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    January opened with a continued discussion of "Clouds of Unknowing" by Pema and Geo (January 1 01:00).

    Geo Netizen: Meditation is a deep reflection on something
    Geo Netizen: to contemplate is to enter into and
    Geo Netizen: seems very similar to the idea of s/o reversal
    Geo Netizen: or what we try to do in contemplation
    Pema Pera: yes, like being naked for God
    Geo Netizen: I may meditate on love of enemy .... think deeply and profoundly and that is good.
    Geo Netizen: to contemplate ... I must enter into .... be the enemy .... feel them
    Geo Netizen: then reflect on love
    Pema Pera: Thanks for sharing those definitions, yes, they make sense, and are probably common in medieval mysticism (Buddhist meditation is clearly defined differently).

    The implementation of the scribe project was the biggest innovation in January. More workshops were offered in Kira and those discussions continued to come up in PaB sessions.

    Three new workshops were added to the Kira offerings amaking a total of five:

    Mondays: Science at Play with Prospero Frobozz
    Tuesdays: Maxine's Dream Workshop with Maxine Walden
    Wednesdays: Philosophical Seminar with Gilles Kuhn
    Thursdays: Ways of Knowing with Stim Morane
    Fridays: Phenomenology with Pema Pera


    The "claim" feature on the autologger was unveiled and put into general use on January 22. This was the last piece of work by the dedicated team of Wol and Fael. The first session recorded had been that of September 27, 2008. The logs were recorded as they are currently by December 13, 2008. The claim feature made it easy for everyone to use.

    New Map and Land:

    Storm provided a new map that included PaB lands, structures and guardian plots as well as Kira structures too. Storm provides new maps for the goup periodically. This seemed a good opportunity to note how much Storm's work has enriched all the lives of those in PaB and Kira. We sit in his pavilions, cafes and halls or on his carefully crafted landscapes and rarely give a thought to the work behind our surroundings. In January, Storm also provided extra space for the exhibit "Sacred Art in a Virtual World" and set up for the opening of the exhibit.

    Voices of January/Scribe Project

    The Scribe Project began in January. The originals scribes were Caledonia, Storm, Solobill, Genesis, Fael/Pema, Adams, Fefonz, Corvuscorva and Wol. Their accounts reflect the voices of Play as Being so I am just going to note the scribers as they change from month to month.

    Discussions began about a Play as Beeing retreat in late summer. It was decided to hold the retreat in Northern California. Genesis was the coordinator for this event and was scouting out places.

    New Guardians:

    Antonia Braveheart joined the guardian group in January; Bertrum Quan left the group. At the end of January there were 44 guardians.

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