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    The month of March… in like a Lamb, out like a Lion? There is warmth just ahead, with winter weather highlighting it that much more. As always, I'm captivated by the theme sessions and found much to enjoy in reading them -- vicariously, as I was unable to attend many this month. We started by discussing the scribe project, and moved onto 'Be Decisive, Know What Is See Clearly'. Blowing the dust off my 'Time, Space and Knowledge' book, I opened it to contemplate again, going back over the theme session on TSK for further clarification.  A wonderful new addition to Play as Being this month has been the Art of Being project, initiated by Bleu Oleander... it's wonderful to see the art work of the guardians in this creative endeavor arising so organically within the group!! The working group has had a major shift during this month as well, with a change in hands and responsibilities... as well as a get-together in real life.  This month Play as Being even made into a SL blog. Quite a full month, as you can see!   ~ SSL

    Theme Sessions - with some of the highlights.... see the session for a full read -

    2010.03.06 13:00 - Scribe Session: all current scribes.

    2010.03.30 19:00 - Be Decisive, Know What Is, See Clearly : Eliza/Eos
    2010.03.31 07:00 - Theme session #1: TSK : Maxine/Pema


    Art as Being Project -

    This addition to Play as Being is exciting, and has had a very active response this month. I would love to include all the pictures of the scultures we have made, but this isn't practical, or I'd fill up this whole page!



    Working Group -

    From March 17-19, the Working Group met in RL, in Princeton, NJ for two days. The working group comprised of Pema Pera, Maxine Walden, Storm Nordwind, Eliza Madrigal, Eos Amaterasu, and Genesis Zhangsun. On Friday, March 19th, the group met other PaB guardians for dinner at a restaurant in Princeton, which was attended by Storm, Eliza, Eos, Pema, Genesis, Stevenaia, Sylectra and Hana.

    Also in March, the working group changed hands. Eliza Madrigal now sits as Chair, and continues as Regular Activites Coordinator, Storm Nordwind and Eos Amaterasu continue as Inworld Coordinator and RL/SL Retreat Coordinator, respectively. New to the working group is Calvino Rabeni as Platform Coordinator (and is setting up the new PaB website), Bleu Oleander as Community Coordinator, and SophiaSharon Larnia as Chronicles Coordinator. Leaving the working group was Pema Pera, Maxine Walden and Genesis Zhangsun.

    We are very grateful for the work you have all done!!!

    Minutes -

    2010.03.02 - Working group meeting minutes
    2010.03.09 -Minutes of Working group meeting
    2010.03.30 14:00 - Working group meeting Minutes


    Play as Being in the News -

    On March 25th, Play as Being was featured in the New World Notes blog by Hamlet Au, titled ‘Play as Being: Can 9 Seconds of Communal Focus in Second Life Change Your Real Life?’

    Yeah!! Check it out:

    Weekly Guardian sessions - Very lively, engaged discussions...

    2010.03.07 08:00 - Guardian Session: village square
    2010.03.14 08:00 - Guardian Session: Time & Space
    2010.03.21 08:00 - Gathering Guardians for the Village
    2010.03.28 08:00 - Guardian Session: Lightness of Art

    March Guardians - There were no new guardians for the month of March.

    March Scribes - The scribes for March were Eliza Madrigal (who did 4!!), Calvino Rabeni, Arisia Vita, SophiaSharon Larnia, and Eos Amaterasu.

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