Chapter 19: Pema’s 100 Day Play

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    This page includes a series of emails from Pema Pera to the general Play as Being group.
    Although it's stated in the first email,  the 100 day Play evolved as:

        A year ago, in preparation for the very first PaB retreat,
    I spent the hundred days leading up to that retreat to focus on
    appreciation, with some others to whom that topic appealed.

        This year, I would like to make a similar gesture.
    My focus will be the challenge to play as Being, to really do
    that, each moment of my life.

    The links below will take you through this journey.

    Day 4

    Day 10

    Day 20

    Day 30

    Day 41

    Day 50

    Day 60

    Day 70

    Day 80

    Day 90

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