C. November 2009

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    Princeton Retreat November 5-8

    Pema, Eliza, Eos, Hana, Maxine, Adams, Paradise, SophiaSharon, Stevenaia, and Stim met in Princeton beginning with dinner on November 5 and ending with a brunch on Sunday. People came and went with Pema, Eliza, Eos, Adams and SophiaSharon there for most of the teo full days. The group met in the board room overlooking the pond on a lovely pair of days. The first was sunny with a blue sky and large clouds. The second day was cloudt with more subtle lighting. Late fall colors framed the view from the picture windows which covered the entire wall in front of us. We watched the sun highlighting the landscape in varying ways during the course of the day. Leaves danced in the wind along the balcony right outside the window. The wind also made patterns across the lake including a mist like appearance which echoed the 90 second mist back in the SL pavilion.

    Our first exercise was to sit and look at the landscape for ten minutes thinking about what we are as opposed to what we have. We then shared our experiences about that. We did that exercise a few times during the first day. The second day we did the "watching thoughts arising and disappearing" and later moved on to the You Seeing, Being Seeing exercise. The first time we did it for one minute for each of the two parts. Then we went outside and walked around the lake meditating on Being Seeing. The six RL avatars making their way very slowly around the lake from opposite directions, stopping often, was quite a memorable sight.

    Working Group

     The working group determined their new duties. Eliza Madrigal took on the task of Regular Activities Coordinator;Eos Amaterasu became the R:/SL Retreat Coordinator; Genesis Zhangsun was assigned the role of Public Relations Coordinator and Kira Treasurer; Maxine Walden, given the role of Kira team Liason; Pema Pera kept the duties of the Theme Sessions Coordinator and Fund Raising Coordinator; and Storm Nordwind assummed duties as the Platform Development Coordinator and Guardian Mentoring Coorddinator.

    Lia Rikugun assisted Eliza with the coordination of guardian activities.

    October Guardians

    Benedizione Vita, Calvino Rabeni, and Eden Haiku became Guardians in November.At the end of the month there were 67 guardians.

    November Scribes

    The scribes for October were Hana Furlough, Mickorod Renard, Fox Monacular, Genesis Zhangsun, Gaya Ethaniel, Arisia Vita, SophiaSharon Larnia, Eos Amaterasu, Corvuscorva Nightfire, and Eliza Madrigal


    -Adams Rubble

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