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    bliggity blog, reeldremers dream their personal diary
    a long slow convo, memory community
    change it, fix it, make it more real
    a writer a blogger, a blogger a writer
    create non-fiction an interscape tool
    two speak two ideas, one conversation
    contexts making false chat, something un real
    the air gets thin when meta-morphing

    covering for you, your session
    sweet av, sweet shape, invented
    das Ding an sich,the thing in and for itself
    Kant discuss it, divide things, how thingz appear
    dogs don't watch tv's, paintings don't pollinate bees
    there's an apple, eat it, how did that get there
    truths transcend mundane, it's personal and that's not a limitation
    rough edges, what do you mean?

    hey cybercat, looking innocently, getting it done
    talk the tax, the 1% tax, talk it, walk it
    lost a pair of dimes, set my clock 3 minutes from now
    baby steps to suddenly switch, active to stop
    sit up relax ... breathe release count repeat, eyes open close
    Hi Hi Hi hi hi buona sera hi ciao hi, ... breathe
    larger space, distance, wider space, taller, lighter
    it's ... breathing 101, 102, whatever it takes

    hello dahling, you look mahhhh-velous
    taxes have gone up, 10 10 tin tin tayyen tayyen
    hills burning, up in flames, pack the car
    dare to care changling climate, floating in your trash
    no control screw recycling, so schizo no-go globe laws
    tribALL culture, kiss the chief, do yourself a flavor
    centenarian brains intelligent instinctual opinions
    woo weee things flow naturally

    yes, almost new from sleeping sleep
    say exact opposites and the description collides
    go long enough and understanding collides
    short shorter not short
    time shortened, seek and hide
    breathing relaxed, seriously, free breathing
    burned in my mind bringing it home
    the tax is not great enough, more more more's law

    play some nice music

    circle the guardian a guardian a friend
    thought to see the me appearing, the light clothing
    explain that lightest clothing, a personal thing
    detach retach so natch the you that does appear
    clothes cling, suffer, sing, can appear, see it clear
    touch your true nature, what is really there, analyze with care
    light, space, apart, clear, close, more real than ever
    two for one bit player and the you bigger you

    make a circle with your hands conjure up the light
    dreamtime illusions, time-time illusions, blame the sphere
    organic real brain robots in sneakers mining mars
    dream that extended meta4 to dominate culture images
    ahead of time and on the right track not getting anywhere soon
    I was with Mozart, the gods, what gods, the cynics
    that's why philosophers keep getting laid, I mean paid
    curve space time, deform gravity warps, time travel, supersomething

    golden week, here to peek at a clear Sky, we see you little Marco....boo!
    big belly, watermelly, love to you too little boo
    shock and suspend the faculties, suspended for an open mind
    kick out the normal, dropped off, been there, Stimulate clear thinking
    safe at home, not in no-man's land, if you let go will you go crazy
    insecure needs it's faith, vulnerable accepts, opens gates
    make a meal eat plants or animals twice baked with cheese
    bonsoir crickets owls shooting stars next session crazy dreamz

    morning evening wakesleep sun's out moon's out, no weather here
    waiting for inspiration, humming for inspiration
    solemn vows, virtual vows, true to you as any world is real
    weeeee, weeeee, giggles
    of course you are part of the secret club, ha ha just kidding
    first rule about secret club, don't talk about secret club
    no you're transparent, a projection, like astral lights
    it can't be put too much to words, don't want to

    need a drink of water?  we'll wait....

    while the lunch is cooking
    while the wind blows leaves on a bush, a bee on her errand
    cat knows, dog smells, bugeyes in a big tiny world
    quick switch of glasses, a lense on men's stores and lunch is ready
    while the wind blew senses on the world to know both mountains pebbles feeling
    night vision, sonar vision, 360 owl vision, fly eye, headache
    sensing the world, seeing the world closer to humanity or reality
    the things you allow on center stage

    dream team on dream theme, helm the realm direction unknown
    don't remember, in charge, disturbed, haunted; ample examples
    to unify, reconcile, explain, mere riddles; catalogs datalogs
    literal lateral painting panting, intelligent dreamer inside
    dream mind googles, smart like the dreamer, smarter
    good bad doodad dragon onion mouse, shelving memories, layers, slayers, hows
    to find awake the vastness of the dream just put aside
    where tv dreams share fiction trance illuminating reality


    food cooking in museums, builders building buildings
    an explorer from a teak boat takes notes "1 4x a day"
    themed and micro, welcome any time
    logs, dreams, dialogs, chats, brainy-s and the schmoes
    snippets, in line, in elevators, anytime there's an interval
    the moment, the tax, the micromoment whatever works
    polished teak with burnished glow, more raine is on the horizon
    time to go now, nice to greet you Paradise

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    Originally written on 16:53, 22 May 2009
    What a fun ride, Caledonia!
    I cannot express how much I enjoyed this playful sculpting!
    Posted 18:49, 9 Apr 2010
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