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    In some ways Riddle is an ultimate "old timer". Some of us may be older in years, some have more time in Second Life, and some have known Piet longer in RL. Riddle is one of two people who have rubbed shoulders with Pema in the virtual worlds probably longer than any of us (The other is Caledonia). So his perspective is particularly important and the following account is wonderfully informative

    Riddle is maddenly busy and so we had trouble getting together in SL for a private chat. Finally I emailed Riddle a bunch of questions which he graciously answers here. In reading this, I thought the questions were irrelevant and I left in the numbers to show the separation of thoughts and a couple of notes . -Adams

    1. Around 1978-79 I was meeting the lady who would become married to me.  She asked me why I wanted to 'play' with these computers machines.  I talked about how I could experiment with, anamorphize, model, simulate and play with these computers.  Get the results faster.  Make mistakes. And turn them off without moral / ethical problems.

    At some point I discover VRML and people using it to create 3D virtual worlds.  Some early experiments were really exciting. was one of my favorites.  Objects were data collections with size, color and distant denoting important charactistics/info.

    AlphaWorld was one of the first and best avatar, building and scripting worlds.  I had the big question mark laboratory there.  BuilderBot built it. They became ActiveWorlds and sold the software as personal/corporate universes.  Nez bought one and built Video Ranch 3D.  Nez, Victoria and some KPig people ran it for a few years. I would visit but didn't chat. It closed down for a couple years.

    Technology advanced and  VR3d came back with streaming audio and video overlain in-world.  Concerts, dancing, movies, book signings and lectures.

    Piet Hut showed up and did a series of 6 weekly lectures.  The logs are near march182007.html He also stayed around and "played" with the locals.  For fun, do a search for "Piet" in  it is a long page with no anchors. The 3rd and 4th searches are great.  If you go to VR3d (no fees) there is a place on the billboard map called "Piets Hut" click to transport to a most relaxing mountain cabin with a little lake, dock, easy chairs and inside a book on the table.

    Then I found "Ways of Knowing". Imagine a bunch of avatars discussing things that mater.  Qwaq was a crude avatar land, but rich in shared application space.  Being able to put spreadsheets, documents, applications, etc. up on the wall so every person could (via voice chat) discuss our ways of knowing.  Piet and Steven held court there (Steven still does) with the finest set of scientist assembled. Being voice oriented, Qwaq is much more a lecture (one person talks for some period, then switch).  The typing channel only used for side-commentaries.  Being a bunch of scientist the discussions become somewhat analitical (my thought no offense).  However, Steven has them doing meditation exercises. I found myself taking the artist point of view.

    I see from the logs that I was at at least the second recorded session on April 1st.  I was stuck with a very stupid avatar.  I met Storm the monk for the first time.  The religious community in which the Tea House was located in set the tone and population.  I found myself playing the scientist and artist in those sessions.  But, Play was the main theme and that was exactly where I fit.

    VR3d is still just play, entertainment and relax.  Qwaq is serious (though due to some technical problems I have not been there so should not say).  SL is about right.  SL PaB can be very different from one session to another.

    I never really did "Role Play" like the fantasy sites/worlds. As I lighten/loosen up the definition of role playing, I think I am doing this.  Depending on my mood, I sit down to a channel da jour.  Enter the VW that fits (or will fit) my mood for the next hour.

    [Note left in the text by Riddle: for more information on virtual worlds, , there is a site of sites - social network for VWs (]

    2a. Last April, and probably a few months before that (due to Qwaq / WoK) I had lost touch of something.  I went looking and found WoK-PaB.  I had dropped most long meditation practices because I just did not have the time.  Steven's 25-35 breathes at wake-up time was great.  Pema's 9-seconds every 15 minutes (1%) was just right.  I got back in touch with a missing side of the big picture.  My person had lost the big picture point of view.  That POV  was always important to me and I needed it back.

    2b. Over time the commonalities of reflections start taking on a view themselves.  Being one that combines all out-o-box and human nature and law of physics and blind belief and natural flow and the musical sound track I thrived in the repeated "where are you now?" of every 15 minutes.  Without going on and on about the importance/relation of POV to what is, I developed and revisited(moved back in) my "which side are you seeing now?" states.

    2c.  Over the year, we brought ourselves and our new friends/travelers up to levels that touch Being and allow odd questions could be posed (modern Koans?).  Not just Pema or Stim asked us to question the essence. Avastu, Storm, Caspion, Cal, Adams, were there presenting the most common yet unusual POV, what-if and beyond.  And what if we just wore it loosely?  And what if we stood on the shoulders of all the presentations so far.  And what if Pema gives us 5 letters that stand for words that might or might not stand next to each other.

    3. A year ago Pema was leading everything.  And we were all children together.  Now we are a family or hierarchical  tree  helping newbies and helping questioners and helping explore what we already know, but have not told each other yet. PaB grew to Kira which has grown 5-9 arms.

    We talked of our dreams. Now we dream our talk. That is important and huge growth. Besides, I can now chat in my seemingly scattered / flighty way as I wish to do and some people follow.

    [Note I asked Riddle about how RL religious practices interatct with PaB]
    4. After 20 years of studying all religions, doing comparitive experiments and making up my own, I took the surface level principles of those down any one depth for another 20 years.   2.5 years ago I ramped up my studies of Judism (learning old Hebrew, my Bar Mitzvah, etc.). PaB brought the complimentary factor back into in-depth study. To spend 14.75 minutes taking any one thing to a distant land. Then in a flash instant to relate back to the whole, see the connection, sense the unity and perhaps get it. PaB balances me.  When one spends live out on several edges there needs to be a counter balance.

    It works the other way too.  PaB can get theoretical, abstract and un-grounded and falling back on concrete examples of a 2-5 thousand year old tradition to both comfort and knowledgeable.

    Yet...   it doesn't work sometimes. I have no 30-second elevator intro to PaB when I want to interject some point  Adams made during yesterday's session.  There are just times I can not readily think it out and nobody with common ground to discuss it with.

    [Note the next question was whether there was anything else Riddle would like to add that were not in my questions]
    5. I would like to add more time, but I can not (really believe I can not).  I would benefit from a keyboard with a better working space bar. (oops, read question wrongly).

    5. As comfortable as you have made me with SL and PaB friendships there are still things in my life, my past and my thinking that have not fit in yet.  Perhaps some day I can relate to the group some of those examples.  Some in the group may know what a live blade coming at you does to time.  Most would know the equivalent of being on stage in front of 10,000 and hitting the wrong B# and then just smiling the smile of joy.   I have the greatest of inner needs to discuss out of body mishaps and flukes with somebody that has done same.  Are we ready to discuss parallel universes/realities. Or speak of Magic.

    There are simple, complex and chaos levels. We always discuss the simple.  We edge up to the complex at the end of the hour.  When will be explore chaos, the chaotic states, the over whelming of the rules, the overrunning of 'your' borders.

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