13-15 - Questions answered, answers questioned

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    Wester Kiranov was the scribe for this period.

    On the path
    Awakening slowly - or suddenly.
    Sometimes there is struggle, sometimes there is insight. Giving up is worse than sitting through the patches where nothing happens.
    View is always important.
    What is the relation between samadhi and hypersensitivity?
    Find the end but lose the path - does that matter when the whole path is unnecessary?
    Use rules pragmatically to your advantage, so you can concentrate on what matters.
    Seeing the sign: space available.

    On words and other communication
    How can you know you if you are talking about the same thing just using different words? Or talking about different things using the same words?
    Can we think beyond the concepts we have in our language?
    "Grok" literally means "to drink" and figuratively means "to understand," "to love," and "to be one with.". One dictionary description was "To understand thoroughly through having empathy with". In the drinking of "grok" you empty both your glass and yourself.
    The difference between taking and claiming may turn out to be important in unexpected ways.
    Time stretches - noun or verb?
    Is serenity an emotion?
    Is empathy separate from emotion? What is the difference between empathy and compassion?
    Isn't music some kind of language too? What would PaB music sound like?
    Labels are useful to make you stop putting sugar in your soup. But that's all.
    Christianity can be a label or a spiritual help.
    The danger and importance of opening up.
    Encouraging yourself (and others) to do what's right.
    Nice typo: "this is the world we are leaving in".
    "Amazing how many koans I take away from these hours."

    On reality
    If we view ourselves as our bodies as a bunch of atoms, in how far have we really captured what we are? If you see a beautiful painting, and see it is all just a bunch of pixels -- then you're missing something essential.
    Being a tiger, dragon, or captain Kirk.
    How real is our recorder?
    Most people take themselves far too seriously, in RL and SL, so are they delusional?
    This is a place where you can actually find out what your friends say about you when you're gone.
    We are using technology to enable empathy here.
    The financial crisis can help us wake up too.

    On time
    What is the relation between timelessness and aging?
    0th time is not something outside "normal" PPF time.
    The flow state, the Tao, 0th time, all those point to the same, in different ways.

    On the body
    There are so many bodily things that affect our psychological condition. And vice versa.
    Brain overload - living with your situation.
    Taking the top of your head off.

    ... and miscellaneous
    What happens when Right Said Fred meets Zwarte Piet?
    For the recorder: A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular.
    What else would a bell say?
    Don't mess with the larger pigs, the little ones are okay.

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