C. February 2010

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    The month of February began on an introspective note... with the Malta retreaters adjusting to life 'post-retreat'.

    Wol, Pema, Mickorod, Arabella, Fefonz, Lia, Yakuzza, Bertram, Paradise, and Eos recount their Malta Retreat

    experiences, with a Final Retreat Theme Meeting including 9 out of the 10 participants.

    Pab Malta retreat rememberances.jpgI have included a scribe-like document to this chronicle,

    using the Malta accounts and the pictures provided so

    kindly by Yakuzza. Please excuse the redundancy of

    repeating information that is found on the rest of the

    wiki. I enjoyed doing this so very much.

    Resonating Malta Voices


    Other events that occurred in February related to Kira

    that some Play as Being participants take part in:

    New Kira workshop - "Cafh: Daily Life as spititual practice" with Vector Marksman.
    The workshop runs for 8 weeks starting
    March 4 2010 and takes place in the Lounge of the Kira Cafe.

    Name that Cat results - February 7: The resident cat in our pub is named Bella. Welcome to the Five Bells, Bella!

    Weekly Guardian sessions -

    2010.02.07 08:00 - Guardian Session: 5 "Bella"s and a Tip Jar
    2010.02.14 08:00 - Guardian Session: We Can Push Them Over the Edge
    2010.02.21 08:00 - Guardianing Session: Chronicles, Xcribes, and Mentors, Oh My
    2010.02.28 08:00 - Guardian Session: Everything Totally Without Reservations

    Stevenaia and Wol very graciously volunteered to mentor new Play as Being Guardians on a more ‘official’ level.

    Both have been doing this for a long time in the Play as Being group!!

    SacredArtMuseumCafe.jpg  Museum of Sacred Art Café: Feb 14

      By Adams in email -

      There now is a little cafe in the Museum of Sacred Art, 

      on the second floor opposite the staircase, where you

      might enjoy a virtual light fare while taking a break

      from the exhibits. All are welcome to just wander in for

      the museum cafe atmosphere too.




    Bird watching - An email from Pema - Feb 21...

    Pema Pera…  let's all look out for a particular topic or idea or interesting typo or whatever we

    encounter during any of the 28 sessions between now and next week's weekly guardian session. We

    won't all have time to show our little bird, but at least some of us will, and no doubt that will

    stimulate all of us to go deeper into our collective bird watching!


    Working Group Minutes -

    2010.02.02 14:00 - Working Group Meeting
    2010.02.23 14:00 - Working Group Meeting

    February Guardians

    The new guardian for February was Bleu Oleander. At the end of February, there were 71 Guardians.

    February Scribes

    The scribes for February were Eliza Madrigal, Arisia Vita, Corvuscorva Nightfire, and SophiaSharon Larnia.
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