Eliza Madrigal: indeed we do
    [ 12:25]  Eliza Madrigal: many many
    [ 12:25]  Zen (Zen Arado): you could write a story about it
    [ 12:26]  Agatha Macbeth: Yeh
    [ 12:26]  Zen (Zen Arado): sorry have to go
    [ 12:26]  Agatha Macbeth: Awww
    [ 12:26]  Eliza Madrigal: bye Zen! hug
    [ 12:26]  Riddle Sideways: ok, take care Zenji
    [ 12:26]  Tura Brezoianu: bye Zen
    [ 12:26]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): bye Zen
    [ 12:26]  Agatha Macbeth: Top o' de evening to ya Zenny
    [ 12:26]  Agatha Macbeth: Ooh blue glitter
    [ 12:27]  Riddle Sideways: send in da glitter
    [ 12:27]  Agatha Macbeth: Not Gary
    [ 12:28]  Eliza Madrigal takes a deep breath
    [ 12:28]  Agatha Macbeth: I like you red
    [ 12:28]  Riddle Sideways: ooooo Gary Glitter
    [ 12:28]  Riddle Sideways: missed that one
    [ 12:29]  Agatha Macbeth: Don't wanna be in his gang
    [ 12:29]  Eliza Madrigal: I need to run on time today. Appreciate your company. :)
    [ 12:30]  Agatha Macbeth: Appreciate yours too
    [ 12:30]  Agatha Macbeth: Got the log?
    [ 12:30]  Alma di Masala (Almadi Masala): thank you Eliza
    [ 12:30]  Eliza Madrigal bows
    [ 12:30]  Agatha Macbeth: Arrows
    [ 12:30]  Eliza Madrigal: I may have to get it from my files today
    [ 12:30]  Riddle Sideways: thank you
    [ 12:30]  Eliza Madrigal: but I have recorded it :)
    [ 12:30]  Agatha Macbeth: The Liz Files
    [ 12:30]  Eliza Madrigal: ♥ ♥ ♥
    [ 12:30]  Eliza Madrigal: ♥ ♥ ♥
    [ 12:30]  Tura Brezoianu: bye Eliza
    [ 12:30]  Eliza Madrigal: bye for now
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